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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 17 : Heart to heart
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“You should have seen him.” Ginny said excitedly as she sat with Ron and Harry next to Jenny’s bed. Ginny moved her hands faster then anyone could see.

“And then he just went straight after the snitch?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah.” Ron said. He clapped Harry on the back.

“It really wasn’t anything.” Harry said. Jenny smiled at him happily took his hand.

“Thank you.” She said happily. Harry went red.

“Hi.” Hermione said slightly out of breath, coming into the hospital wing.

“Hey” Jenny said slightly awkwardly. Hermione gave her a polite smile.

“Are you ok?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah, I got hit in the back of a neck by a bludger, Madame Pomfrey said I could have died.”

“Thank merlin you didn’t” Hermione said sounding genuinely pleased. Jenny smiled and let go of Harry’s hand.

“Are you ok?” Harry asked Hermione. Hermione nodded.

“I came up from the quidditch pitch, everyone is talking about it and Malfoy was so angry. Cho was really pissed off as well. I heard her talking to her friends about you.” Hermione said,

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Harry asked her awkwardly. Hermione nodded. “We’ll be back soon.” Harry said to the others. Ron and Jenny nodded and Ginny gave him a smile for encouragement. Hermione and Harry managed to avoid all the crowds and they went out onto the grounds. Hermione got her wand out and melted a path for them. They carried on until they were at the frozen lake. The stood at the water’s edge in silence. Harry tried to get the courage to ask Hermione what he’d been meaning to talk to her about for a long time.

“Hermione, is it true that you love me?” Harry said slowly, he was incredibly nervous. Hermione, who was staring at him at first lowered her gaze and bit her lip slightly as she held her wand in her hands.

“Why? Would you start dating me if I did?” Hermione asked, understanding why Harry wanted to talk to her. Harry had a feeling that she knew before anyway and he knew that she was nervous about this as well.

“I was just told by…several people actually, that you loved me and I just wanted to know if it was true.” Harry said. Hermione sighed and sat in the snow, pulling her knees up against her chest and wrapping her arms around them tightly. Harry sat down as well, he could feel the snow crunching slightly as he sat down. He looked at Hermione and then looked at the lake. “It’s alright if you do, I just want to know.” Harry said.

“Yes,” Hermione said, “It’s true, I’ve loved you for a while actually, when you started seeing Cho. I didn’t know what I felt before then, I was always torn between you and Ron but when you started seeing Cho I knew that I loved you and that Ron was more like a brother to me.” Hermione confessed. Harry frowned but it quickly disappeared when Hermione continued, “I know you like Jenny and when I saw you catching her today, when she fell I just sort of thought that maybe-” Hermione stopped and sighed, this was obviously hard for her to get out. “That maybe she needed you more then I did. I mean we barely know her but from what I do know I think you two go together well and I can look after myself and if I really need anyone I have Ron to fall back on.” Hermione said.

“I would have done the same thing if it had been you falling off your broom.” Harry said. Hermione put her head on her knees and sighed again.

“I know you would but you two also look a bit better together then we would” Hermione said.

“Are you sure because I am planning on asking Jenny out but I won’t if it’ll hurt your feelings.” Harry said. Hermione wiped a tear from her eyes and smiled.

“That’s why I love you. You care for other people’s feelings instead of your own. I’ve been really stupid since Jenny came along and I’m sorry but you should go out with her if you really want to.” Hermione said to Harry. She turned and gave Harry a smile, which he returned.

“Are you really su-”

“Harry, just date her ok!” Hermione snapped at him as she smiled, “I really don’t care well I do but I’ll get over it. I know that my love for you is probably just like a puppy love anyway.” Harry smiled and pulled Hermione to her feet. He hugged her tightly when she had finished patting all the snow off her robes.

“You know I love you to but as a sister.” Harry said to her. Hermione held him tightly.

“I know.” She said. She let go of Harry and composed herself slightly and brushed her hair out of the way. “It feels a lot better to finally tell you.” Hermione said. “I was getting really anxious about it and there’s only so much you can talk to Lavender and Pavarti about before you repeat the same conversations over and over again.” Hermione said laughing. Harry laughed and let Hermione put her arm through his as he put his hands in his pocket

“Did you know that Sirius has been cleared?” Harry said to Hermione.

“Yep, I do read the news. But the ministry is still keeping a close eye on him.” Hermione said.

“Do they even know where he is?” Harry asked smiling.

“Probably not.” Hermione said laughing. “Oh, I think you might be interested, don’t tell Ron, but Pavarti thinks that Neville might like Ginny.” Hermione said.

“Do those girls have a sixth sense for these kinds of things?” Harry asked.

“Probably.” Hermione said, “but don’t tell Ron, you know how protective he is of Ginny.” Harry nodded and made a mental note.

* * * *

“Remind me to tell Dobby that he has to stop putting up decorations with my face on it.” Harry said as he held Ginny on his shoulders so she could pull down Christmas decorations that had the same gimmick on them that they had last year.


Jenny laughed and started summoning the decorations to her.

“I think they’re really sweet.” Jenny said, “My house elf wouldn’t ever do that for me.” She picked up the pile at her feet and put them in a bag that Hermione was holding. Hermione was a lot friendlier towards Jenny but Harry could still sense a bit of rivalry between them even though Harry wasn’t going out with either.

“Well Dobby’s just happy. You know, I think that you should really set your house elf free, I mean they’ll be happier-”

“Hermione.” Ron said slightly fed up with Hermione’s free the house elves speech. “House elves are happy working for us, we’re happy working for them and it’s a happy cycle, stop with this SPEW nonsense.”

“It’s not nonsense.” Hermione snapped at Ron, “it’s a worthwhile cause.”

“Well, if Castra ever heard you talk about that kind of thing he’d probably run a thousand miles.” Jenny said, “and Shoner to,” Jenny added as she thought about the two house elves. “But I suppose it would be a cause to consider if the house elves wanted to be freed.” Hermione looked at Jenny pleased that someone was taking a slight interest. The door opened and Neville walked in with Pavarti and Dean. Ginny grinned and quickly jumped off Harry’s shoulders.

“Ow.” Harry said to her as his shoulder clicked.

“Sorry.” Ginny said frowning slightly.

“So what are we doing today?” Pavarti asked, “Lavender can’t come because she’s got the Flu and she’s in the hospital wing.”

“So has Hannah.” Said Ernie Macmillan walking into the room of requirement with the other Hufflepuffs.

“Well it is winter and as it’s nearly the holidays I really couldn’t be bothered to run a proper meeting.” Harry said. Everyone looked at him surprised or annoyed.

“So why did you drag us all the way over here for?” Zacharias Smith asked. He ran a hand through his blonde hair and glanced at Hermione quickly.

“Well I asked Luna, Ginny and Jenny for a favour, leant them some money and they went and got us this.” Harry waved his wand and a table appeared filled with food and bottles of butterbeer. There was enough to feed the DA five times over. “I also called in for a little help from the Kitchens.” Harry added. Cho soon entered with Marietta, who was only tolerated now and not welcome, Padma and Luna and they stared at the table.

“What is going on?” Cho asked.

“We’re having a party.” Luna said smiling slightly. Her long waist length hair was tied up in a ponytail and as usual her wand was tucked behind her ear.

“An unauthorised party” Cho said frowning, “You know I should report this.”

“You could but it would get you into trouble as well.” Harry said. Cho glared at him and was about to leave when the door opened and Katie Bell joined them with the remaining DA members that weren’t in the Hospital wing with the flu.

“Still, what if we’re caught?” Cho said.

“Then why did you come if you’re worried of getting caught?” Harry asked

“Because I would like to defend myself against the dark arts.” Cho snapped. Harry was about to say something when Jenny stopped him.

“Tonight can we just all get along?” Jenny asked. Harry glanced at Jenny then nodded.

“Ok.” Harry said. He looked at Cho “What do you say?”

“Fine.” Cho said crossing her arms and turning to Marietta muttering something about Harry.

“Why do I put up with her?” Harry muttered as he turned to Hermione and Ron. Jenny wandered off to join Ginny and Luna, who were talking in the corner, though it seemed as though Ginny was doing most of the talking and Luna was staring into space.

“Well she is your ex.” Hermione said.

“Yeah, and I don’t think it helped you praising Hermione all the time.” Ron said grinning. Harry smirked.

“So when are you going to ask out Hermione?” Harry said smirking, glad that the rift between him and Hermione was gone. Ron went red so quickly that Harry didn’t even need to count a second. Hermione smiled and patted Ron on the arm.

“Give it time.” She said simply.

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