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The Chocolate Frog Nightmare by Guilt_Ridden
Chapter 1 : Bottoms Up!
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I own the characters of Jackie and Alex Campbelle as well as the following storyline. All other characters belong to J. K. Rowling.


“Can you believe it? England? The World Cup? It-it’s a dream come true!” Ron’s voice could be heard bellowing across the Hall.
The Great Hall was in an uproar that Friday evening, Professor Dumbledore having told the school the results of the Quidditch playoffs. England was going to the World Cup and the teachers as well as the students were screaming and hollering with delight. As Jackie hugged her twin brother Alex, she smiled at the thought of Hermione’s reaction when she realized how busy the House Elves would be tonight, providing food for all of the parties that were sure to come.


“Here, Jackie,” Ron said, passing Jackie a candy. “Have a chocolate frog.”

Jackie and Alex had gone up to the Gryffindor Common Room with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. Soon enough, they had quite a party going on. Professor McGonagall had come by twice to send them all to bed but by her third visit, Ginny had been able to convince her to stay and celebrate with the rest of them.

Ginny and Hermione had been dancing with Alex all night while Jackie, Harry, and Ron were seated around the fire talking tactics and food.

“Ron, will you stop giving me those?” Jackie sighed, sprawled out on the rug, bouncing the frog off Ron’s forehead. “You know I’m allergic.”

“Yeah, to real frogs,” Ron said from the couch, rolling his eyes. “But this one’s chocolate. You’ll be fine.” He tossed the frog her way again. Jackie threw it in the fire.

“I’m allergic to chocolate, not frogs. Idiot,” Jackie laughed.

Ron rolled his eyes again. “No,” he said slowly, like he was speaking to a small child. “You’re allergic to frogs, dummy.”

Jackie giggled. “I think I’d know, Ron,” she told him, taking another big bite of cake. “I’m definitely allergic to chocolate.”

Ron looked her over slowly; positive she was putting him on. “That cake is white chocolate, you know.”

Jackie choked and sputtered. “What?! Harry! Why didn’t you tell me?” she shrieked.

“What? I thought you were allergic to the regular brown chocolate, not the white kind. You’re allergic to white chocolate, too?” Harry asked, confused.

“Yes!” she said, exasperated. “It’s the chocolate that’ll kill me, not the color and not the frog!”

As she was speaking, itchy red blotches broke out all over Jackie’s skin and she started having trouble breathing. Ron scooped her up and, grabbing the rest of the gang, they headed for the hospital wing.


“Shit, guys,” Jackie moaned, flopping back against the pillows of her hospital bed. “We were supposed to stay up all night and party.”

“Next time Ron almost kills you, we’ll make sure it’s on the morning of an exam or something,” Ginny offered. They all snickered as Madam Pomfrey bustled in.

“Alright, Jackie,” Madame Pomfrey said, handing Jackie a steaming goblet, “drink this and you’ll be back to normal in no time. Just make sure you go straight up to bed afterward. You’ll be feeling a bit…light-headed.”

“She means I’ll be high,” Jackie whispered once Madam Pomfrey was out of ear shot. They laughed.

“Well, maybe it’s for the best,” Alex mused. “I mean, you do need to get some rest tonight. The only way anybody’s sleeping in Slytherin is if they pass out.” He grinned wistfully, eager to get up to his own common room.

“Well, nobody parties quite like the Slytherins do,” Jackie grinned, bringing the goblet to her lips. “Well, bottoms up!”


Draco leaned against the cool stone wall of the empty dungeon classroom, mulling over the evening. He didn’t think anything could ruin his elation over England going to the World Cup but then again, Lucius Malfoy wasn’t just anything.

Yes, Draco thought, he would show up tonight. He always comes after he goes out drinking. And he would go out drinking tonight.

Lucius Malfoy had shown up after drinking heavily with his buddies. He grabbed ahold of Draco and dragged him to the dungeons.

What better way to finish off a great night than to beat your only son senseless? Draco thought sadly, wiping his bloody nose on his sleeve. Why does my father have to be such a raging alcoholic?

Draco laughed bitterly, glancing at the bottle of firewhiskey he held in his hand. And I’m going to be just like him…No! I’ll never do this to my kids…And I’ll never force my belief on them…They can just be kids…And I can just love them…like a real dad would.

Draco downed the remainder of his drink and started on another bottle. A silent tear ran down his cheek and he knew that soon the floor would be littered with empty bottles.

Draco leaned back against the wall and said sadly, “Bottoms up.”


Jackie Campbelle stumbled into the Slytherin Common Room, giggling and feeling quite “light-headed”, if you will. The common room was quiet, all of its inhabitants either long passed out or, like Alex, gone off in search of more parties. Jackie was just about to attempt the stairs when someone else burst into the room.

Draco Malfoy staggered in as drunk and “light-headed” as Jackie. He stumbled over to his good friend.

“Hi,” he said.

“You too?” she giggled.

They both laughed, possibly harder due to the state they were in.

“I have to go up to my room now. I want to be alone,” Jackie said, still giggling. She turned and started up the stairs, wondering if the common room always spun like that. Slowly, Jackie found her way to her empty dorm room, the rest of the girls passed out downstairs or in some boy’s room. She flopped on her bed and felt Draco flop next to her. With her ever present giggle, Jackie rolled onto her side to face him.

“I wanted to be alone, Mr. Malfoy,” she said, smiling.

“Shhh…” he whispered, putting a finger to her lips. “We are.”

Draco leaned forward and kissed Jackie softly. He wrapped his arms around her and gently rolled her onto her back. He climbed on top of her, straddling her, and began tugging at her robes.

Jackie pulled him down for another kiss and he hungrily obliged. He licked at her bottom lip and she opened her mouth, granting him entry. Draco lifted his arms above his head and Jackie pulled his shirt off, throwing it to the side. As she unbuttoned her blouse, Draco reached for his belt buckle.

“Well, aren’t you a nice tall glass of water?” Jackie giggled, reciting a phrase she heard in a muggle movie.

“Well then,” Draco said seductively, “bottoms up!”


That’s it! The first chapter of my first fic! Rate and message? Please?

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The Chocolate Frog Nightmare: Bottoms Up!


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