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Aimer la fleur (To Love the flower) by JamesandLily4ever
Chapter 2 : Adore Me
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that is related to Harry Potter. That is J.K. Rowling’s ©, not mine. What ever happens in this plot might not be what really happened in the Marauder Era (my favorite era!). ‘Tis all!
The song that Lily sings is James Blunt’s You’re beautiful.

Chapter: Adore Me (or just ask me out)

James… or is it Romeo? I’m still reading from my old copy. Well, I’m not actually reading. Skimming would be the right word. I was reading through this book so fast that I lost myself into it. My personal dormitory is too comfy for me, so I’m resting in the Head’s Common Room with a small bowl of sweet snacks and a flask of pumpkin juice.

I love this room so much! It blocks out the noises of the hallway and it’s always full of light. I’m enjoying a huge velvet sofa to myself, lounging actually. There is a small kitchen like area over to my right where I got these chocolate delights (my sweet snacks!). In front of me are an armchair and a fire place beside it. It’s warm and cozy in here thanks to that. The rest of the room is just like the replica of my old common room.

James had just left to Quidditch Practice. Sirius was the captain of the team and keeper; Yanin Grayson was chaser number one, Frank Longbottom was chaser number two, Reece Bridgman was chaser number three, James was the seeker; and Frida McOrdin and Lewis Humphrey were the beaters. Hopefully Sirius was doing his job right. Gryffindor needs to win again!

Okay… I’m getting a little too far in details. Yanin was one of Marlene’s friends and I tutored her most of the time for Potions. She has a soft spot for not listening to the teacher and talking to her friends while the lesson is in session. Frida and Reece always had some trouble with Charms and Transfiguration. How did I know? Those two girls stay after class to ask questions and they use the first minutes of my Charms and Transfiguration classes to get extra notes and a note to get to class.

Professor McGonagall had told Reece off when she asked question after question once. So Alice had to help her, since she was one of the best Transfiguration students. Alice is quiet, but she does use her ears more than her mouth and so she is the best tutor for Transfiguration and the best friend to have around to listen to your woes.

The other team members had their ways around classes. Sirius Black did not have girls after him like some thought. He might have his fan club, but it might be dispersing because of the pranks he tries on people. In my opinion it serves him right. According to Professor McGonagall, if he does not stop his title as captain will be taken away. Everyone knows, even I know, that the title will be passed to the Head Boy, which is my dear James Potter.

Frank Longbottom, Alice’s Valentine, did not have that much trouble with things. It was that he was always talking about Quidditch or plants. Some of the time he talked of animals, but he loves nature. Alice likes that about him. He is the perfect tutor for Herbology. Everyone goes to him after class and sometimes I talk with him about Potion ingredients, which are actually dried plants.

James… is actually very special in Potions, Charms, and Herbology. Those are his sore spots, but the thing he is very good at is Transfiguration. Professor McGonagall always calls on him during class. Alice tries to stay in the background when he does not know the answer to a certain question.

I turned to the clock that was over the fireplace and then looked at the door. About twenty minutes had passed and I was just…

“Lost in thought,” I whispered to myself.

The flames licked at the top of the fireplace and the light of the room had relinquished. With a slight move my book closed shut and I stood up. Something shuffled down at my feet and I heard the sound of something hard touch the ground.

“I am so stupid… I forgot about these!” I muttered and picked up the sweets and the bowl.

My legs were all sore from sitting cross-legged on the sofa, so I had to walk slowly to the counter. I dumped all the sweets in the trash container and put the bowl in the sink to wash itself. I went back to the sofa to get my book and then walked up the stairs to my dorm to leave my book in my trunk.

I stretched out my legs, arms, and back to retrieve my towel.

“A shower should be good for now,” I grinned.


You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful, it’s true. I saw your face in a crowded place and I don’t know what to do…” I sang heartily as I wiped the vapor off of the mirror.

I smiled at my reflection, which showed a clothed and head turbaned green-eyed girl. The old frown wrinkles were gone and my face was smooth. This must be the aftermath of going to Hogsmead with James. I still felt the wounds left of my Dad’s death though.

His face came to my mind’s eye. I must move on. I am Head Girl and I have new responsibilities. My fast breathing stopped and then slowed. Besides, wouldn’t Daddy be proud of you?

This time I smiled and wiped my eyes. I guess that Daddy would be proud. He was always proud of me, always. I grinned and took my comb to brush through my hair.

I continued to sing and felt the words cool my soul, but heat my heart. James… I hope that he asks me out to Madame Puddifoot’s or at least an exquisite date in the Three Broom Sticks…


“Alice, you have to admit that Frank does have a wonderful build. He’ll do you good, I know he will,” Marlene said in awe as I approached our seats at the table.

Alice slid over to give me a place to sit as she replied, “You are so shallow.”

“No, I’m not… well, I might be…” Marlene’s face was in turmoil.

I grinned, “I bet this is what happens after an infamous troublemaker asks a girl out for Valentine’s.”

Alice giggled and hid her face behind her copy of Transfiguration. Marlene turned to look at me with a face that could rival a tomato.

“Lily, you are simply saying that because no one has asked you out,” Marlene besieged.

I was about to giggle before she said that. James was going to ask me out, I know he will.

I sighed, “Of course someone is going to ask me out!”

“Who is going to ask Lily Evans, the pretty flower, out?” Marlene asked as her eyebrows formed the expression of suspicion and curiosity. This expression is combined by one lowered eyebrow, one highly arched eyebrow, and pursed lips.

Why did she need to call me ‘the pretty flower’? Oh, it must be my name. I mentally sighed, but concentrated on my plate.

“Marlene, James Potter is going to ask me out,” I mumbled. I could not believe my voice right now. It was stuck in my throat.

Alice grinned, “I bet that he is. He should.”

Marlene’s eyes narrowed in a cat-like way. “Who is going to ask you out?”

“Err… James is going to ask me out…” I slurred rapidly.

Alice’s giggle was off the high scale. She was as red as one of the chilly peppers that my Mum’s Spanish friend used to use for salsa.

“Don’t slur, you’re not drunk. Not that I know of… but who is going to ask you out?” Marlene inspected her nails now.

I sighed audibly, “I’m guessing that someone is going to ask me out for Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh, I thought that your response differed.” Marlene reached over the table for a dessert.

I giggled, “Goody then.”

I hate it when I giggle. I just don’t like to snort!

“I know that you’ll tell me later, Lily. I got to go to my dormitory to study for the upcoming exams,” Marlene sighed and then yawned.

Alice yawned too. “Sunday is so tiring! See you later, Lily!”

They are leaving me to my own doom, aren’t they? I replied, “See you tomorrow, Alice!”

I continued to nibble on my treacle tart as I watched Alice’s figure disappear out of the Great Hall. I then decided to go outside. It would be very good to get some fresh air once in a while. I usually did when we went to Herbology. Botany is the Muggle word for it, but do Muggle plants attack you like Wizard ones do? I laughed out loud just then.

I stood up and made my way out of the Great Hall and took a turn in the Entrance Hall to the exit or the two huge mahogany doors. It must be about seven thirty and the air outside the door was breezy. I stepped out onto the grounds and felt other winds take my hair to one side. I smiled and laughed.

I loved the outdoors. It was something that my Dad and I both liked. He usually always wanted to do picnics during the spring when Petunia and I were little. We sat on a blanket that was on the grass while my Mum and he sat down at our picnic table. On birthdays we did our parties outside. If I had a brother, my Dad would have showed him how to hunt or how to make tree houses for the birds.

That’s what Dad always wanted; a son. He didn’t have a problem with that though. He still had his little girls… My eyes then were engulfed in tears, but I couldn’t help it. I missed him with all my heart.

I walked to the edge of the lake and sat on a rock. I hugged my legs to my chest and I shut my eyes to squeeze the tears out of my eyes.

These were the tears that I had not cried when I was in front of my Mother and my sister. I felt like everything was gone when he died and when Petunia had to accuse me of it.

It was your fault though. You killed him, Lily, you killed him! I did not do that! I never would kill my Daddy, never.

Shivering, I continued to negate the thought. I never would do such a thing, never…

“Lily, are you alright?”

I lowered my head to cover my shame with the assistance of my auburn hair’s curtain magic act.

I sobbed, “What do you think?”

“I… I know how it feels, Lily… May I call you ‘Lils’?”

I sobbed, “Whatever.”

“Lily… you lost your Dad, but I bet that he’s watching you and he might not appreciate the fact that you aren’t happy,” James whispered in my hair as I felt his arm curl around my back.

I hissed, “I thought that you were going to call me Lils.”

“Don’t worry, I will, but crying doesn’t fix things. Sometimes crying doesn’t let spirits rest in peace. You wouldn’t want your Dad berating on you like the other house ghosts, would you?” He asked gently nuzzling his nose on my cheek.

“Well, at least I would see him…”

He kept nuzzling my cheek with his nose. “You wouldn’t be able to hug him or feel his presence. You would only feel like a bucket of ice cold water was all over you if you were hugging his ghost. Would he be happy about seeing you cry though?”

“No, he wouldn’t be. He never liked to see me cry,” I whispered as I leaned my head on his shoulder.

James teased, “No one likes to see the most prettiest of flowers cry, now would they?”

I giggled, “No… do you?”

“No, I really don’t… but I do love to make your problems go away, Lils. I love taking your tears away and fight away your fears…” James kissed the top of my head.

I smiled. “My prince charming…”

“I could be… if you let me, Lils, if you let me,” James grinned as he picked up my chin.

The curtain that my hair had was opened and pulled back to its place. I stared into the hazel eyes that reflected me off of them. I was being smiled on and I felt like I was naked in front of him. I was dizzy as our lips collided.

“Adore me… or just ask me out, James,” I breathed.

I put my arms around his neck. He stared at me and held my waist.

“Of course I will my pretty flower, for you I would…” James kissed me again.

I giggled, “What a wonderful prince charming you are, James.”

I kissed him back, suddenly forgetting that somewhere up in the clouds my Dad might be smiling down on us.

A/n: Excuse the tardiness, but I was brain-storming. Mushy romance is my thing, but it makes me blush when I talk of it, so I write it with our favorite pairings. Reviews, concerns, suggestions, or ideas are welcome! I’m here to reply and consider!


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