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A Drunken Mistake by Sourie
Chapter 3 : Remembrance
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Author’s Note: Okay... I feel absolutely HORRIBLE! I am so sorry that it’s taken me a year+ to update this story :( So much has happened, and I lost my muse for the story, and I had no idea what to do about it. But now I’m back, and I hope everyone is not TOO angry with me. I promise to update with the fourth chapter soon!! Please enjoy, and again, I’m really, really sorry for making you guys wait!! Much thanks to danish_pastry for beta-reading this for me!!

The very moment Hermione had uttered her question, a million different scenarios went through Harry's head. Could they have gotten drunk? It wasn't like Hermione to be a heavy drinker, or him, for that he immediately discarded the idea. However, it did seem to be a very strong possibility, how else would he and Hermione... voluntarily... have sex? He shook his head, this was Hermione, Hermione, his best friend, his closest friend, he'd known her since his first year at Hogwarts!This could not be happening. He couldn't help but flash Hermione a grin.... Harry found himself strangely at peace with the whole situation.

"Okay," Harry said holding the marriage license up in front of both of their faces, "which would you rather me say: no, we didn't get extremely drunk and spend the entire night having sex or that we didn't get married last night?" He handed her the marriage license to her before he pulled on his boxers, watching Hermione's disgruntled expression.

"I'm going to be sick." Hermione groaned rushing towards the bathroom, the license dropped to the floor in the process. She slumped down against the bathtub, staring vacantly at the toilet. All of the sudden, a wave of nausea came over her, and she flung herself towards the toilet. Kneeling in front of it, she let the contents of her stomach empty into it.

Harry came running into the bathroom, sitting beside her as he held her long brown curls out of her face. She rested her forehead against the rim of the toilet, grateful when Harry flushed it away. She watched the water swirl around the before it sucked the contents of her stomach down the drain and out of sight.

She groaned, wondering how she was going to make it though a morning of Jesse's tough questioning. She was tired, sore, hungover and incredibly confused. Not only had she had mystery sex with her best friend, but she had married him too.

Harry stood up and walked over to the shower. He quickly adjusted the knobs on the shower, his hands hovering in the stream of water until it ran to just the right temperature. He stood back, shaking his hand free of excess water as little droplets fell to the floor.

"You should jump in the shower, you'll feel better. When you get out, we'll talk." He gave her a rather awkward, but sympathetic smile.

She nodded her head mutely, pushing her body off the floor, as he quietly shut the door behind him. Hermione stood, letting the soft cotton bed-sheet fall away from her body. She walked to the mirror, the glass already starting to fog from the condensation of hot water. She took a few steps back from the mirror, finally being able to fully take in the sight of herself for the first time today.

Her body was glowing, her lips were full and swollen, her eyes, despite the exhaustion she felt, held a certain sparkle to them. She ran her hands on the outside of her neck, moving her head to the side as she spotted a small patch of bruised skin. She shut her eyes tightly, trying not to cry. Howthe hell were they going to hide this? Should they even try?

Jesse had demanded that they get their asses to her apartment, no time to go home and change... as soon as she felt better, she made a silent promise to kick Harry's ass for getting her into this mess. She had been sitting at home the previous evening; her legs crossed, a bowl of popcorn in her lap. That's how this all started! Popcorn and a simple movie... a peaceful night of NOTHING turned into a night of SOMETHING... dear Merlin... had it only been last night?


He had been sitting home alone, his thoughts drifting to Hermione... which happened more often then he would have liked. He wondered what she was doing, what she was wearing, was her hair in a ponytail or was it down around her shoulders in curly waves?

'No! Harry, mate, stop! It's Hermione, for Merlin's sake!'

The girlie laugh that she seemed to use only with him made his vibrant green eyes light up, like always. "And what if I have plans?" She teased back; they both knew that she wasn't doing anything.

Harry chuckled, Much to his chagrin, Hermione wasn't most women. She was sexy, beautiful, smart and ... very stubborn. She had never shown him the slightest bit of romantic interest, only friendship. He valued that, choosing to ignore his stronger feelings for her. The last thing he wanted was to push her away and loose her all together. So, instead he settled on flirting, and chance glances.

He cherished the times when she would laugh, her head thrown back, her hands holding onto his arm as he kept her from falling to the ground in laughter. Those were the best.

"Well, gorgeous, what should I wear?" She flirted, biting her lip nervously. She was already in route to her bedroom, her closet door flinging open as she tried to find something to wear.

She had held the torch for Harry Potter as long as she could remember... who wouldn't? He was kind, compassionate, and also her best friend. She knew that he would never respond her feelings; she simply wasn't his type. She had come to face these facts long ago, brushing off his flirty banter as nothing more than friendly behavior.

Harry's smile grew even larger, "Well 'mione, put on a skirt cause we're going out drinking and dancing."

"A skirt?" She swallowed the lump in her throat. She hated dresses and skirts.

"Oh come on Granger, show off those legs. I know their amazing, you forget I had the pleasure of seeing you in a dress for Evangeline's wedding." He could feel himself responding to the memory already.

"All right, alright, You big flirt! See Harry, flattery will get you far in life." She almost felt giddy, she knew he was just joking with her, but she couldn't help but blush when he told her how beautiful she was. She never took him seriously, but the words were still nice to hear.

Hermione could feel him raise an eyebrow over the phone, "Really, Miss Granger... and how far is that?"

It was now his turn to feel the roll of her eyes. "Pick me up in an hour." Was her only response as she clicked off her cordless phone. She tossed the electronic device to the bed, a grin on her face as she pulled out a knee length blue skirt.

It was brand new, the overpriced sales tag still attached. She had gone shopping with Jesse a few weeks ago, and was talked into buying it. It was loose and comfortable, and when she walked she could feel the soft material flutter around her knees. Jesse had shrieked in delight, making her do a couple of spins in the small dressing room before she all but forced her to buy it.

Hermione was suddenly glad she had listened. She pulled out a white knitted tunic, with long bellowing sleeves, and detailed flowers stitched around the collar. She put her outfit on the bed, a slight bounce to her step as she went to jump into the shower.

It was 56 minutes later that Harry had shown up on her doorstep, his knuckles knocking on her door with the other.

Hermione glanced at the time, her heart secretly fluttering that he was on time.

She opened the door, running a hand down her skirt to smooth it out as she pulled it the rest of the way open.

Harry stood there agape for a few minutes, his face coloring blue as he forgot to breath. To say she looked amazing was an understatement. True to her word she was wearing a thin navy skirt, and ballet flats that had a golden shine to them. The white of her flowing tunic made her skin stand out, looking healthy and glowing.

Hermione smiled, her cheeks growing red with his response to her carefully put together ensemble. She had taken extra care on her hair and make up, wanting to look extra nice for him, not that it mattered much.

He stood gaping at her, his mouth doing a wonderful impression of a fish. She crossed her arms over her chest, inadvertently pushing her cleavage up and out of the v of her shirt. If it was possible Harry sucked in the last bit of oxygen that was keeping him alive.

"Is that for me?" She asked, pointing to the flower that he was holding in a death grip.

He stood dumbly at her for a few more seconds,"You look... wow..." was all he could say, running a hand nervously through his hair.

She could feel her heart beat increase, the warmth spreading through out her body. He looked amazing, the bright smile on his face making him look all the more attractive. She waved him in, the scent of his cologne making her knees weak as he walked through the door.

His arm grazed hers as he past, both stiffening at the contact. "You look really nice Harry." She said nervously.

He still couldn't put into words how beautiful she looked, but he tried again. "You... wow..."

She didn't know why her nerves were acting up; they had gone out together a million times in the past. This was nothing new or different.

She flashed him a toothy grin, grabbing her purse off the small table that sat beside the door. She gave him a curious glance as he just stood there, staring. She was starting to wonder if he was feeling alright.

"You gonna stand there all night, or did I get dressed up for nothing?"

"Oh you got dressed up for something... andcan I say damn? You're a gorgeous woman Hermione Granger." He winked at her, placing his hand on her lower back as he shooed her towards the door. With each step he could feel his confidence returning. This was just Hermione, nothing to worry about, right?

She could feel the tingle move up her spine at his close proximity, her head starting to feel light headed. She turned her head, giving him her own wink as they exited the apartment.

Oh yes... there was definitely something to worry about. He had rarely seen that wicked gleam in her eye, but when he saw it, he just knew he was in a world of trouble.

They chatted easily in the car (Hermione had still insisted on getting it even though she technically really couldn't use it. Mostly it was to keep up appearances with her muggle friends and family, but she still liked to drive it from time to time), Harry steeling glances at her from the corner of her eye as she talked animatedly about something she was passionate about. That was another thing he loved about her, her passion. She was so strong, not afraid to let anyone know exactly what she was thinking at any given moment. At the moment, Hermione was going on about the new Ministry proposedreview of Werewolf and Vampire Mariges.

It was right after they got to the bar that things started to become unfocused... blurry. The music was too loud, and thedrinks were far too strong.

More drinking.
More flirting.
More dancing
Body shots?


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A Drunken Mistake: Remembrance


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