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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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"It's Snape now, Mr. Malfoy." Hermione said, smirking. "And I was surprised as you are when I learned I was Sverus Snape's daughter, the potion master who called me an incessent little know it all. Yes I was very surprised to find out that one of the people I hate most at Hogwarts ended up being my own father. But do you want to know who the other person I hated most was? It was you. So if you don't mind I'd like you and your father to leave my house at once."

Hermione stood at the door staring at Draco, only to break th connection when she looked at his father.

'Ha, look at their faces! I don't think they have ever been so stunned and speechless in their lives. Malfoy's gawking at me like a fish out of water and his father is no better. I hope that teaches them not to come to my home unannounced. He looks nice though. His body is all toned out. It must be from Quidditch. Hed looks amazing, and his hair is down in his eyes, not slicked back like it used to be. God, I can't believe how hot Draco's gotten. Hang on, Draco? Hot? Oh, I should not be thinking this.Oh.' Hermione mentally kicked herself and sat down accross from Draco's father.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

'Whoa temper, temper. I never realized how the mudb- she had such an attitude. She must have gotten it when she found out she was Snape's daughter. She's lucky she doesn't take after him or she wouldn't be as pretty as she is now. She must get all of her looks from her mom. She looks amazing, all toned and curvy in all the right places. Hermione has finally reached her full body potential. Whoa, wait a minute. Did I just call her by her first name? And did I just think she was hot. Oh God this is not good, I can't be falling for her.' Draco shook his head dismissing the thought. He looked at his father and then at Hermione.

"Well that was a very nice speech Miss Gran- Snape, but we are here for business." Lucius said looking at her.

Hermione sighed. "Very well. What business?"

Lucius smiled. "Business about your home. I'm sure you won't want it because of its history so I'm willing to take it off your hands. Now what ever price you want I'm willing to pay as long as-"

"Excuse me Mr. Malfoy," Hermione interrupted. "But I'm keeping the house and have no intention of selling it."

"B-bu-bu-but you can't be serious." Lucius sputered. "This house could make you richer than ever and you hate your father so why would you want to stay here?"

"I will stay here because, for one, I like it here, and for another, this house is my home now and my father wanted me to have it. So even if I do hate him I will respect his wishes. Besides, the servents have grown on me, and I'd like to stay witht them."

Draco looked at he with approval. Not many people ahd the guts to turn his father down in a business transaction.

Lucius looked at her with horrer. No one had ever turned him down, especially a 17-year-old witch who hasn't even gotten out of school yet.

"Look at it this way, Miss Snape." He said calmly, even though he wanted to burst with anger. "No one will ever make you a nice an offer as I will, and many people will keep harrassing you until you give in, so you might as well as do it now."

Hermione stared at him for a full minute, then answered, "No."

"No?!" Lucius yelled tanding up so he was towering over Hermione.

Draco took a step foreward afraid his father might do something drastic.

"Listen here you filthy little muggle-lover, you will sell me this house right now or do help me I will make your life a living hell!" Lucius screamed.

Hermione slowly stood up and looked Lucius in the eye, which was hard because, like his son, he was a full head taller than her. "Mr. Malfoy, I will never sell this house, especially to you. And if you are going to threaten me in my own home I suggest you and your disgusting little son leave this instant." She said it in such a low and evil voice Lucius took a step back. Then she turned and walked toward the door.

Warren ran into the room as Hermone was walking away with both Malfoy's staring at her with open-mouthed shock.

"Miss?" He asked hesitently.

"Warren, please escort Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Mlfoy to the door right now." She said, ad then she swept out of the room with evrone string after her.

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