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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 5 : The Interrogation
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Yay Chapter 5!! Please Review =]

    As Hermione got off the plane, two men came over. 

    “We’re from the ministry; could you please come with us?” One of them said, grabbing Hermione’s arm tightly and directing her towards a small alcove, when they got there, the other one, who Hermione realized was Dean Thomas, produced a small pencil and directed Hermione to hold on to it. “I know how to use a port key.” Hermione said irritably. 

    A few minutes later, Hermione was brought into the Ministry, everyone was staring at Hermione. Some in fear, some in Happiness. The Aurors brought Hermione down a long, cold hallway into an interrogation room. There was a table with two chairs on each end, and to the north wall there was a two way mirror. 

    Dumbledore walked into the room. 

    “Hello Hermione.” Dumbledore said. 

    “Hello Professor, nice to see you again. 

    “Ummm…” Dean said, looking cautiously at Hermione. 

    “I know, you have to magically bond my hands together.” Hermione said, holding out her arms with her wrists touching, so they could put rope around it. 

    “Ron was an Auror remember?” Hermione said at their confused looks. 

    “Sit there, the head Auror and the Minister will be here shortly. Albus, do you want to conjure a chair?” Dean said. 

    “Yes, of course.” Dumbledore said before conjuring a comfortable chair for himself. 

    A few minutes later, Percy Weasley came through the door. He looked at Hermione with distrust and then sat down on one of the chairs across the table from Hermione.
“The head Auror will be here in a moment.” Percy said. 

    “So you made Minister, Percy. When did that happen?” Hermione asked, trying to lighten the uncomfortable silence. 

    “Three years ago.” Percy said, not looking at Hermione. 

    “Oh…” Hermione said, looking down, she had missed so much, Harry and Ginny got married and had kids, Percy was minister, Hermione couldn’t help but feel selfish for running away like that. 

    Hermione's eyes started to fill up with tears when she felt Dumbledore’s hand on her shoulder. Hermione looked at Dumbledore and he reassured her with his smile. Hermione smiled back and the door opened. Hermione looked up and her eyes were greeted by cold green eyes. Hermione immediately screamed “Harry!” and jumped out of her chair and ran towards Harry, putting her bonded hands around Harry and gave him a hug. Harry stood ridged and Hermione slowly lifted her arms up and stepped back from Harry. 

    “…Harry?” Hermione asked looking at the man in front of her. Harry had much more muscle and his hair went down to his ears, he had a scar that ran from his eye to just above his mouth and his face was like a stone while staring at Hermione. Hermione could tell right there that Harry didn’t believe it was her. Tears rushed into Hermione's eyes and started spilling down her cheeks. “Harry?” Hermione asked again, searching in Harry’s eyes. 

    “Hermione, I think it would be better if you sat down.” Dumbledore said from the table. Hermione slowly backed away from Harry and sat down in the chair, tears still falling down her cheeks. 

    “Now” Percy said, clearing his throat, “If you really are Miss. Granger, where have you been for the past 14 years?” 

    “Hall Beach, Australia.” Hermione sniffed. 

    “Why didn’t you come back?” Harry said, not looking into Hermione's eyes. 

    “I have a family, I couldn’t just come back.” Hermione said. 

    “Why are you here now?” Percy asked. 

    “My children are showing magic, and I came to talk to Dumbledore about them attending Hogwarts.” Hermione said. 

    “How old are you?” 

    “Thirty five.” 

    “What were your parent’s names?” 

    “Jane and Henry.” 

    “Who was your fiancé?” 

    “Ron Weasley.” 

    “When did you buy your house?” 

    “Two weeks before Ron went missing.” 

    “In our third year, who did you punch?” 

    “Draco Malfoy.” 

    The interrogation went for three more hours until Harry and Percy didn’t have any more questions to ask. 

    “Can I go soon? I promised to call my fiancé and my children.” Hermione said, she was beyond bored and the ropes on her wrists were starting to itch. 

    “Fine, we had Aurors check your passport and it’s real. You may go.” Percy said to Hermione, while getting up. 

    “Then why did you keep me here for three friggin hours?” Hermione mumbled under her breath. 

    “Pardon?” Percy said, scowling slightly at Hermione. 

    “I said Thank you.” Hermione said, openly glaring at Percy. Two Aurors came in and undid the ropes and gave Hermione her passport and wand back. 

    “So, it was nice to see you again professor, can I come see you tomorrow to talk about everything?” Hermione said, not looking at Harry who was waiting for Hermione at the door. Hermione was a little irritated by how Harry didn’t believe it was her. 

    “Of course, come at around… noon, then we can have lunch together in the great Hall. Oh and I booked you a room at a muggle hotel not to far from here.” Dumbledore said, making Hermione beam. 

    “Great, see you then.” Hermione said, hugging Dumbledore and walking to the door. 

    “Well, bye Harry.” Hermione said, she gave Harry a curt nod and walked past him, out the door. 

    “Hermione!” Harry said with slight urgency in his voice. 

    “Yes?” Hermione said, turning around to find Harry right behind her. 

    “Do you want to go out to coffee to catch up?” Harry asked, his eyes pleading. 

    “Fine. But as I said, I have to call my family first.” Hermione said, smiling at her old friend. 

    Hermione and Harry walked to her hotel while talking about how Percy made Minister, when they got to the hotel, Hermione called Nate and talked to him on the phone for a while, and then she talked to Alli and Tom for about 10 minutes. 

    “Okay, well I have to go; I’m going out to coffee with an old friend.” Hermione said into the phone to Nate. 

    “Oh yeah? Which one?” Nate asked. 

    “Harry.” Hermione said, she looked over at Harry who was sitting on a chair flipping through the channels on the TV, she held up one finger to show that she’d be only a minute longer and Harry nodded. 

    “Okay, I have to take Alli to Cheerleading and Tom to band practice anyway. I love you. Bye.” Nate said. 

    “I love you too. Lots of kisses! Give everyone a hug and a kiss and tell them I’ll be home soon. Bye.” Hermione said before hanging up the phone and looking at Harry. 

    “Are you ready to go?” Harry asked, getting up from the chair and shutting off the television. 

    “Yeah, just let me get a coat, its getting chilly. I’m not used to this weather.” Hermione said, laughing slightly before getting her white sweater that she knitted while pregnant with Tom. 

    They walked out to the warm spring night and decided to go to a small café near the hotel. They sat outside and drank their coffee in a comfortable silence before Harry started talking. 

    “So… What exactly happened when you left?” Harry asked, looking into Hermione's eyes. 

    “Well… after Ron died, I couldn’t take it anymore. I packed up and left. I went to a women’s shelter and made some really good friends, one of my best friends was a girl that I met at that shelter. Her name is Laura and over the years, she has helped me through a lot, and I helped her as well. Laura and I started a business; we opened a night club. We’ve worked very hard on that business and my two children basically grew up there. About 2 years ago I met Nate; He’s wonderful and caring and loves the kids as much as me! A little less than a year ago he proposed to me. I accepted and we are to be married in three months. My children are beautiful, Alli has blonde hair and has so much confidence, she is a cheerleader and she is one of the most popular girls in her school while Tom has reddish brown hair and reminds me a lot of myself when we were younger, he’s at the top of his class and he loves boating. They look and act like opposites, but they love each other so much.” Hermione said, smiling. 

    “Wow… seems like all of your dreams have come true.” Harry said, his voice emotionless. 

    “I guess it has. Not everything went as planned, but my life nowadays is close to perfect. I have two beautiful children, a large house, many friends, and a fiancé that I love very much.” Hermione said smiling. 

    “Hermione, Can I ask you something?” Harry asked. 

    “Yes Harry?” Hermione said, noticing the serious look on Harry’s face. 

    “Who are your children’s father?” Harry asked, noticing Hermione start to fidget in her chair. 

    “Well… I sort of adopted Alli from a magical family but she doesn’t know about and Tom’s father is Ron.” Hermione said, looking down, “I found out about a week before I left. That’s why I left; I had to make sure that my child would be safe.” 

    “I understand why you did it Hermione. How about you come over to my house tomorrow to see Ginny, we’ll get everyone gathered there.” Harry said, smiling at Hermione. 

    “Sure, Harry. I’d love that.” 

    A half an hour later, Harry bid Hermione Goodbye and he apparated to his house to find a frantic Ginny waiting for him. 

    “Is it true Harry? Is Hermione really alive?” Ginny asked as soon as she saw Harry. 

    “Yes, it’s true.” Harry said, looking at his wife with slightly sad eyes. 

    “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy that she’s back? How does she look?” Ginny asked, pushing Harry into a chair at their kitchen table. She started making tea while Harry told her all about his day. 

    “She’s going to be married? Wow, and with kids!” Ginny said, slightly surprised. 

    “Yeah.” Harry said with sadness in his voice. 

    “What’s wrong Harry?” Ginny asked. 

    “It’s nothing.” Harry said. 

    “You might be head auror, but I can still tell when your lying. What’s wrong?” Ginny said, putting her hands on her hips, looking strikingly like Mrs.Weasley. 

    “She doesn’t know Ron’s alive.” Harry said, watching Ginny’s face pale. 

    Dum Dum Dum!!! So... Ron's alive eh? What will Hermione say when she see's him? And the question of "Will Hermione tell her Kids about Draco?" is still looming over our shoulders.  Find Out in the chapters to come, Not the next chapter, that has it's own surprises.  Hehe I feel like God! 
    Please Review and tell me what you think so far, and you can guess what'll happen next, If i like it enough, I might use it... maybe not because I have a few more chapters written, but I might change it!  
  Xoxo HurtfulEyes

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