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After Life by CuteKrazyKay
Chapter 7 : Where to Begin
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     Mollie sat cross-legged on the floor of the school library leaning up against the lower shelves that were filled with old and dusty looking books. In her lap sat a huge book that she was reading intensely. As Mollie read down the page she knew she didn’t really understand what she was reading but there had to be something here that held a clue to the mystery surrounding Hermione’s murder. Mollie had started her research by reading through all of Hermione’s diaries again to see if there was something she had missed, a vital piece of information that may have been overlooked before she had remembered her encounter in the warehouse with Draco and his father. She noticed there were jibes made towards Draco and it was evident they had a dislike for each other but it wasn’t enough. This whole event was about more than purebloods verses mudbloods. Mollie had advanced her search and began going through all of Hogwarts student archives with Professor Dumbledore’s permission, at night whilst no students were around. She was keeping a close eye out for Lord Voldermort’s, as she was certain of his involvement somehow. There had been some interesting profiles that she had managed to find and now it was not only the Malfoy’s that she had a red flag on but also Professor Snape, Peter Pettigrew and Tom Riddle. As Mollie started reading Tom’s profile she was shocked to discover that he was in fact Voldermort. Mollie had been so angry with herself after finding this out as it was just another detail that she had missed, which meant she knew that she was in over her head, there was so much to learn and find out and root through. She was usually the best in her field but she wasn’t in her field right now. She was lost in the wizarding world, up to her eyes in a mystery that seemed impossible to crack but Mollie pressed on.



     As Mollie delved deeper into the life of Voldermort she found Tom Riddle’s background rather fascinating. His father Tom Riddle had been a muggle that was so anti-magic he left his wife Merope when she told him she was a witch. Merope sadly passed one hour after giving birth to Tom who was raised in a muggle orphanage in London where Mrs Cole had recalled him to be an odd baby that barely cried and as he got older he caused nasty things to happen to the children and to animals. At Hogwarts Tom became obsessed with his heritage, although from his first year he knew he was the heir of Slytherin, he didn’t know the whole story until he had tracked down and visited his uncle Morfin Gaunt during the Summer of 1943. Morfin told him about his father and mother, how he was merely a muggle and his mother was in fact an heir of Slytherin. Tom had subsequently stunned Morfin and gone on to find Riddle house where he murdered his father and his grandparents. Following this Tom returned to Morfin and stole the gold Slytherin ring and bespelled Morfin into confessing to the Riddle murders causing him to be convicted of the crimes and sentenced to Azkaban. Tom was described as ‘one of the best pupils Hogwarts has ever seen’ and had been awarded Prefect and Head boy. From there Mollie delved deeper discovering names of his followers that were called Death Eaters. The list was not as long as Mollie had imagined and included Serverus Snape, the Malfoy’s, Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback and Peter Pettigrew. As Mollie read about these people, these followers of Voldermort she felt more and more horrified. This group of death eaters may be small in number but were strong. Some Greyback killed for fun in or out of his Werewolf form, Bellatrix had tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom so badly that they had never regained their sanity; she was also responsible for Sirius Black’s death at the department of mysteries.



     Mollie had had to take a break after reading through all this but due to her head buzzing with questions she had found herself walking towards Dumbledore’s office and speaking to him about the Death Eaters. He informed Mollie “You will hear many of his death eaters claiming that they are in his confidence, that they alone are close to him, even understand him. They are deluded. Lord Voldermort has never had a friend, nor do I believe he has ever wanted one.” So if all these very dangerous people were indeed just his little workers then maybe the secret Hermione was guarding was a way of him gaining more power? Mollie headed back to the library more confused than ever. She had to branch out her search a bit. She knew she was dealing with the Malfoy’s with an almost certain connection to Lord Voldermort and what he wanted more than anything was eternal power.



     If Mollie wanted everyone to think that she was Hermione right now she was doing the best job she had done since she arrived at Hogwarts. No book was being left without a page unturned looking for information on Hogwarts history, powerful wizards, dark magic, defence against the dark arts, the founders of hogwarts, potions, any scrap she could find on Voldermort and the death eaters, nothing was being left unturned. She had gone through countless pens writing down important information in notepads that had been mounting up. She was so determined to find anything that could just start leading her down a road. If she could simply get a confession from Draco whilst she was at Hogwarts then great but she doubted that was going to happen anytime soon and even if she did get a confession it would still leave a question unanswered- What was Hermione’s secret? This question was just exhausting Mollie now. There was just nothing anywhere that even hinted at it. The markings that Mollie had seen under Hermione’s bed had still been left unchecked. Mollie hadn’t had a moment alone in there to look at them properly but from what she had briefly seen one symbol looked like a small sketch Hermione had made on a page in her 5th year diary. It was a small flower like circle with a black dot in the centre and two lines crossed diagonally through it. It wasn’t a symbol Mollie had seen before and therefore made no sense to her but it had meant something to Hermione and so far no book had a symbol like it within it’s pages.



     It had been three days since Mollie had began her vigorous search for answers after her meeting with Dumbledore. Mollie yawned and rubbed her eyes trying to stay awake while she scouted through the large book that lay in her lap. Mollie reached into her satchel and pulled out a pink flask and poured herself a drink and sat it down on the floor, she then took a small bottle out from her satchel and quickly took a huge gulp from it. As she swallowed the liquid down she shuddered and stuck out her tongue in disgust and swiftly picked up the drink she had poured out and downed it fast. Having to drink Polyjuice potion was not making all this work any easier, it was the most vial tasting concoction that Mollie had ever tasted and needed a drink to take away its foul taste. Mollie put her flask away and took out a mint and popped it in her mouth. It was then that Mollie realised she had only eaten mints for the past three days and felt a sudden hunger pang rumble in her stomach. Mollie sighed and wondered weather she should set the book down and go and get something to eat. But as quickly as the thought had come into her head it disappeared again and Mollie found herself reading on through the book about a man called Nicholas Flamel.



     ‘Where the bloody hell have you been?’ Came a voice from a person standing to the left of Mollie. Mollie looked round in surprise; stood before her was an angry looking Ron and Harry.



     ‘We’ve been looking all over for you! Why haven’t you been to the teaching courters? You were meant to come and see us and inform us of a new plan and how it all went with Dumbledore!’ Said Ron in an annoyed hushed tone. Mollie looked at Ron bemused through her sleepy eyes, she had completely lost track of what she was doing. She had become so engrossed in all this research that Ron and Harry hadn’t even entered her mind, which as she yawned again she realised that was not a good sign.



     ‘Sorry’ Said Mollie. ‘I forgot, I’ve been rather busy.’



     ‘It’s ok’ Said Harry with a smile. Mollie smiled back at Harry but Ron nudged Harry in the side and looked at him with a angry stare.



     ‘So what is all this?’ Said Harry sitting down on the floor opposite Mollie, Ron followed Harry and sat next to him looking worried at the pile of notebooks that were unevenly stacked up next to Mollie.



     ‘Well this is a…. a never-ending pile of crap’ Mollie said with a nervous laugh.



     ‘Well you must have discovered something looking at all this?’ Said Harry encouragingly.



     ‘Yeah you could say I’ve discovered something.’ Mollie said warily.



     Ron and Harry sat looking at Mollie, eagerly awaiting the news she had to share. Could she really tell them? They deserved to know who had killed their best friend but everything in Mollie’s head was telling her not to say anything. It would be too risky, she knew for sure they would go after Malfoy and plot some kind of scheme to get revenge. That was understandable and in her heart she knew that if the roles were reversed she would want to know who had killed her best friend. Mollie wanted to trust that them, that if she told them not to do anything, not to go after Malfoy, they would listen and they wouldn’t do anything, but the fire of rage that burned in Ron’s eyes just confirmed her worst fears. Plus she wasn’t totally convinced that Ron liked her. Yes he accepted her presence but only because she was doing her job. What would he think if he found out that she had failed at keeping Hermione out of danger, that she was there when she died and had lied helplessly on the floor? Would he be so accepting then? Could he trust her? Mollie couldn’t take the risk.



     ‘You know what it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.’ Mollie said sadly. Ron shook his head and grunted to himself and looked away from Mollie in disgust. Harry however looked on at Mollie and saw the sadness in her eyes; she looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Harry knew that whatever she had found out wasn’t something small at all and unlike Ron wasn’t willing to accept Mollie’s first answer but thought it best to wait to talk to her alone.



     ‘So what are you working on?’ Harry said.



     ‘Well I think its clear that Voldermort has involvement here, so I’ve been looking into his background and the death eaters and Hogwarts history and I’ve pretty much gone through all these books in this section, made notes and now I’m reading about a Nicholas Flemel.’ Said Mollie trying to sound positive.



     ‘Nicholas Flemel?’ Said Ron with surprise. ‘How on earth would he be involved?’



     ‘Well I can’t afford to not look, he probably has nothing to do with th….’ Mollie stopped suddenly after she turned a page in the book. There in the corner of the page was a small flower like circle with a black dot in the centre and two lines crossed diagonally through it. It was the same symbol drawn in Hermione’s diaries and the one she had seen under he bed carved into the wood. ‘Oh my god!’ Said Mollie with a smile.



     ‘What is it?’ said Harry and Ron together.



     ‘This symbol, its in Hermione’s diary’ Said Mollie in a whisper. Mollie delved into her satchel and rooted through to find Hermione’s diary. Mollie flicked through it until she found the page where it was drawn. ‘See, look, the same symbol’ Mollie said turning the diary around to show Harry and Ron.



     ‘What does it mean?’ Ron whispered.



     Mollie sat the diary down on the floor open on the page where the symbol was drawn and began to read the text written around the symbol. ‘An ancient symbol that means dark portal’ Mollie read. ‘Nicholas Flemel was among the first to discover the symbol on the walls in France…their was two words written beneath it that read dark and portal. Its origin is unknown’ Mollie stopped reading and sighed. ‘Great’ she said disappointed.



     ‘Don’t worry, at least it has a meaning, I’m sure if we keep searching something else will come up, a link or maybe even it’s origin, you never know.’ Said Harry enthusiastically.



     Mollie tried a smile but couldn’t hide her disappointment, she had been working so hard just to find something and now she had she couldn’t help but find the victory rather empty. Suddenly Ron threw Hermione’s diary so hit the wall by Mollie with a bang and he got up and stormed out of the library. Harry and Mollie looked at each other confused. Mollie reached over for the diary and picked it up, as she flicked through the pages to find the one where the symbol was drawn she read what Hermione had wrote. Mollie closed her eyes as she could feel tears starting. Harry reached out to Mollie and put his hand gently on her arm.



     ‘What’s wrong? What does it say?’



     Mollie opened her eyes and looked into Harry’s concerned eyes and felt a shiver down her spine. Mollie’s silence was no comfort to Harry so he moved to sit next to Mollie and placed his arm around her. Mollie lay her head on Harry’s chest and he gently stroked her arm and pulled her in tightly to him. Mollie felt so incredibly safe in Harry’s arms and as he kissed her forehead Mollie felt tingles all over her body. She reached for the diary and picked it up and held it in front of her. Harry took a deep breathe. He was about to hear Hermione’s private thoughts, thoughts that may be sad or happy or heartbreaking he wasn’t sure but either way he was about to have to let Hermione enter his thoughts and nothing could prepare him for that, he couldn’t stop the strong emotions he felt when he thought of Hermione, not even whilst having Hermione’s image cuddled up to him. 



     ‘Today is a Tuesday, just another Tuesday I guess, just another day, a lost day, a sad day, I’m so lost in puzzles, my thoughts aren’t straight, there are things I want to do, accomplish, anything other than this. This is slowly taking over me, I have to hide it, its like a duty that has been thrust upon me without warning, I didn’t ask for it, it just happened, I wish I could share this with someone, someone I love. He doesn’t know how I feel and sadly never will, I cannot finds the words to say to him, I worry that he won’t feel the same way and then the joke is on me, a bad joke that I’ll never live down. When I think of him I find myself smiling, he makes me forget everything, this sad lonely world, this heavy weight, this pain and sorrow; he makes me forget it all. I’d love to share a sunset with him, tight in his warm embrace. If I could ever have the chance to say what I feel to him, I would simply say I love you Ron Weasley and thank you for the joy that you give me, thank you for the smiles and the laughter and for always looking out for me. I feel safe with you and I’m sorry it took me so long to say it. I hope that maybe I am brave enough to say these words one day but if I find I’m not I guess I will have to settle for the memories and the moments we shared. They have been precious to me. Ron Weasley is my king. For now I’m settled with Tuesday, just another Tuesday, a lost day, a sad day.’



     Mollie closed the diary and placed it down on the floor. Harry had his hand to his mouth in shock. There were no words; he didn’t know what to say. Mollie sat up and looked at Harry staring at the shelves of books opposite him. Mollie placed her hand on his cheek and stroked it gently until Harry turned to look at her. As they looked into each other’s eyes Harry felt his heart start to beat uncontrollably and tingles rush through his body. To kiss Mollie now would give him so much comfort and pleasure, it would be a moment of pure passion and as Harry felt himself leaning in to kiss her Mollie looked away innocently and began packing up her things.



     ‘I think its time to go, I can barely keep my eyes open.’ Said Mollie with a laugh.



     Harry nodded to Mollie with a smile. Mollie smiled back at Harry and picked up her satchel. As she checked around to make sure she had everything Harry picked up the huge book with information about Nicholas Flemel and pretended to read it. Mollie looked once more at Harry and with one last smile she left the library. Once Harry knew she had gone he shut the book tightly and placed it back on the shelf and placed his hands over his face and sighed.



     ‘Damn it!’ Harry yelled kicking the wall in anger.



      As Mollie left the library she began heading for the Gryffindor common room, she needed some sleep, she had been awake for three days straight it the ability to keep her eyes open was severely lacking. The walk from the library to the common room seemed like the longest walk of her life but she made it there without bumping into any teachers, which she was immensely proud of. She knew she would have some explaining to do, as she hadn’t attended hardly any of her classes since the term began and Snape was just looking for a reason to throw her in detention. As Mollie arrived at the Common room door she felt herself about to utter the password but stopped herself. If she went in there now, there would be questions thrown her way and she didn’t need that right now, she needed peace and quiet, a place where she felt at ease. Mollie turned from the common room door and headed down the staircase, there was only one place she wanted to go now, the owlry.



     As Mollie reached the top of the owlry steps she felt relieved to be coming to a work free peaceful space, plus it was almost sunset and the view from the top of the owlry was pricelessly beautiful. As she smiled at the thought of its beauty she swore she could hear small whimpers coming from inside the owlry. Mollie moved closer, concerned that someone was up hear crying. As she peered around the wall into the owlry she could see an unmistakable figure standing out on the balcony holding his head in his hands. His flaming red hair blew lightly in the wind as he let out heartbreaking sobs. Mollie looked away and stayed stood on the steps. Could she really go up to Ron right now? She was probably the last person he wanted to see but he was crying so hard that Mollie she couldn’t just leave him here alone. Mollie took a deep breath and walked up the last step and into the owlry. Mollie approached Ron and placed a hand on his back and stroked it lightly. Ron looked round to see who was there and as his eyes fell on Mollie he shrugged her away and moved to stand on the other side of the balcony.


     ‘I’m Sorr…’ Mollie started.


     ‘Lets just pretend for a second your Hermione’ Said Ron angrily as he spun around to face Mollie and walked over to stand in front of her. His eyes looked so red and sad Mollie felt compelled to cry herself. ‘ I love you, I love you with my entire heart and soul, I have for a very long time and if I could live my life again I would never leave you not for a second, I would really be there to protect you like you did me…I’d save you.’ Ron drifted off into silence. Mollie felt a tear roll down her cheek. There was nothing she could say to Ron at this moment, the best thing she could do was just stand there and be with him, it’s something Hermione had wanted, to share a sunset with the man she loved and Mollie felt that although she was substitute for the real Hermione, it may offer some comfort to Ron just look upon her face. So there they stood, facing each other, sharing the sunset together.

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After Life: Where to Begin


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