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Letters to my Father by LovlyRita
Chapter 7 : You're All I've Got
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Haiden knew he’d be in trouble. The moment he and Draco stumbled upon it, he knew it would be the end for him.

“What is this room?” Haiden had asked his comrade.

“I don’t know, I’ve never really been in this wing of the house. Father keeps it locked and he left it unlocked while he went away for the weekend. But I wanna know! I mean, it’s my stupid house, right? I should be able to do whatever I want!” Haiden nodded and grabbed the handle of the ornate door.

“1….2…..3!” The boys pushed open together. The room was dark inside, but the dim light from the hall was enough for the boys to see the gadgets in the room.

“Wow!” the two exclaimed, dashing in. There were trinkets to pick up, boxes to shake, and noise makers to make noise with.

“Look at this, Haiden!” Draco exclaimed, attempting to pick up a sword emblazoned with a silver snake.

“Cool! Check out this…this….thing!” Haiden yelled, picking up a small crystal orb, which glowed a brilliant crimson when it was touched.

“Haiden….c’mere,” Draco whispered, staring into a large basin. “What is this?”

“I dunno,” Haiden said, dropping the ball and joining Draco. There was a silvery liquid inside the basin that churned restlessly.

“What do you think it does?” Draco asked.

“I dunno…” Haiden repeated, moving his face closer to the unsettled liquid. Suddenly he felt like he was falling, falling endlessly. After what seemed like hours, he hit the floor.

“Ow!” he exclaimed, but quickly quieted.

“M-Mr. Lucius….I’m so sorry, I didn’t-“ But Lucius Malfoy paid no attention to Haiden. Instead, he was in deep conversation with a scary man in a chair and…his father?

“Father, I’m sorry-“ But Severus could no hear him as well.

“Sir, it would be wise to act with haste,” Lucius was saying, bowing before a very frightening looking man in a big chair.

“Are you quite sure, Lucius, that it is safe to proceed? I have a bad feeling surrounding the events that may unfold. The Potter house is well protected, regardless of the fact of the information that has just been divulged. I personally know James and Lily Potter and I beseech you, m’Lord, it would be much more wise to attack at a time when neither of them are aware that we are upon them.”

“Do not be stupid and naïve, Severus,” Lucius spat harshly. “Wormtail has provided us with the information. Harry Potter is at home with his parents, they won’t suspect us, not tonight with the celebration of all Hallow’s eve. Tonight, Little Harry Potter will die, and you will be able to rise to your fullest extent!”

The man in the chair began to cackle, a horrendous sound that echoed on the walls, a sound so horrible that Haiden began to cry, even though he had promised his father he’d try never cry.

“Easy, Lucius. I believe you to be correct. Tonight is the night. We must act. Severus, you brought us the information of the prophecy, this night should be glorious, a large celebration for our cause. Tonight I will go alone- this should be quite easy. Lucius and Severus, my most honored servants, thank you for your loyalty on this night I shall take my leave when the hour strikes 9.” The man stood- a tall, frightening looking man. Through his tears, Haiden finally swathe red eyes…the eyes of the man in his nightmares.

“Tonight, Harry Potter will die! The one year old child will perish, and our Lord will reign supreme!” Lucius Malfoy celebrated, but Haiden’s eyes were locked on his father, where sadness and doubt clouded his clear midnight eyes.

“Father..Daddy…Please..I want to leave..I want to go home,” Haiden sobbed, crawling to his father. But Severus continued to ignore his crying son.

“Harry Potter….” The name continued to ring in his ears. Who was Harry Potter?

Suddenly, a strong force pulled up, and the frightening world faded away.

“Haiden!” Draco Malfoy brought his friend back to the safety of reality.

“Wh-what happened?” Haiden asked, his cheeks stained with tears.

“You fell in, and all of a sudden a scene began playing. I saw Father, and Severus!”

“M-me too. I-I think I wanna go home.”

“What? Why? You just got here, there is so much more to explore!”

“I-I need Father. I need to see my father!” Haiden said, fresh tears falling down his cheeks. “I don’t feel well.”

“Alright, alright, geez, don’t be such a little girl. I’ll get mother.”

Now, sitting at the Malfoy’s kitchen table, Haiden knew he was in trouble. Narcissa did not know where the boys had been, but while he was there, she did learn the far south wing was open, upon Draco’s lie that the boys had seen it open and then run away. Narcissa, seemingly exasperated, had left the room. But Haiden was more concerned with what he had seen in the silver liquid.

Severus Snape was having a fine day. He had taken 70 points away from Gryffindor, added 30 to Slytherin, and put three Hufflepuffs into detention. He was in the middle of a particularly rowdy Gryffindor/Slytherin 3rd year potions lesson when a small Gryffindor girl raised her hand.

“What, Blackburn?” Severus barked at the girl.

“Please, sir. There’s an owl at the door.” Opening his mouth once more to take points away for insolence, curiosity got the better of him, and he harshly ordered them to begin on their potions.

At the door, there was a rather muffled looking owl, who was probably rather upset seeing that the dungeon had no windows, and so it had to fly all over campus.

Detaching the note from the owl and sending it away, Severus looked at the hurried scrawl.


Haiden is crying, he’s been asking repeatedly for you, I don’t know what to do. I think the boys got into the far south wing. Please come immediately.


Sighing deeply, with great regret, Severus went back into the room.

“Class, due to some unfortunate circumstances, class has to be cancelled for the day. Please leave as soon as possible, don’t worry about your mess.” The children all stood excitedly, chatting with each other as they vacated the room, and Severus locked up, making his way off campus grounds.

“What is the meaning of this!” Severus stormed into the Malfoy household. Haiden was in the kitchen, and he snapped to attention when he heard his father’s booming, clearly angry voice.

“Severus, come,” Narcissa ordered, taking Severus into another room where Haiden couldn’t hear.

“You’re gonna be in trouble, you’re gonna be in trouble!” Draco chanted, dancing around the kitchen table.

“Shut up, Draco!” Haiden exclaimed, hopping down from his chair.

“Why are you such a sissy. Who cares about what you saw, it was just stupid magical scene, it didn’t really happen.”

“How do you know, Draco? It could’ve. We should never’ve been over there anyway.”

“Aww, the sissy wants to follow the rules. You’re a great mummy’s boy, you know that?”

“How can I be a mummy’s boy if I don’t have a mummy!” Suddenly Haiden lunged at Draco and began to hit him. The two brawled for a very short time before their parents came to break them up.

“What’s wrong with you, Haiden?” Severus asked, somewhat concerned.

“He’s the problem!” Draco pointed at Haiden.

“What has happened here?” Narcissa asked,

“Draco called me a mummy’s boy, but I..but I…I don’t have a mummy!” Haiden said, starting cry again.

“Here we go again,” Draco mumbled, but his mother heard and promptly hit him in the back of the head.

“I see,” Severus said pensively.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to-“

“It’s alright. Come along. Tell Draco goodbye.”

“Bye, Draco,” Haiden said. “I’m sorry for hitting you. Still friends?”

Draco frowned slightly and then responded, “Yeah, I guess. See ya tomorrow, Haiden.”

The two returned in silence to the castle.

After a hot meal and a bath that evening, Haiden sat in his pajamas in his room. Severus had magically expanded the room when Haiden had been old enough for a bed, and now he had his own room. It wasn’t decorated with much, just a pictures of famous quidditch players, a couple of books, and a few small trinkets given to Haiden throughout the years from Dumbledore and his father for Christmas and his birthday. His bed was large, decorated in green and silver. It was his father’s greatest hope that his son would turn out to be in Slytherin, but he hadn’t put the thought out of his mind that Haiden was, in fact, of Gryffindor descent. Still, the bed was large, and Haiden had seemed to take a liking to the green and silver decorations.

Severus entered the room to tuck the young boy into bed.

“Hi, father,” Haiden said sadly, kicking his feet up into his bed.

“Son,” Severus said quietly, coming in and sitting down. “Do you want to tell me what happened today?” Haiden shook his head no…then, upon second though, shook his head yes.

“I see,” Severus said.

“I…promise you won’t get mad at me if I tell you,” Haiden said. Severus chuckled.

“I promise.”

“Draco ‘n’ I, well, we went into this secret room that I had never seen before, an’ there were all kinds of really cool things in there! There was a sword with a snake on it-“

“The great sword of Slytherin’s heir!” Severus gasped.

“And uh…this really cool ball looking thing, it turned a color when you touched it-“

“The orb of Sanskrit! What color did it turn when you touched it?”

“Um…red I think-“ Severus frowned deeply but said nothing.

“And then there was this big…bowl thing that had silver liquid in it, an’ I though it was cool, so I got a little closer-“

“Oh Merlin…Malfoy’s Pensieve,” Severus said quietly. Haiden stopped talking and looked at the pained countenance of his father’s face.

“What did you see in there?” Severus asked.

“Well, you were there..and Mr. Lucius…and a very scary man, with scary eyes…I see…I see the scary man…I see him in my dreams…” tears began to well in Haiden’s eyes.

“An’…an’ Mr. Lucius was kinda scary, I tried to talk to him, an’ he ignored me, so I crawled to you, an’ you ignored me’ Mr. Lucius, he was talking about killing people, Father…an’ they were talking about killing a baby, too! One called Harry Potter. Who is Harry Potter?”

The color completely drained from Severus’ face. His heart sped up and his hands became clammy. The boy was only seven…how could he possibly be asking questions about Harry Potter now?

“I-uh,” Severus stalled.

“Did the scary man kill him? Is he still alive?” Haiden asked eagerly.

“Harry Potter…er…Harry Potter is not alive. Harry Potter is dead,” Severus whispered. Haiden began to wail, as though he had known Harry Potter.

“But, son, that Dark Man did not kill Harry Potter. Harry Potter is..well, he’s presumed dead. He’s missing, no one knows where he is. Harry Potter actually killed that Dark Man. He survived a very bad curse, and he was able to defeat the dark man. No one knows, really. That dark man does not exist anymore,” Severus finished.

“He doesn’t?” Haiden asked.

“No. He doesn’t. Mr. Lucius is not a bad man, you must never tell him the things that you have seen, and you must never ask about Harry Potter or the dark man, do you understand? If you have any questions about either of the two, promise me you’ll always come to me. Is that understood?”

“Yes, father, I understand. I’m sorry I cried today. I didn’t mean to, I was so scared-“ Severus felt his heart go out to the young boy. He had taught him not to cry, that it was weakness, but the boy truly was only seven.

“Haiden. It’s okay to cry sometimes. Sometimes, if you can’t hold it in, it’s ok. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Haiden, you are very special. Don’t let people like Lucius, or Draco, or anyone tell you that you are not, okay?”

It felt weird and foreign to Severus to have this talk with his son, but there were things starting to crop up in his attitude that reminded him of..well, himself. And if there was anything in the world that Severus didn’t want, it was his son to turn out like him.

“Okay, daddy. I understand.”

“I love you, Haiden. Now have a good evening and sleep well.” He leaned in to give the boy a hug.

“I love you too, daddy,” Haiden whispered into his father’s ear. Severus tucked him in and then turned out the light.

Back in his own room, Severus sat down on his bed, rubbing his temples. Whatever evil Lucius Malfoy was doing to his son, Severus would put a stop to it. True, Lucius was Severus’ best friend, but he did not agree with teaching the children evil at such a young age. And to leave that wing unlocked in the house was only inviting trouble. He felt anger rise in him.

How was it possible that Haiden knew who Harry Potter was already? It pained him to think about it. Shaking his head, he pulled down the covers of his bed and turned in for the night, praying that Haiden would have good dreams instead of hate-filled nightmares.

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