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Wild Hearts by blondie_sarah14
Chapter 19 : When two become one
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Chapter 19 – When two become one


A month passed, and Hermione and Draco’s love for one another grew more and more. They pretended to hate each other during classes and in the corridors but had romantic evenings and weekends together in their common room. Blaise and Ginny kept their promise and didn’t tell a soul. In fact, they helped to make it seem as if Draco and Hermione hated each other.


During classes Draco and Hermione were made to sit next to one another because they were Heads. They showed disgust at the suggestion on the outside but inside were delighted at the idea.


After a particularly boring day of classes, Hermione and Draco decided to have a quick dinner and spend the evening together in their common room.


Hermione left dinner first and Draco followed, not long afterwards.


He walked along the corridors until he reached Gaillardia the centaur. Draco said the password, “Honey Drop” and walked in, to find Hermione waiting near the front door for him.


“Hello gorgeous…” Draco whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist.


“Hello…”she whispered as he trailed kisses slowly along her neck.


They had been getting more and more passionate with their kissing than in the beginning. Draco had lead the way mostly as he was the most experienced, but Hermione sometimes hade the guts to try something new with him, which Draco absolutely loved.


As Draco kissed her, he slowly guided her backwards, towards the near-by couch that was in front of the fireplace. Hermione felt the couch touching the back of her legs, and allowed Draco to slowly lower her onto it. He lay on top of her and slowly ran his fingers over her curves on top of her school shirt. Hermione let out a soft moan. Draco grinned wickedly. Hermione’s hands found their way up the back of his shirt and she ran her fingernails softly down his back. She felt Draco’s body shiver in response. He smiled and sat up, slowly removing his shirt and revealing his well-toned chest. Hermione kissed his neck tenderly. Draco slowly undid the buttons on her top one by one, slowly, teasing.


Draco smiled and ran his hands over her body. His hand moved slowly towards her back where in one quick movement he removed the only barrier between his hands and her skin.. Hermione smiled at him and he grinned back. He claimed her lips with his, their tongues danced together as their bodies moved together. Before she new it, Draco was just in his boxer shorts. Hermione felt the heat rising up her body and her breaths kept getting quicker.


Draco slowly stood up, put his arms around Hermione and lifted her off the couch into his arms. He kissed her lips and neck as he cautiously walked towards the stairs. ‘Where are we going?’ Hermione wondered. Then they reached the top of the stairs and Draco kicked open his bedroom door. He raced over towards his four-post queen size bed and gently rested Hermione’s body on top of the covers.


Draco paused for a moment; taking in Hermione’s beauty, as she lay on the bed, her honey gold curls beautifully framing her face. She looked like a goddess. He slowly crept onto the bed so he was on his hands and knees just above her body. He slowly removed her school skirt. Soon there was only a small piece of black lace and satin separating Hermione and Draco. Draco needed to feel her soft skin against his chest. Hermione intertwined her fingers through his blonde hair and ran her fingernails tenderly along his back, sending shivers of pleasure up Draco’s spine. Hermione started to slowly pull Draco’s boxers down and he gladly discarded them, exposing his fully naked form in all its glory. Hermione felt the heat rising in her body again as she looked over Draco’s masculine form. His tight abdomen, his fit form, his magical blue eyes filled with passion, I was driving her insane. Draco grinned and slowly started to pull Hermione’s last piece of clothing down her slender, elegant legs. Now with nothing stopping them, Draco plunged into a deep kiss, putting all of his love and passion into it. Their tongues danced and played with each other vigorously. Hermione too wanted to put all of her love and passion into this kiss, this moment. Both their hands freely roamed the other’s body until the heat between their bodies was almost electric.


Knowing what was coming next, Hermione felt a bit worried. ‘This is it. I’m going to do it…No more little miss pure and innocent…oh my god I’m so nervous…’


Draco felt Hermione’s body stiffen and knew what she was thinking. “Hey…” he whispered as he slowly kissed her neck. “It’s ok…I’ll be gentle…we don’t even have to do this if you don’t want too…” he whispered.


“I want too…I’m just a bit nervous…I do want to…I want you Draco…” she whispered shakily at first but ended with hunger in her voice.


Draco smirked; his little Gryffindor princess was growing up so fast. He kissed her tenderly. “Relax…” he whispered to her, “I love you.”


“I love you too…” she whispered.


Then Hermione felt a sharp pain. She gasped and grabbed onto his shoulders in surprise. She couldn’t help a single tear running down her cheek. Draco gently stroked her shoulders as he rocked with her, reassuring her. But then, the pain slowly faded away and was replaced by a burning pleasure. Hermione moaned with delight at the feeling, the pleasure building and building until it reached a point where Hermione didn’t think she could take it any more. Then…both Hermione and Draco’s passion reached breaking point. Hermione let her body go limp and so did Draco as they lay on his bed, trying to catch their breath. Hermione let out a sigh of satisfaction as she slowly drifted off to sleep.


~*~*~ The next morning~*~*~


Hermione slowly opened her eyes the next morning, unsure of where she was. Then she realised she was in Draco’s bedroom and last nights wonderful experience came flooding back to her. She was under the forest green sheets, propped up by a few pillows, still naked under the covers. Draco must have moved her, she thought. She turned over to see him sleeping peacefully next to her. She gently stroked his hair, causing his eyes to flutter open.


“Good morning beautiful…” he whispered sleepily.


“Good morning handsome…” she whispered back with a smile.


“How are you this morning? I didn’t hurt you too bad last night did I?” he asked, his voice full of concern as he put his arms around her.


“No…I’m fine. Last night was truly amazing. I’m glad I waited until it was for true love.” She said.


Draco smiled. “I love you so much Hermione…last night was a wonderful experience. I never want to do that with anyone else but you for the rest of my life.”


Hermione giggled. “Well…If your good…maybe I’ll allow it to happen again…” she teased.


“Oh really?” Draco said in mock interest as he tenderly kissed her neck.


“Yeah…I don’t think that will be for a while now though…” she added with a cheeky grin as Draco started to trail kisses along her neck.


“Mmmm…” Draco muttered, distracted with the taste and sent of his precious Hermione.


Hermione giggled, “Oh all right…I surrender!” as Draco’s hands gently roamed her body.


Draco grinned and claimed her lips with his own and picked up where they had left off last night, when two became one.



Author’s note: Wow! Big moment! What did u think? This is the first sex scene I’ve ever written. Like it? Hate it? Did it raise your heart rate (wink, wink)? Let me know! So sorry about the long wait everyone. I’ve had to re-write it a few times because it got rejected. It was too kinky before. Lol. Sorry it’s been a while since I updated, I’ve been busy with university study, starting a new part time job and trying to re-write this chapter. Anyways, it’s going to get really interesting in the next few chapters…Even I’m excited! Lol. Please review!!! :-)

Lots of love, blondie_sarah14.

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