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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 3 : Don't cry
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On the other side of the house Diana was also having trouble sleeping. At 17, she was small and slight like Hermione though she had her Father’s looks, her hair and her eyes were exactly the same, the only thing of her Mothers she had was her round face and smile. She sighed, and yawned. Like her Mother she was also thinking of tomorrow and Draco coming to see her. 

She was nervous as they didn’t get to see each other often, what with Draco and Hermione refusing to speak to each other, with his work; her school commitments and the fact there just wasn't enough hours in the day!

 It had been a miracle that Draco had agreed to pick her up this year, what with them staying at Grimmauld place and all. She sighed, just before the start of the holidays Hermione had written her a letter explaining that they would be spending the summer with Harry and Ginny Potter, and their kids. Apparently Hermione missed them and wanted to catch up, Diana sighed, if spending the holidays surrounded by this mob wasn’t bad enough spending the time surrounded by Griffindor's was! Matt, Harry's son never let it down that Slytherin lost the Quidditch cup last year. She rolled her eyes, it was so childish! Thinking of Matt though left Diana with a small smile on her face, lately she had noticed that he was quiet good looking, black hair, green eyes; he looked a lot like his father. Diana realised that she had a crush on him and decided to ignore him as much as possible. It was hard though, living in the same house.

She rolled over and picked up clock by her bed, picking up her wand she muttered “Lumos” her wand let out a bright light; Diana clamped her eyes shut, blinking hard to make her eyes adjust she opened them and glanced at the hands of the clock in her hand, she groaned it was 3 am, “Ages to go’ she sighed and put the clock down muttering the counter spell, and her wand went dark. She sighed.

She had often wondered why her Mother and Father divorced, as every child wonders, she hopped it wasn’t her fault. As the grew older she began to understand, the little things, Hermione's thirst for independence, her Father's hate of her Mother's friends, and the sheer distance in their lives, were the real things that caused the animosity between her parents. Back then she never realized that it was this distance, their inability to understand one another despite their love that was ultimately their downfall.

* flashback *

‘Mum” a 7 year old Diana asked.

Her mother looked up from the book she was reading and smiled at her daughter “What is it honey” she asked with a smile.

Diana bit her lip anxious “Can I ask you something “ she said in a small voice

“Of course” Hermione answered, always willing to answer any question her daughter had.

“Promise you won’t get mad?” Diana said in an even smaller voice.

Hermione frowned puzzled “I won’t get mad’ she answered, Diana still did not look convinced, so with a sigh Hermione patted the couch besides her “ Sit down next to me” she said kindly. Diana got up from her position on the floor and sat down next to her mother, who wrapped her arms around her “Now, what’s wrong?”

Diana looked up into her mother's face “Why don’t you like daddy” she asked in a small voice 
* * *

Diana gave a ghost of a smile, even ten years later the memories of this conversation had never faded. It was as vivid now as it was all those years ago, she could still remember the shock that had coursed through her Mother's face and the tears that had threatened to fall. Then she never realized that what her Mother’s tears were for, now she realized it was longing.

* flashback*

Diana looked innocently up into her Mother’s normally cheerful face that was clouded over with uncertainty. Her Mother sighed and glanced out the window, searching for a way to begin. Even at 7 Diana was observant enough of others to realize her Mother's distress and she leaned her head against her Mum's chest. Hermione looked down and smiled at her daughter, “I’ve always liked your Father” she answered quietly.

Diana blinked in confusion “ Then why isn’t he here” she asked not moving.

Hermione looked away so Diana wouldn’t see the tears beginning to fall “Because sometimes life isn’t what you want it to be honey” she whispered.

Diana moved and looked up at her Mum “ Don’t cry” she whispered, reaching out and brushing her Mother's wet cheeks with her tiny fingers.

Hermione smiled faintly “ I love your Father, I always have and I always will” she whispered “He just doesn’t love me” this last bit was said chokingly and a fresh round of tears fell.

Diana looked soberly at her Mum and said in a whisper “ Yes he does”

Hermione looked up surprised, and shook her head, her eyes stopped watering “ What” she whispered shocked.

Diana smiled, a child’s smile, full of teeth “He just thinks you don’t like him” she said brightly, completely unaware of the effect her words had.

Hermione was silent, she turned away looking out the window. She brushed the last few tears from her cheeks and narrowed her eye; she was annoyed. “Did he now” she whispered. 

* * *

Back then her Mother had not believed her, actually flooing to his house and yelling at him for putting stupid ideas into her head. Later Diana had gone to her room and cried and cried. She had sat on her bed listening to her Mother's aching sobs and had vowed never to mention her Father's feeling to her Mother again, and she never did.

Diana sighed and rolled over again, closing her eyes a tear slipped down her cheek why can’t they just get along! I can see it why can’t they! She sighed Mum’s to scared of getting hurt and Dad's to dam proud she thought sleepily as her eyes started to close, she yawned, and tucked her hand under her chin. She sighed and slowly fell asleep.

* * *

The next day, dawned bright and sunny, a contrast to the gloomy thoughts of everyone in the house. Diana glanced at her Mother from across the table, her eyes were red and she kept sniffing. Ginny was looking at her friend in sympathy and Harry was looking darkly at his plate, no doubt thinking of ways to hurt Malfoy for what he was putting Hermione through. Diana tried to hide a smile at the though. Matt and his twin sister Jasmine walked into the kitchen both half asleep with their hair at odd angles, Diana quickly looked down at her breakfast and blushed crimson, afraid that Matt had noticed her staring. Apparently he didn’t and Diana breathed a sigh of relief, which she cut short when he sat next to her. She scolded in annoyance, and he turned a flashed a grin at her “ Still sour from loosing the cup are we” he laughed at her and Diana frown deepened

“ No” she said huffing and turning back to her pancakes, no need for him to know why she was mad!

Matt turned around and started eating his pancakes, stuffing them in and chewing with his mouth open. “Matt!” hissed Ginny from the other side of the table “Eat nicely!”

Matt, looked chagrined and blushed slightly “Sorry Mum” he muttered.

Diana smirked triumphantly and Matt glared at her “Shut up Malfoy!” he hissed.

Diana glared at him “ My name's Granger, Potter, or are you to stupid to remember that!” she hissed back spitefully.

Matt’s eyes narrowed again but he turned away and continued eating. Diana sighed I can’t take much more of this she thought. Just then the doorbell rang and Diana looked up expectantly, Harry glanced up and scowled then he moved to open the door. Hermione had stopped crying and was staring expectantly at the hallway, waiting to here the sound of arguing. Diana held her breath and the she heard it “Come in Malfoy, she’s waiting for you!” and the sound of footsteps echoing on the tiled floor. 

A/N: hope ya liked it! I think this version is much better, don’t you agree! As always please review, I need to know how I’m doing, constructive critism is welcomed, though I can’t say it’s enjoyed!  But it helps me to improve as a writer! Again i just want to thanks Utopia for pointing out areas that need to be improved, if you find anything that you think needs to be explained more, or if you find somthing that is spelt wrong *cringes* please tell me!

I want this fic to be the best it can be!

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