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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 11 : Revalations all round
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“Um, what shall I call her?” Hermione said as they approached April’s rooms that weekend. Ron shrugged,

“I always called her Jenny’s mum.” Ron said.

“Just call her April.” Harry said. He knocked on the door and Jenny opened it.

“Harry.” She said happily but when she saw Hermione and Ron her smiled wavered slightly. “Hermione, Ron, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“We could say the same for you.” Hermione said.

“My mum is staying in these rooms so naturally, I have permission to stay here.” Jenny said. Harry detected a slight frostiness on both the girls voices.

“Is she in?” Harry asked.

“No, she’s in a meeting with the teachers. Apparently you-know-who has-” Jenny stopped and looked down the corridor. There were a few slytherins walking up from their common room so Jenny beckoned them in. Harry, Hermione and Ron went in and Jenny went to the piano and waved her wand. The books that were on the piano disappeared and Jenny sat down on a large bean bag that was near the fire place.

“You can sit down you know.” Jenny said to the three who were standing by the door. Hesitantly Ron and Hermione went to a Chair each and Harry sat on a sofa.

“So what’s the meeting about?” Harry asked.

“Well, I’m not supposed to say anything but I think you guys should know. But you-know-who has been trying to recruit vampires and giants into his cause. He’s already got the giants but the Vampires are being a bit more reluctant. They don’t believe that he can offer fresh human blood all the time. They think that he’ll be like the ministries around Europe and stop them from having any blood. But also, the Ministry has been asking for help in trying to keep the dementors at Azkaban. Fudge hasn’t been making it any easier.” Jenny helped herself to a packet of fizzing whizbees that were lying on a small table in front of her.

“Why, what’s Fudge been doing?” Hermione asked. None of them liked the Minister of magic much.

“He’s been sucking up to Dumbledore. Saying that he knew that Voldemort had returned but he didn’t want to alarm anyone and he’s been begging Dumbledore for help. And also, he’s been keeping the aurors busy and watching everyone but naturally mum’s got the aurors protecting instead. She says it’s better if people are protected then if they are followed and left to die.”

“How do you know all of this?” Ron asked. “I mean Hermione hasn’t told us anything about this.”

“That’s because it hasn’t been in the Prophet, Ron.” Hermione said.

“Well my mum is head auror.” Jenny reminded them.

“And she just tells you these things?” Harry asked. Jenny nodded.

“She doesn’t see the point in hiding anything from me because she says I’ll find out anyway because of the blood in me. Apparently my dad was a bit of a troublemaker and my mum wasn’t much better.” Jenny said staring into the packet of fizzing whizbees to see if there were any left. She was talking about everything like it was an everyday occurrence. Harry looked at his friends who were as amazed as he was that Jenny was freely giving away this information. Jenny tossed away the packet of fizzing whizbees and got up. “Do you guys want anything to eat or drink?” She asked.

“Um…no thanks.” Ron said shaking his head. Hermione and Harry shook their heads as well. Jenny shrugged and left the room for a few minutes and returned with a sandwich.

“So, what does your mum think?” Hermione asked slowly.

“About what?” Jenny asked.

“Well, about everything that’s going on.” Hermione said like it was obvious.

“Well, she said it’s a bit like when she was our age, all this stuff started happening and, well, no one was really prepared back then. She’s got aurors tracking, protecting doing everything you can think of and she’s working with the department of mysteries to develop some way of defeating Voldemort.” Jenny told them. Harry shifted uncomfortably, he knew he was the only one who could defeat Voldemort and he hadn’t shared that with his friends.

“Do you know what it is?” Hermione asked. Harry glanced around the room curiously and caught sight of a flash of red in a photo that was just above the fire place. Harry got up as Jenny started talking but stopped as she watched Harry walk to the photo and picked it up.

“What is it?” Ron asked. Harry stared at the photo, There were three girls standing in summer clothes laughing and waving at Harry. Harry recognised the blond haired one as a younger version of April, the black haired one looked slightly familiar and the red haired girl, his mum. He looked at the other photos on the fireplace.

“Yeah well.” Jenny started again, “I have no idea what they’re developing.” She looked uncomfortably at Harry.

“It’s my mum.” Harry said quietly. Ron looked a little surprised and Hermione stood up and had a look.

“She was so pretty.” Hermione said, she put a hand on Harry’s shoulder and looked over his shoulder. “People are right when they say you have your mum’s eyes.” Jenny looked away and stared at the table as she finished her sandwich. Ron felt himself go slightly red and he looked into the fireplace and scratched his head. Harry put the photo down and turned around. Hermione picked up the photo and frowned.

“That girl looks like Cho.” Hermione said. Harry turned again and looked at the black haired girl and realised why she seemed so familiar.

“Jenny Chang.” Jenny said quietly. “I also thought you might want to know that Dumbledore is appealing to have Sirius’ name cleared. The Ministry are seriously considering clearing his name.” Jenny trying to draw everyone’s attention away from the photos as Harry caught a glimpse of one of her and her mum when Jenny was five. He gave a slight smirk and sat down.

“That’s great.” Harry said. “If Sirius’ name is cleared then-”

“Just because he has his name cleared doesn’t mean that everyone is going to believe he’s innocent.” Hermione said, “But it’d be great all the same.” Jenny nodded slowly and Ron murmured an agreement.

“Still, I think it would be great.” Harry said.

“How’s your Occlumency going?” Jenny said quickly. Harry thought for a moment, was he improving? Well his scar was starting to stop prickling and Harry couldn’t detect Voldemort’s mood swings as much anymore.

“I think it’s going ok,” Harry said “Yeah, I’m definitely getting better” Hermione smiled at him proudly and Jenny gave a weak smile.

“That’s great.” Ron muttered. “Well, I have to go and do some homework” He said getting up and leaving. Harry and Hermione watched feeling slightly weird.

“Do you want us to come with you?” Harry asked. Ron shook his head and left the room.

“That was weird,” Hermione said frowning. Harry frowned as well, Ron rarely just left what he was doing for homework.

“Do you think he’s ok?” Harry asked.

“I have no idea.” Hermione said looking at the door.

“He fancies you.” Jenny blurted out. Hermione and Harry both looked at her,

“He fancies who?” Hermione asked.

“He fancies you.” Jenny said, “He’s been trying to get your attention for ages.” Jenny told them, Hermione scowled

“He has not and if he has, did he just tell you?” Hermione asked

“No, it’s obvious.” Jenny said, “I have been watching you guys for my mum since I got to school.”

“That’s ridiculous, Ron can’t like me, I’m his friend.” Hermione said stiffly. Harry could tell she felt awkward about it. “Besides I like someone else.” Hermione said. Harry noticed Jenny’s eyes narrow slightly but when he looked at her she was looking absently into the fire. She looked so pretty staring into the fire like that. Harry smiled to himself as he stared at Jenny.

“What’s the time?” Harry asked the girls. Jenny looked at her watch.

“Nearly nine thirty.” She said. Hermione looked slightly alarmed.

“Damn, I have to patrol the corridors.” Hermione said “Come on Harry, you have to get back to the common room.” Harry reluctantly got up and followed Hermione out of the room. He looked back into the room before the door closed and saw Jenny tucking her hair behind her ear and then get up sadly.

* * * *

Harry walked into the Gryffindor Common room and sat on the sofa by the fire. He was debating whether or not he should get up and get his homework, he had done most of it, for a change, and nothing was due in until at least Wednesday. He decided to just sit on the sofa and closed his eyes for a moment.

“Hi Harry.” Said a girl sweetly. Harry felt the sofa dip and he opened his eyes to see Lavender and Pavarti sitting on either side of him.

“Hi.” He said uncertainly.

“Where’s Ron?” Lavender asked. Harry shrugged.

“How about Hermione?” Pavarti asked.

“She’s patrolling the corridors.” Harry said slightly worried about what the girls were up to. They both exchanged a look and Lavender smiled.

“Do you like Hermione Granger?” She asked eagerly. She had her legs tucked under her body like she was preparing to gossip. Harry sat up slightly straighter and looked at both girls. Pavarti was perched on the arm of the sofa.

“Um, in what way?” Harry asked, fully aware of the many meanings of that phrase. The girls giggled.

“Don’t be stupid.” Pavarti squealed, “You know, do you fancy her?”

“Why?” Harry asked,

“Just answer the question and then we’ll tell you.” Lavender said. Harry could almost swear they had some sort of psychic connection.

“Well, I don’t fancy her but I love her like a sister.” Harry said uncertainly. Lavender looked slightly shocked but Pavarti looked quite smug about it.

“I told you Lavender.” Pavarti said, “Harry likes that fifth year.”

“What?” Harry asked.

“But I thought that you and Hermione were a couple.” Lavender said.

“No, we’re just friends.”

“Well from the way she talks about you it’s no wonder that Lavender thinks otherwise.” Pavarti said. “She really likes you.” Harry looked at the two girls confused.

“But Ron and Hermio-”

“Ooo, does Ron like Hermione?” Pavarti asked.

“Well according to Jenny he does,” Harry said uncertainly.

“That’s that girl’s name” Lavender said. “Well, yeah it’s obvious Ron likes Hermione.” Pavarti slid off the arm of the sofa and sat next to Harry as well.

“Do you think they’ll get together?” she asked Harry. Harry opened his mouth to reply but he couldn’t think of anything.

“Don’t be stupid. You heard Hermione, she thinks she’s in love with Harry.” Lavender said then immediately put a hand to her mouth. Pavarti looked completely shocked.

“She what?” Harry asked staring at Lavender.

“Nothing, ignore everything I just said, come on Pavarti.” Lavender said getting up and dragging Pavarti to the girl’s dormitories. Pavarti looked slightly annoyed like she wanted to talk a little more but reluctantly followed. Harry stared after the girls.

“What’s up?” Ginny said taking the space that Lavender had just vacated, “what did the gossip girls want?” Harry shook his head slightly.

“Just telling me the latest gossip.” Harry said quickly. Ginny looked at Harry sceptically.

“I don’t think so.” Ginny said, “they don’t normally talk to anyone like you unless they have a good reason to.” Harry nodded, that was true. He turned to Ginny and looked into her eyes.

“Do you think Hermione loves me?” He asked frowning. Ginny’s eyes grew wide.

“Where did you hear that from?” Ginny asked.

“Just something I heard.” Harry said. Ginny frowned.

“Don’t tell Hermione, she’s trying to think about whether it’s best to tell you and it’s killing her that Ron might fancy her and she’s noticed how you and Jenny flirt and she’s getting jealous and…don’t say anything about it.” Ginny said,

“I don’t flirt with Jenny,” Harry said scowling. Ginny smirked.

“Sure you don’t” Ginny said.

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