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House Pride by Adhar
Chapter 12 : Meaning to Double
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Chapter dedicated to Ai-Chan, thank you for all your help; and for listening to me as rant on. You are a true friend. 

Q. Is Caitlin going to become a Mary Sue? I hope not! D:

A. If she does, shoot me. I shall not have a Mary Sue in this story. 

And a question for you guys; after seeing another author having an audio, or read out version of their story, I have pondered if it was a good idea to do the same thing. Would anyone want that? I am quite happy to do it if there is a response. 

“Ron, you’re avoiding my question.” - Harry

House Pride

Meaning to Double

It was quiet, perhaps a little too quiet, but Hermione liked it that way. The lake was rippling softly, and with the wind blowing an unnaturally calm gentle breeze, Hermione could not help but close her eyes for a moment to enjoy the silence.
Then, there was a splash, which instantly wrenched her eyes open. Above the water’s surface, a long tentacle had appeared; it stayed up for a moment, and then returned to its cool confinement below the deep water. Hermione frowned, remembering the previous year’s seemingly life-or-death task that had faced in the very same lake.

“Quite a majestic creature, wouldn’t you agree?” came a voice from behind the brunette. Hermione recognised the voice, and turned around to meet Caitlin’s serious face. She invited herself to sit beside Hermione; her sharp eyes locked on her the whole time.

For once, Hermione chose to play dumb. “What is it?”

“A giant squid,” Caitlin answered, a suspicious look flashing across her face. “I heard they, the founders, had it brought here to protect the students.”

Hermione was instantly reminded of the time when Dennis Creevey, as a First Year, had fallen out of the boats on the way to Hogwarts in the middle of a raging storm. The giant squid had pushed him out of the water into the safety of Hagrid’s arms. Yes, Hermione concluded, the squid was there to protect the students; no doubt it would have acted otherwise if it had not been. “The founders have sure thought ahead, haven’t they?”

“Indeed they have, I’ll give them that…” Caitlin murmured, just loud enough for Hermione to hear her. Then her eyes narrowed, making Hermione shift uncomfortably.

“Is there something you need?” Hermione asked, looking directly into the other girl’s eyes.

“How long have you been attending Hogwarts?” Caitlin asked, her tone demanding. Hermione had the oddest feeling that she was being interrogated. Normally, she would have answered truthfully, but these were not normal circumstances.

“Why?” Hermione replied, trying to sound casual, but it ended up snappish with a hint of suspicion leaking through.

“Why?” Caitlin repeated her words, looking rather taken back. “I was merely curious. I was informed that I would be the first student to attend this school; I find it odd that I was misinformed.”

“We arrived yesterday afternoon,” Hermione answered, somewhat truthfully.

“ Really…” Caitlin murmured; her voice oddly soft. She opened her mouth to ask yet another question, but, sensing this, Hermione rose to her feet.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have to study. Goodbye.” Without another word, Hermione turned on her heel and walked away from the interrogation.

So much for peace and quiet.

Harry was oddly nervous. Every single one of his senses were screaming at him to turn away, run, this was a bad idea! Yet, as one does in the face of danger, Harry ignored them, and grasped the door handle to Salazar Slytherin’s office.

Said office was, unexpectedly, empty. The room, even though it was midmorning, was dark and cold. Harry shivered, peering into the shadows warily. He took a cautious step into Slytherin’s dark domain. Figuring that Salazar wasn’t home, he muttered “Lumos,” and the room lit up in a flash from the wand clenched tightly in Harry’s hand. The boy peered in further; it looked exactly like Snape’s dank office in his time. Papers were stacked into neat piles on the dark oak desk that was almost centred in the middle of the office. Walking over nervously, Harry’s green eyes examined the papers; dearly hoping that Salazar would not appear behind him unexpectedly.

The parchment was covered in fancy handwriting, which curled after every letter. Through this, Harry attempted to read those beautifully crafted words, but got nowhere, as they were written in a completely different language. Harry guessed it to be Middle English, as he made out a ‘thou’ and ‘thee’ in odd places.

“Eager to get started, are we?” came a sly, sinister voice from behind Harry, causing him to freeze. Harry was horrified to find his professor standing right behind him, just as he’d feared.

Trying to collect himself, Harry muttered a reply.

“Good,” Salazar replied snappishly. “Now, follow me to a classroom, where we shall begin your training.” Turning his heel, and surprisingly not commenting on what Harry had been looking at, left his office. Harry gulped, and followed the founder to a classroom, which he recognised as his old potions room. He cringed at the unusual coldness; clearly no one had ever bothered to heat up this room. Salazar stopped at the front of the class, and pointed to a seat near the front where Harry should sit, and so he did.

“This spell I am going to teach you can be rather dangerous, not for you, per say, but when used correctly, for others.” Harry’s ears perked up. This sounded like something Salazar would use, and that wasn’t a good thing. Walking over to his desk, Salazar grabbed what looked like a small chunk of wood. Harry jumped as the wood fell onto the desk in front of him with a loud thud.

“This spell will allow, if performed correctly, to double this object for a short period of time.” Harry stared at his tutor in disbelief. “For example,” Salazar pulled his wand out and, with a sharp flick and a clear voice, boomed; “Geminus!” Then, the wood split in two, and there sat two identical pieces of wood in front of Harry. The boy-who-lived could not help but stare at the wood in a mixture of shock, and amazement.

“This is an early stage, once you have advanced enough, you can clone bigger, more difficult objects. For example,” he pointed his wand at himself and muttered the spell. The next thing Harry knew, before him stood two identical Slytherin’s, wearing two identical sneers. “These only last for a few minutes, ten at most; and if hit hard enough…” The real Salazar pulled his arm back and swiftly punched his clone, causing it to wince in pain before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Looking down, Harry just caught the puff of smoke that had appeared from the fake wood’s disappearance. He coughed, but within seconds the smoke had cleared.

Harry looked at Salazar, determined. “How do I start?”

Salazar grinned darkly.

A few hours had passed, and it was nearing lunchtime. Harry, unfortunately, was making little progress on the newest spell. Salazar wasn’t much help either; beyond teaching him the wand movements, (which he was still getting wrong) Salazar had left him to it, throwing in a distasteful comment every now and again.

So far, Harry had managed to melt half the wood into a watery mess on the table, causing Salazar to scowl and yell: “If you had done that to yourself, you’d be dead, boy!” Needless to say, Harry did not find these words encouraging.

In the end, Salazar frowned at the now completely melted block of wood and sighed. “I think you should get some lunch. Afterwards, I want you to keep practicing; by tomorrow I want to be able to see two distinguishable pieces of wood.” Salazar growled. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get out of my sight!” Harry stiffened in alarm, and rose to his feet and left, not once looking back at the glare that he just knew was stabbing into the back of his head like needles.

The Great Hall was empty, and not wanting to sit alone, Harry grabbed a few sandwiches and walked up to where he knew a warm, empty classroom would be. He placed the block of wood, which he had somehow remembered to pick up before he had been forced to escape from Slytherin, onto the desk and stared at it whilst chewing his sandwich thoughtfully.

An hour later, the wood had melted completely. Harry banged his head against the table in frustration. He was getting annoyed, so annoyed that he failed to hear the door creak open.

“You know, I’ve heard every time you hit your head, you lose a brain cell.” Harry looked up to see a boyish grin looking down on him; a blaze of unruly red hair caught his vision.

“So that explains why you’re so dumb…” Harry murmured, grinning at his best friend.

“Ouch, that was low.” Ron replied, laughing his friend’s remark off lightly. His eyes then caught the mess that was oozing off the table. “Looks like you’re having fun.”

Harry groaned. “It’s a nightmare, I can’t do it!” Ron shook his head.

“Sorry, love to help, but I’m sure I’ll be just as bad as you. Hermione’s always a good bet, if she’ll get her nose out of her books for ten seconds, that is.” Ron glared at nothing in particular.

“Anyway, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Godric?” Harry asked, as Ron sat on the table behind Harry.

“Ah, well… I kinda kept on setting the objects on fire he gave me,” Harry raised an eyebrow. “So, I’m on a break.”

“What spell are you doing?” Harry asked, slightly suspicious.

“Something we learnt in our third year,” Ron replied easily. “I just wanted a break; he had me poring over explanations in books before we even got started.”

“Why didn’t you tell him you already knew how to do it?” Harry asked, frowning.

“And have him query me on everything I’ve ever been taught? No thank you, besides, I can’t can I?” Ron shifted uncomfortably.

“Ron, he knows who we are, I’m sure it won’t matter.” Harry paused. “The real reason?”

“Ah… Well, it was amusing seeing his face-”


Ron frowned at his friend. “You’re beginning to sound like Hermione.” This caused Harry’s frown to deepen.

“Am not.”

“Yeah right, mate,”

“Ron, you’re avoiding my question.” Harry said, trying to lead this conversation back on track. “What’s wrong?”

“Okay, okay,” Ron replied snappishly. “It feels weird not having you or Hermione there, that’s all, and…”

“And?” Harry pushed.

“Well, the fact that you’re a Slytherin now has been playing on my mind all morning.” Harry’s heart sank.

“Does it really matter, Ron? I’m still Harry.” Ron jumped to his feet.

“Yes it does matter! How do I know that you’re not going to go to the dark side or something because Salazar casts a spell on you or something?”

“What is this? Star Wars?” Harry snapped sarcastically. Ron, not knowing what he was talking about, ignored him. “Ron, I have my reasons, I just-”

“Then tell me! I’m supposed to be your best friend!” Ron yelled, his ears reddening.

“You are my best friend! I will tell you, just wait-”

“Don’t you trust me?” Ron’s voice was suddenly quiet. It unnerved Harry.

“What? Of course I do! That’s not what I-”

“Then what is it? Tell me why the hell you’re in Slytherin, the house that we hate! Why Harry? WHY?” Ron snapped. Harry didn’t answer; his head felt like it was about to explode with anger. He wanted to throttle something, like Ron.

Not waiting for an answer, Ron walked out, slamming the door childishly shut behind him. Harry glared after him, his fists shaking. Pointing his wand at the table, he yelled: “GEMINUS!”

The table, suddenly split, and two tables stood neatly beside each other. Harry stared in amazement, and then kicked one of the tables, hard. This caused the table to disappear and Harry’s foot began to throb.


A/N- Hey everyone! I have returned! Sorry for the wait. Hope you enjoyed it, please review!

Also, can anyone guess where I got the idea from for the newest spell?

Edit- So far, everyones guessed the same thing XD No, the answer is not from Gemini, its a good guess though. I'll give you a hint shall I? Think Anime, a popular one :D Good luck!

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