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Summer Rain by Tara
Chapter 4 : To the Potters
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Lily went downstairs to the living room where her mom was sitting on the couch. Lily walked and cuddled up to her. "I love you mommy," she said sweetly.

"I love you too, Lily, but you're still going to the Potter's."

Lily knew it was time to give up; when cuddling up to her mom didn't work, it meant her mind was made up.


Three days later, Lily woke up to the sun shining on her face. She climbed out of bed and got dressed. On the outside, it looked like a good day, but for Lily it was a horrible day: The day she was going to Potter’s. Lily trudged downstairs to the kitchen where her mom was making breakfast.

“Well, good morning, sunshine,” she said to her begruntled daughter when she walked into the room.

Lily glared at her mom as she sat down at the table.

“If I kill Potter, it’s not my fault.”

“I’ll make sure to have a lawyer for you, then,” replied her mom. “Here’s some eggs.” She placed a plate of steaming eggs in front of her.

Lily only pushed the eggs around with her fork.

“What time are we leaving?” she asked.

“11:00,” her mom answered. “So, that gives you an hour to cheer up, my little murderer.”

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Aren’t you going to eat your eggs?”

“I’m not hungry,” said Lily.

“Lily, you have to eat. Starving yourself isn’t going to make anything better.”

“Yeah, it will. If I die of starvation then I won’t ever have to see Potter again.”

“Starvation is one of the worst ways to die. Besides, I’d miss you too much. Now, eat up.”

Lily continued to push her eggs around with her fork.

“Lily, either you can eat your food by yourself or I’m going to feed you.”

“Fine,” Lily gave in, taking a bite of her eggs. She took a long time chewing.

“Lily, it’s chewed now.”

“You should chew your food 25 times. You wouldn’t want me to choke, would you?”

“I know the Heimlich,” her mom said.

Just then, Petunia came into the kitchen singing off-key.

“Wow, Petunia, that’s really good,” said Lily.

“Really?” asked Petunia.

“Yeah, it sounds almost as good as a cow in labor.”

“Lily!” scolded her mom.

“What?” asked Lily. “You told me to always be honest.”

Mrs. Evans placed her hands on her hips. “You'd better not act like this while you’re at the Potter’s. They are very nice people, and you should be grateful that they're kind enough to have you at their house."

"I'd be more grateful if I didn't have to go," Lily said, earning a look from her mom. "I'll be good. I promise."

“You better.”

Forty-five minutes later, Lily and her mom were piling their bags into the car. The car ride to the Potter's was an hour long. As they approached the house, Lily couldn't help but gasp as she looked at it through the window. It looked more like a mansion than a house. It was painted white, and judging from the windows, was at least three stories tall. Lily had never seen a house that big in her life. Her mom said something about Jane not lying when she said it was big, and a speechless Lily nodded in agreement. When they pulled up in front of the house, Lily saw three figures walking across the lawn: James, Sirius and Remus walked over to the car. After Lily and her mom got out of the car, Lily introduced Remus and Sirius; the five exchanged greetings. The boys offered to help Lily with her bags so her mom opened the trunk. Each of the boys grabbed a bag.

“Potter, put my stuff down right now,” Lily demanded, snatching the bag from his hands.

"Lily," her mom said warningly.

Lily sighed and forced a smile. "Thank you very much for trying to help, but I got it."

“Okay,” James said. “I’ll carry your owl for you, then.”

“No!” Lily said quickly, and receiving a reproachful look from James. “He doesn’t like strangers,” she explained as she thrust her bag at James. "Here, you carry my bag and I'll get Jasper."

James turned and walked to the house with the bag.

As Lily was in the back, getting Jasper, James' parents came outside. Lily recognized his mom, and even though she had never met him before, his dad, because he was the spitting image of James, only he had blue eyes and looked older.

“Hello, Jane, it’s nice to see you again,” said Lily.

“It's nice to see you again too, Lily."

"Hello, Lily, I'm Mike, James' father."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Potter."

"Please call me Mike," he said, before turning to Lily’s mom. “And you must be Tracy.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Evans. “It’s nice to meet you, Mike. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you and Jane are allowing Lily to stay here for the summer.”

“It’s no problem,” said Mike. “We have plenty of extra rooms and more than enough for people her age to do. Maybe Lily can help keep James and his friends in line and out of trouble.”

"Us, in trouble?" asked James, he and the others were back outside. "Look at these faces; does it look like we could get in an ounce of trouble?" James continued as he and Sirius put on their best 'innocent' smiles.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" asked Mike.

"Save me, Remus," Lily mumbled.

"Okay, well, I need to get going," said Mrs. Evans. "Lily, come give me a hug."

Lily gave her mom a hug, telling her she loved her.

"I love you too," she replied. "Bye, have fun."

She got in the car and left. Everyone else went inside.

"Boys, why don't you show Lily her room," Mike suggested.

The boys did just that; Sirius and James walked ahead as Remus walked with Lily. If Lily thought the outside of the house was pretty; the inside was ten times better. When they first walked inside the house, they were standing in a living room that didn't have much furniture. There was a cream-colored couch and a couple of matching chairs. There was also a fireplace. Looking over, she could see the kitchen. Almost in a dream like state, she followed the boys up a flight of stairs and down a hall, walking next to Remus the whole time.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with him there. At least she would have someone to talk to.

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