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Cara Sterling's Guide to the Marauders. by brighteyesx3
Chapter 1 : Here we go Again;
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A/N- Enjoy! Read the other, much longer novel of an Author's Note at the bottom, please!

Chapter 1: Here we go again.


“Ew- lock the door next time Sirius,” I said with a shrug as I shut the door.

Mhm. I live in a house that is constantly Marauder – infested. Today is the last day of summer, and the fact we were going back to Hogwarts the next day was looming over us.

Oy! Hello there! I have forgotten to mention some pretty important pieces of information. I am Cara Elaina Sterling, and I am completely mental. Why? I have three brothers. And I am an honorary Marauder. This is my Guide to dealing with them. Maybe I’ll give it to their wives or their children one day. Just so they can see how these buffoons really act.

Anyway. I live next door to James; we’ve been best friends since my fifth birthday party when he decided to walk into my backyard and decided to reach into the uncut cake and take a chunk. I took if out of his hands and stuffed it in his pants.

We have been best friends ever since.

The boys are staying at his house, and Emmeline Vance, my increasingly blonde best friend was staying at mine. But since we live in such close proximity, we are always at one another’s houses.

And me walking in on Sirius as he was peeing was nothing new. He doesn’t understand the concept of pushing the little lock on the doorknob and I don’t understand the concept of knocking. It was never taught to me.

“FOOD!” Mrs. Potter yelled from downstairs. Sirius came bolting out of the bathroom, giving me a turn. Sure, the Potters have about twelve toilets, but some are trick ones that jump a meter to the right just before you sit down. And some like to switch rooms, you can think you are opening a bathroom door and come to a closet. So I just use the main one; because that one is stationary.

I got down to the kitchen last, and there was one sandwich left. Those vultures, James had a stack of four and Emmeline was stuffing them in her mouth at lightening speed. Some friends.

“Excited about seeing Ryan, Cara?” Em asked as the chaos of getting the best sandwich calmed and we were sitting around eating.

“Yeah, I most definitely am.” Ryan Bell, 7th year Quidditch Captain this year, absolute hottie, and my boyfriend.

“Blehk, don’t talk about that git while I’m eating,” Sirius said dramatically as he threw his sandwich to his plate.

“He isn’t that bad! Your just jealous, Sirius.”

“Jealous of him being able to touch you? No, thankful I don’t have to,” he said as everyone laughed.

“Laugh it up, but I detect some jealousy in all of you.”

“Quidditch when we’re done?” Remus suggested.

“Definitely,” James said as me and Sirius continued to bicker.

* * *

“STOP IT! AHH! NO-,” Sirius yelled as he laughed.

“NOT UNTIL YOU PROMISE!” I yelled, continuing to tickle him.

“I PROMISE NEVER TO USE YOUR MASCARA AGAIN!” he wailed as he gasped, fighting for air.

...Sirius Black likes to use my makeup...

...on Peter while he is sleeping...

And he wastes perfectly good lipstick writing things like ‘Twinkle Toes’ on the poor guy’s forehead.

Well. This is perfectly normal. I am trying to get ready for the train ride into fifth year; I grab my lipstick only to find that it is smushed down extremely far and pressed in around the edges.

Perfectly new Ruby Slipper colored lipstick.

Right. So. The day we went back to school.

They were all at my house, like always.

And I was excited for going back to see my boyfriend.


My mum was screaming from downstairs. In a stampede of cologne, my brothers; Christopher, Connor, and Cody, then Remus, Peter, Sirius, Emmeline Vance, and James all came down the stairs, their trunks and brooms lined up in a row by the Ministry car that was escorting us to King’s Cross.

I got squeezed in between my younger brother, Connor, and my older one, Chris. They both smelled good, at least, as I previously stated.

You want to know something?

I’m telling you anyway.

Cody is Head Boy this year, and he is a Slytherin. Christopher is a Hufflepuff, and he is 16, then there is me, the Gryffindor, and then my little brother, who is 14, is in Ravenclaw.

We all have the same initials, CES, and we are all born on the 22nd of different months. We are all a year apart, and we are all in different houses.

Sorry. Confusing. Don’t worry about it, it isn't that important.

Honestly. Brothers aren't important at all.

The car came to a halt, and we all piled out. Owls were hooting, my cat, Bonnie, was hissing at them, and Connor’s toad was croaking. Plus, all around us, couples were reuniting, parents tearfully saying goodbye, girls squealing, and trunks clunking along. It was pure mayhem, and it would only get crazier.

“Bye mum,” I said as I kissed her on the cheek. Dad hadn’t bothered to come. Again.

“Look Cara it’s your boyfriend,” Emmeline said as she clutched her cat tighter as Narcissa Black walked past and the cat began to hiss violently.

“Stop it Clyde, I know she’s a git,” Emmeline cooed as she scratched behind her cats ears affectionately.

“Cara!” Ryan said as he smiled and he picked me up and spun me around, “still as amazing as ever.”

“Of course I am,” I said with a grin, “I have a rep to maintain.”

We kissed momentarily as Sirius and James made gagging noises.

The number one thing you need to know about those Marauders is that they are very immature. It’s a cute, funny immature, but it’s the kind of immature Lily Evans and her snooty friends hate.

Speaking of which, Queen Bee Lily and her gaggle of biddies walked past giggling and laughing. Emmeline rolled her eyes and I stuck out my tongue. Lily Evans and I, quite famously, do not get along.

“Let’s get a compartment then,” I said as Ryan took my hand and we all walked through the barrier and onto the huge scarlet engine.

The hours passed. I got steadily more bored. Borderer. Is that a word? I don't think so. And then finally, the old dear with the snack trolley came past. I jumped off of the floor so fast and into the hallway I tripped and came stumbling out into someone.

Ah. Evans. My day is just getting better.

She turned and gave me a dirty look. I sneered.

“Evans,” I said as I paid for all of my sweets.

“Take it easy Sterling; you may not be able to fit through the Portrait Hole at this rate.”

“And if you get anymore arrogant neither will your ego,” I said nastily.

“Ouch. You’re getting good at this,” she said simply as she turned around.

“Nice talking to you!” I called after her. Evans. Stupid perfect Evans, still miffed because Ryan Bell is with me. Everyone fancies him, kind of like how everyone fancies Sirius too.

I walked back into the compartment and took my seat on the floor like before.

“What did Evans say to you?” James asked.

“Eh. Nothing that she hasn’t before.”

“She really needs a good smack,” Emmeline said as she put her hair up, “I am surprised those Slytherins haven’t done her in yet.”

Ryan reached down and took a chunk of my Cauldron Cake. My cat jumped up on his lap and swiped his arm.

“Ruddy cat,” he muttered as he shook his arm, causing Bonnie to fly across the room and land on Remus.

“Well I am getting changed, come on,” Emmeline said as she got up and grabbed her stuff.

Once changed and sorted out, we left the bathroom. We went into a compartment we thought was ours, but it very obviously wasn’t.

Because it held two people snogging like there was no tomorrow.

Lily Evans and my boyfriend.

That was it. I snapped.

“RYAN!” I screeched, slamming the compartment door behind me, “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SNOGGING THIS BLOODY SLUT BEHIND MY BACK? HOW LONG?”

Lily’s hair was messed up, and she had a look of satisfaction on her face as she fixed herself up and glared snootily at me. Her look was not satisfaction with the snogging, though I am sure she was feeling that too, it was pure satisfaction with hurting my feelings.


“You...what? Make it good Ryan, entertain me.”

“Look I’m sorry, Lily, she...”

“She what? She’s a bloody whore? Wait. No. We all knew that. Let me guess. She came onto you, right?” I mocked. I was so angry. SO angry. My boyfriend and my enemy. And Emmeline, who was raring for a fight. What a bloody happy family.

“No, you don’t understand.”

“Damn straight. Make me understand Ryan. Because right now all I understand is that you cheated on me. With her. And that you don’t even seem sorry. You know? I don’t want to understand, okay? It’s over. There is something for you to understand.”

Lily actually looked a little guilty. I shook my head, oh how I wanted to hex her. I was shaking with rage. Our compartment was three down. I was an idiot. How do you walk into the wrong compartment? I must have NO sense of direction...

I walked up to the door to our compartment and walked in.

“Do tell, love,” Sirius said. Ugh. Stupid boys know me so well...

My eyes filled with tears as the situation began to sink in. Of course he would cheat on me. I was so much younger then him, I was so stupid. I was so un-Evans like.

I sat there, with the four boys staring at me, fighting to keep the tears at bay, with Emmeline rubbing my shoulder.


I looked up and saw James. Something flickered way down deep. I liked the feeling of looking into his eyes. It was.. a magical moment.

“Whose ass are we kicking?”

So we just take it back
these words
And hold our breath
the things we sworn we meant

I'll write you just to let you know
That I'm alright
Can't say I'm sad to see you go
Cause I'm not

- Here we go again; Paramore.

A/N: Okay, I have a lottttt to explain. First of all, Meagen Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian is one of the best books I have read in a while, and though the story may hold SOME small similarities, most of it is my own.

Okay, second, the title and exerpt are from 'Here we go again,' by Paramore, and I give them credit for THAT, and once I have given credit to Jo, I don't know what's left... but what is, is in fact mine, and if you steal it, your in for a serious problem.

And, I know Lily seems a little out of character, because everyone writes her as the girl every non-Slytherin loves, and I somehow don't think that is how things worked, there has to be someone she hated, and that, is in fact Cara.


And I give you permission to be brutal:]

Review, lovelies.

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