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His Real Father by almost_witch
Chapter 4 : To end. To start.
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Author: I wanted to let you know that I really, really didn’t like this chapter. I had a big bit of writers block (which helps explain the big delay) and I wanted more of a worthwhile meaning to the chapter, but in the end nothing would fit.

It was a nice Saturday afternoon when there was a light knock at the front door at the Burrow. Molly Weasley bounded over to the door curiously and opened it, throwing her arms around whoever just arrived with a muffled cry.

Finally two people became visible. The woman was in her late 30’s with long sheet of red hair thrown into a bun at the back of her head, her brown eyes sparkled and her thin hand was held by a very familiar man. Ginny and Harry Potter had just arrived.

Fred placed down his newspaper with a grin spread across his lips, reaching his arm out to shake Harry’s hand before Ginny threw her long, milky arms around his neck, squeezing him softly before pulling away.

No less than 3 months before was Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter’s wedding day. For years and years Harry put off their wedding even though they had been engaged for more than four years. But finally they agreed on a small service at the Weasley family home.


“Ginny?” Fred Weasley gave the bedroom door a light tap.

A pretty face appeared in the crack in the door curiously before it was thrown open excitedly.

“Fred!” Ginny exclaimed with a wide grin stretched across her delicate face.

Fred took a moment to look at his sister, she no longer was just a little girl - she was now a woman. She was dressed in a pearly white Muggle dress that hit the ground; her hair was tied back with little ringlets falling out gracefully, she looked stunning.

Ginny gave a small laugh before twirling around. “You can stop looking at me like that you know,” she said with her eyes sparkling.

Fred coughed before hastily looking around the room. “Hermione’s not here is she?” He asked.

Ginny shook her head, “she went to clean up Ronald, he fell over and got dirt all over his little dress robe.”

Fred nodded and placed his hand into his pocket, pulling out a small yellow envelope. “This is a present… your wedding present from me,” he said, playing with the envelope. “You have to promise never to tell or show Hermione, though.” He said looking sharply into her eyes.

She gave him a curious look in return. “Okay,” she said, nodding her head slowly.

Fred handed her the small envelope and she opened it slowly, pulling out a thin silver chain with an oval locket. Ginny smiled appreciatively at it.

“Open it,” Fred told her.

Finding the crack in the side she pried it open. She gasped with she saw the picture lying inside. On both sides there was a smiling and waving picture of the 18 year old Ronald Bilius Weasley.

“Oh, Fred!” Ginny cried out, looking up to him as her eyes filled with tears.

“I managed to steal two pictures before Hermione hid them all,” Fred said as Ginny wrapt her arms around his neck, her sobs muffled against his neck.

“Thank you,” she whispered into his neck as tears fell quickly.


Fred’s eyes scanned over Ginny; he could see the chain of the necklace tucked under her travelling coat. Those were the last two pictures anyone apart from Hermione had; Fred knew that if anyone, Ginny needed them. She had missed Ron terribly and anyone could see she found it hard to hide it. Also, on her Wedding day she needed part her much loved brother there more than any other day.

After Ron’s death, Ginny had a tendency to act like the death never really happened, she would look around to see if Ron was in the room, or would even mention things that only Ron and herself would remember. Normally she was oddly cheerful

Dinner was served and finished; it was Ronald’s bed time so a cheerful Ginny went up with Hermione to tuck him in.

Fred and Harry sat by the empty fireplace, each holding a mug of Fire whiskey.

“He is looking more and more like Ron each time I see him,” Harry referred to Ronald with an unreadable voice.

Fred nodded but couldn’t think of anything to reply with.

Fred had watched Harry fight for his life from the year he entered Hogwarts, and every year from that he entered another challenge, another deathly competition between him and someone else. But he had his best friend sticking by him to the very end. Fred knew that Harry blamed himself every day for Ron’s death, and nothing could ever change that.

Harry lived in a hovering spot between life and death, while his body was still here, his eyes weren’t the bright and shiny ones they used to be, they were distant and lost. Harry still wasted his time caring for those who died many, many years before.

“Do you ever-“Harry paused to clear his throat before continuing with a whisper, “wonder what it would be like if he was still here?” Harry looked up with his dull green eyes and stared at Fred.

“Every day,” Fred whispered in return truthfully.

Fred stared down at his hands, he couldn’t stand Harry’s plain stare with his dazzling green eyes, it was like death, pain and suffering was staring right down into his heart.


“I heard about what you agreed with Hermione,” Harry lent against the study doorway, his hair swept back from his thin hands.

Fred looked up from his desk after hearing Harry speak. “Yeah, I feel I need to do something for her and the baby, you know?” Fred was still anxious on everyone’s response to the situation.

“You feel you need to father a baby that isn’t yours?” Harry raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms across his bony chest.

“Harry, I-“

“No,” Harry shook his head and took small steps towards Fred’s desk. “You’re doing a good thing.” Harry gave a weak smile - the only type he could handle after his best friends death.

Fred looked up at Harry who stared back at him with piercing eyes that stared right into his heart.


Harry broke the silence again, “when will you tell him the truth?” he asked, looking down, relieving Fred from his discomfort.

“If I had my way, now.” Fred said, hating their small talk. “But Hermione-“

“Doesn’t want to,” Harry finished his sentence off, nodding like he already knew. “I think if Hermione had her way, Ronald would never go to school, the reason why is because she doesn’t want to let go of him because to her, she’s letting go of Ron.”

Fred bit the inside of his cheek, how am I suppose to respond to that? He thought bitterly to himself.

“Listen,” Harry said with a low whisper, leaning forward to get closer to Fred. “Hermione needs to see how the situation is good Ron, not for Ronald, Ron.”

Fred replayed what Harry had just said to him in his mind. How could he convince Hermione that telling Ronald was good for her late husband, Ron?

Half an hour later Hermione entered the room and sat in a spot next to Harry. Fred sat silently, clutching onto his drink, watching her every move. He watched the way her beautiful smile would never reach her eyes, he wanted the way she took every chance to touch Harry asthough making sure he was still there and real. He watched the way her messy mane of hair moved, the way her brown eyes would twitch, the her thin lips could spread so many lies.

He knew too much about her every move to deny it any longer. He loved her.

Author: This chapter might seem worthless now, but in the next chapter (which I have nearly finished… I wrote it before this one actually) it will all make sense. By the way, there’s about, estimated, three chapters left. I hope you keep on reading.

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His Real Father: To end. To start.


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