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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 8 : Disenchanted sleep
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A/n ready for the long (-er) chapter than before?? I hope won’t be hard to beat will it?  So were did I leave u ah yes at a cliffy Muhahaha enjoy my evil-ness.

First day I sat down determined to write this chapter and didn’t got the name down thoughJ

                        ~Disenchanted sleep ~

            Voldmort sat quietly. He had his eyes closed and was obviously trying to concentrate on something. It was harder then most think to be him. After all he is just starting to rise into power. His servants weren’t that trustable. His right hand man wasn’t always there, and he himself had a lot of paper work and plans to do. Over all he had a lot on his mind.

            What he concentrated on right now on the other hand was something that was beginning to start a headache.  He gave three simple directions. One, report into the diary every day. Two, get into Hogwarts. Three don’t make emotional contacts. So far one of the tasks has been fulfilled. She got into Hogwarts. She doesn’t report everyday and she made emotional contacts!!!!

            He tried to think this through rationally. Sadly every time he attempted something crashed, banged or clanged. This sucked. This sucked eggs at the moment actually. He didn’t have room for mess-ups. So he called in someone that has been going to Hogwarts for quite sometime now.

            “Pettigrew.” He calmly called. No response. “PETTIGREW!” well that bellow got some attention. The skittish teen walked into the room.

            “Y-y-y-yes?” the rat like boy stuttered. Voldmort got off his chair. Rubbing his temples Voldmort got a sly and fiendish smile.




Sirius fallowed the stretcher like a zombie. He didn’t know were he was going he was pretty sure it was the infirmary but he really wasn’t paying attention. Pushing past people who swarmed like hornets to see who it was Sirius fond himself annoyed. Half of these people didn’t even know who she was and more than that never even paid attention to her. An arm pulled him out of the crowed and into a secret passage way. He was about to scream but a delinquent hand covered his mouth. He couldn’t see the person but was sure it was a girl by the hand structure. 


“Shh..” the person hushed, “ Don’t make any noise.”  The hand was let down, normally Sirius would take that moment to scream for help but he knew that voice and he didn’t know how it was possible.


“Fallow me.” She commanded. Sirius like a good little boy did as he was told. Fallowing the person through a tunnel. Turning into a room brightened only by a few blood red candles Sirius squinted his eyes.


“How?” He tried to start his sentence but couldn’t seem to manage the rest. The girl didn’t flinch from what she was doing. Sirius grabbed her shoulder and spun her around.

“Were do you get off making me think you were dead and than all of a sudden decide to be alive? Do you know how worried and sad I felt?”


“Shut-up Sirius I’ll explain in a moment.” She was calm even when being screamed at. She went back to writing something down and looked up, glancing at him for a minute and went back to her pervious actions.


To say Mr. Black was pissed was a tad of an understatement. Actually there was really no way to describe how he felt, relief was too little, anger wasn’t strong enough, and curiosity wasn’t a big enough word to get around the questions gnawing in his head. 




Zink Shima woke abruptly in the infirmary. I burning sensation ripped through her body that had admitted from a certain tattoo on her left arm.  Letting out a harsh and shrill scream she curled into a ball. It was almost too much to take if it wasn’t for the torture she had endured as a child this for sure would’ve killed her.


If you would like to imagine the pain think of a thousand sharp knives plunging rapidly in you while your slowly eaten from the inside. Not that pleasant is it?  


She forced her self to stand only to get told to sit back down not only by Ms. Pomfery but her body. Damning her self for not enough self will she sulked back in the bed. She couldn’t move and she knew something bad was going to happen. Voldmort wouldn’t have sent some one to try to get rid of her if it wasn’t something terribly horrible.


She looked around the room to see a couple other people there. They were unconscious. She wondered if they got hurt in the blow too. Stupid Voldmort and his stupid plans. Why did she sign up? Right the money she needed the money and the classes guaranteed and education. He had betrayed her though and that she couldn’t get over just than Lucius Malfoy strutted in. 


“The dark lord isn’t very pleased with your work,” he muttered in her ear. “Especially after he heard you made friends with that filthy Mudblood Evans. This sounds cliché but you fired forever.” He smirked as the realization of death dawned, in fear escaping from her eyes. “The dark lord does send his best though, and by that I meant he sent me.”


It was practically remarkable as he could still be egotistical when about to kill some one.



Sirius was oblivious to the matter at hand. As far as he knew the Zink he was looking at was the Zink he had been chasing after. They’re were no character flaws except she called him Sirius which he just checked off in his mind as either the slip of the tongue or she was just warming up to him. As much as he wanted it to be the later he had a funny feeling if anything it was the slip.


Short Part:

The dark lord is mad at Zink and thinks up an Eval (yes Eval it’s even more evil cause you misspell it) plan. Zink is in pain and threatened by Lucius while meanwhile Sirius is captured by the fake Zink and taken to a room were he still believes that it is Zink.


A/N: Sorry another cliffy I just can’t help my self. There are only a couple more chapters unless I either get inspiration and new ideas or people get pissed cause I stopped. Other wise I’m betting on like 3-5 more chapters I’m betting on three though. I’m trying to update more often see!!! Sorry again for taking so long last time please review!!! Might motivate me. And sense this ones almost done with and if you like my writing check out some of my other stories preferably the newer ones on the account they’re probably spelled better. J



Ps when I finished this chapter it was on my b-day yay!!

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