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Harry Potter and the Thoughts of the Heart by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 1 : Thoughts of the Heart
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Harry Potter lay awake in bed, holding his wife close. Their infant niece and nephew, his godchildren, were asleep in the room across from theirs, still unaware that their parents would never return.

Harry sighed and wrapped his arms tightly around Ginny, remembering the awful day that changed their lives forever.

1998. The Final Battle. The last Horcrux, the snake Nagini, lay dead a few yards away. Now, the only bit of Voldemort's soul left was the piece in his body, then the deaths of his father, mother, Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, and countless others would be avenged.

Harry scanned the crowd in the open field, looking for the one who called himself 'Lord' among the still or fighting bodies throwing numerous hexes and spells as the battle raged on.

There, Harry spotted him, 'Lord' Voldemort, causing as much damage as he possibly could to both sides; none could tell friend from foe in the blinding onslaught of jetting lights and grotesque screams of tortured victims.

Harry raised his wand, poised to fulfill the prophecy of his previous Divination teacher. The words came from his mouth, and a jet of green light shot to its target.

But the caster wasn't watching. "NO!" Harry raced towards his friends, the friends he spotted too late, was too late to save.

Voldemort had aimed his final killing curse at Ron Weasley. Hermione, in one last desperate act of love for her husband, had darted forward to push him out of harm's way, but he tried to push her back. They had both been murdered, caught, by the same spell of death.

Ginny turned in Harry's arms, and he found that she wasn't asleep. Her dainty blue eyes submerged Harry's emerald ones as she said, "It wasn't your fault, Harry."

Harry blinked back a tear. "But if I had just been a minute quicker-"

"Stop blaming yourself." Her words weren't hard or commanding, but compassionate and gentle.

Harry's eyes scanned over Ginny's face, memorizing its every feature. He loved her, he could tell her his secret that made this so hard. "I - I just... I never got to tell them what they meant to me, what great friends they were, how much it meant that they always stuck by me. I never told them, and then I didn't even get the chance to say good-bye. It was just all so sudden. I never got to say good-bye."

Ginny softly kissed his lips, smiling sadly. "Neither did I," she confessed. "As I was going into the battle, all I did was wave at them. I never thought-"

She broke off from her words suddenly, not wanting to voice the thought that plagued the minds of her and her husband.

She sniffled. "But we'll see them again, Harry."


"When we watch Arthur and Allison grow up. We'll see Ron and Hermione in them, just like Sirius and Remus saw James and Lily in you."

"I know," Harry confessed, "but it won't be the same. It won't be them."

Ginny nodded. "I know, but there will be a day when we see them again."

"When, though?"

"We'll see them on the day we meet your parents, on the day we see Sirius and my father again. That's when we'll see them."

Harry smiled sadly, not meeting her eyes, their lives had many years ahead of them.


Harry thought for a minute, of his godchildren across the hall, of the beautiful woman in his arms, and of the unborn child in her womb. Maybe, certainly, all those years to wait would be the happiest of his life.

"I love you, Ginny."

Ginny smiled, her warm eyes capturing his. "I love you, too, Harry."

Harry kissed her. Ginny turned and snuggled up to his chest. Harry gently kissed her hair and closed his eyes, falling into an easy sleep, dreaming of what the upcoming years would hold for them.

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Harry Potter and the Thoughts of the Heart: Thoughts of the Heart


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