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The Remus Journals by savagebeginnings
Chapter 1 : The Bite
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October 17, 1966

The Bite

The autumn day was chill. Red, golden, yellow, orange, brown. The countless colors danced and swirled in the whistling wind outside my little house, sending my six year old mind into an excited frenzy that had me bouncing up and down on my little feet.

It looked like such a perfect day. Along with the fascinating colors that twirled around, I saw my father working on raking in the fallen leaves, getting frustrated when the playful wind came and tossed up the little pile that he was attempting to make. Behind me, I could hear my mother bustling around the kitchen, fixing up our dinner for the evening.

“Mommy,” I called out finding my father’s frustrations the funniest thing in the world at that moment, “come look at Daddy!”

The bustling noise of dishes ceased behind me and I soon felt my mother over my shoulder, her protruding belly pressed slightly against my side and her long, thin fingers nestled themselves in my thick, sandy-colored hair. As we both watched my father’s face scrunch up in annoyance as another gust of wind sent the leaves in his pile flying, I heard her chuckle lightly and felt a little poke in my side where her belly was.

“Mommy! I felt her! I felt the baby move!” I looked up at her with fascination in my brown eyes. She looked down and placed a hand on the spot where my baby sister had kicked.

My mother smiled down at me. “Remus baby,” she said, “are you looking forward to being a big brother?”

My little head nodded vigorously, “Uh huh!” I replied enthusiastically.

With another chuckle, she ruffled my hair and pushed me towards the door, “Why don’t you go tell your daddy that dinner will be done soon and that he should come in and start getting cleaned up?”

“Okay Mommy!” Getting a kiss on my cheek, I bounded out the door and ran towards my father. “Daddy!” I called out to his bent over form. Straightening up, he looked over to me running towards him and dropped the rake, his arms opened up and I ran into them, laughing as he lifted me up.

“What is it son?” He asked in his deep, baritone voice

“Mommy said that dinner was going to be ready soon and that you have to come inside now.”

“Alright Kiddo.” He said with a sigh. “I’ll be in soon. Just let me put all this stuff away.” Setting me down, he added on, “Go inside and wait with your mother.”

“Okay Daddy!” I said cheerfully. Thrusting my arms out to the side, I zoomed back to the small house, pretending to be an airplane as I ran inside. “Daddy said he’ll be in soon.”

“Alright Sweety.”

It wasn’t long until my mother had finished setting out dinner and my father hadn’t come inside the house yet. The sky was beginning to take on a purplish tinge as the fiery sun dropped behind the line of trees. It had been half an hour since I had been sent out to bring him in and both my mother and I were starting to get worried.

“Remus,” my mother said, “could you go out back to the shed to see where your father got to?”

Nodding, I slid from my seat and headed out back. Our shed was on the edge of the thick, deep forest. The forest had always been a object of curiosity for me, but my father was adamant about me not venturing anywhere near it.

As I walked around the small shed, I saw no sign of my father whatsoever. “Mommy!” I yelled. “I don’t see him!”

No response.

“Mommy?” A rustling in the trees behind me caught my ear and I spun on my heel, nearly falling on my face. “Hello? Daddy?”

There was nobody around. I was alone. At that moment, the world fell away. The only thing that I was aware of was me and the dense forest before me. I could hear the rustles and the whispers from deep within just calling my name. Looking around once again, I took a few cautious steps toward the forest.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I ventured in further. There didn’t appear to be anything wrong with the place. It was just an ordinary forest. Nothing more. I didn’t know why my father was so afraid of me going into it.

Mesmerized by the sounds, scents, and sights all around me, I hardly noticed when the sun completely disappeared for the night and the forest was enshrouded in darkness. Turning to find my way back home, I failed to notice the rustling and low growls behind me until it was too late.

First, I was walking back home to have dinner with my family, and the next thing I knew, I was face down in the dirt, a great weight on my back pinned me to the rough, prickly ground and a searing pain in the tender spot at the nape of my neck made me see little colorful spots dancing in my vision. I struggled to turn and see the face of my attacker, but every move I made was agony and when I finally did manage to shift and who it was, I was met by two cold, ravenous, fiery, golden eyes and a long, dark, snout filled with finely honed teeth that pierced my young flesh. The creature’s warm, putrid breath bombarded my face, filling my nostrils with a harsh scent that had my head reeling. Unable to hold it any longer, my head fell to the ground and splashed in a crimson pool of blood. My blood.

Every single move that I made and every breath that I took had an unbearably agonizing effect on me. I wanted to cry out, to scream in pain. I wanted it all to end and was so sure that I was going to die. My life energy made its escape from me with every breath that I exhaled, bright white lights began dancing across my blurring vision, and I could feel my consciousness slowly being dragged away from me.

When I felt as if I was on the brink of life and death, I heard a familiar voice yell something incoherent. I would have dwelled on it and tried to figure out whom my savior was, but all I was aware of was that the weight of the brute was lifted from my small, quivering body. The last thing I remembered seeing was the enormous monster fleeing into the forest before my entire world was enveloped in the comforting arms of unconsciousness.



A/N: Hello everyone! This is the redone version of this story. Hope you like it! Please review! I'll love you forever!

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The Remus Journals: The Bite


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