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She Paints Me Blue by lennyXartiste
Chapter 3 : Bella Dancerella
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A/N: Chapter three...for joy!! Remember to leave a review.

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Harry Potter. Maybe one day ...

Draco had left his common room in a hurry, hoping no one would see him or follow him. He had never been up this early before, and wanted some time to himself. He walked and walked and walked, through corridors, down stairs, around corners, not caring where he ended up. Sun was pouring through every window of the castle it seemed, and he felt strangley giddy. He stopped and pulled his schedual out of his pocket. Seeing four double classes with Gryffindors, he grinned to himself. He folded it back into his pocket and looked up.

He was shocked to see her. She was dancing gracefully, spinning and jumping around. Jayla Malloy was dancing in the corridor! Not wanting her to see him, Draco leaped behind a coat of armor, but peeked his head out so he could still watch her.

She continued to dance around the corridor in her stockings, clearly unaware of anyone watching her. He thought he could hear her singing softly, and it was beautiful. She was beautiful.

She stopped for a minute, her back facing where Draco was hiding. She was breathing fast, and crouched down on the floor to rest. He thought about walking up to her, but he was too nervous. So he watched her still, hoping she wouldn't see him.

Suddenly she got up. She stood with one leg behind the other, knees slightly bent. Both her arms were outstretched, one to the side and one out in front. She had a look of concentration on her face.

She stayed that way for about ten seconds, bouncing on her knees slightly. Draco wondered what the hell she was doing. He was starting to get a bit restless, just watching her stand there, when all of a sudden, she seemed to explode, bursting up and spinning powerfully. She spun and spun on one leg, while the other went in, out, in, out, in, out... Her arms moved gracefully and she kept on turning. Draco started to feel dizzy just from watching her.

Ten turns...eleven turns...then, just as suddenly as it had started, she stopped, both feet on the ground and her arms curved in front of her. Then she collapsed on the floor with a grunt.

Draco felt like cheering and applauding, but stayed as silent as possible. He studied her thoughtfully, wondering how she learned to move like that.

* * * * *

Jayla sat on the floor, quite tired from her pirouetting. That had to have been a record for her......too bad no one got to see it. She sighed, disappointed, and started crawling across the corridor to retrieve her shoes. People would be starting to come down for breakfast right about now. She tugged them on hurriedly, then stood up and tried to recompose herself, straightening her skirt and smoothing down her hair, which was sticking to her face.

Finally, she picked up her school bag and started towards the great hall. As she passed the coat of armor, she thought she heard something, but didn't bother trying to find out what it was. She didn't even turn around. She was too busy trying to decide if she should actually eat breakfast or not...

* * * * *

Once the girl was out of sight, Draco sighed, feeling relieved she hadn't seen him. If she had turned around when he sneezed, she would have seen him for sure. He picked up his own bag and slung it over his shoulder. He shuffled slowly in the direction of the great hall, everything he just saw playing back in his head.

When he was in the corridor that led to the great hall, he saw Granger, walking quickly towards it from the opposite side of him. He scowled, realizing that if he insulted her, Jayla would know about it. He didn't want her to know how mean he could act.

Granger looked at him oddly, as if expecting him to shout "Good morning mudblood!" Or something equally degrading. When he said nothing, she rolled her eyes and shrugged, before pulling open the great oak doors and heading towards the Gryffindor table.

Draco walked towards the Slytherin table, but his eyes were focused on Jayla. She and Granger were talking, and Draco felt something he never thought he would feel.

He was jealous of Granger.

* * * * *

Hermione sat beside Jayla, who was eating a miniscule bowl of cereal.

"So, that flu has gone away?" she asked. All last night she had been trying to figure out what had really made Jayla sick.

Jayla looked at her with narrowed eyes. "Yes. So stop asking about it."

Hermione kept her mouth shut tight for the rest of breakfast. She was relieved when Jayla didn't make a trip to the bathroom before their first class, muggle studies with Hufflepuffs, which they were both taking. Even though they were both muggle borns, they enjoyed the class a lot. The teacher, Professor Slate, was a kind old gentleman who encouraged students to speak their opinions, and they often got into long discussions. Since Hermione and Jayla grew up with muggles, they were exeptionally good in this class.

After muggle studies, Hermione went off to ancient runes while Jayla headed to her next class. Hermione didn't actually know what it was - she had forgotten to ask. Anyways, Hermione was too excited about defense against the dark arts to think about much else. She wondered, for the umpteenth time, who their teacher would be.

* * * * *

Jayla headed off to her next class, almost as excited for it as she was for after lunch. She was having her first dance class at Hogwarts.There were two class levels - first to third years, and fourth to seventh years - and they were open to boys and girls from any house. Jayla couldn't picture any boys at Hogwarts joining, but then again, 'expect the unexpected'. No one she knew had chosen the course....or at least, they hadn't told her. None of her friends were really into dancing. Amy and Lavender had both gone into the art class, to draw and paint.

She walked off to the classroom written on her timetable. And as she entered it, she saw about 20 girls, of various ages, sitting on the floor in a circle. The room was well lit and all the desks had been removed. One wall of the room held a huge mirror and opposite was a line of ballet barres. Jayla smiled. A dance studio at Hogwarts.

She came forward and joined the circle, sitting in between two girls she didn't know. She looked around the circle for a familiar face, and saw Katie Bell, who was on the Gryffindor quidditch team. Sitting together, chatting quietly, were Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley. Jayla couldn't believe that Luna would take a dance class, but smiled at her encouragingly. She also saw Cho Chang, from Ravenclaw, talkint to the Patil twins. She didn't recognize anyone else.

As the girls all waited for the teacher to arrive, they chatted a bit. The girl sitting on the left of Jayla was nervous.

"This class won't be very hard, will it? I mean, it said no experience needed but....Have you ever danced before?"

Jayla grimaced a bit and replied, "I've been dancing since I was about three...."

"Oh no!" The girl exclaimed. "I shouldn't be here...."

"I'm sure most of the class has never danced before. I'm Jayla Malloy, by the way."

The girl gave her a small smile. "I'm Lisa Price. I'm in fourth year, what year are you in?"

"Sixth." Said Jayla and Lisa's eyes widened slightly.

"Sixth it hard?"

Jayla was about to answer her when suddenly the door slammed. Immediately, every girl in the room turned around and saw their teacher. She was a tall, athletic looking woman with auburn hair tied up in a bun, pale skin, and warm eyes. She was wearing a black short sleeved body suit under some shorts.

"You lot are all wearing robes!" she said, laughing. She had a pleasant voice.

Jayla felt bad. Were they supposed to have changed? It was only the first class, after all....

The teacher looked around at the girls worried faces and smiled. "Don't worry. You needn't have changed today anyways...I'll tell you what you need to wear for next class. I'm Miss Alexander, and I came to this school because a dance teacher was needed. We'll be doing mostly ballet in this class girls will need black leotards, white tights, and black ballet slippers. Those were added to your school supplies list, so you should already have everything. Any questions so far?"

She looked around at the class expectantly. "No?...Oh, okay, you."

"Will there be any boys in this class?" asked Cho Chang.
"No. No boys signed up. It's just us girls here!" She smiled at Cho. "Now then....I need to get to know all of you, and I don't think everyone in here is accquainted so...let's go around the circle and say our names. Full names. You, start, " she said as she pointed at Ginny Weasley.

"Ginny Weasley.."

"Luna Lovegood..."

"Hannah Abbott..."

"Evangeline Parker..."

"Lisa Price.."

"Jayla Malloy.."

"Gemma Bartholemew..."

"Cho Chang.."

"Parvati Patil.."

"Padma Patil..."

Jayla stopped paying attention and stared at the floor, daydreaming. Finally, everyone's name must have been said, because Miss Alexander clapped her hands loudly and started to talk about positions, stretching, and other stuff that Jayla already knew. So she allowed herself to space out again, waiting patiently until lunch time.

* * * * *

Jayla had eaten her lunch as quickly as possible, because Hermione was nowhere to be seen. She knew that Hermione was suspecting her of something, and she didn't like it. When she was done scarfing down her soup, sandwich, cookie, and pumpkin juice, she ran to the bathroom so fast she almost knocked over Professor Flitwick.

When her stomach was empty again, she decided to go for a walk before her afternoon classes. She left Hogwarts through the huge front doors, walking quickly towards the Black Lake.

At the waters edge, she took off her backpack and sat down on the damp grass. It was a little bit chilly outside, but she loved looking at the lake. It was so peaceful and smooth. She lay back, using her hands as a headrest, and closed her eyes. She hummed to herself softly. After about fifteen minutes, she looked at her watch and saw that it was time to go. She slowly started walking towards the school, quickening her pace as she got closer and closer to where the defense against the dark arts class was taking place.

When she got into the classroom, she saw that she was early. The only other people in there were Neville Longbottom and some Slytherin who's name she didn't know. She sat down at a desk on the far right egde, and waited for other people to start coming.

After about five minutes, Amy came with Lavender. Amy sat beside her and Lavender in front of her. Then Hermione came in with Ron and Harry. As more and more people came in, Jayla watched for Draco, chewing her thumbnail nervously.

What am I doing? He hates muggleborns. He hates people like me. I'm getting myself worked up over nothing, again. There isn't a chance in hell...

Yet she couldn't help watching him as he strode into the classroom with about five other boys. Coudln't help that her stomach was twisting around, that her heart was trying to jump out of her body. And couldn't help but smile at him when he smirked at her.

What an adorable smirk!

When almost every seat was occupied and no other students were coming into the class, a tall dark skinned woman walked in, smiling pleasantly. She walked up to the desk and wrote on the black board:

'Jacqueline Jennifer Lee'

"Hello there! I'm Jacqueline Jennifer Lee, and I was told that everyone should call me Professor Lee, but I think I would prefer if everyone just called me Jackie, or Miss Jackie if you wish." She smiled widely. "Is that okay?"

Most of the class nodded. Some Slytherin boy said "Yes!" loudly. Miss Jackie smiled at him.

"Whats your name?"

"Adrian, ma'am." He said politely.

"What's your full name? Don't worry, you aren't in trouble! I just like to know people's full names."

Adrian nodded. "Adrian Pucey." When Miss Jackie raised her eyebrows at him, he continued. "Adrian Liam Pucey."

"Thank you, Adrian. Now, you are my first defense against the dark arts class. I used to teach charms at another school, and before that I studied to be a magical healer." She sighed. "That didn't really work out though, as I discovered that I have a fear of touching other people's wounds." Some of the class laughed. "So, I decided to be a teacher instead."

She turned once again to the blackboard and wrote:

'First Assignment: Student Introductions.'

"Now that you know me, I need to get to know all of you. So, your first assignment is to interview a classmate, and present some information about them to the class. You must find out at least five facts about them, but more is always better! You can start now, and in about fifteen minutes we will start presentations."

The whole class groaned softly, and Jayla turned to Amy. One thing that she loved about Hogwarts was that none of the teachers assigned oral presentations. But apparently Miss Jackie was different. Amy sighed.

"Okay, let's get started Jayla....we'll begin with hobbies."

Jayla was about to reply when Miss Jackie started to talk again.

"I'm so sorry! I forgot one of the instructions. You must partner up with someone you don't know, or don't know very well."

This time, the whole class groaned loudly. Miss Jackie laughed and rolled her eyes. "Get to it then!" All the students started moving about, finding someone they didn't know.

Jayla ran a hand through her hair and looked around. Now who would she partner up with? She looked around and it seemed like everyone had a partner except for her. She looked at Miss Jackie sadly, but the teacher smiled at her.

"No partner? Not a problem...let's go find you someone." She put an arm around Jayla's shoulders and led her around the room.

"Aha! Hello, young man, do you have a partner?" Jayla looked at who Miss Jackie was pointing to and it was HIM! Draco Malfoy! She wanted to die, right there, but at the same time, her heart was fluttering happily.

He looked from Jayla to Miss Jackie. "Nope," he said with a smirk. He looked at Jayla again. "I guess we're partners!" Miss Jackie patted Jayla's back.

"There you go. Everything's all better!" And she walked back to her desk. Jayla stared at the boy, frozen in her place. She really didn't know what to say or do. She cleared her throat a bit, in an attempt to not look so stupid.

* * * * *

Draco couldn't believe it. He had been partnered with her, of all people. He looked at her, trying to act cool and calm, but his heart seemed to have migrated into his throat. She was just standing there, staring at him. Finally, she looked away and cleared her throat. Draco scratched his arm absent mindedly and decided to take initiative.

"Okay, then, let's start. You should probably sit down..."

"Can I have a piece of parchment, to write down the facts?" Jayla spoke with a slight accent that Draco had never noticed before. Probably because he had never really heard her speak before.

"Oh, yeah. Yeah." He passed her a scrap of parchment and a spare quill. She dipped it in his ink and wrote:


"Draco Abraxus Malfoy."

She wrote it down neatly. "What kind of a name is Abraxus?" She was smiling as if she found it quite funny.

"It was my grandfather's name," he told her resentfully. "If you think it's so funny, tell me yours!"

Jayla giggled. "Sorry. Sorry. It's not funny. It's really not..." Then she burst out laughing.

"Hey!" Draco tried to sound mad but it was hard when she looked so cute. He pursed his lips so his smile wouldn't show through.

She finally calmed down enough to talk. "My full name's Jayla Molly Malloy," She spluttered out, still giggling. It wasn't that his name was funny, really. She was laughing out of nervousness.

He wrote it down. Jayla Molly Malloy. "So....uh, what are your hobbies?" he asked.

"" She smiled. "What about you?"

He scribbled down her hobbies. Dancing and excercise, he could have guessed. She was so thin iit was almost scary.

"I play chess....and I like photography, too." He didn't really, he just wanted to sound more interesting. Jayla bent her head down to write again. Her hair fell over her head like a black curtain.

Draco couldn't help but notice how pretty it was.

He heard Jayla asking him something. "What?"

"I said, what's your family life? Do you have siblings? Live with parents? Grandparents? Where's your house? Stuff like that."

"Oh. I live with my parents but I have no brothers or sisters. I live in parents are both wizards...that's all I guess." He sighed, feeling a bit boring. "You?"

Jayla twisted some hair around her finger. "I've got...a mother, an older sister, and a younger brother, but they're all muggles."

Draco's gut jerked. He knew she was a muggleborn, obviously, but hearing her say it made it more real. He wondered what his father would think if he knew how he was feeling about her..

"I live in London, with my mum and brother, because my sister goes to university and doesn't live at home."

Draco wrote down all of this and tried to think of more questions.

* * * * *

When she had said her family was muggles, Draco had looked...surprised, but not in a good way. She had realized that he may be one of those pureblood wizards who think that muggleborns should be killed or outlawed or whatever.....

She clapped politely when each presentation was over, not really listening to what anyone was saying. Her brain was full of thoughts running across her mind.

She whipped her head up when Miss Jackie said, "I believe only one group has not presented..."

Jayla and Draco got up and walked to the front of the room. Draco had agreed to talk first so Jayla stood, looking at the class, listening to Draco talk about her.

"I interviewed Jayla. Her full name is Jayla Molly Malloy and - "

"Jayla Molly Malloy?" Miss Jackie interrupted, chuckling. "What a darling name!" Jayla stared at her. "Don't look so sad, doll, " she said, looking at the worried expression on Jayla's face. She felt her cheeks get hot and crossed her arms over her stomach.

Draco frowned, looking annoyed. "May I continue?" Miss Jackie nodded at him, either not noticing or ignoring the cocky tone in his voice.

"Her full name is Jayla Molly Malloy, and apparantly she's a doll." Some of the class chuckled, including Miss Jackie. Draco continued.

"She turned sixteen on June twenty ninth. She lives with her mother and younger brother in London, but she also has an older sister. She is the only witch in her family. She has been doing all sorts of dance for almost her whole life... She also likes excercising, reading, phtotography, and shopping. Her favourite colour is purple, and she is allergic to bee stings." He stopped and cleared his throat. "An unusual thing about her is that she lived in Australia until she was seven, so she has a slight accent. So that's Jayla, in a nutshell."

The class applauded. Jayla licked her lips nervously. Draco had sounded so calm and collected! She hoped she wouldn't say anything stupid. She took a deep breath and started.

"This is Draco Abraxus Malfoy. His birthday is June fifth and he is sixteen. He lives with his parents, who are both wizards, in Wiltshire, but doesn't have any siblings. He enjoys playing quidditch, reading, and playing chess. His favourite colour is green, and his favourite subject is potions. He also owns an eagle owl named Eridanus. Something unusual about him is...uh...."

Jayla looked at her information but couln't remember what the unusual thing abou him was. She would have to improvise.

"Something unusual about him is that his last name is almost the same as mine! So that's Draco..."

The class applauded once again and Jayla and Draco returned to their seats. Miss Jackie wished them a good rest of the day and the bell rang. Jayla got up and started towards the door with Amy. On the way out, someone nudged her shoulder and she turned around. Draco was standing there.

"She called you a doll!" he laughed.

"Hey! Maybe I am one...I mean - er - " Jayla said stupidly. Draco seemed pretty comfortable talking to her...unfortunately, talking to him made heart pound and knees go weak.

Draco laughed again. "Later, dollface."

"Hey! It's Jayla!" she said. Although she didn't mind him calling her dollface. Not really, anyways..

"Come on Amy, let's get out of here." She grabbed her friend by the arm and they headed towards the transfiguration classroom.

A/N: Thanks to the people who reviewed chap. two. It made me smile :)

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