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Changes Unforseen by EchoLynn
Chapter 6 : Hope Riseing
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The rest of the day, they worked on finding every love potion or spell they could. After spotting promising spells they shared them, making a list of what to try first and so on. As evening crept up on them, they went to make themselves some dinner. 

Neither of them talked much through dinner. They were too busy thinking to themselves. Unknowingly they both snuck glances at each other. Both of them pondered their friendship and how to suppress their growing feelings, convinced that neither of them would be interested in the other. 

When dinner was almost done, Hermione jumped as she felt her mirror buzz in her pocket. “Draco, the mirror! It’s buzzing!” she quickly wiped her hands on her apron and pulled the mirror out. It was glowing bright white. She held it to her face and called “Hello? Anyone there?” 

Tonks’ face appeared in the mirror. “Hermione, it’s over! It’s finally over! We need to get to the Manor. A few of us are hurt…” 

“I’m glad to hear from you! But I have to ask you: What is my favorite nose?” 

Tonks smiled and instantly changed her nose to a pig snout. “Oink, Oink!” Hermione laughed and replied, “Is Mr. Weasley there?” 

“Yes; hold on.” Suddenly she disappeared and was replaced by Mr. Weasley, whose nose was crusted with dried blood. 

Hermione winced a little from the look of him before asking, “Mr. Weasley, What is your pet name for Mrs. Weasley, and what is your greatest ambition?” 

He smiled and answered. “It’s Mollywobbles, and my greatest ambition is to find out how elecklicipity works.” Hermione smiled at him and Draco. 

“Ok, Mr. Weasley. Give us a few minutes. We need to reverse the lockdown.” She Turned to Tiny and Lucky. “Go to it, guys. They need to Apparate here. They have wounded!” They popped out of the kitchen, and Draco and Hermione could hear them popping all around the Manor lifting the Lockdown. “Draco, get out the stockpile while I run to get some spare clothes, wash clothes, towels, and linens.” They both went straight to work. 

While Hermione was gathering the linens and such, levitating it all, Tiny popped in front of her. “All done, Miss! What else can I do, Miss?” 

“Please help me set up to treat the wounded…” With that, Hermione went down stairs, calling them back through the mirror. “Ok, house is open, come home!” 

Members started appearing everywhere… rushing the wounded to couches, chairs, tables etc… Tonks and Mr. Weasley brought Harry and Ron and laid them on the table. 

Hermione sent questioning and scared looks at them both. “What happened? Tell me everything!” Looking at her friends, both unconscious and bloody all over, Hermione, Tonks and Mr. Weasley immediately started stripping Harry and Ron’s shirts and pants off to take care of their wounds as best they could. 

Mr. Weasley started to explain while they worked. “Well, it’s thanks to them that Voldemort is really gone, but it was at a cost. We hope they are all right, but we found them like this. We don’t know all of the curses they got hit with, but the one that knocked them out was the one that occurred when Voldemort literally exploded. You could feel it for miles, but they were directly in front of him when it happened.” “We are not sure how Harry did it. When they wake up…” he took a shuddered breath and continued, “We hope to know how they did it.” 

Hermione and Mr. Weasley hovered over Ron and Harry, casting healing spells on their broken bodies. Harry appeared to have a broken wrist and collarbone with huge cuts and gashes all over his body. Ron had a broken arm and nose with huge cuts and gashes as well. Hermione started giving them the Blood-Replenishing potions and the Wound-Cleaning potions. Then Draco applied the Murtlap Essence to calm the pain and help with the wounds as well. 

Hermione stared at them, hoping they would come to sometime soon while noticing that Harry’s lighting shaped scar was bleeding heavily. It seemed like a huge dent was made from it being hit with a force, but still visible as a lighting shape. She cleaned it carefully, putting the Murtlap Essence on it, and covered it with bandages. “Mr. Weasley, what about everyone else. Are any of them…gone? Will they be okay?” 

“No one is dead,” he said, looking at his son and Harry. “We believe they will come, through.” 

Draco got Mr. Weasley’s attention. “What about my father. Was he there. Did you guys find him and kill him?” 

“When we gathered together, we began to execute the plan. We set off to destroy that old house where you were found. We destroyed the old Riddle manor, and then we attacked the orphanage.” 

“When it was gone, we went to the place we believed they were meeting. We had been hearing more and more rumors of their meeting spot. It was in the woods: remember the woods from the night of the World Cup? Well, they were there. Apparating in, we ambushed them.” 

“They were surrounded. First thing we saw was your father. He was lying on the ground beaten horribly and it seemed the Cruciatus curse was just lifted. Once Voldemort looked to see what was happening, all hell broke loose. Your father somehow Disapparated, but I doubt he will live, as badly as he looked. He has no one to turn to for help.” He patted the pale-faced Draco on the back. Draco looked a little relieved, and Mr. Weasley continued. “Luckily, we had an advantage, having wiped out most of the Death Eaters, leaving it two to one favoring us.” 

He took a breath before continuing, “We battled for what seemed like a few hours taking them down, as some of us fell injured, too. We were down to the last two, Amycus and Fenrir. Just as we stupefied them, preparing to kill them, Harry destroyed Voldemort, sending out the shockwave that knocked us all to the ground. After killing Amycus and Fenrir, we gathered the injured together and went to find Harry and Ron. They were like this when we found them,” Mr. Weasley finished. 

They all looked down at Harry and Ron: their color looked a little better and the wounds were all healed as best as they could do, the worst of the injuries were bandaged heavily. 

Hermione smiled. “It’s over, really over!” She couldn’t help it; she ran to Tonks and gave her a gigantic hug, doing the same to Mr. Weasley. 

Hermione, Tonks, Mr. Weasley and Draco walked out of the kitchen, having done all they could for Harry and Ron. They went around the sitting rooms, checking if anyone needed any more help. Everyone was alive. They would heal, it seemed. They all hugged and smiled, crying in relief and happiness that Voldemort was gone forever. 

Mr. Weasley started a fire in the sitting room closest to the kitchen and put a little floo powder in it. He stuck his head in and summoned the Minister of Magic. 

Mr. Scrimgeour appeared moments later, his wand out, with several of his loyal Aurors armed. They took in the scene around them and lowered their wands. People hurt and unconscious were being healed everywhere. “You summoned me. How dare you, Weasley! What in the name of Merlin is going on here?” 

Mr. Weasley smiled at him. “Well, Rufus, the war is over thanks to the Order of the Phoenix and no thanks to you. HE is gone. Many of us are injured, but alive. The Death Eaters are dead. You can find their bodies strewn all over the forest where the Dark Mark had appeared at the Quidditch World Cup a few years ago.” 

Rufus looked at him, not believing him. “Merton, Datson, go check the woods now!”
He stared at Mr. Weasley for a few moments till he spoke once more. “Where is Voldemort’s body, and where is that Potter boy?” 

Mr. Weasley advanced on him, anger evident all over his face. “How dare you give Harry Potter such disrespect? He killed Voldemort. You should be bending on knee, thanking him!” Steadying his voice a bit, he continued. “Voldemort simply exploded; however, Harry Potter killed him. We won’t know until he wakes up. When Voldemort was killed finally, there was a massive shock wave. And then he was gone. HE IS GONE, no thanks to you.” 

“Now, we will be transporting our injured to St. Mungo‘s at once to get better care. We will set up guard around Harry Potter and my son Ron, who fought by Harry‘s side. NO ONE will be arrested. You should spread the word to the wizarding world at once, letting them know about this great victory.” 

“Those of us who are willing and well enough will need all the help we can get to get rid of the Dementors. They are in hiding, but we have a good idea of where they are. And you should inform the Muggle Prime Minister as well. Oh, and send out all the Magical departments. We need to cover up all the war damage so we don’t attract the Muggles’ attention.” 

Hermione, Tonks, Draco and all of the other conscious members started to smile and suppress laughter at Rufus’s face, turning red with anger. 


Right then, Merton and Datson Apparated in front of Rufus, ecstatic looks on their faces. “ Minister, Sir, It’s true. They’re all dead, and we found this!” Merton handed Rufus a broken wand, unmistakably Voldemort’s. 

His face still burned. He was too proud to say he was sorry. He disappeared with Merton and Datson in tow. 

The members laughed, none of them wanted to forget his face, knowing that they had accomplished what the Minister had not. Hermione walked back to the kitchen as the members started to hug once more, having requested nicely that Tiny and Lucky break out the Butterbeer and Fire Whiskey. Toasts were shouted from everywhere and from everyone as they started to celebrate. 

Draco had followed Hermoine, and he was leaning against the wall, watching her. She felt his presence, and without looking first, she ran to his arms, knowing he was there. He held her tight, telling her not to cry; it was over, and Harry and Ron would be fine. They held each other for a while, basking in this wonderful moment. They knew that everything was new, changed, and hopeful. 


The next day, as people woke up and started making some food, those who had families in hiding summoned them to celebrate. They all started to arrange a very massive celebration party, wanting to invite everyone. 

Around lunchtime, Tiny appeared downstairs with a small pop and a smile on her face. She yelled, “Master Potter and Weasley are awake sir’s and miss’s! Come see, come see!” 

Members everywhere rushed up the stairs to a room with two large beds. They approached the two heroes, congratulating them and wishing to know how they did it. 

Harry looked around, a smile on his face. “I…don’t know for sure how. Everything happened so quickly and then I fell back from a force and blacked out.” 

Harry and Ron smiled at each other, both of them getting shakily to their feet, not wanting to miss the grand party no matter how sore they were. They were directed to a couch so they could still take it easy and have a good time. 

All of the members, their families, their friends and even some distant relatives packed the Manor. Excitement filled the air with everyone laughing and making plans for their futures. Hermione, Draco, Harry and Ron were sitting together in the billiard room, talking about the future while they played a game of exploding snap. 

“So, Harry, what are your plans now that you don’t need to live with the Dursleys?” Hermione asked. 

He smiled. “Well, I’m going to live with my real family, the Weasleys. Hopefully, when I’m completely healed, I’ll give Quidditch a try to see if I can get on a decent reserve team and go from there. What about you?” 

She smiled nervously, giving a brief look towards Draco. “Well, I’m going to settle my affairs and sell my… my parents house. I’m actually going to live at Draco’s Manor for a while. I agreed to help him find a way to get rid of the Dark Mark on his arm. And I’ll also help him clear out and redecorate his house. He wants to erase the past and start fresh. After that, I’ll look for a flat somewhere and get a job; I was thinking of interning at St. Mungo’s, maybe training to be a Healer…” 

Harry and Ron looked to Draco, still not trusting him completely, and worried about Hermione’s decision. Noticing the looks on their faces as they looked at Draco, Hermione started to scold them when Draco spoke up. 

Draco stopped her, “I know you guys don’t trust me. I have been an evil little brat for as long as you’ve known me, but I HAVE changed.” He looked down at his feet as he continued. “I realized when I couldn’t kill Dumbledore that I didn’t want the life that was forced upon me. I knew at that moment that I was a coward, letting my father rule my life and not standing up for my self.” 

“When Voldemort set me in that house with the three Dementors that mentally tortured me for nearly a year, I relived every thing I had ever done to all of you and everyone else around me. And then one day Bellatrix showed up and dismissed the Dementors. I knew then that I had my chance.” 

“She handed me a clipping of the Daily Prophet: the article about my mother’s murder. I knew then that I was going to kill her. Just by how she looked at me, I knew she was the one who did it. I vowed to myself that after she was dead, I would do everything I could to stop them all, destroy all the evil that had hurt and tortured me and everyone else.” Looking them both in the eye, he said firm, “ I AM A NEW MAN! I’m no longer an evil puppet. Hermione has somehow found it in her heart to forgive me for my past and to help me build a new life.” 

“If you want me to, I’ll make an Unbreakable Vow this instant. I am not that person anymore. As long as I have a breath in my body, I will never hurt her or any of you. I hope in time you might give me that chance, though I know I don’t deserve it.” When he finished, he kept his gaze on Harry and Ron, letting them read his face. 

After a few moments, Harry extended his hand. “Hermione is a smart witch. If she is willing to give you a second chance, I guess I will to. But this doesn’t meant that I won’t be watching you.” 

Ron reluctantly shook his hand as well. 

Hermione just stared at all three of them, tears running down her cheeks, smiling widely at her three friends. 



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