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Harry Potter and...the missing Monkey? by nazozink
Chapter 1 : 911 Boots is GONE
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A/n a challenge I couldn’t resist to write. I suck at Spanish so there will sadly be none except the occasional hola; I hope you enjoy reading this review!!!

Dora the explorer was out when suddenly an evil vile man swooped down and abducted Boots.

“Oh no!!!” Dora screamed running at the flying man. “What will we do Backpack?” She slid off her backpack looking to it for help. It seemed too petrified to speak. In a worried and distressed moment Dora flipped it open throwing map and most of it’s other items such as numchucks all around. Luckily her rapid throwing harmed no one, well perhaps Swipper but he wasn’t even the villain in this story so no one really cared.

She flipped open her yellow book to ‘help with guys on flying broom sticks stealing monkeys.’

“Hello Harry Potters agency; how may I help you?” A voice asked on the other side of the phone.

“Hola!” Dora exclaimed perhaps there is some hope for her talking monkey.

“Wait Hold on.” The voice said slowly. “Speak English I can’t understand you” Dora looked at the phone.

“Hello My name is Dora the explorer. My friend Boots has been kidnapped by a strange man.”

“ No I can’t understand you do you speak English?” The voice went on. “Eng-il-ish”

Okay now he was getting her mad. That was perfect English. I mean come on was this guy stupid?

Another man took the phone.


“Hello, My name is Dora the explorer. My friend Boots has been kidnapped by a strange man.” There was a long an awkward pause. Dora thought that the call might have dropped. Dang I knew I should have switched to cingular. She asked if any one was there.

With a big pop and a huge bang three people appeared in front of her. I boy with weird tapped up glasses looked frantically around. There were two other people with him, a girl with really frizzy hair and a boy with bright stupid looking hair.

“OMG” said the boy with glasses. “WERE THE HECK IS THE PERSON WHO CALLED?!!!” Dora cleared her throat. “Little girl have you seen a person who might have possibly lost a monkey?”

“I am that person.” She explained. The boy with red hair walked over.

“In English en-gi-lish!” he sounded it out to her “Oh wait a minute the person on the phone couldn’t speak English either. That must mean-“

“Oh you poor little girl! Your monkey was stolen.” The frizz head said. Well there’s one smart one in this group of dunder-heads. Dora thought.

“Oh I was going to ask were her mother was but that works too Hermione.” The red head said.

The first boy, Harry, sat down on the floor with a note pad, “So little girl. Can you describe the man who took your beloved monkey?”

“Yes he was Bold and was on a broom.” Harry took this in to consideration scribbling things down onto a note pad. He hemmed and hawed scribbled and scratched until finally Dora was fed up with it all. ”WELL?” Harry flipped the booklet around so she could see the picture. She nodded her head that was defiantly him. Harry got up.

“Voldmort my mortal enemy” He hissed out making his red headed friend/ co-worker squeal like a little girl.

Harry grabbed Dora’s hand and they all aperrated. Turning up in a dark evil layer they say Senor baldy himself.

“Harry Pooter(1), go away I want to play with my monkey!” he said shoeing the teens and 8 year old away.

Harry turned and looked like he was going to walk away when Dora decided to fix things and get Boots back.

“Swipper no swipping Swipper no swipping!!” after finishing the phrase that usually works she put on a face that said ‘don’t make me snap in a Z formation.’

“Silly little girl don’t you know that doesn’t work on me any more? I became immune to that 20 years ago now leave, before I get angry.” Now Dora was mad. First he steals a monkey, next he put down her method of getting back her random objects but now he was insulting her age? Little? As if! She’s secretly 35 it’s just a shortness problem GOSH! Mentally thanking her mother for those karate lessons years ago she decided to beat him into a pulp.

Dora ran at Voldmort with an unhinged hatred. The fallowing has been sensor by the author for thinking it is way to violent to be showed in a kids story

Wiping her hands and smiling in triumph Dora huffed out a breath.

“Come on Boots.” She called to her monkey companion as they walked out of the layer.

Mean while ~
Harry Potter sat on the floor. “I wanted to kill him ME ME ME ME MEEE!!!” Hermione patted him on the back comfortly(2) and took out some cards.

“Go fish?” The trio sat in a circle and played gold fish for all of eternity and lived happily ever and ever after.

A/N Sorry if it sucked I was tired and I realize this is random please no mean reviews and I don’t own cingular or Harry Potter or the idea of a story for this I just wrote it J

(1) Yes Pooter it was Old voldy trying to be funny
(2) Yea I know not a word I DON’T CARE!!

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