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Class of 1997 by Fuego
Chapter 3 : Cheering them On
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Disclaimer- Some of the characters are mine…most aren’t.

Petunia was confused on where to go next. She stuck next to the Granger’s as though they were life support. She followed them out the hall and outside onto a field where hundreds of chairs were set in nice rows and there was a space in the middle for the graduates. Vernon and Dudley clung onto Petunia, unsure of how to react. The Granger’s led them to a section filled with red-heads and one blonde. She knew them, they were the ones who took him every summer. They glared at her and her family and she glared back. Elizabeth greeted the Weasley clan with a smile and her husband, Jonathon, gave them a quick nod.

McGonagall took her place on stage and everyone cheered as she began to speak.

“Welcome everyone! Today we have an exciting group of students graduating today. I will call the students name and house and they will run, walk, or whatever they decide down this aisle, and then they will high five, or shake hands with people and receive their diploma. Later, Head Boy Harry Potter and Head Girl Hermione Granger will make speeches, then we will hand out awards, then the after party, so let’s get started! First we have Hannah Abbot from Hufflepuff!”

A girl with a rosy face and blonde pigtails ran through the aisle and gave the Professor a hug, struck a pose as if she were a magazine model and stood at the right side of the stage.

“Susan Bones, Hufflepuff!”

“Terry Boot, Ravenclaw!”

“Mandy Brocklehurst, Ravenclaw!”

“Lavender Brown, Gryffindor!”

It went on for a while, the students all did the same thing, run down, get the diploma, give high fives and then stand there, the only things that changed were the names of the students.

“Millicent Bulstrode, Slytherin!”

“Justin Finch-Fletchley, Hufflepuff!”

“Seamus Finnigan, Gryffindor!”

“Hermione Granger, Gryffindor!”

Hermione came gliding down the aisle. Her brown curls were bouncing behind her as she ran. She smiled to her parents and the Weasley’s and gave the Professor a hug, she gave high fives everyone on the stage.

“Neville Longbottom, Gryffindor!”

“Padma Patil, Ravenclaw!”

“And her twin sister from Gryffindor, Paravati Patil!”

“Harry Potter, Gryffindor!”

The pitch became silent. No one spoke, no one moved. All eyes were cast on the seventeen year old boy, walking on crutches towards the stage. No one breathed. They were afraid to break his concentration. Dudley watched Harry’s girlfriend stare at her boyfriend, she could barely contain herself. On the top of her lungs she screamed, “YEAH HARRY!!!”

The redheads caught on and the twins began cheering, then the one with the ponytail, then the blonde, then the sun-tanned one, then the parents, and then finally, with much hesitation, the important looking one. It took Harry longer then the rest but no one seemed to be giving him a hard time. Once he reached the woman , he shook her hand, and took his diploma, then walked to the end of the line, only making a pit stop to give his girlfriend a peck on the cheek.

The crowd breathed.

“Zach Smith, Hufflepuff!”

“Dean Thomas, Gryffindor!”

“Lisa Turpin, Ravenclaw!”

“Ron Weasley, Gryffindor!”

The redhead ran out and his family plus half the people on stage cheered. He gave McGonagall a peck on the cheek and raced to the end of the line.

“And last, but not least! Blaise Zabini, Slytherin!”

No one moved…again.

“And now we have some speeches and awards to give out, so please welcome Head Boy and Head Girl , Harry Potter and Hermione Granger!”

The crowd cheered.

A/N- Sorry I took so long, I had MAJOR WRITERS BLOCK which doesn’t happen often. If you are wondering about our favorite ferret we love to hate and his group, that will be explained in the next chapter!

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Class of 1997: Cheering them On


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