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Guiding Light by SilentConfession
Chapter 7 : Trip Down Memory Lane
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Girl found after 5 long years A girl was admitted to St. Mungo’s three weeks ago. According to sources, she was lost in the war about 5 years ago but she has no recollection of her past or what happened to her. St Mungo’s is trying to assess damages done to her and reverse her condition. The minister reckons that if her memory returns to her, she will play a significant role in finding out the behind the scenes action of the You-Know-Who’s lair. She is said to be one of his prisoners, the only one that got out of his headquarters alive. Hopefully, this will lead to new information concerning the late Lord V. Continued page 6-

The Daily Prophet was thrown hazardously across the room. “Idiots.” a man muttered to himself, rubbing his eyes in annoyance. He’d know where she was now; getting up, he grabbed his worn wand from the table. His dark brown eyes flashed in anger as he pulled on a long cloak over his dirty muggle clothes. He’d have to go and find him before he found her.

“Miss, it’s time for you to see Healer Orin,” said a lady with long pale blonde hair. The girl she was speaking to didn’t say anything, she just got up from her bed and followed the healer out of her room. “It is a lovely day today Miss, maybe you’ll want to go for a walk after your session?” The girl shook her head. “Well, maybe you’ll change your mind later. Here we are.”

“Come in and sit down,” a warm voice drifted through the air. Missy took a seat on the crisp white chair her eyes pointed down. The woman on the other side of the desk remained silent. “We can’t help you if you don’t try, for the past few weeks you’ve done nothing but ignore our efforts. If you continue like this, you may just find yourself permanently on the fourth floor.” It seemed as if Missy simply slumped in her chair at the news but looking closer, Missy’s eyes were glazed over.

They were trying to get to the Tea Room, but this man with curly blonde locks stopped them on the fourth floor. “Hello, would you like my autograph?” The three teenagers stopped and stared at the man in surprise.

“Professor?” Before he could answer a Healer cam scurrying up to them saying how nice it was for them to come see him, he never got any visitors. Following the medi-witch to a large sealed white door. The lady opened it and led them through. The man leaped back to his bed and grabbed a bunch of pictures of himself and a large black marker. Noticing that there were already a large number of pictures signed to himself posted around his bed frame, the girl in the group shook her head, the poor man; he used to be such a well-known bloke.

“-Longbottom,” at the sound of one of her schoolmates last name, she turned around to see what was going on. Looking further down the room, she saw an old lady with a large red handbag and a ridiculous lime green dress on, beside her was a fellow Gryffindor and friend, Neville. She looked quickly over at Harry, for some reason he didn’t look a bit surprised to see Neville here.

“Neville!” Ron gasped in surprise. Neville stared at them in something close to mortification. Hermione felt sorry for the poor chap, he obviously didn’t want anyone to know he was here. Just before anyone could ask questions a thin lady came floating from the end of the room. She had thin wisps of white hair and she was carrying a candy wrapper. The lady moved toward Neville and his grandmother and handed Neville the candy wrapper.

“Oh, very nice Alice dear,” The grandmother said warmly, the lady called Alice gave a fond smile to Neville before going back to her bed. “Just throw that out, she’s given you enough to cover your bedroom wall.” Hermione watched as Neville glanced at his grandmother and then pocketed the candy wrapper when she wasn’t looking. Hermione smiled to herself, Alice must be Neville’s mum.

Missy’s eyes shot open only to find that she was lying on her back with several Healers peering down at her. She also noticed a weird device was being held by one of them, it was letting out a low humming sound. Missy quickly tried to get away from their gazing eyes but they held her down firm. She saw two of the Healers mutter a few things to each other above her before they left the room.

“Luna, can you take her back to her room?” An older witch asked, Luna, the woman who had gotten Missy this morning nodded and helped Missy off the examining table.

“What just happened?” Missy asked Luna once they were out of earshot of the others. Luna looked fondly over at Missy.

“I don’t know if I should tell you,” Luna said. After a second of thought Luna shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t see why not, you should know. It’s all just speculation right now, but they are thinking that these fits you’ve been having, are your memories. But then they also say that these things could just be figments of your imagination.” Missy nodded, they had reached her room. “Well here we are, you sure you don’t want to go for that walk?” Missy nodded and headed for the small chair by the window.

A loud snivelling in the corner brought a girl with long matted brown hair to her attent

“Susan be quite, remember last time?”

“I know Hestia, I just can’t help it,” the girl whimpered. The girl called Hestia pulled Susan into a tight hug. “I hate it Hest, I wish- I wish I didn’t have to be here anymore-”

“Forget that, I wish I could just see the sunlight, even if it was just for a moment,” another girl said across the room.

“You guys shut-up, they’ll hear you!” A girl warned her voice dangerously low.

“Oh Helen lay off, I wish I could remember- something- anything for that matter.” A girl said with a dreamy sort of voice. A sound of annoyance came from the direction that Helen had spoken from. The room lapsed into an uneasy silence, though no one could see the other, it was clear whom he or she were talking too, they had been with each other for so long they knew each others voice.

A loud bang brought short edgy gasps from the group. Hestia groaned inwardly, they were here again. She could almost feel the vibration of the floor from their feet as they hurried across the cement floor. Taking a deep breath in, she sank to the wet floor; she hoped that this time they would pass her by. Feeling her way to the corner of the cell she could hear the quite crying of her cellmate Susan, she wished she could help but it would only bring attention to herself.

Lumos,” Hestia’s eyes widened, she knew that voice. It was the voice of the man who haunted her dreams. Before she looked at him, she knew his black as night eyes were watching her, she stopped moving and stared back into his face. She kept herself from shuddering under his gaze. “Miss Adams,” his voice had grown husky, shivers of fear ran down her spine. The next thing she knew, she was her feet and hands were bound and she was being dragged from her cell, she knew by now that fighting was useless, he’d only beat her harder. Behind her, she heard one of the other girls’ screams as another man with black as night robes took them.

“Leave me,” she whispered, her bruises from last time had yet to heal. A cruel, unmerciful laugh emitted from this man’s mouth, she almost cringed at the sound of it. She felt herself getting yanked up the stairs; soon she could see the sliver of light underneath the door. Hestia closed her eyes dreading what was going to come next, hearing the door creak open a burst of light hit her closed eyelids, but their was silence, usually the place was bustling with activity. Slowly, she opened her eyes, trying to adjust to the dazzling overhead light. Her eyes stung, she could barely stand the vivid light, even if it was only artificial. Closing her eyes again she let herself get dragged off to a long corridor to the left, she didn’t have to see to know where they were headed. She knew that he would take her to the third door on the right, just like he always did. She was his favourite after all. He threw her onto the bed, holding back the urge to cry out she heard him lock the door behind him.

“How should we start today?” He asked, but he had no intention of her answering. She never understood why he would ask a question if he didn’t want the answer. She remembered the first time he’d asked the very same question, she replied that they should start with a nice cup of tea, maybe some scones afterwards. He hadn’t liked her reply and had given her a bruise that lasted her two weeks.

He stared at her hard for a moment she laid on the bed, unmoving. She heard him slowly removing his black cloak it wouldn’t be long now. She could feel tears sting her eyes, trying her best to withhold her emotion she knew he would be coming soon. As if on cue she felt his rough hands touch her forearms. His simple touch seemed to burn her skin. “Don’t be scared, I’ll be nice,” he whispered into her ear. She almost scoffed at his lie. His breath was now tickling her neck as she felt his coarse lips trace her jaw line. His hands were roughly undoing her shirt. She couldn’t take it. He made her feel so dirty and used. She tried to shy away from his violent handling, hearing his gruff laugh erupt from the pit of his stomach, she couldn’t help but cringe. “You bloody bitch,” he said harshly. Then with the force of a sledgehammer his hand collided with her cheek.

The room erupted in a terrified shriek, if anyone had been walking by that room they would have thought that the person inside was being attacked. A throng of Healers did hear it though, they were right outside her door, as they came running into the room, Missy was thrashing in her bed; a cold sweat had broken across her forehead.

“YOU CAN TAKE MY BODY BUT YOU CAN NEVER HAVE MY SOUL!” Missy’s shrieked again, she had stopped thrashing and was now curling herself into a ball, sobbing. One healer walked closer and tried reaching out, but before she could fully touch Missy, Missy had shied away, her eyes wild.

“Come now Miss, we’re only trying to help,” the woman said soothingly. Missy eyes didn’t seem to register what the lady said and Missy continued shaking. Again the lady came forward, this time though another healer had joined her.

“Leave me alone!” Missy screeched at them. “Don’t touch me.” Missy had hurled herself off her bed and had pushed herself against the farthest corner. Sinking to the floor, Missy brought her legs to her body and carefully wrapped her arms around them, resting her chin on her knees. Tears were still plummeting down her cheeks and no one could mistake the telltale shake of her shoulders. “Please,” she was whimpered this now even though no one had tried getting any nearer. “Don’t lay a hand on me.”

Luna pushed her way through, her soft blue eyes rested on the Missy.

“I’ll handle this,” she said quietly, the others looked at her contemplating if they should let her, she didn’t have as much experience as some of the Healers in this room. After a few moments though the Healers seemed to come to an unspoken agreement and had started to file out of the room. “Missy?” Luna ventured quietly; she hadn’t taken a step closer. “Missy, look at me.” Missy continued trembling in the corner her eyes downcast. Luna took a cautious step forward not wanting to upset Missy anymore, but knowing that she couldn’t be left alone.

“It was a memory,” Missy whispered, her voice scratchy from crying. Inside, Missy knew it had to be, Luna had told her a few weeks before that these fits, these things that left Missy usually in tears had to be memories or just a figment of her imagination. Though Missy wished it were only that, she knew it couldn’t be, it was too real. She could still feel his hands burning her skin.

Luna was now sitting in front of Missy, cross-legged. Missy still hadn’t looked at Luna; her eyes were set on something on the floor a few meters away. Luna attempted to reach out to touch Missy’s hand but that simple action made Missy shirked away. Missy was shaking her head madly. “Please don’t.” Her voice was pitiful, Luna looked at Missy sadly, would she ever trust anyone fully again?

Luna sat in silence for a moment not sure what to do, there wasn’t anything she could say she was sure of that. Then a face popped into her mind, a smiling, flamboyant red headed man. He had come to see her when she was first admitted, he hadn’t been here since, but that was hardly his fault. Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall had told them that Fred should not be allowed to visit her, saying it would only complicate matters more. But she remembered the rest of the day after Fred had come to see her Missy had been the easiest patient to deal with. She would do anything asked of her with only some silly sort of smile playing on her lips.

Making her decision, Luna jumped up and headed for the door. Seeing Morag Macdougal walking a few meters away, Luna called out. Morag turned.

“Morag, come here,” the young medi-witch, still in her internship hurried over to Luna. “Can you get Fred Weasley to come here, to see Missy?” Morag gave a startled look.

“That’s George’s brother isn’t it?” Morag gave a suave smile, Luna nodded impatiently.

“Get him now, quickly, now!” Morag nodded and started to hurry away. “Oh and Morag, this would be best if it was just between us.” Morag waved her hand saying she understood and quickly disappeared around the corner.

What only seemed to be minutes later, Fred came bursting into the room, his long hair stuck up on end and his eyes looked tired. It was the middle of night and Fred was probably sleeping. Luna got up from her place on the bed and came over.

“She had one of her little fits and well, isn’t really talking and refuses to let anyone touch her, I was hoping that maybe you could help.” Fred looked at her, he was still baffled at the huge change Luna had undergone, he figured it was the war that changed her; war changed everyone. She had watched her father get tortured and then killed right after, if that didn’t change someone, he wasn’t sure what would. Fred shook his thoughts away, that didn’t matter anymore.

Quietly, he moved off to the corner that Missy was huddling in. Luna smiled at the two before quietly slipping out of the room.

“Missy, love, what’s wrong?” He asked. Missy didn’t move, didn’t even seem to acknowledge his presence. Fred hunched down so he was at eye level with her, but she didn’t look up. “Missy, it’s me, its Fred.” Without knowing what else to do Fred reached out slowly and grasped her hand. Missy jolted away from his touch and let out a heartbreaking whimper, a new batch of tears stung her eyes.

“No,” She moaned softly. But it looked as if she wasn’t even talking to him in particular. Her eyes had a far-off look to them it was if she was talking to her past.

“Missy, look at me,” Fred commanded in a soft voice. Missy looked up at him, her eyes though, were unseeing. Fred ached to reach out, to chase away her fears, or at least free her of the pain that he seen in her eyes. “Missy please, come back,” he whispered to her. He suddenly was afraid, he heard of people suddenly just becoming a vegetable. They refused to respond and it was as if they weren’t really in this world. Fred couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t just sit and watch her; she looked like she was so afraid. He had to help. Reaching out he pulled her against him; it was as if it set of a trigger.

“No!” She shrieked. She started to fight against Fred’s tight hold, but he refused to let her go. “Don’t touch me!” She yelled again, her voice started to crack. Fred didn’t mistake the pain he heard in her voice after her first burst of anger.

“Missy, it’s me! Its Fred, I’m here to care for you.” He whispered into her ear, Missy though didn’t stop fighting. She started hitting his chest, crying out. “Leave me!” She wailed at him, tears started falling down her already tears streaked face.

“I’ll never leave you Missy. Never! So you better stop your little tantrum because you won’t be getting rid of me that easily!” Fred roared back. He was holding onto her forearms looking her straight in the eyes. She momentarily stopped crying and just stared at him with wide frightened eyes. He was shocked at how vulnerable she looked. Her bottom lip started to quiver but instead of fighting his embrace she fell into it and started sobbing. Clinging onto his shirt, she trembled under his touch.

“It was so scary,” she choked out between frightened sobs. “I was so afraid it would never end, that I would die in there like so many of the others.” She whispered. Fred was shocked at hearing this, but didn’t say anything, she would tell him in time. “I kept replaying it in my mind, over and over again I could feel-“ Missy stopped and seemed to cling tighter to Fred. “I can still feel his touch burning into my skin, I feel so dirty.” Fred’s eyes’ widened like saucepans at what she was insinuating. “He kept coming back to me, I can’t help but wonder if it was something that I did-“she broke off wiping her nose on her sleeve.

“Missy, it wasn’t your fault. That man, -“ Fred stopped he was almost shaking from the rage he was feeling, how could anyone put her through something like that. “He was sick and twisted, that’s all. It had nothing to do with you.” Missy shuddered again, but it seemed as if she had run out of words and she just sat in Fred’s embrace. Fred started rubbing her back in soothing circles; he could remember his mum doing this when he was upset. It always seemed to calm him.

He heard her sigh lightly into his chest. He was not sure how long he sat there, but he was startled to hear her breaths deepen. Looking down at her, he noticed how peaceful she looked when she was sleeping. Carefully standing up with her still in his arms, he again looked down at her. He was stunned at how perfect she seemed to fit into his arms. He had to take a sharp intake of breath to calm his nerves. Setting her down in her bed he pulled the blankets up around her chin. Brushing away a few tendrils of hair away from her face, he smiled adoringly down on her.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he muttered as he traced her soft jaw line. Forcing himself to step away from her bed, he walked towards the door. He was going to go find Luna. Opening the door he was shocked to see her sitting across from the door.

“I had to make sure no one would come and check on her, you aren’t technically supposed to be here.” Luna explained. Fred nodded, he knew, last time he tried getting in they had promptly shooed him away. “Is she alright?”

“Yeah, she’s sleeping now.”

“Poor thing, it tuckered her right out. She’s gone through so much Fred; I can tell by just looking into her eyes, they hold so much pain. I can only hope that we can help her,” Luna said, sounding more like an aged woman than the young lady she was.

“Luna, what’s wrong with her, what happened, do you guys have a clue?” Fred asked. Luna looked up and down the corridor.

“This is not the place to talk, there are some who wish to keep her condition under the table if you know what I mean. I need to take my coffee break now anyhow, I’ll meet you in the Leaky Cauldron in ten minutes.” Luna smiled and floated away. Fred was slightly confused to why they wouldn’t want anyone to know about it. But he just figured that they didn’t want it to leak to the Daily Prophet if there were any innocent bystanders around.

Last time, it had caused uproar for a few days after the article about how a girl had been found after five years. With Voldemort gone, it seemed as if people were craving any sort of juicy news to pop up for them to gossip about. Hordes of people had come in declaring that they were related to this girl and demanding to see her. Apparently, they wanted to be known as the people who knew the mystery girl. Ministry officials finally had to intervene and get everyone to back off.

Fred ordered a pair of Butterbeers upon arriving at the Leaky Cauldron. A few minutes later Luna showed up, she had gotten out of her Healer robes and was wearing a plain black set.

“Well, now then. Where do I start?” Luna said after they had made idle chit chat for a few minutes. “Well, no one really wants anyone to know about her anymore, you can guess why. That was quite a kafuffle she caused a few months back. If I got caught telling you, it would mean suspension for me and when I came back I wouldn’t be working on her case. So this much is safer.” Luna stopped and took a long sip of her Butterbeer.

Thanks, by the way.” She said pointing to her glass. “Well basically, now it’s mostly just guess work. We have done some test work and we have studied her. But her case, it’s a very fascinating that’s for sure.” Luna stopped again and appeared as if she was studying another wizard on the other side of the bar. “How is your family Fred?” Luna asked, bringing her attention back to him. Fred gave her a shocked look, not catching on.

“But-” Luna gave him a sharp kick with her foot. “Ow-what was that for?” Fred said, his temper flaring. Luna slumped her shoulders.

“That wizard over there is watching us, I don’t want him overhearing. He looks like nasty fellow,” Luna said in a whisper. Fred eyes lit up in understanding.

“They’re doing great, it’s fascinating to see Marie, Bill and Fleur’s kid, she’s growing up so fast, Fleur is pregnant again, Bill’s hoping for twins actually. I hope they turn out just like George and me. Charlie is still with his dragons in Romania, still girl less. I don’t suspect he’ll find one with the wild job he has. All the girls are afraid of all his burn marks. Poor bloke. Ginny’s all right, she’s seeing Seamus now. They’re getting quite serious surprisingly. He’s always staying over at the burrow. Never knew the guy very much till now, he’s not so bad. Though I still have a chip on my shoulder for what he did to Harry in their fifth year. Didn’t believe him when he said Voldemort hadn’t actually kicked the bucket and was alive and kicking.” Fred said casually.

He did come around though, before the whole thing at the ministry, so I suppose that he got some sense in him.” Luna laughed, and looked over Fred’s shoulder again.

“Finally that guy left. I don’t know why but he gave me the cobwobbles, his eyes were so black, like hell itself.” Luna gave a little shudder. But she continued, speaking quieter this time. “Anyway as I was saying before, her case is like chalk and cheese.” Fred raised his eye at this. “It is so different is what I mean. Different like chalk and cheese- oh never mind.” Luna rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Anyway, we have tested her when she was in one of her fits –she usually slumps over and her eyes glaze over as well,” She explained to Fred, who nodded, he knew what they looked like he’d seen them on occasion. “And what we are guessing, and I’m pretty sure it’s an accurate guess, especially seeing her reaction today is that they are, to out it bluntly, her memories. Some of them don’t cause her to go on a screaming rampage though. This is the biggest reaction I’ve ever seen out of her, usually she’ll just look slightly mystified or scared, but she gets over it quickly. This time, it was like another dimension or something. I’ve haven’t seen anything like it, but then this is the first time they’ve let me work with this kind of patient.” Luna said.

“She did this one other time, at headquarters,” Fred remembered. He wasn’t afraid of telling Luna about the headquarters, she joined the Order right out of Hogwarts. “My mum was the only one there at the time. But according to her Missy had completely lost her senses, I eventually came and calmed her down.” Luna smiled.

“It seems she’s quite taken with you Fred Weasley, it appears she only pays attention to you. I don’t know why, someone should tell that girl that one of the Weasley twins shouldn’t be trusted, they’re just trouble,” Luna joked. Fred laughed along with her, but he couldn’t stop the Weasley blush etching itself across his face. This only made Luna giggle harder.

“Anyway,” Luna started again after a few minutes. “I’m only guessing that it had to do with her stay at Volemort’s headquarters. I can imagine that only something like that can evoke such fear in a person.” Luna looked at her empty glass of Butterbeer. “I’ll just go order us some more shall I?” Luna then left the table to go get another drink.

Fred sat alone and thought. It was true then, this man she was talking about, and that man who- took what wasn’t his to take. Fred felt a bubble of hate build in his chest. Missy didn’t deserve it; it shouldn’t have happened to her, she was so innocent, yet so strong. She’d have to be strong if she lived through that experience, he figured.

"Here we go,” Luna set down two bottled of Butterbeer in front of them. Fred grunted out a thank you, still brooding on how much he wanted to rip apart the guy who did this to Missy. “She told you what she saw didn’t she?” Luna asked after studying his face for a while. Fred nodded but didn’t offer any explanation. Luna took her cue and carried on with her explanation.

“Well after some testing, we still haven’t found out much. We have theories of what could have happened but nothing concrete. First, we thought that maybe her mind had been Obliviated, so we made some strong potions to correct it. We also did some counter spells, but we didn’t get anywhere. For a long time we were stumped, then Augustus Pye, he’s always been very interested in muggle treatments. He put stitches on your dad when he was at St. Mungos’ that one time. Well, he brought us this new theory. Something called Trauma-Induced Blackouts. It’s something that the brain does automatically, when someone has faced such trauma such as Missy has the brain will sometimes automatically just block that period of her life out. It probably does this because it doesn’t want to remember any of it, it was too traumatic, I can’t really explain why the brain would do it, it don’t rightly understand it. I don’t think anyone does.” Fred sipped on his Butterbeer, it was a lot to take in.

“But it’s just not adding up, if it were Trauma-Induced Blackouts would it just black out that period in her life and not her entire lifespan. That’s what I don’t get.” Luna sighed into her Butterbeer, which now was empty. “Well I better be getting back, I’ve been gone longer then I intended, I really wish I could stay and chat.” Luna gave Fred a quick smile before dissaparating.

Fred sat for a moment longer contemplating what Luna said. It wasn’t really adding up in his mind either. Standing up, Fred still felt anger residing in the pit of his stomach. He felt pity on the guy who did this to her, because when he found him, he wasn’t going to be a happy man, to put it mildly.

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Guiding Light: Trip Down Memory Lane


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