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Psycho Path, Cho Chang by Samhria
Chapter 4 : Obsession
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~Hermione walks into the snowy shack.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Harry. Happy birthday to you.” Hermione sang softly, as she lit the room with candles and headed over to a table in the middle of the room, where there was a cake.

She grabbed the knife next to the cake and cut it. She placed one piece on a paper plate and sat down. She grabbed a fork and started to eat.

Although she didn’t feel happy eating by herself, she decided to eat a piece since it was Harry’s birthday.

“Happy birthday to you Harry. My best friend….the love of my life.” She grabbed the champagne bottle and poured it into a wine glass near by. She held up the glass. “This is to you Harry.”

~*~ Harry and Cho are talking about Hogwarts.

“Why didn’t you say anything silly?!” Cho squealed, happy to talk about something else besides Granger.

“I don’t know. I guess I felt nervous. I couldn’t gather enough courage to talk to you then.” Harry said, laughing himself.

“Back then you couldn’t talk to me, but how is it that now you can?”

“Well…now’s different.”

“You’re right. But I still can’t believe you didn’t say anything!”

“What about you? Was there anyone you liked back then?”

“Yes, and to your surprise…it was you!”

“No way! Really?”

“Yep. I liked you, too.”

“And why didn’t you say anything hmm?”

“I don’t know. I guess I saw you hang around Gra-I mean, Hermione all the time and I figured maybe you liked her or something.”

“What? Did you really think that?”


“Hermione is one of my best friends. Yes, I do love her. But we were only friends then, nothing more.”

“And what about now?”

Before Harry could say anything, the clock struck 7 p.m.

“It’s seven already?” Harry said, looking at the clock. “I’ve got to go home. I’ve been here nearly four hours.”

“Oh, come on Harry-pie. Stay with me. Let’s talk some more. I’m starting to feel way better. Besides, we’ve been eating snacks for the last hour. Let me at least make you something to eat.” Cho begged.

“I don’t know. I still need to call Hermione….and…”

“Harry! Just an hour wouldn’t hurt!”


“Harry! Please!”

“Okay. I guess. But just for dinner.”

“That’s more like it! Alright, let me go cook something up for my Harry’s special birthday!”

Cho left to the kitchen with Harry alone in the living room.

Harry was curious about Cho’s house. I mean, he had been in her living room before once or twice, but he never saw any other part of her house. He decided a little peeking around wouldn’t hurt.

“Where’s the restroom Cho?” He asked, making up an excuse to browse around.

“Down the hall to the left Harry-pie.”

Harry walked down the hall and observed. The first room was on the right side of the hallway. From the looks of it, it had to be Cho’s room. Common women stuff was in there: A queen size bed on one side, two drawer cabinets, a desk opposite the bed, a mirror cabinet near the closet. The desk was full of cosmetics, hair sprays, nail polish, clips and rubber bands, and perfume.

He walked down to the next room, which was on the left side. From the looks of it, it was an office room. There was a large desk in the corner, with a laptop and plenty of papers, pens and pencils, and office supplies.

The next room at the end of the hall on the left side was the restroom. It was neat and clean, unlike Harry’s bathroom. He left his clothes there after a shower, he didn’t clean the counters, and all the other things that needed to be cleaned.

After coming back to the kitchen, Cho seemed to be cooking a soup, along with cutting vegetables to put into it.

He decided to head back into the living room and watch some television.
He looked around the room for the remote, but he couldn’t find it.

“Harry-pie?” Cho said, coming into the living room. “I’ll be back in a minute. I need some spices for the soup. I’ll be at the store across the street.” She came up to Harry and placed a kiss on his lips before grabbing her jacket and heading out.

Harry thought it would have been best if he had asked Cho where the remote was before she left. But as he sat down, he felt something underneath him. It was a remote; or what looked like a remote. It was unusual and odd-shaped. It was in the shape of a knife, and it didn’t have many buttons that a regular remote usually had.

Harry pressed the red button that was on the top tip. The first thing that happened scared Harry to death. He thought he destroyed Cho’s house; but it was something else.

When Harry pressed the red button, the living room shook, as if there was an earthquake in that room only. After a few seconds, it stopped and the book shelf near the television opened up like a door.

Confused and curious, Harry decided to check it out. He walked through it. There was a lamp-light near the door of the book shelf; he picked it up and walked forward. There was a long narrow tunnel hallway before anything came up. After a few minutes of walking, a room with a light finally came into view up ahead. It was a small room, not bigger than a closet. When Harry reached it, he was stunned on the spot.

There were pictures of him on the wall in every direction. They were decorated, too. There were pictures of him jogging, resting, eating, showering; almost everything he did each day, there was a picture for it. On the floor, there was a large picture of Harry; and there were candles surrounding it along with rose petals. There were tables full of notes that Harry had written to Cho when they first started dating. There were roses and flowers in vases that Harry had given Cho a while ago. They looked as if they were watered and nourished everyday. Harry couldn’t believe his eyes. He then finally noticed the small television and VCR on another table in the room. There were video tapes near beside the television. Harry picked one up and put it into the VCR. What he saw surprised him even more. Cho had been video taping him; his every move. The certain tape he was watching was when he was resting at a park. He almost immediately remembered that he wasn’t dating Cho at that time.

‘She’s been recording me before we were dating?’ Harry thought wildly. ‘But why?!’

There was also a decorated scrapbook near by that caught Harry’s attention. He picked it up and flipped through the pages. He remembered the pictures, but Cho had changed it around.

There was a picture he took with Hermione; hugging her, but Cho cut out Hermione’s face and placed in her own picture. There was a picture that Harry had took with Hermione at the beach, and Cho did the same thing to that picture as well. She had done that with all of them.

Cho drew hearts around Harry’s pictures. And she wrote right beside them ‘I love you!’ And lots of ‘Mrs. Cho Potter.’

With the few pictures Harry had recently taken with Cho, she enlarged them and hanged them in a frame in the middle of the room.

There was also a binder titled: Harry Potter, my lover.
Harry opened the binder to any page and decided not to look further into it after what he saw. Cho wrote down Harry's favorite food and stuff. She practically knew more about him than he did about himself.

There were so many pictures and notes and things Cho had of Harry. It frightened him.

‘Why would she do this?’

Harry decided to get out of there. All these things were scaring him.

He went back into the living room, closing the book shelf again, and hiding the remote back in its place.

He sat on the couch thinking to himself. ‘I have to get out of here.’

After a few minutes, Cho came in.

“I’m back!” She said, coming over to Harry. “Did you miss me Harry-pie?” She leaned forward for a kiss, but Harry rose to his feet. “What’s wrong?”

“I-uh…got a call---from…um…Hermione! She needs to talk to me---about-something—r-really important. I gotta go.” Harry grabbed his coat and headed for the door, before Cho grabbed his arm.

“But Harry! You promised me that you’ll eat dinner first.”

“I-I can’t Cho. Maybe---some other time.”

“Harry! You can’t leave me like this! You can’t just break a promise like that! My decision is final! You won’t leave till you eat dinner.”


“Ah, Harry! No. That’s final. Now make yourself comfortable here and I’ll be done with soup in a little bit. Then I’ll make my special rice cakes.”

Cho dragged Harry over to the couch and sat him down.

“Don’t leave now.” She said with a mischievous smile that sent a shiver down Harry’s spine.

‘I should have left when I had the chance.’ Harry thought to himself, now regretting that he didn’t leave earlier.

So he sat there like a prisoner. Waiting for Cho’s dinner impatiently. He just wanted to eat and get out of there. Who knew what else Cho could be up to? Maybe she was making the soup for Harry to fall asleep so that she could snug with him. Or maybe she put in a love potion so that way Harry could fall in love with her and that way they could both be obsessed with each other.

While Harry was thinking of these thoughts, Cho brought in the soup in two bowls. She handed Harry his bowl while holding her own and seating herself next to Harry.

Harry felt uncomfortable by her now. After what he saw in that eerie room, it changed everything; the way he felt about Cho and the way he thought she was.

After gulping up the soup quickly, which practically burned his throat, Harry gladly spoke, “That was a good soup Cho. Thanks for dinner. I should be leaving now.”

“But what about dessert? The rice cakes are almost ready. Besides, I was going to make you chicken wings. They're your favorite.”

“Cho, I ate the soup, at least me go now!”

“Well, that’s not enough Harry! I want you to stay!”

“I can’t!”

“Why? Because of Granger?! You do have feelings for her don’t you?! Why don’t you just admit it? You always want to be around her! You don’t love me anymore!” Cho screamed at Harry.

Harry just got an idea. ‘Maybe…there is a way out of this.’

“It’s true! It’s true! I do have feelings for Hermione! I do love her! I have loved her since Hogwarts! Not only as a friend, but more! But I’ve just been denying it! I do love Hermione!”

Cho turned red from anger.

For a spilt second, Harry panicked. ‘I made her mad.’

But she broke into tears.

“I knew it! You’ve been lying to me all along!” She sobbed through her tears. “I knew it was true! You can’t keep your eyes off of her!”

“At least I don’t have lie anymore! At least now you know. I’m sorry Cho. I guess we can’t go on like this anymore.” Harry said relieved, walking out of the living room, towards the door, leaving.

“I knew that damn Granger was going to be a problem! I’ll just have to get rid of her. Harry is still mine. He’ll be mine forever. Only mine.” Cho said angrily when Harry left.

*Author's note: Well, I have to say, there's Cho's obsession for you. Hope you enjoyed. R/R if you'd like.

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