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The Muggle Way by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 20 : ~*~ Chapter 20 ~*~
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A/N: Never thought I‘d get this far with this story, but not to worry… there‘s plenty more to come! With more surprises, twists and turns! Now, I was given some advice on some reviews from last chapter, and I‘m going to apply most to this chapter. I‘m sorry that this is going so slow at the mo, but everything will get better throughout the second year. Now please, read and enjoy!


~*~ Chapter 20 ~*~


Right to start this chapter off I must explain a few things. First, any reader who maybe reading this must and foremost know that I am still in my first year of Hogwarts. Nothing really exciting is happening at the moment apart from learning Legilimens and Occulimens from a man so unpredictable it’s a nightmare in itself.

Also so far I have concluded that there is a lot to be learnt in the world of magic and therefore I am glad to now say that its lessons here on after as well as looking forward to the next Quidditch matches.

My sisters and I have been welcomed highly so far and now I must swallow my pride. In this chapter expect more magic, more conversations and a confrontation I make myself. I will also be divulging more into my feelings along the matter of the prophecy and those involved.

For I know that this prophecy is now the most important thing going on in my life and everybody else’s whether they be from the past, present or future…

I was eating my toast down in the Great Hall on the week beginning of where I thought everything would change; whether it be for the good or the bad I didn’t know, but I felt something different; whether it be in the butter or the bread, again, I didn’t know.

I had to laugh at myself after I had thought of that small and yet, immature pun. But I needed to lighten up. Today was the beginning of Lent, where you give up something for forty days and forty nights, and I was about to give up being negative. I just hoped I wouldn’t have to break my promise.

“Good morning, April! And how would you be on this fine morning?” I looked up from my plate and saw Lupin standing behind me. I looked up to the transparent ceiling and saw thick fluffy clouds looming overhead; I decided against saying that it looked like it was about to rain.

“I’m good today, sir. And how about yourself?” I asked him back. He smiled down at me and chuckled slightly. He was about to answer me when Snape came strolling up beside him. He looked a bit tired.

“I’m in some what of a good mood today, thank you. Would you do me a favour and kindly tell your companions that you have a lesson tonight in the Room and that I will be present there also?” He pondered, his eyebrow raised. Snape looked disgruntled. I nodded my head as an answer. “Good, thanks April. See you tonight then!” And he walked away and out of the Hall.

Snape stayed behind me for awhile and gave a quick glance down at me. I smiled sympathetically up at him, remembering our conversation of a week ago. His lip twitched upwards and then followed Lupin’s feet out into the Entrance Hall and then up the stairs obviously to follow his colleague to the Room of Requirement.

I smiled to myself. A night time session in the Room of Requirement doing mind-wanderings. Should be enjoyable, I thought, trying to cover my worry. If we went throughout the entire night, sleeping as well, our dreams would surely be seen for real.

My thoughts were knocked out of concentration when three plates were placed in front of me and one beside me. I turned to see Kenny sit down next to me and Devlin, Todd and Sirius sit opposite me. All seemed to be in good moods.

So I started off conversation. “Erm… I was just talking to Lupin earlier…” Devlin and Todd’s eyes looked up from their food and surveyed me. “… He said that we have a night time lesson with Snape and him tonight. He told me to pass the message on to everyone.

Todd and Devlin looked at each other and then they turned their glum faces into huge grins of delight. “Sounds fun…” Devlin answered my message and then took a sip of pumpkin juice.

“Yeah, it will be if Remus is there. Although, we’ve kinda known that this time will come,” Todd said, his grin turning into small chuckles. “So, April… have you got a sleeping bag handy?”

I put down my knife I was using to smear butter over my toast and I looked up from my crumby plate to stare at Todd. “What are you talking about?” I asked, feeling nervous and perplexed. I turned to look at Kenny, but she had her head buried in a book.

“Tonight is a practise exam for our minds. We are put to sleep one at a time to see if our minds can be infiltrated with Legilimens… and if it can’t then we have obviously been using Occulimens perfectly well,” Devlin explained thoroughly, taking another sip.

I nudged Kenny in the side when the three boys before me got into their own conversation. “You knew about this, didn’t you? Why didn’t you tell me?” I questioned roughly, still nudging her when she wouldn’t put down her book.

“Ow! Quit it, April!” She hissed and then she dropped her book down on the table. “I only found out about it yesterday, whereas the guys have known it for a couple of weeks. I was going to tell you today…”

“Sorry,” I replied with a shudder in my tone of voice. I was now breaking my promise slightly. I was nervous about tonight for I hadn’t practiced Occulimens for weeks before I went to sleep. And I knew that Lupin, or at least Snape, would notice this fault. “But it’s a school night!” I complained once out of my thoughts.

“Big deal! It’ll be fun! And if we’re lucky, we might be able to have this practise all week.” Devlin’s smile was so genuine for this chance in a life time it made me stare at him for a long time. How could he be so positive when he hadn’t even practised at all?!

Before arguing back with him, Eleora and Madison sidled up behind me, taking seats beside my left side. And then I began my flow of words. “Has anyone actually practised Occulimens, at all?” I asked.

Sirius looked up from his cereal but didn’t answer my question. “I sort of have…” Madison answered solemnly. “Every night I usually remember to empty my mind… but even if I do dream, I can’t remember what I have seen when I wake up.” Eleora nodded with her statement.

“It’s really hard to master… I don’t like doing all this mind-wandering stuff. It hurts too… I’ve never had so many headaches in my life!” Kenny complained sorrowfully. I did have to agree with her, not on my behalf, but on hers; I had seen her once or twice looking pale and daydreaming from it. Yet she hadn’t fainted like I had.

“I have cleared my mind each night since I found out about this upcoming night… so I’ve had good practise for about a month… and Devlin has been doing a lot, haven’t you?” Todd explained, feeling very high of himself; Devlin nodded reluctantly, casting a look up at me.

I refrained from looking back at him and I also didn’t want to answer my own question. “I kinda have the knack of it,” Sirius spoke up quietly. I saw him fidgeting in his seat but stopped himself from carrying on.

“We haven’t seen you practise at all, so don’t lie to us, Black!” Todd scorned hurtfully; Sirius winced slightly from his harsh words, but still ignored him and quite surprising carried on with explanation.

“I don’t clear my mind in the dormitories if that’s what you think. I usually train my mind to stay empty after lessons until I get up the next morning… that’s why I don’t talk so much. My father has forced this trait on me and it is difficult to handle… but it’s a necessary thing to have.”

Todd then whispered something into Devlin’s ear and they laughed in mocking whispers that made Sirius’ cheeks turn pink with embarrassment. Sirius then put his spoon into his cereal bowl and hitched his bag over his shoulder and walked away from the table, out into the Entrance Hall and out through the doors into the grounds.

“At least he has had the decency to tell us the truth about what sort of pain he has been put through!” Eleora hissed at them, taking Sirius’ pain to heart and feeling slightly sorry for the boy. “What did you say about him, Weasley?”

Todd flinched. “Ouch! No need to take that tone with me, Eleora. All I said was a comment when he said that he doesn’t talk that much… I said: “Why stop now? You’ve had so much practise all ready!” and then we just laughed.”

She scowled angrily and flicked crumbs into Todd’s hair; he seemed to not be very happy that his dignity was being ruined by a girl. “Serves you right!” Eleora hissed as she rose from her seat. “You should be kinder to Sirius… he’s had a hard life.” She hitched her bag on her shoulder then bade us goodbye and followed Sirius out into the grounds.

In some ways, I also agreed with Eleora: Sirius did have a hard life - his father was still under the run of the Ministry for being a Death Eater, he also didn’t know his mother and above all else, was now in a prophecy. I felt for Sirius for it was important to him to have friends who believed in him for at the moment; even after several months of being in the vicinity of his peers, he was still hated by many.

The remaining people who were left ate in silence until the bell went for morning classes. I knew that Gryffindor had double Herbology with the Slytherins and I thought the lesson would be a good one, until…

“Oh God! Look who’s joining us now!” Todd said under his breath. Madison heard his remark and kicked him under the table muttering to shut up; asking him about what had gotten into him this morning.

I turned in my seat to see Halden walking up to out group. I also noticed Nyoka, the girl from Slytherin who seemed to have taken a liking to Halden, huff and storm out of the Hall. I smiled pleasantly at this notion and smiled up at Halden.

“Hey,” he said in a opaque tone that made me feel he wasn’t up to his usual self. His eyes had dark rings under them and his face looked paler than before. “You ready to go to class?” He asked of me. I nodded and took a hold of my bag, said goodbye to my fellows who would follow on after me, and began to walk with Halden out of the Hall.

It was five minutes before Herbology was about to start but the greenhouse we were working in was already open. Halden and I stepped inside, immediately drenched with the exotic heat the plants gave off from photosynthesis. Halden removed his jumper, his shirt riding up past his stomach; I turned away when I saw his toned stomach flash.

He eventually noticed that I had turned away from him. “It’s hot in here, isn’t it?” He commented with ponder. I nodded in agreement. He then took out his dragon-hide gloves and put them on his hands. “Be my partner today?” He asked, with a genuine smile.

I nodded to that too and also placed on my gloves. He then walked over to a tray with small withering bulbs in the strong-smelling manure and bean to remove them. I then took a gardening-spade and dug out the manure.

Once or twice during the five minutes before the lesson, we had to go running about the greenhouse looking for our escaped bulbs, eventually finding them together in a compost heap. Once or twice, we grabbed the same one, grabbing the others hand in the process.

He took them back to the gardening table while I dragged over a small bag of manure and began shovelling it into the tray. Halden then placed the bulbs back into the compost and then took the tray back over to the open window; the bulbs snuggling into the warmth and bathing in the faint sunlight from outside.

“We can go now…” Halden spoke up after he had deposited his gloves on to the table. I looked up from my own, otherwise non-dirty, gloves and asked his proposal. “Once we had done what we needed, we can go… we’ve done it all. I got permission from Longbottom to let us go early. I don’t think the other’s had that idea seen as they’re late. But I need some practise before tonight… will you help me?”

I couldn’t offer a reply to him, for at that moment, Kenny came trudging in, walking straight past me to fetch a tray near to mine and Halden’s. Devlin, followed by Todd came in afterwards. “We’ll be with you in a minute,” Todd said. “Madison is waiting outside.”

I turned to face Halden who didn’t offer an explanation. I picked up my bag and stepped outside to talk with Madison. “You coming too? Great! Can’t wait, can you? C’mon, we need to get sleeping bags?”

She took a hold of my arm and pulled me back towards the castle, but once we stepped into the Entrance Hall I had to pull my arm free of her and say: “And where, exactly, are we going to get sleeping bags from?” My arms folded across my chest.

“Erm… I dunno… we’ll find somewhere.” So we climbed the staircases all the way to Ravenclaw Tower where Madison went to get the necessaries for tonight, adding: “You haven’t seen Eleora anywhere have you?” I replied with a shake of my head.

We then traipsed all the way up to Gryffindor Tower where I gathered my pyjamas, my toothbrush and hairbrush, a clean shirt for the morning and Silver, who was purring on my bed. Tiger; Madison’s ginger kitten, mewed for him to come along, so he ended up in my bag too.

I hadn’t seen Sox, Kenny’s kitten anywhere, but knowing her, she would bring her along too, maybe even Eleora will bring Willow along, I thought. Escaping the Tower we walked along countless of corridors until…

“May I ask what you two are doing out of your lessons?” The voice was so harsh and yet there was an edge of gentleness behind it. I looked up from the floor and saw a tall women; hands on hips, staring down at me, her long silvery-blonde hair tied back into a French plait, her quizzical grey-blue eyes bouncing between Madison and I.

Madison leaned into me and whispered: “I will wait for you at the end of the corridor…” and then she side-stepped Delacour and walked briskly down the corridor, turning out of it and out of sight.

After I had watched her go, my eyes bore into Delacours and I could feel a scowl forming on my forehead. I didn’t mean to scowl at her, but I couldn’t help myself. It was as though my heart was clenching to be angry at her, making my soul frown at her disapproval of her mother-ship.

My eyes rolled in their sockets and I too side-stepped just to get away from her, but her arm spread out in front of me, in so forth, stopping me in my tracks. “Don’t go, April,” she said to me. “We need to talk,” and she led me into the only classroom in the corridor.

It was empty and hadn’t been used for sometime. No desks were in the room, only a few high windows which dawned the room with little light. Delacour closed the door after us and then conjured up two chairs facing each other. She gestured one to me and I gracefully took it, folding my arms in front of me.

She then took the other, facing me with a small smile. He eyes flickered between me and her hands which were clenching and unclenching in her lap. She then whispered sorrowfully: “You must think me an awful mother…”

“I don’t think you a mother at all!” I spat at her, not stopping myself either. I wanted her to know how I felt about her secrecy, also adding the pain of my sisters, for they were as confused as I was.

Even though Kenny, Madison and Eleora didn’t like to talk to me about the problem with our mother being a witch and keeping the secret from all of us all this time, I knew that deep-down inside they were hurt about having this secret being delivered to them in such a strange place as Hogwarts. One thing I didn’t know about them was if they actually wanted to know Fleur, for they had only known one mother; our fake mother.

“I can understand your pain, but you have to understand something, April. I am your mother and you have to live with that. I may have gone by a different name for eleven years but that’s what I had to do to keep you and your sisters safe… it was done to the prophecy and now that you are aware of it, I can’t help but look out for you, like a mother should do.” Fleur’s voice was so genuine throughout that speech that her eyes overflowed with tears of guilt that I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

I wanted to hold her and love her like a daughter should, but I couldn’t. There was still so much pain inside of me that I wanted to hit her also. I wanted her to explain everything to me, but time was closing in on me and I knew I had to get to the Room of Requirement in under half an hour.

“You should be explaining all of this to my sisters, not just to me,” I said in an undertone, which made Fleur finch slightly, but just enough for me to notice. She was scared of me, and this made me laugh inside.

“I know I should be, April, but I can’t just yet. I just need you to know that I do love you and I wish that you would just forgive me…” She stuttered and was unable to finish her sentence as she sobbed into her hands.

My lips trembled. “Why did you keep all of this from us? I would’ve been happy to have come here knowing who I was and knowing who I truly belonged to. Why were you in hiding, why did you protect your name from us? And the prophecy… why has this happened?” These were the questions I seriously wanted answered, but would she tell me the answers in time?

“I kept the wondrous world of magic out of your mind because I knew it would be too dangerous for a young girl to know about, especially since the prophecy was made about you before you were even born. Until a time came until it was profound for you to know about the prophecy, then the magical world would be yours to know. That time came when you turned eleven, for then you were entitled a place here at Hogwarts,” she explained, wiping her eyes on her deep-blue sleeve.

“The prophecy was made before I was even born…” I whispered to myself. This sort of made sense to me because of what Snape had said. He said that I was stopping something from happening that happened in the past, and yet it was about to happen again in the future.

It wasn’t just Snape and Lupin who were in a time continuum. Everyone was. Including myself, my sisters, the other teachers and the boys. All of us are from the past; I didn’t know about the other pupils of the school, but it just seemed so strange to have lived before and yet not know about magic now.

“Who made the prophecy?” I asked Fleur once I had run through my thoughts. I had read on Seers, people who delve into Divination, a subject even taught here. It sounded interesting enough, but if prophecies were made by Future-Seekers, then it sounded all too complicated.

Fleur emitted a small chuckle. “I knew this question was going to come soon. I’m surprised that not even Harry has told you about the fateful night it was spoken. It’s a weird prophecy, for usually it is spoken between two people, but in fact, it was spoken between a small group…”

“Who was in the group?” I pondered too quickly, interrupting Fleur’s talking. She sighed but then withdrew her wand and tapped it lightly on her palm. A scroll appeared in her hand, bound up with a black ribbon.

She unroll the scroll, tightly wrapping the ribbon around her right wrist. Her eyes whipped down the script and sighed. She then passed it to me. I read the whole passage and then my eyes read the names that were listed below the passage:

On the night of the First of April of this year, 1999, a prophecy was said and heard and has been taken into account by the Ministry and will therefore be fulfilled by the ones involved with the help of those who solemnly put their lives at risk, unless the ones involved are dead before they’re born…

The Prophecy States:

“The battle has been done,
And the light side won,
Someone pulled the trigger on a gun,
And killed an innocent one.
Four children were born,
With powers strongly torn.
But they will now have to come to light,
And do what is right.
Their army of brave soldiers will help them in this task,
But in the four; an understanding has been asked.
A turn in time will solve everything,
In this quest; something is gained in a game of nothing.
As the one saves the life of another,
She will die at the gun’s loud trigger.”

This prophecy was said by Lavender Brown - Divination Professor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the group of witches and wizards named below:

Harry James Potter
Ronald Billius Weasley
Hermione Jane Granger
Ginevra Molly Weasley
Neville Longbottom
Luna Lovegood
Draco Lucius Malfoy
Severus Snape
Remus John Lupin
Fleur Delacour

The four who are born will take this heed in their lives and will proceed in the defensive purposes when they reach the age of eleven. These four are girls and are the daughters of the one who was pregnant on this night… their army of brave soldiers so to say, will have or will be born in this year to help them.

Rufus Scrimgeour, Minister of Magic.

“I was that woman who was pregnant on that night…” Fleur said as the scroll floated to the floor out of my grasp. I had noticed that her French accent had diminished a lot since I had been at Hogwarts; maybe it was because she had been living in England for so long. “Devlin and Halden had already been born… Todd was expected to be born in the following August. No one knew about Sirius at that point.”

“Lavender Brown… she still teaches here, doesn’t she? Her daughter, Daisy… does she know about her mother making this prophecy?” I asked, unsure of whether I wanted to know the answer.

“Yes, she still teaches here. Daisy, on the other hand, doesn’t know anything about the prophecy even if her mother is involved as much as you, your sisters and the boys know. Now, I want us to talk more about this but at a later time, maybe with your sisters too. But for now, you must go to the Room and continue with what you are going to do… your life only rests in your hands, April, no one else’s.”

I rose from the chair and as I did, my eyes looked down at the scroll on the floor. Fleur bent down to pick it up and she rolled it closed, tying the black ribbon around it. She handed it to me.

“I was supposed to keep it safe. But now, you need to look after it. Don’t be afraid, April… I am always here for you,” she said quietly, kissing my forehead and then she departed through the classroom door, head held low.

Once she had gone, I raced to the floor upon which the Room of Requirement was hidden. I ran into the darkened Room upon which I stumbled into Sirius and Eleora sparring against one another. I apologised for being so late but Lupin and Snape excused me; Eleora and Sirius smiled up at me from an uncomfortable position on the floor.

The others who were watching the two duelling looked at me, all then turning back to watch different spells being cast. Severus and Remus looked up to me, Snape’s eyes lingering on the scroll which I then pocketed; the black ribbon flowing in the soft breeze. His eyes faltered and turned ebony, his skin reddening…

The nights which followed will be told from memory; very distant memories as they aren’t all clear to me or my sisters anymore. But the one thing I can clearly remember is the way Snape kept glancing at me.

His eyes would linger on the scroll in my pocket, the ribbon would blow as though it brought on distant memories for him. I shuddered to think what they were as I remembered his worst ones flash back into mine.

But during the nights when we had to sleep, I would see and hear Snape and Lupin talking, once or twice, both looking at the piece of parchment underneath my pillow; the ribbon tied around my wrist.


A/N: So there you have it, another mystery unfolded of what happened when the prophecy was made. I will include more on the students now, leaving the training a bit and focusing on lessons within the school. Please review!


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The Muggle Way: ~*~ Chapter 20 ~*~


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