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Snogging Sirius by Airiana Ski
Chapter 6 : Chapter 5: Meet The AFFAS
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A/N: I know its been FOREVER, and I’m sorry. My grandmother died, and I’ve been going through a LOT of crap lately. And this chapter is MEGA short, so I’m sorry. And yes I have realized that instead of making things italicized, I made them in Caps. *cough* Anyways, I wrote you a chapter, so be happy. Even though it’s all short and boring. I got a writers block thing... aw well. So this will probably be the worst chapter in this story... but read it and review anyway. Please? I still have no beta, like I care, and I do not own Harry Potter. I’m going to ask Santa if I can have teenage Sirius though. Think I have a chance?


Snogging Sirius: Chapter 5: Meet The AFFAS:


Five girls sat in the Gryffindor common room. A girl with short blue hair started laughing hysterically at something a black haired girl said, while the blonde and red head argued about something. The poor brunette was the only one actually studying for the Potions test the next day.


“Lily, Sirius is my FRIEND. My f-r-i-e-n-d. Ferrrrrrr-ennnnnnnnn-daaaaaaaaaaaaa. I don’t care what you think,” the blonde, Scarlet, said pouting.


“But he is a TOTAL prat Whiskey. A total, irresponsible, PRAT,” Lily responded in annoyance.


“I’m serious Spot!” Aquaine, with her blue hair, said to Sam.


“Well too bad Stripes. I REFUSE to go with you to Hogsmeade for the sole purpose of buying you candy,” she replied.






“GUYS! I, as opposed to your beliefs, am trying to STUDY. STUDY. Could you please be a LITTLE quieter?” The brunette screamed at her friends.


“Er... sorry ‘bout that Scars, dear,” Sam said ashamedly.


“We didn’t mean to Caitie. Really, honestly, truly, we didn’t,” Scarlet said with puppy eyes, “Forgive me? Pwease?”


“Whiskey, do not give me the puppy eyes! Just be quieter. Please?”


“Fine, we’ll be quiet, but seriously, you belong in Ravenclaw even more that I do,” Lily replied with a smirk.


“Shut up Flame. I enjoy actually passing you know,” Caitie said while sticking her tongue out.


“And I enjoy randomly interrupting your conversations!” Sirius appeared next to Scarlet out of no where.


“And I enjoy randomly throwing things at your head,” Remus threw a pillow straight at his face without looking up from his book on the other side of the room.


“I enjoy laughing hysterically at you two, in fact I will now,” James then proceeded to roll on the floor laughing.


“Tell me he wasn’t given any giggle juice, or I WILL kill all of you,” Sam threw in.


“Do NOT mention giggle juice anywhere NEAR me, or I will kill all of you,” Scarlet also threw in.


“Don’t worry dear, I won’t. If you’re lucky,” Sirius winked sitting next to her.


“So, what are the chances of anyone actually passing Stinkhorn’s test tomorrow? One in a million?” James questioned with a laugh.


“I’d say...” Sirius paused to count on his fingers, “Three in about 20. As in Lily, Caitie, and Moony.”


Lily glared, Remus rolled his eyes, and Caitie laughed before responding, “You’re probably right about that.”


“I’m bored,” Sam announced, “How ‘bout some quidditch? Boys vs. the girls? Who’s in?”


“Me!” James and Sirius shouted in unison.


“Oh yeah,” Scarlet said with a smirk.


“I’m definitely in,” Aquaine added.


“Fine,” Remus replied in a bored tone.


“We’ll watch,” Caitie then said in reference to Lily and herself.


They all ran outside, Sam and Aquaine already arguing over who gets to be beater, and I don’t believe Caitie ever finished that studying.


A/N: I know! I know! There was no drama! No excitement! No humor! This chapter sucked! L But I will make it up to you! Candy to all who read, and... Lots of candy for those who review! Please help a humble author trying to survive in this cold, cruel world! Review please! Tell me it sucked! Tell me something! Please? And I totally just realized NOTHING was said pertaining to the AFFAS. L Shame, shame. Bad Dee. *cough* you’ll find out about them in the next chapter. Hopefully... Review and I will tell you! In the next chapter. OMG! This was SO short! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m a bad, bad writer

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Snogging Sirius: Chapter 5: Meet The AFFAS


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