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Figure It Out, Granger by xLaurx
Chapter 1 : Figure It Out, Granger
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Figure It Out, Granger 

We are all born for love... it is the principle existence and it's only end.
- Disraeli


May 19th, 1996

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 


“Hermione, please!”


“No, Ron! For the hundredth time, do it yourself!”


“But I can’t!”


“Oh, honestly!”


Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were at it again. Bickering seemed to be a daily routine for them. In fact, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley would be worried if they weren’t arguing.


“Can you guys please shut up!” Ginny finally shouted, as the row between Hermione and Ron started to become a yelling match.


“Can you please tell your prat of a brother that copying my Charms homework is not going to get him anywhere?” Hermione said furiously, tucking a stray strand of bushy brown hair behind her ear.


“Come on! Charms is barely useful at all!” Ron grumbled, scowling as he watched Hermione pick up her quill and began scribbling words down on a half-filled piece of parchment.


“Charms is very useful, Ron!” Hermione scolded. “And you may not understand any of it at all, but it’s only a foot of parchment!” Ron sighed, and picked up his empty piece of parchment off of the table in front of him.


“Are we allowed to write big?”




“Okay, okay, sheesh!”


Harry and Ginny exchanged looks, and rolled their eyes.




“I am so sick of him!” Hermione cried out sharply in the Girls’ Dormitories. She was pacing back and forth while Ginny lay on her bed, obviously bored with the conversation that was going on.


“We know, Hermione,” Ginny said dully, closing her eyes.


“Can’t you get Harry to talk to him or something? I mean, why does he always get so upset whenever I’m writing to Viktor?”


“Hermione, how can Harry honestly say that you’re the smartest in our year?” Ginny said slowly.


“Excuse me?” Hermione snapped at her friend, eyes blazing as she stopped pacing to glare at her. Ginny sat up on the bed, gathered up her long, red tresses into a ponytail and smiled at Hermione.


“Two words, Hermione. He’s jealous.”


“Don’t be stupid, Ginny! What’s to be jealous of?” Hermione said, throwing up her hands in frustration, and going back to her pacing.


“Let’s think Hermione – Viktor Krum is rich, handsome, and an international Quidditch player.” Ginny said sarcastically. “Face it, my brother is jealous.”


“But why?” Hermione said with a groan, as she went over to the bed and sat down beside Ginny. Staring at her best friend for a minute, it took every ounce of strength Ginny had not to laugh.


“Figure it out, Granger.” She said finally after a moment. “Because I told Harry I’d meet him out at the Quidditch pitch for a quick one-on-one match.”




“Good grief! Why is she always writing to that git?” Ron said angrily.


“Dunno,” Harry replied lamely, turning the page of his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


“What does he have that Hermione’s so interested in?” Ron added hastily, now pacing back and forth in the Boys’ Dormitories.


“Money, looks, talent,” Harry rattled off dully, flipping another page, barely paying attention to Ron’s banter about Viktor Krum.


“You’re not helping!” Ron snapped at his friend, jamming his hands into his pockets.


“What am I supposed to do?” Harry asked, looking up at Ron, whose ears were turning dangerously pink.


Something!” Ron said irritably.


“Ron, I think you’re jealous.”


“Well, you thought wrong.”


“Well, then what aggravates you so much when Hermione writes to Krum?” Harry asked, a grin spreading across his face.


“Good grief, Harry! He’s a git! He’s just … going to hurt her … and … she’s my … best friend. I don’t want anything to … happen to her.” Ron said, as he pulled his hands out of his pocket and clenched his fists.


“Mmhmm.” Harry mumbled, as he looked at his watch. “Damn!” he said suddenly. “Gin’s going to murder me! I’m late!”


“But what about … you know?” Ron nearly pleaded.


“Ron, I think you’re jealous.” Harry repeated, picking himself up off his bed, and grabbing his Firebolt he headed out the door.


“Damn right I am.” Ron muttered as Harry left the room.




“You think I’d wait for you forever, Potter?” Ginny said angrily, brown eyes snapping at Harry.


“Sorry, Gin. I got preoccupied. You’re brother -”


“- was rambling about Hermione,” Ginny finished, her features softening. “Do those two ever stop arguing? And now Hermione’s talking about him non-stop! Ron this, Ron that – I mean, honestly!”


“Well, are we going to play, Weasley, or are you just going to start going on about your brother and Hermione?” Harry said, grinning and mounting his broom.


“I’ll kick your arse, Potter!” Ginny said, mounting her broom as well with a struggling Golden Snitch in her hand.


“Oh, really?” Harry said, getting impatient as Ginny held up the Snitch between her index finger and thumb.


“Yes, really, because I have the Snitch.” Ginny said, grinning.


“Oh, Merlin, Ginny! Just let it go!” Harry said edgily. With a crazy grin still on her face, Ginny let the Snitch go and it flew off in a blur of gold.


“Ready?” Ginny asked, clasping the broom handle of her Cleansweep tightly.




“Go!” Ginny cried, speeding off, but Harry was quicker than her with his Firebolt. Of course, Harry had no idea where the Snitch had gone. He circled the pitch a few laps, watching Ginny closely, but keeping his eye out for any sign of the glittering gold object.


Finally deciding to stop in the middle of the Quidditch pitch, he looked around for Ginny who he noticed had stopped too, on the far right side of the pitch. He watched her beautiful red hair dangle down her back and he smiled to himself. He was lost in thought for probably ten minutes before he suddenly got an idea, and tipped the front of his broom down, and began to dive as if he had seen the Snitch. Ginny took off after him and it was a high speed chase for nearly three minutes before Ginny finally caught up with Harry, and punched him in the arm.


“You prat!” she exclaimed wildly. “You never saw it at all!”


“But you still believed me,” Harry said, laughing at his hoax.


“Maybe I did, or maybe I actually saw it,” Ginny said slowly. She took her left had off her broom, and made a fist with her hand. Holding the fist in front of Harry’s face, she opened her hand up, and the Snitch was revealed before Ginny closed up her hand so it couldn’t escape.


“How did you - ?”


“You’re quite the daydreamer, Harry.” Ginny said with a giggle.


“Damn,” Harry said with a scowl.


“Don’t worry,” Ginny smiled. “I’ve got an idea that’ll cheer you up,” she said mischievously.




“Done,” Hermione said with a final dot of an ‘i’.


“Do you always have to say that?” Ron groaned.


“I just said that I was done, Ronald.” Hermione snapped at him. “But of course, it’s not like you’d ever get the thrill of completing an assignment.”


Thrill?” Ron snorted, sitting up and sending his ink bottle crashing to the floor. With a few flicks of her wand, Hermione had it cleaned up. “Besides,” Ron said, “I’ve completed assignments!”


“Let me rephrase it,” Hermione said angrily. “Completing your own assignment.”


“So I copy off of you here and there. What’s the big deal?” Ron said with a frown.


“Ronald Weasley, do you ever learn?” Hermione hissed at him.


“That’s not one of his stronger points, Hermione,” Ginny said as she entered the room with Harry, their hands clasped together. Harry’s hair was even messier than usual, and Ginny had let her hair back down and looked windblown.


“Shut up,” Ron snapped at his sister. “Not like your boyfriend’s much smarter.”


“Hey!” Harry said, suddenly looking offended, while Ginny began laughing.


“Did you guys have a good game?” Hermione asked suddenly, trying to change the subject.


“Yeah,” Ginny said with a smile.


“Who won?” Ron asked, looking at Harry.


“Ginny,” Harry said, coughing awkwardly. “But I let her,” he added.


“Oh, come off it!” Ginny said with a giggle. “You lost, and you lost bad!”


“Must’ve been a long game,” Ron said slowly.


“What do you mean?” Harry asked. “We were only out there for a half-hour.”


“It’s been two hours, Harry,” Hermione said, and she looked down at her homework and turning red.


“Oh … um … guess it was longer than we thought,” Ginny said ineptly, pink forming in her cheeks. Harry didn’t say anything, but nodded, ignoring the fact that Ron was nearly glaring a hole into him.


“You guys had better not have done any –“


“Ron, they’re not stupid! Can’t you give them any alone time without you getting upset at the pair of them?” Hermione interrupted.


“They were gone for two hours, Hermione!” Ron argued back.


Ginny rolled her eyes and looked at a rather uncomfortable looking Harry. Hand still in his, Ginny slowly inched away from the bickering couple. Finally, she snuck out the portrait door, Harry close behind.


“That was a close one,” Harry said after a moment.


“Tell me about it,” Ginny said breathlessly. “Those two never quit!”


“I think I have an idea,” Said Harry, grinning from ear to ear.


“What?” Ginny asked, intrigued. Her curiosity was getting the better of her.


“There’s a Hogsmeade trip this Saturday.”


“And …?”


“And, it would be the perfect time to Ron and Hermione together!” Harry finished, still grinning.


“Harry, I want Ron and Hermione to get together – more for our sake than theirs – as much as you do, but I don’t want to use a scheme to do it!” Ginny said.


“But –“


“But nothing, Potter. As much as my brother butts into mine, I don’t want to get involved with his love life.” Said Ginny firmly, “And that’s final.”




After nearly being kicked out of the Great Hall because of Ron and her rowing, Hermione was sitting in the Common Room, accompanied by Harry, Ron and Ginny. Silence was ringing throughout the room and it was Harry who spoke first.


“There’s a Hogsmeade trip this Saturday,” he said, clearing his throat. “Ow!” he added, as Ginny elbowed him in the ribs. She had been lying comfortably in his arms by the fireplace, and frowned as Harry shifted to massage the spot she’d hit.


“I know,” Hermione replied matter-of-factly. “I’ve been invited to go,” she clapped a hand to her mouth and flushed a bright pink.


“Ron asked you?” Ginny nearly squealed.


“Bloody hell, no!” Ron said, but his ears were turning dangerously red. “So … uh … who asked you?” he finally asked.


“Terry. Terry Boot,” Hermione said quietly, sinking lower into her chair, and flushing darker.


“He’s a prat,” Ron said on cue, flipping a page of The Quibbler, although he wasn’t even reading it.


“He is not!” Hermione snapped. “And he does his own homework,” she added irritably.


“Oh perfect Terry!” Ron snapped back.


“Perfect Terry! Along with perfect Vicky!” Hermione yelled sarcastically, tears filling her brown eyes. “Don’t you see Ron? It doesn’t matter who I go with because you never like any of the guys I befriend!” Hermione promptly burst into tears, and fled upstairs to the Girls’ Dormitories, Ginny trailing behind.


“I will hex you into oblivion if you say anything right now,” Ron snapped at Harry, breathing heavily. Harry held his hands up in surrender, picking himself up off the floor.


“I wasn’t going to,” he defended.






“Hermione, would you calm down?” Ginny said, exasperated. It was no wonder Harry didn’t like dealing with sobbing girls, because Ginny couldn’t handle it either, and she was a girl!


“I-I’m s-sorry!” Hermione choked out, tears streaming down her cheeks, as she lay on her bed.


“My brother is such a git!” Ginny snapped. “I’m going to murder him!”


“N-n-no!” Hermione hiccupped. “I-it’s my f-f-fault!”


“Actually, it’s Harry’s,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes, grinning now.


“W-what did Harry d-d-do?” Hermione asked, her tears subsiding.


“He brought up the subject just to get Ron to ask you to go to Hogsmeade with him,” Ginny blurted out with a sigh.


“W-why?” Hermione asked, confused, hiccupping again.


“Because all you and Ron do is argue. He thought that maybe getting you guys to go on a date would give us all some peace for at least one day.” Ginny said, her grin growing larger.


“We do not always argue!” Hermione snapped. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed.” She got up, and grabbed her pajamas off the end of her bed and headed to the bathroom, leaving Ginny to collapse on her bed, completely frustrated.




“Morning, Harry, Ginny. Ron.” Hermione said coolly as she sat down at the Great Hall for breakfast.


“Morning,” Ginny and Harry mumbled to Hermione, too enthralled in each other to really notice that she had arrived.


“With Terry were you?” Ron spoke up, as he finally stopped cramming cereal into his mouth.


“What are you talking about?” Hermione asked, confused as she began filling her plate with food.


“Well, it’s ten o’clock. I thought that maybe you had gone off with him and –“


“Well you thought wrong,” Hermione interrupted frostily. 


“I’ve been wrong before.”


“That you have.”


“Just thought I ought to let you know that I found a date for Hogsmeade tomorrow.”


“Good for you,” Hermione said slowly, forking scrambled eggs into her mouth. As she swallowed, her curiosity finally took hold of her. “With who?” she added, and regretted the words the second they past her lips for she noticed Ron now wearing a smug look on his face.


“Hannah Abbott,” Ron replied arrogantly.


“Isn’t she in … Hufflepuff?” Hermione asked inquisitively. She new that Hannah was in Hufflepuff. She also knew that she was sweet, good-tempered, had long and elegant straight blonde hair that she would die for, and sported a figure that would make any girl jealous.


“Yes,” Ron said, all egotism deflating out of him as he realized that Hermione didn’t seem to know who Hannah was.


“Well … I’m happy for you,” Hermione said slowly, biting into her now cold toast.


 “I’m happy for myself, actually,” Ron said, beginning to spoon cereal back into his mouth. Hermione nearly started to giggle at his words, but held the laughter back as she watched Ron swallow and turn around, only to catch Hannah’s eye and throw her a flirtatious smile. Hermione watched in horror as Hannah smiled amiably back, and flushed pink.


“She seems … nice,” Hermione squeaked out as Ron turned back to her. She then did the only thing that came to mind. She scoped the room out for Terry Boot. When she finally found him, she gave a dreamy sigh and faked an admiring look on her face as she stared at him. Ron’s expression was priceless to Hermione.


“Anything wrong, Ron?” she finally asked.


“Uh … Harry! Ginny! Cut out the snogging at breakfast, would you?” Ron said, ignoring Hermione. Harry and Ginny unwillingly pulled away.


“Oh, shut up, and go snog Hermione,” Ginny snapped at her brother, and Harry took her hand and led her out of the Great Hall.


“I don’t even want to know where they’re going …” Ron said, trailing off.


“Good, because Ron, you have to learn to trust them.” Hermione said.


“No I don’t,” Ron said slowly.


Yes Ron, you do.” Hermione argued back




“Yes, Ronald.”


“I do not.”


Hermione threw up her hands in frustration and stood up to leave the Great Hall but not before jabbing a finger at Ron.


“You are the most thick-headed, prat I have ever me in my whole life!” she yelled at him, and began to walk away, but Ron’s words held her back.


“Well you’re the bossiest, know-it-all I’ve ever met!”


Tears glistened in Hermione’s eyes, and began trailing down her cheeks. She turned around and threw a furious glance at Ron, who seemed to soften as he noticed she was crying. Without another word, she stormed out of the Great Hall.




“Do you think Hermione and Ron are still trying to get each other jealous?” Ginny asked softly. She and Harry were lying on the couch in the common room together, snuggled up.


“Dunno,” Harry said slowly, kissing her neck gentle, and causing Ginny to shiver.


“Probably arguing about something else now,” she sighed, and giggled when Harry kissed the tip of her nose.


“Probably,” Harry agreed, smiling at Ginny. She smiled back at him and kissed him tenderly. They were passionately captivated in snogging, and the only thing that interrupted them was hearing the portrait open, and Hermione’s ‘oh-too-familiar’ gasp.


“Sorry,” Hermione said uncomfortably, wiping tears off her face.


“Hermione, what happened?” Ginny asked, concerned for her best friend as she untangled herself from Harry and sat up. Harry sat up as well, but slid his arms around Ginny’s waist so his hands rested on her stomach.


“Well,” Hermione began, but something just hit her. It seemed such a stupid thing to row about, and she was going to look stupid if she told her friends. “Nothing.” She finished.


“Yeah,” Ginny said, clearly not convinced, but giggled as Harry kissed her neck again, causing Hermione to frown slightly. “Hermione, can I ask you something?”


“Sure, go ahead,” Hermione said, slightly confused.


“Do you fancy Terry?”


What? Ginny what kind of question is that?” Hermione nearly yelled.


“Do you?”


“No! I mean, I don’t fancy him. I like him for company, and someone to hang out with. He’s really nice, and sweet and even …” Hermione trailed off.


“Handsome?” Ginny filled in, grinning.


“What about me?” Harry asked, scowling.


“You’re too gorgeous to be called just ‘handsome’,” Ginny said giggling, as she ruffled Harry’s hair. Hermione was getting more and more informed on why Ron hated Harry and Ginny’s public affection. It was nauseating.


“So is that the question?” Hermione asked, interrupting the couple’s ‘love fest’.


“Yeah, but one more thing. Do you fancy Ron?” Ginny asked seriously.


“Excuse me?” Hermione gasped.


“Do. You. Fancy. Ron? Ronald Weasley! Ron! Ronniekins!” Ginny asked restlessly.


“I think I’m going to leave before I hear this,” Harry muttered, disentangled himself from Ginny and went out the portrait door.


Hermione looked wildly around the Common Room, which was empty. It was 11 o’clock which meant most people were outside.


“I don’t know,” she said weakly, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach.




“Ron! Ron! Wait up!” Harry was calling frantically after Ron, panting as he caught up with him.


“What is it, mate?” Ron asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Do you fancy Hermione?” Harry blurted out.


“What the bloody hell … of course I don’t!” Ron snapped. “What put that idea in your head?”


“Nobody,” Harry said imperceptibly.


“Well then why’d you ask?”


“Dunno,” Harry finished lamely.


“Look, I like Hannah, alright?”


“I thought you too were just going to Hogsmeade because you couldn’t find a date!” Harry exclaimed. “You really like her?”


“Hannah’s great, Harry. She’s not all smart and in-charge all the time. She’s bloody beautiful, and is really nice.” Ron said.


“But do you fancy her?” Harry asked.


“I just told you!”


“Do you?”


“Yes,” Ron said, unconvincingly. The truth was, Ron didn’t believe himself that he liked Hannah, and he didn’t know why. She had and was everything a guy liked in a girl.


“Well, have fun in Hogsmeade tomorrow with her,” Harry said slowly.


“Right,” Ron said dully, and he began to walk away.




“Hermione, you look bloody brilliant!” Ginny exclaimed. “You’re going to knock the socks off Ro … Terry.” She said, correcting herself just in time.


Hermione had just stepped out of the bathroom. She was wearing a short lilac-coloured dress which came just above her knee and hugged her body nicely. It had a somewhat low, round neckline and although Ginny wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, thought Hermione looked great in it. Hermione had swept her hair up in a messy bun, and wore a nice, white canvas shoe. She had looked at herself nearly five times in the full-length mirror.


“Do I look alright?” Hermione asked slowly.


“Great!” Ginny assured her. Ginny was clad in white crop-pants, a green tank top and white flip-flops. Her hair had been pulled back in just a regular ponytail, but then again, Ginny just liked to be plain.


“I suppose we should go find Ron and Harry then,” Hermione said, grinning.


“You mean Terry, not Ron.” Ginny corrected, and grinned as her friend blushed furiously. (A/N: Originally going to put ‘You mean Terry and Harry,’ but thought that sounded ridiculous XD)


“Let’s just go, Ginny,” Hermione said, grabbing her friend’s arm and dragging her downstairs. Harry was sitting on the couch with Ron. Harry was wearing jeans, a green shirt and trainers. (A/N: Runners, sneakers, trainers … I spent a good day or so leaving that word out trying to figure out what I should put. Good grief.)


“Hey, Harry,” Ginny said in a sing-song voice, and she sat down beside him on the couch. They shared a short kiss, because Ron was beside them, scowling. Ron had chose worn a blue shirt, jeans, and trainers.


“Shall we go then?” Hermione asked. “I told Terry I’d meet him in the Great Hall at ten.”


“It’s only nine fifty-five, Hermione,” Ron snapped. “He can wait.” Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but ended up closing it and turning around, to stalk out the portrait door. It wasn’t long before she heard a grumbling Ron, Harry and Ginny start to follow her.


“Let’s just go, alright? Can you two not start a row for once?” Harry said, almost angrily as the three of them caught up with Hermione.


“I didn’t say anything,” Hermione defended snappishly.


“We know!” Ginny said, perturbed.


“Ah! There’s Hannah!” Ron suddenly cried out. Sure enough, it was. Hannah Abbott. Dressed in a short, denim skirt, a tight yellow top, and white flip-flops nearly like Ginny’s. Hannah started over towards the four.


“Hey,” she said softly, the word rolling off her lusciously plump, pink lips drenched in lip-gloss.


“Hey,” Ron said, grinning at her, and kissing her cheek, causing her to blush furiously but smile all the same.


“Hey, Hermione,” said a voice. Hermione wheeled around to come face-to-face with Terry. Average height, dark hair, khaki pants and a maroon dress shirt.


“Terry!” Hermione said brightly. “Hi! Ready to go then?”


“Yeah, I think so. Are … they all coming with us?” Terry asked nervously, gesturing towards Ron, Hannah, Ginny and Hermione.


“Oh, no, no, no, no! They’ll be off doing other things.” Hermione explained quickly.


“Maybe if things go well today, we could go off and do other things?” Terry said slyly into Hermione’s ear, making her shiver and she blushed furiously.




Things were going bad, and good on Hermione’s date with Terry. For starters, they ended up going to the Three Broomsticks for butterbeer; to Hermione’s displeasure, Ron and Hannah ended up there too. Terry had invited them over and the ‘double date’ started from there.


“Butterbeer alright, Hermione?” Terry asked politely.


“Yeah, great, thanks,” Hermione replied dully. Ron and Hannah were sitting at the table with them.


“Having a good time, Hannah?” Ron asked, but looked at Hermione.


“I’m having a great time, Ron,” Hannah crooned, smiling at him.


“So, Terry,” Hermione said, clearing her throat, “how’s school been going for you?”


“Pretty good, actually,” Terry said. “The Sorting Hat knew what it was doing when it put me in Ravenclaw,” he finished with a chuckle.


“I sometimes wish I was in Ravenclaw,” Hermione said with a sigh.


What?” Ron exclaimed.


“I sometimes wish I was in Ravenclaw.” Hermione repeated tersely.


“But why? Gryffindor’s the best house around!”


“Excuse me, but Hufflepuff is one of the best houses!” Hannah suddenly snapped.


“Well, Ravenclaw’s the smartest house!”


“Good grief! Can we all just shut up and settle for Slytherin is the worst house?” Hermione exclaimed.


“Amen, to that.” Terry mumbled, taking a swig of his butterbeer. “So, Ron,” Terry began. “Are you and Hannah going out?”


“Not yet,” Ron said, grinning and playfully kissed Hannah on the neck and she swatted him away, smiling broadly. “Are you and Hermione?”


“No,” Terry said sadly, glancing at Hermione who was looking at her feet. Tears were welling up in Hermione’s eyes, and it finally hit her. She was in love with Ronald Billius Weasley.


“Um … Terry, excuse me. I-I’ll be back,” Hermione choked out, and stood up and left the Three Broomsticks outside and walked off out of sight.


“What happened?” Terry asked.


“I don’t know,” Hannah said, equally confused. The two looked at Ron who shrugged.


“I’ll go find her,” he said slowly, standing up and leaving the Three Broomsticks as well, leaving Terry and Hannah sitting at the table.




Hermione ended up walking by a small pond. It was a grassy, remote area and sun rays were beaming down on Hermione like a warm blanket. Tears were falling one by one, and trailing down her cheeks leaving a salty, wet path behind. She sat down in the grass, and lay down on her side, picking at the grass.




She nearly jumped out of her skin at the voice. She cocked her head slightly to see Ron.


“Go away,” she whispered.


“Why’d you leave? And why are you crying?” Ron asked softly, laying down next to Hermione.


“It doesn’t matter,” Hermione said quietly, sitting up.


“Yes it does,” Ron said, sitting up too. “You’re one of my best friends.”




“What is?”


“All we do is argue, you criticize every guy I hang out with, call me a bossy know-it-all, and try to copy off all my homework!” Hermione snapped.


“That is funny.” Ron said. “Because I remember being called a thick-headed prat.”


“Because you are.” Hermione said, looking away from Ron.


“I know.”




“I know. I mean, sometimes I’m a thick-headed prat.” Ron said, not believing the words that were flying out of his mouth.


“I guess sometimes I’m a bossy know-it-all then too, eh?” Hermione said softly, tears still silently rolling down her face.


“Yes.” Ron said bluntly, and Hermione giggled quietly.


“Ron, I’m sorry if I’ve been such an irritant to you lately,” Hermione said with a sigh, brushing her tears away, and laying her hand back down on her grass, only to touch not the grass, but Ron’s hand. She began to jerk it away, but instead Ron intertwined their fingers together.


“You never are,” Ron said softly. Before Hermione had time to process what was happening, her lips were suddenly captured by Ron’s.


Sparks flew, passion and adrenaline surging through the pair of them. Never in her whole life had Hermione experienced something like this, nor Ron. Hermione kissed him back, and her body pressed against Ron’s and they seemed to fit; like they were made to be together.


Nearly a half-hour flew by in a whirlwind of lust. Ron’s hair was disheveled, and Hermione’s hair had become tousled.


“Ron, we have to get back,” Hermione said breathlessly, as Ron kissed her on the neck once more.


“Five more minutes,” Ron mumbled, kissing her again, but Hermione pulled away.


“Ron, we both have dates sitting in the Three Broomsticks waiting for us!” Hermione whispered.


“Bloody hell! I forgot!” Ron exclaimed, jumping to his feet. He gave Hermione a hand up and she quickly did her hair again, pulling it back up the way it had been before.


“Now let’s go,” she hissed at him, and the pair wandered back through the streets, and back to the Three Broomsticks, where they saw Hannah and Terry … lip locked. Hermione and Ron exchanged looks, and Hermione grinned. The couple entered the Three Broomsticks and Terry and Hannah quickly pulled away from each other.


“Ah … ah … we were …” Terry couldn’t seem to find the words, and Hannah was biting her lip, looking rather embarrassed.


“It’s okay,” Hermione said slowly. “Really.”


“Where were you two?” Terry asked, frowning.


“Around,” Ron replied, grinning at Hermione, who flushed.




“Harry, the carriages are here, we have to go!” Ginny said firmly, resisting Harry’s somewhat chaste kisses.


“They can wait! Or we can walk …”


“No! Come on! Besides, we have to see how Hermione’s date with Terry turned out.” Ginny said.


“And Ron and Hannah’s date,” Harry added.


“Right. Now let’s go! They’re going to leave with out us!” Ginny exclaimed. Harry leaned forward and they shared one more passionate kiss before Ginny grabbed Harry’s hand and led him towards the carriages where they found Terry and Hannah, but no Ron and Hermione.


“Terry! Hannah!” Ginny called out, and she jogged over to them. “Where’s Ron and Hermione?”


“Probably off snogging,” Hannah said, rolling her eyes, but smiling at Terry.


What?!” Harry and Ginny exclaimed simultaneously.


“She’s kidding. I think. No, they’re over there,” Terry said, pointing over to one of the carriages, where sure enough, Ron and Hermione were standing and seemed to be in deep conversation.


“Thanks,” Harry said, and led Ginny over to them.


“Ginny!” Hermione squealed as she saw her friend. “How was the date with Harry?”


“Great, how was yours?” Ginny asked.


“Oh … pretty good.” Hermione said, a blush forming in her cheeks, and Ron’s ears turned pink.


“Did you and Terry double date with Hannah and Ron?” Harry asked.


“Yeah,” Ron said for Hermione, nodding.


“Did my brother actually pay attention to Hannah? Or just go off lusting after anything in a skirt?” Ginny asked, grinning.


“Hey!” Ron snapped.


“Well you do!” Ginny snapped back at Ron.


“So … how was the date?” Harry asked, ignoring the sibling’s bickering.


“Well, let’s just say he didn’t exactly pay attention to Hannah …”




Author’s Note: And it’s done! Woot! I had fun working on this piece! I hope you guys enjoy it, because I don’t know about you, but I was getting slightly bored of only writing ‘HMY’ stories. =D Hope you enjoyed it, and if you lot like it enough, perhaps I’ll write a Harry/Ginny one-shot …

Hmmm ….



DISCLAIMER: All characters, settings, etc, etc belong to the wickedly, insane, awe-inspiring author, J.K. Rowling! As much as I’d like to own Harry Potter, I don’t. Which sucks.

Really sucks.



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