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To Love the One You Can not Have by MadisonFelton
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: The Beginning
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Disclaimer: I dont own anyone except Monica and Melissa but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

“What?” Melissa Jacobs looked up from her homework to see one of her best friends, Sirius Black, looking at her homework.

“Uh... nothing,” Sirius said with a sly grin.

Melissa, Sirius, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Monica Taylor were all close friends who were doing their homework in the Gryffindor common room. They were all in 7th year and Monica and Melissa had come in their 2nd year, so they’d known each other for quite some time.

“Come on, you were so lookin’ at my homework!” Melissa shot back.

“Prove it!” Sirius joked.

“Your answer for that question about how much Flubberworm puss to use in an oblivion potion looks remarkably close to mine,” Melissa said.

”How many different answers could there be to one question?” Sirius asked.

“Oh come on Sirius! We all know you’re a cheater,” James piped up.

“Some friend you are,” Sirius said grinning. “Sorry, I’m stupid and I need help.”

“Yeah, mental help,” Remus specified.

“Oh shut up!”

“Can you tell me that answer so we can uh... check to see if Sirius is right on that theory of us all having the same answer?” Monica asked.

“Nice try,” Peter said. “But I doubt they’re gonna fall for it.”

“Hey, I tried okay?”

“It’s not that hard Monica, the professor said it in class, didn’t you take notes?” Melissa asked.
“Mel, what kind of question is that?” Monica asked. “Of course I didn’t take notes! Can you please give me a hint?”

“Okay,” Melissa said. “It’s a number.

“Oh, what a great help,” Monica said sarcastically. “Sirius, you’ll tell me, right?”

“Uh... I dunno if I can. I’m sitting right next to Mel and she can hurt me.”

“You know me all too well,” Melissa gloated.

“Uh... I think I have the answer- If it’s right, you can copy mine,” Peter offered to Monica.

Peter had sort of a crush on Monica, Monica had a crush on Remus, and Melissa had a crush on Sirius. They didn’t tell anyone because how weird would it be to like one of best friend’s more than a friend?

“Thanks Peter. At least SOMEONE’s nice enough to help me,” Monica said looking at Peter’s answer.

“If it’s wrong, you won’t be so thankful,” Remus said.

“You’re just mad ‘cos I have the answer and you don’t and I think it’s better to have something down which is better than nothing.”

“Is it?” Melissa asked.

“Oh! I know that! Wait... er... no I don’t. Too bad,” Sirius joked.

“Well, I think an attempt is better than nothing- if it’s your own,” James said.

“I agree,” Melissa said.

“Me too,” Sirius agreed.

“Oh yeah, you proved that,” Monica said rolling her eyes.

“Okay... so?” Sirius said.

“Go back to sleep Sirius, we’ll wake you up if something important happens. You’re already oblivious. Who needs the potion?” Remus said.

“Ha ha. So funny.” Sirius rolled his eyes and smiled crookedly.

“So... did you guys see Snape today?” Peter asked.

“I found his hair greasier than usual. Maybe he buys oil for it.” Sirius said laughing.

“I found him disgusting,” Monica said.

“Repulsive,” Melissa added.

“Future Death Eater,” James said.

“Unworthy of a troll’s affection,” Remus said sending all of them into a fit of laughter due to the peculiarity of that statement.

“Good one, Remus,” Monica complimented.

Soon, they’d all finished their homework and went to their dorms to get ready to go to sleep.

Monica was sitting in her bed writing in her diary as she did every night.

September 18
Dear Diary,
Today, we all did our homework together as usual. Peter gave me an answer to a homework question. I guess being crushed on has its benefits. Anyways, we were discussing Snape (gross) and Remus made a particularly witty remark about him being ‘unworthy of a troll’s affection’. I complemented him by saying ‘good one Remus’. I think how he’s so polite, funny, and shy is just so sweet and adorable. I haven’t told Mel of my crush. I know that’s not right, me knowing about hers and all. I plan to tell her soon. I have to go to bed now, or else Mel may get a glimpse and be upset I didn’t tell her.
Good night!

She sighed and placed her lock on her diary and put it under her mattress. She spotted Melissa writing in her own diary. Her diary entry was a little bit different.

Hiya Diary!
Sorry, I just got tired of the same old boring ‘dear diary’. Today, I caught Sirius copying my homework. He has the single most adorable smile. And he is so funny! Other than Sirius, was the usual, Peter admiring Monica, Monica admiring Remus, and I admiring Sirius. Even though she hasn’t told me she likes Remus, it is so obvious. She’ll tell me soon enough. I hope I’m not that obvious- I was flirting with him a bit. He was flirting back so how obvious am I? I will probably never know. So... bedtime!
Yours until the cows come home (joke)!

Melissa looked at Monica who was watching her.

“What?” she asked. “Never seen anyone write in a diary before?”
“No- yes, oh forget it!” Monica confused herself and went to bed, as well as Melissa.
“Peter, Peter, Peter,” scolded Sirius in their dorm.


“You know... you are the most obvious crusher!”

“If you were any more obvious, you would be professing your undying love for Monica!” Remus joked.

“Really Peter, take lessons from Sirius. See how secretive he is with his crush?” James joked.

“I don’t have a crush,” Sirius said.

“You’re obvious, and we know you so you do,” Remus said.

“Oh? On who?”

“As if you don’t know,” Peter said.

“You know, we know, she prolly knows too,” James said.

“Sure... tell me who you think it is.”

“Melissa,” James replied simply.

“Ha! See how wrong you are!”

James and Remus exchanged knowing glances at each other.

“Sure Padfoot... sure,” Peter said.

“If you ask me, you should just ask her out. She likes you too,” Remus said.

“She does?”

“You two were flirting like mad today,” James said.

“As always,” Remus added.

“Okay, so maybe I kinda like her. So what? How can I take your advise? James likes Lily, but wont ask her out, Peter likes Monica and wont ask her out, and Remus likes- I don’t know who Remus likes but he wont ask her out!”

“And you will never know,” Remus said.

“We’ll see about that,” James said.

“Well, you did just tell us you like someone which leaves us with half the student body,” Sirius said.

“Why half?” Peter asked.

“Half are boys and if Remus likes a boy then he has some explaining to do. And if it’s a 7th year- hopefully not younger ‘cos that’s just plain nasty. And there's four houses. Come on! Tell us!”


“We’re your best- hey is it Monica?”

“OR Melissa?” James asked.

“Maybe...” Remus said grinning.

“So it’s one of them?”


“Remus, with the power invested in me, I hereby pronounce- er, declare you must tell us!”


“Tell us please!”

“Want a hint?”


“Her letter starts with a letter in the English alphabet, and it’s capital.”

“Wow Remus, remind me to always ask you for clues anytime I need them,” Sirius said sarcastically.


“Please tell us!”

“Nope sorry, some things must be kept secret.”

“I hate you.”


“You know why.”

“I know. I’m just kidding.”


“No, ‘cos then there will be no plot or mystery to the story. Although, it’s so obvious that I’m surprised you don’t know.”

“That’s nice Moony, very nice. Now get your hairy butt to bed ‘cos I’m tired and don’t wanna be the first to bed. God knows what tricks you’d pull on me.”

“Okay, you’ve got a point, I’m tired too.”

So predictably, they went to bed.

A/N: This is the first chapter. It gets a lot better and I hope you enjoy this chapter and the other chapters to come. ^_^

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