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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 28 : All's Fair in Love and... Quidditch?
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A/N: Missus Moony: Yeah, we know we took forever to post this one... sorry. Missus Padfoot: But it's a long one, so that should compensate, right? Missus Moony: Ok, so we both decided that writing a Quidditch scene is HARD!!! Our respect for JKR has tripled after writing this chapter, cause it took us forever to write and it is just plain exhausting writing about Quidditch. Missus Padfoot: Yeah, so don't expect another Quidditch chapter from us for a very looooooong time! Missus Moony: Pretty much. So yeah, we hope you like this one, cause we really like it, even though it was a challenge writing! Missus Padfoot; PLEASE read and review, and you guys who already have reviewed for us - YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missus Moony: Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks, guys!

Chapter 28: All's Fair In Love and... Quidditch?
The rest of the week went by as a blur to the girls with a rush of activity. Rebecca and Remus both decided individually that unless the other mentioned something about “the couch incident”, they were just going to keep their mouth shut about it. Because the two were waiting for each other to say something, they both ended up just pretending that “the couch incident” never even happened. With the first Quidditch match coming up, Rebecca had a lot of her time taken up with the extra practices that James had scheduled. Between Quidditch and the sudden massive load of school work the teachers assigned, everyone seemed to be at their wit's end.

James began to hang out with the rest of the Marauders again and, while James had forgiven Remus and tried to be friends with him again, Remus barely spoke to James and was coldly indifferent towards him. Sirius was ecstatic to have James back, but he was still extremely worried about Remus, who had never acted this way before.

Marissa and Sirius both continued as they normally did, flirting occasionally with each other but never quite going farther than that. They both found it , however, that neither of them were hooking up with anyone, let alone flirting with anyone else. Sirius was thankful for the extra Quidditch practices so that he didn't have a lot of time that could potentially turn awkward with Marissa.

Lily and James did have a meeting with the Prefects to organize the Yule Ball, though during the whole meeting James only spoke to Lily when he absolutely had to, and when he did, he was terse and uptight. By the end of the meeting, Lily was beginning to feel like she'd suddenly become a leper to James. Even during Quidditch practices James would suddenly snap at Lily if she took too long to find the Snitch, or if a Bludger got too close, or a great deal of other things that would just end with Lily flushing with embarrassment and the team wondering what on earth was up with their Captain.

Finally, the day of the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw arrived, much to the relief of some and the extreme apprehension of others.

“For Merlin's sake, Lily!! If you don't stop your pacing, I am going to Immobilize you!!”

Lily turned to her raven-haired friend, wringing her gloved hands together as they were in the locker room before the match.

“I can't help it, Rebecca! This'll be the first time ever that I haven't sat beside Marissa, Remus, and Peter in the stands wondering if you're going to take someone's head off with your bat!! Instead, I'm going to be out there trying to find a 6 cm gold ball with a wingspan of 30 cm, though that's barely going to be noticeable with its wings having to flutter so fast to keep it aloft-”

“Is that really the size of the Snitch, or is she just guessing?” Sirius mused aloud, as Lily continued to ramble on about different Quidditch players' velocity during certain plays.

“She's just guessing. She's gotten to the point where she's randomly analyzing the source of her anxiety. In a moment she'll move beyond that and start quoting different things she's been told in reference to the game.” Rebecca and Sirius both turned their attention back to Lily, who was still pacing in front of their bench.

“Quidditch is not just about getting points or catching the Snitch, it's also about preventing the other team from doing the same-”

“Er, and what happens after she's done quoting stuff?” Sirius asked Rebecca nervously, as Lily was looking slightly ill.

“Oh, nothing major, she just passes out and starts foaming at the mouth.”

“Okay!! That's enough, Lily, park your arse here and sit on your hands!! You won't do us any good if you stress yourself into an anxiety attack!!” Lily, shocked at Sirius' outburst, promptly sat down on the nearest bench.

“Don't forget to sit on your hands, Lily,” Rebecca supplied helpfully.

Just as Lily slipped her hands under her bum and started to rock back and forth, James burst into the locker room looking slightly pale, as if he had lost his breakfast outside.

“Alright team, gather round,” said James in a hoarse voice, motioning his arms as if he were gathering the team in for a big hug. “Today's our first game against Ravenclaw. We've all been training hard and so I know that we're all going to do our best today.” He looked pointedly at Lily and then looked back at the rest of the team. “Ravenclaw is good, but we can beat them; I know it! So let's just get out there and kick some arse!”

As the team cheered and started to exit the locker room, James grabbed Lily's elbow to hold her back.

“Evans, you have to catch the Snitch. I decided last night that if you don't, because of your lack of performance during practices, I'm going to have to pull you from the team.”

Lily's eyes widened with anxiety and her complexion turned as white as a sheet.

“James Potter, I can't believe you just said that to her!”

James and Lily whipped around to find Rebecca standing at the doorway to the Quidditch Pitch, glaring at James.

James glowered. “Well, it's true,” he said as he roughly stormed past Rebecca with his Cleansweep Four in hand.

Rebecca looked back to find a terrified Lily, who was clutching her broom. Rebecca walked over to and put her arm around her.

“Lily, you'll do great! Just don't think about what that idiot said. He's just really nervous and isn't thinking straight. He won't cut you from the team or he'll have to answer to me.” Rebecca smiled slightly at Lily. She then put her finger under Lily's chin and said, “Chin up!”

Lily gave Rebecca a weak grin, and the two of them followed the rest of the team out onto the pitch. The Gryffindors lined up across from the Ravenclaws, and waited for Madam Hooch's signal.

Nodding towards the two teams, Hooch waved both captains forward. “Alright captains, shake hands.”

“Is it just me,” Rebecca whispered to Sirius motioning towards the captains “or do the both of them look like they're about to hurl?”

Sirius' snicker was drowned out by Madam Hooch's orders to mount their brooms, but the Beater's attention was turned towards Lily, who, when attempting to mount her Comet 260, wobbled and would have fallen flat on her face if Gideon Prewett hadn't quickly steadied her enough for her to seat herself on her broom.

'I've got a bad feeling about this...' Rebecca thought to herself as everyone shot off the ground after Hooch's whistle sounded to start the game.

Half an hour into the match and both teams had yet to score.

“Good god! We're going to be out here forever!!” Katherine complained, as she shot past her fellow Beater.

“You're telling me!” Rebecca mumbled as she wiped her forehead, trying to catch her breath. Her attention was snatched towards the Ravenclaw side of the field, though, with the commentator, Frank Longbottom's surprised announcement.

“Oh, it looks like Weston Eliott is attempting to head for a goal!!”

Without even thinking, she shot towards Weston, who was about to be slammed into by four of the Ravenclaw players. This was the same move that they'd done throughout the entire game, successfully preventing their Chasers from scoring.

“Oh no, you don't!!” the raven-haired girl snarled. Screaming like a banshee, she raised her bat and hurled past Weston, straight towards the four Ravenclaws.

The four Ravenclaw players saw Rebecca Potter, a known force to be reckoned with when it came to Quidditch, screaming and waving her heavy wooden bat, all in all looking more than a bit mad, and heading straight towards them.

So they were justified when they all scattered away from her, allowing Weston to score ten points for Gryffindor.

After being encouraged by hearing the deafening cheers from the Gryffindor supporters, the Gryffindor team, minus Lily, all decided to take a quick victory lap around the pitch. Lily was still feet above them circling around frantically trying to find the Snitch with the Ravenclaw Seeker close behind her.

“Is it just me, or is Lily extremely overly nervous for this game?” Sirius asked Rebecca as they zoomed in and out through Ravenclaw's goal posts.

“Ha, you can blame James for that! He told her he'd kick her off the team if she didn't catch the damn Snitch!” Rebecca snarled.

Sirius looked aghast and almost hit a goal post in his shock. “He did WHAT?! No wonder she's acting like a chicken whose head's been cut off! Oh, Prongs is gonna get it when this game is over...” and with that, Sirius flew off angrily to try and retrieve the Quaffle from one of the opposing Chasers.

“And here comes Ravenclaw Chaser, Huntington, with the Quaffle,” Frank's voice boomed over the jittery crowd, “He passes to Turner, which is intercepted by Potter and – HOLY CRAP, FOUL!!! The rookie Gryffindor Seeker, Lily Evans has just been nailed in the shoulder by a Bludger unprovoked!”

Turning his broom around amidst the loud boos and cries of outrage coming from the Gryffindor section, James saw Lily hunched over her broom with her hand clutching her left shoulder. Putting on a burst of speed after he passed the Quaffle to Sirius, James zoomed over to her.

“How many times must I tell you, Evans?” James yelled with an angry expression on his face. “Pay attention to the whole game, not just where the blasted Snitch is! The last thing we need is for you to get injured! Now, I don't care how much your shoulder hurts, you get going and catch that Snitch and end this game! You should have caught it a long time ago! Now move!”

Lily, trying to ignore the sharp pain in her left arm, bit her lip, nodded fearfully, and tried to forget the heartache she was feeling at James' harsh words and belittling. She then flew off to try to follow the other Seeker to make sure he hadn't spotted the Snitch.

James, you arsehole! What the hell did you think you were doing?” A voice echoed inside of James' head. “Don't you think you should have been biting the head off of the blockhead with the bat who just smacked our Seeker and not her?” James glared over at Rebecca who was currently whacking a Bludger away from Gideon Prewett on the other side of the pitch.

Buzz off and concentrate on the game!” James thought back savagely.

You honestly think that yelling at Lily is going to make her catch the Snitch?” Rebecca growled back as she looked at him with venom. “You're going to make us lose because you're making her so nervous! You idiot! You're acting like such a jerk that I'm actually beginning to think that you don't want her to catch the Snitch so you can actually kick her off the team!” 

“That's it, TIME OUT!” James yelled over to Madam Hooch who blew her whistle to signal that a time out had been called.

James and Rebecca both raced down to the ground at the middle of the pitch and proceeded to yell at each other while the rest of the team flew down and gathered around them.

“You really think that I want her off the team?” yelled James angrily. “That I would want that so bad that I would jeopardize winning the Quidditch Cup my last year just so I could be immature and have a reason to kick her off? What do you take me for?”

“Yeah, James, that's what I think!” snapped Rebecca vehemently. “I think that you have become your fifteen-year-old immature self again, and just because Lily hurt you, you are being the biggest jerk known to mankind to her! You don't care about the team or the Cup; all you care about is getting back at her and kicking her off the team cause you know how devastated she would be! I know I'm sounding like a broken record when I say this, but you arsehole!”

James looked shocked at the audacity of his sister. He then snapped himself back from his small stroke. “Rebecca, all I care about is the welfare of this team!” James shot back. “If I don't think Lily's good enough for the team, then it is my duty as captain to dismiss her!”

By this time, the whole team was gathered around the two Potter twins, watching their heated argument like a tennis match.

“Any idea as to how they started arguing from opposite ends of the pitch?” Katherine whispered to Sirius in amazement, her eyes never leaving the twins.

“I have no idea.” Sirius shook his head in confusion.

“She's doing fine!” shouted Rebecca. “She's playing her heart out and you're too bloody blind to see it! All you see is her dumb little faults, you nit-picky little prat! This is just her first game! You wouldn't kick off any other Seeker just because they couldn't catch the Snitch their first game!”

“What do you mean, 'she's doing fine'? She's sucking it up out there and has been ever since her first practice!”

“Uh, guys?” piped in Gideon Prewett.

“What?!” Both Potters turned angrily towards the timid Keeper, infuriated that their shouting match had been interrupted.

“Er, um, Lily's right here...”

Gideon pointed behind him at Lily, who was not even paying attention to anything that anyone was saying. Lily, who was still clutching her left shoulder, was busy twitching her head around in every direction, still trying desperately to find the Snitch despite a timeout being called.

“Gotta find the Snitch... I just have to! Where is it? Gotta find it!” Lily muttered as if she were slightly insane.

Rebecca wheeled around furiously to face James. “Now look what you did! You've turned Lily into a nutter!!” She then promptly punched James hard in the arm.

“Ow! No I didn't! She was already like that!” James then whacked Rebecca in the arm as well.

Rebecca looked floored and hit him again. “I can't believe that you hit me! And that you just said that!”

James then smacked her arm again. “You hit me first!”

James and Rebecca then proceeded to continue to hit each other's arms in a childish game of “dead arm”.

Meanwhile, in the stands, Marissa was desperately trying to figure out what on earth was going on.

“What's happening, Marissa? Let me have a look! Please?” whined Peter as he tried to grab Marissa's omnioculars from her as she was surveilling the twins' fight through them.

“No, Peter, get your own!” Marissa growled as she slapped his hand away from the omnioculars without taking her eyes off the Quidditch pitch. “It looks like Rebecca and James are having a really bad row!”

She then looked over to her left and saw that Remus was not paying attention to the game at all. He was very calmly sitting on the bench with his reading glasses on, slowly turning the pages of a massive and potentially boring book.

“Remus! How could you be reading a blasted book at a time like this? Don't you even care that two of your best friends look like they're about to tear each other's throats out?!”

“Huh?” Remus looked up at Marissa in confusion and then squinted down at the field where the Gryffindor team was assembled to see that one of the “best friends” that Marissa had been referring to was James. “Oh, um, yeah. Sure.” He then licked his thumb to turn another page in his book.

Marissa looked at Remus in disgust and then put the omnioculars back up to her eyes.

“Oh my god, they're having a punching match now! Holy – oh my god, that looked like that one hurt, James!” Marissa glanced at Remus again (who was enthralled by his book) and smirked as she pretended to look through the omnioculars again. “Oh my god, Rebecca's taking off her clothes!”

Remus' book went flying off his lap in his shock and as he dived to try and catch it, he accidentally skewed his reading glasses. “Rebecca is doing WHAT?” He stood up and looked down at the field.

Marissa grinned widely as Remus realized that she had got the better of him. “Now that got your attention, didn't it Remus?” she said as she pinched Remus' cheek teasingly.

“Marissa, give me your omnioculars! I want to see!” yelled Peter.

Both Marissa and Remus looked at Peter with appalled looks on their faces.

“I was kidding, Peter.” Marissa said, her eyebrows raised.

“You need therapy, Wormtail,” sighed Remus as he sat back down and picked up his book, while Peter blushed. “Lots and lots of therapy.”

“Look who's talking...” Marissa grinned evilly as Remus glared at her, a small blush creeping up on his pale cheeks.

Down at the field, Rebecca and James continued to punch each other, growling and sneering at each other. The entire Gryffindor team was wincing with every resounding smack from the brutal hits the twins were exchanging. The Ravenclaw team was, by now, hovering above the scene and snickering, secretly hoping that one or the other Potter would seriously injure the other so as to give their team more of an advantage.

After one particular ruthless hit from her twin, Rebecca growled, and, instead of hitting James again with her fist, reached down beside her where she'd thrown her broom and picked up her bat, which was laying beside it.

Sirius, seeing Rebecca's intent and had previously spotted Madam Hooch flying towards them to break them up, quickly reached out and grabbed both Potters by the scruff of their necks and hauled them apart. “That is it!! James, you park your arse right here, and don't you even think about looking at your sister. Rebecca, wipe that smirk off your face; you'd better not even think about looking at your brother either at the moment. And hand me that bat!”

Rebecca reluctantly handed over her Beater's bat with a scowl and folded her arms in a huff, not realizing that both she and James were now mirroring each others poses.

“Alright, now James, whatever your problem is, it's really hurting the team at the moment, so as your friend and teammate, I am going to take over your captain position for the duration of this game.” Sirius held up his hand to forestall any protests from the Chaser as James looked astounded with his jaw unhinged, and then proceeded to scowl severely.

“Trust me, we've already made a fool of ourselves; let's not risk further embarrassment by losing the game as well as our tempers and sanity.” Any further comment was curtailed by the arrival of Madam Hooch.

“Are you all quite finished with your display? After all, there still is a Quidditch match waiting to be played, and I think I speak for us all when I say 'Let's get on with it!'.”

The team looked towards Sirius, who gave Madam Hooch a winning smile. “Of course, we're all about done here.”

As the team started to disband and head up back towards their positions, Sirius glanced towards James, who was oblivious to the fact that his twin had retrieved her bat again and was posed behind him, ready to wallop him in the noggin.


Rebecca glowered at Sirius before clambering on her broom and heading towards the opposite end of the pitch. Shaking his head, Sirius turned towards Lily and put his hand on her good shoulder.

“Lily, how's the arm? Are you going to be alright?” he said as he looked down at her left arm which was limp at her side.

She gave him a brave grimace and nodded, her eyes still sometimes wandering to try and look for the Snitch. “I can't move my arm, but I don't need it to play.”

Sirius looked impressed at Lily's fervor. “You sure?”

Lily hesitated a little and then nodded again slowly, looking Sirius straight in the eye.

“Okay. But you really need to calm down out there. We all know you can easily catch the Snitch, there is no question about it. You just need to relax!! Getting all worked up isn't going to do you any good! Just take a deep breath and remember how you felt during tryouts when you wiped the field with the stunts you did! You have the talent, now just turn off your brain and let your body do it's job.”

Sirius took a few deep breaths and urged Lily to join in, which she did after a shaky nod. After calming herself a bit, Lily sighed deeply and gave Sirius a grim smile to let him know she was doing better. Sirius, in turn, squeezed her shoulder in support, and the two mounted their brooms and headed back towards the game.

As Lily flew above the game with just her right hand clutching her broom, trying to ignore the Ravenclaw Seeker who was hovering pretty close her, she couldn't help but remember another time when someone had given her confidence. She remembered how his cheeks had been flushed from his flying, though he remained calm and at ease astride his broom in the air.

You will make mistakes, ... But you should always expect to do the best that you can under the circumstances.”
Taking a deep breath, she let the memory of James wash over her. 'I'm going to win this game for James. I'm going to prove to him that I can do this!' Scanning the pitch with newfound resolution, Lily strained to spot the small golden prize.

She was sedately gliding over the pitch when she spotted the Snitch hanging around some bleachers where a bunch of Hufflepuffs were sitting. Without a second thought, Lily angled her broom and shot towards it, ignoring both the stadium's cheering and the Ravenclaw Seeker who had seen her dive and was pushing himself to beat her to the Snitch.

As if it realized it had been spotted, the Snitch darted off, desperately trying to lose it's two pursuers. The two seekers became blurs to the crowd, weaving in and out of the players and the two Bludgers.

As the Seekers jostled for positions, the Ravenclaw Seeker sneered towards Lily. “Get ready to lose, Little-Miss-Perfect!!”

Growling, Lily jabbed her right elbow into his ribs, knocking the wind out of the boy, though he pushed himself to ignore the pain and not lose his position.

The Snitch suddenly dived towards the pitch, and the Seekers wasted no time diving almost vertically to follow it. As they both gained on the golden blur, the distance between them and the green of the pitch was rapidly diminishing.

Fifteen meters until collision.

Nine meters until collision.

Five meters.

With less then three meters until they smashed into the Pitch, the Ravenclaw Seeker pulled out, not wanting to risk spending the next week in the Infirmary, despite the minimal distance between the two Seekers and the Snitch. Lily, on the other hand, pushed herself further, let go of her broomstick with her right hand, squeezed her broom with her legs, and stretched herself a bit more, closing the space between her hand and her weaving prey, before her fist gripped the fluttering Snitch. With her prize caught, Lily pulled her broom out of the dive with her knees, causing her to twist and tumble from her broom. She toppled head over heels for a couple feet until she finally came to rest in a jumbled heap as the crowd gasped, hoping that she had the Snitch in her hand.

“Oh god, that hurt!” Lily groaned to herself as she attempted to pick herself off the pitch, discreetly spitting out a mouthful of grass. As she shakily got to her feet, standing slightly lopsided as to alleviate the immense pain in her left shoulder, she stared at the prize clutched in her fist and couldn't help herself as her jaw dropped.

“I found it!!” Looking up towards the game Lily raised her fist and grinned wildly. “I caught it!!”

The Gryffindor supporters let out a deafening roar of joy as Frank yelled, “Lily Evans has caught the Snitch! Gryffindor wins 160 to 20!”

The rest of the Gryffindor team rushed down to Lily and all enveloped her in a huge hug. Except for James. James flew down and was celebrating with Sirius and Katherine but didn't acknowledge Lily until he received an elbow in the side by Sirius.

He walked up to Lily rather awkwardly with his hand ruffling his hair and muttered, “Nice catch, Evans.” He then walked away to celebrate with the Gryffindor supporters who were flooding onto the pitch from the stands. Lily grimly watched James walk up to Daphne and give her a big hug, who gave him a kiss on the cheek in return, despite her house losing the game.

“Lily!!! Great job! That was incredible flying! I knew you could do it!” yelled Rebecca as she dragged Lily's attention away from James by giving her a crushing hug and only let her go after she realized that she was adding to Lily's pain in her shoulder. “You just needed to calm yourself down and just play the game!”

“Yeah, you were right,” Lily said as she gently rubbed her aching shoulder, trying to shake the sadness of James' coldness off her mind and be happy for her win.

'Well, that's only half true,' she thought dolefully. 'I really won it because I wanted to for James.' Just then, Lily's thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Marissa, Remus, and Peter who were all cheering for Lily.

“Amazing job, Lil – aaaaagh!!!!” Marissa's stiletto heel had sunk into the soft grass and she tumbled right into Sirius, who caught her before she fell to the ground. “Ah, thanks Sirius. Guess it wasn't such a great idea to wear heels to the game.” Marissa chuckled, though she paused when she noticed that Sirius wasn't responding to her. Glancing up at his face, she saw exactly why he wasn't responding to her.

Sirius was staring at Marissa's endowments, with a goofy grin on his face before he leaned down towards her and snuggled her closer to him.

“Hee hee, boobs.”

The poor girl blushed and whacked Sirius upside the head as she untangled herself from his grasp, mumbling the entire time about perverted Chasers and one-track-minded boys.

Marissa's attention was brought back to Lily with her stifled yelp of pain. Looking towards the Seeker, the blonde-haired girl saw Peter frozen behind Lily with his hand still raised from the congratulatory smack on the shoulder he'd given the Head Girl. Unfortunately, he'd hit her right on her injured shoulder.

Remus quickly stepped forward and began to usher Lily off the pitch. “Here, Lily, we should probably get your shoulder looked at by Madam Pomfrey.” Looking at Peter, who was trotting nervously behind the two, Remus shook his head minutely and whispered so Lily wouldn't hear.

“It's probably not a good idea to stick around Lily at the moment, Peter. Why don't you hang back until she's feeling a little better and not ready to hex whoever hit her shoulder.”

Peter nodded gratefully and scurried away towards a group of Hufflepuffs that were headed towards the castle. The rest of the school seemed to be either meandering around the grounds or headed to the school as well.

Rebecca, Sirius, and the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team all started to make their way to the dressing rooms, all still in high spirits, whooping and hollering. Marissa, who was helping support Lily up towards the Infirmary, chuckled and leveled a wicked grin at Remus.

“Oooh, look Remus, Rebecca's going to go take her clothes off!!”

Immediately Remus' face matched the color of his scarf as he vainly tried to to defend himself. “It wasn't like that!! You just startled me earlier, that's all!! I don't like Rebecca like that, she's just a friend!!!”

Marissa just smirked and snatched Remus' book out of his hands, stepping a bit away from a confused Lily so she could flip through the pages.

“Why, lookie here, Lily! It's Remus' diary!!”

“It's 'Dangerous Creatures of the Mesopotamia and How to Safely Avoid Them' by Venuris Vencetti, Marissa. It's labeled clearly on the cover,” said Remus blandly, annoyed that Marissa was teasing him so much, his arm still around Lily's waist to help her walk through the pain.

“Mesopotamia? Who reads a book like that during a Quidditch game? Are you planning on going there or something? Besides, that's probably just a cover up so no one looks closer. It's really your diary in disguise!! See? Here's an entry!” Marissa cleared her throat and pretended to read from the “entry” in a high pitched voice. “Dear Diary, I looooove Rebecca!! She is just soooo sexy!! Everyone thinks we slept together, but they don't know the half of it! I've loved her since the day we met!!”

Marissa, by this time, was dancing ahead, dodging Remus, who had left Lily, and was now desperately attempting to snatch the book back to prove there wasn't actually any thing written in there and that she was making it all up.

Lily stood there, staring at her friends in amazement as she groaned.

“Guys, I'm injured here! Don't you feel just a little sorry for me? Enough to come back here and help me get to the Infirmary?”

The two seventh-years were oblivious to Lily's whining and were still fighting over the book, when Lily happened to look ahead at the path and was surprised to spot James walking back towards the school.

He was currently alone, as it seemed he must have ditched Daphne at the Quidditch pitch, and was walking sedately up to the castle until he suddenly whooped and punched the air with jubilation for Gryffindor's victory. Grinning, Lily continued to stare at James, who must have felt her gaze as he turned towards her.

The two gazed at each with guarded expressions, ignoring everyone else in the vicinity. In the end, James gave Lily a very small, but visible grin in approval before turning back to Hogwarts.

A/N: Missus Moony: I almost forgot! So, if you all didn't know, I'm pleased to announce that Padfoot here has posted up a new story all written just by her, so you all should go read it, it's called "Ready and Waiting to Fall". It's under our name even though it's all Padfoot's doing - I'm just a beta. And let me say that I think it's brilliant, so you all need to check it out! Missus Padfoot: Oh, stop it, Moony! You're making me blush... Missus Moony: Well it's true! Missus Padfoot: Anyways, please let us know how we're doing with this story - it means a lot to us to get some feedback! Missus Moony: And don't worry, we're trying to speed things along, so all will be well soon! And that's all we're saying! Missus Padfoot; Yep! Don't want to ruin the suprise! Mwahaha! Missus Moony: We love you all!!!! Missus Padfoot: And that means a lot coming from Moony, trust me... ;P

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