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The Birth Of A Hero by TyrannicFeenix
Chapter 11 : Origin
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Chapter 11 – Origin.

Godric collided heavily with the stone floor as he was thrown from the fireplace. He felt like he was going to throw up and every part of his body ached as though he had just been thrown off the tower. As Godric slowly lifted himself from the floor and dusted himself off, he looked up to see Alexandria watching him as she put all her packages aside.

"Well you have taken that well Godric. Dust yourself off on the mat then you can head back to your room and get cleaned up."

With that she left the room as flames again erupted in the fireplace behind Godric.

He leapt aside as Helga fell from the fire, but rushed back over to help her up just in time for the fireplace to flash again as Rowena dropped squarely into his arms.

"Thanks." She said as she extricated herself from his arms and dusted herself down.

Godric just stood there for a second. "Um yeah you're welcome."

The trio helped dust each other down then they all headed for their rooms to go and get changed. When Godric closed the door to his room behind him Pyre flew in through the window and landed on his perch.

"Hey Pyre. You won't imagine the day we just had." Godric said as he placed his wand on the side table whilst he got changed.

As he emerged from the wardrobe he saw something next to Pyre glowing orange. As he walked over he let out an audible gasp as his wand was glowing bright orange.

"What the…?" He said as he grabbed it and ran downstairs without a second glance until he ran headlong into Lord Hufflepuff.

"Sir, I have to show you something." He panted out.

"Calm down Godric. What is it?" Max asked.

"It's my wand Sir. There is something strange about it. I just sat it down to get changed and it started glowing." Godric sputtered.

"Where was Pyre while this happened?" Max asked seemingly unperturbed by this strange event.

"Um he was, on his perch Sir." Godric said as his heart rate slowed to normal once more.

"Ah I thought as much. Let's go back up to your room for a minute." Said Max as he began up the stairs, a confused Godric following on his heels.

When they arrived in the room Pyre let out a low call at their sudden appearance.

"Go put your wand back exactly where you had it before Godric." Said Max.

Godric complied and watched carefully as he sat it back down next to Pyre on the side table. It immediately began glowing but much fainter this time.

"I thought so. At least now we know where that phoenix feather came from. Pyre here gave it. That's why your wand is glowing. It will only do it for a bit until the feather gets used to the wood. Then it will just look normal." Max stated quite calmly.

"I don't understand Sir." Questioned Godric.

"You see the feather in your wand, came from Pyre. He donated it to Ollivanders just for you. And when it was reunited with the rest of Pyre it reacted. I assume it was much brighter last time?"

Godric just nodded as he finally understood what was happening.

"Sir, do you ever find yourself completely confused by all of this magic?" Asked Godric out of the blue.

"Well, ah, yes I do every now and then Godric." Max replied. "But I have been around it for sometime so I am used to most of it these days. And most magic is all about logic anyway. Now if you're all done with questions I think I may need to go lay down for a bit. I always hated travelling by Floo Powder."

Godric nodded as Max smiled and left the room. He walked over to his bed and stroked Pyre.

"So it was you huh. Well I can't think of a better feather to have than yours." Pyre looked up at him and squawked, and even that came out as a beautiful heart warming note as Godric gently stroked his head.


It was nearly four whole days of carnage in the castle before Lord Hufflepuff had arranged everything for the lessons. During this time the three teens had run around the castle waving their wands at everything they saw and causing heaps of trouble. Eventually Max managed to get them to settle in a long thin corridor long enough to show them their new classroom.

"This is a special room that will hold everything you need for class nice and safely. Now to get in you just walk up to this brick, hold your wand against it like so and think of what you need from the room, in this case our classroom. And voila," the trio gasped loudly as a solid wooden door popped into existence in the stone wall, 'instant classroom,' smiled Max.

As he swung the door inwards the trio was even more speechless. They all knew that the other side of that wall was empty space yet they were now looking into a very organised and rather amazing large room filled with all sorts of the items they had seen at Diagon Alley. And there was a feeling in the room that they couldn't place; a feeling of complete and total magic.

“Ok. Now this young man will be teaching you all.” Said Max as a young man of about 32 stepped up beside him. “His name is Cuthbert Binns and he is very knowledgeable. So I shall let you take them.”

The kids looked curiously at the new man as if sizing him up. He just walked past them into the room and sat at the front of the room signalling for the trio to come in and sit down.

"Ok then. As Lord Hufflepuff just told you I am your new teacher. I would prefer however that you address me as Professor Binns at all times in class.” The three children nodded as he continued. “I am sure you all can't wait to use those new wands of yours, however you will most likely be rather depressed to hear that we will not be actually performing any magic for the first few lessons." He started to massive groans from the kids.

"Now now, the magic will come soon enough but first thing you need to learn is where magic comes from. Once you understand this it will immediately help you with your spellcasting and other magical activities."

Nothing Professor Binns had said seemed to have pierced the depressed veneer of the group in front of him, but he just chuckled.

"Actually I do believe that we will kick off with a spell. Seems the three of you can't seem to control yourselves when it comes to your wands and keep breaking things, I'm going to teach you how to fix those things again."

At this the three faces suddenly glowed with excitement.

"Ok. Watch me closely." Binns started as he pushed a flower vase off the desk at the front. He pointed his wand directly at the mess on the floor. “Reparo."

And with a quick flick of his wrist the vase was once more sitting quite nicely in one piece on the floor, much to the excitement of his audience.

"Now there is one very important thing to notice here. Can any of you tell me what that is?"

The three looked at the vase for a minute before Rowena's hand shot into the air.

"Yes Rowena?" Binns said with an enormous grin.

"The flowers are still on the floor." She chimed brightly.

Godric and Helga, who had been studying the vase vainly trying to see what was wrong with it, looked down to see the mess on the floor.

"Exactly Rowena. The repair spell does just that. It repairs the broken item. It does not put whatever had been inside the container back inside it. So

remember that before you go breaking something. You will still have to put whatever was in it back."

With a second flick of his wrist Binns sent the flowers soaring back into the vase which again looked as though nothing had happened.

"Now you can, and I am sure you will have plenty of opportunity to, practise that in your own free time. For now we shall move onto the origin of magic."

Once more the faces deflated somewhat, but they still pulled out their parchment and quills and got ready to write.

“Now for you to understand how magic works we need to cover a little history first. Several centuries ago there was a terrible plague that ravaged a great deal of the world, but even amongst all the death, life was blossoming. You see the disease had one of three effects depending on the person infected. The first was death. The second was rather unremarkable being just the continuation of life, for a very great amount of people were soon discovered to be immune to the disease entirely and they continued on to become the general human race we know today, Muggles. But the third effect was incredible. Some people’s bodies absorbed the disease, and it caused mutations in them. Most of these people were unfortunately murdered by the people of the age. You see it has long been a human trait to kill what you don’t understand, and many of these mutations were physical. And a great deal were killed by their own mutations as well. However a great deal of people manifested mutation only on an internal or cellular level. These people developed special cells that for a long time had no apparent use.

“Many just continued living their lives until the disease was all but forgotten. It was several generations before anything came out of those cells. For all things in this world both living and inert contain energy, and not all of it can be measured like Muggles believe. One of these forms of energy, one that no Muggle could measure, manifested itself through these cells. It was magical energy, and it is the energy that allows us to do what we do. But it is these cells that allow us to survive utilising this energy. You see there are others that can use magical energy but they lack these magical cells to channel it. So if they channel too much energy they burn out cells necessary for them to live. And quite often this leads to them dying very horribly for they suffocate while they are still breathing.

“However our magical cells are much stronger, they can withstand quite considerable overloads of magical energy before they die, but if we overdraw too much we can end up damaging normal cells as well. It is for this reason that I must strongly recommend you do not attempt any spells other than those you are taught here for some time. If you do overdraw you could considerably hurt both yourself and those around you as well. But don’t worry. Magical cells are much like muscles. The more you exercise them they more robust and powerful they become. So as we work through the smaller tedious spells your cells will get stronger and stronger allowing you to cast these more dangerous spells.”

Binns smiled as he watched them diligently writing every word he had just said. He contemplated the group in front of him as they worked. "Got all that down have we?" They all nodded. "Good. Now we can move onto what magic is. Do you have any idea at all what it is?"

The trio sat there a look of fierce concentration on their faces. But not one of them could think of a valid answer.

"I must say I had hoped you would. We did just touch onto it before but I will go through it again to make sure you understand it. Magic is a fluid and magnificent energy force. It is raw power channelled into desire. It is your will turned to reality. In effect it is merely the realisation of your will. A manifestation of the minds desire. We are still very unsure as to who was the first to experience this force and as such are unable to give a completely accurate description of what magic is. But right now what magic is is rather simple. It is your immediate needs, wants, and desires made real by the channelling of this energy. Now do you all have any questions?"

Binns was surprised this time to see Godric's hand in the air. "Yes Godric?"

"Then why is it that we can use magic but Muggles can't?"

"I thought I addressed that before. Muggles lack the robust magical cells that channel magic and they seem to be completely ignorant to the existence of magical energy. But you must remember that this is not exact science we are dealing with here. This is mostly speculative though most is based on logic and history, however that logic is fallible. Well I guess that that is about all you didn't know about the origins of magic. So any more questions before we move on? No. Ok then. Well then I guess it is on to standard spells."

The three kids all sat straighter making sure that they didn't miss a single word that fell from his lips now. Binns waved his hand at the board causing a set of instructions to appear on the board.

"This is the basics of casting spells. Now what is written here on the board is helpful, but the most important thing about purposefully casting a spell is to concentrate. You have all seen successfully used raw magic when Rowena used it by that pond the other day. But raw magic is highly dangerous, and it can draw too much energy leaving you weak or in some cases it can even kill you. However raw magic is usually instinctual or emotionally caused, which means we usually have no control over when or how it is used." Binns paused to allow this to soak through their minds. "However, wandless magic when performed properly can be just as effective as with a wand. But this takes a great deal of training and practise. And you must be focused properly in order to do it. Another very difficult method is non-verbal spells. These again are highly difficult to master but will be a great help if you can master them."

Godric had a determined look plastered across his face as though he desired nothing more than to master both of the difficult tasks he felt Professor Binns had just set him, while Helga looked a little frightened at the many ways that magic could take her life by accident. Rowena was bent low over her book scribbling away in her neat scripted scrawl. Godric leaned over toward her to admire her writing.

"Now I think that that will do us for today. Same time same place tomorrow. You know how to get in if I am not here yet. So be careful, but have fun kids."

Binns said as he turned back to his desk.

By the time he turned again the room was empty and the door still hung wide on its hinges. He just laughed to himself as he sat at the desk.


A/N: Thank you very much to firefawn for allowing me to utilise her incredible explanation of how magic works. To read it in its original form read her amazing story Eclipse of the Sky.

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The Birth Of A Hero: Origin


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