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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 2 : The Arrival
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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters that you know. The few that you don't, I own. This disclaimer also reaches out to the first chapter of this series and my one-shot, The Truth.

"I almost forgot!" Alice said, "Did you make Head Girl?". She asked Lily this, who smiled.

"Yes, I did." She answered.

"Congradulations!" Alice said. Across from them, Surius acted completely surprised.

"I can't believe it! I never thought you'd make Head Girl! Can you guys believe it?" Surius asked, overly excited.  Of course, his voice dripped with sarcasm, but he almost pulled it off as real emotions.

"We all knew you'd make it." James complimented.

"Congradulations!" Remus and Peter said.

"Thanks you guys." Lily thanked Remus, Peter, and Alice, "Do any of you know who made Head Boy?"

"No one has said anything to me." Peter answered quickly. The others said the same.

"Guess I'll find out when I go to my new room tonight." Lily slightly bragged.

"I'll be able to go there right?" Alice asked. Lily pretended to think about it.

"I'm not sure if I want you there." Lily joked and Alice looked stricken, "Of course you can!" Lily reassured her.

"What about us?" James asked. Lily glared at him.

"The only one of you I'd ever allow to be there would be Remus, and even he won't be there very often." Lily answered.

"Why can't we come?" Peter pouted.

"Because you are all pranksters. Yes, Remus is too, but he at least acts civilized." Lily answered like it was obvious.

The rest of the ride was spent with such small talk. They finally arrived at Hogwarts around nine, with just of few rays of daylight left. As soon as the train stopped, Lily hurried off it. Standing still a few feet away from the train, Lily gasped. The sight of the sunset, along with the magnificient grounds of Hogwarts always succeeded in taking her breath away. Just thinking of this being her last year made her sad, and even feel like she was going to cry. Luckily a familiar sound pushed that thought out of her mind.

Not too far away from Lily was James, who's breath was also caught at the sight of something magnificent, but it was neither the castle or the sunset. The sight was Lily Evans, and boy was she beautiful. Her long red hair gently blew in the wind as her eyes sparkled at the sight of Hogwarts. James thought of how much he loved that girl, and of how she would never be his. He began to feel sad enough to cry as well. He stopped himself by thinking to himself that he wouldn't give up. Also, Surius' voice called him to a carriage, so he had to tear himself away from the sight.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" The loud voice of Hagrid bellowed to her left. Turning, she saw his large figure jutting out above the crowd.

"Hello, Hagrid!" Lily called above the sounds of the students. The lantern in his massive hand spilt light on her, and he came over to her with a smile on his face.

"Lily, 's great to see you!" Hagrid engulfed her in an one-armed hug. Even though he wasn't trying to, the force of his hug squashed Lily.

"It's good to see you, too!" Lily said, once she caught her breath. Hagrid looked around then, gave Lily a surprised look.

"Where're James and Alice?" Hagrid asked, making Lily put on a pretend sad face.

"What, I'm only fun to have around when those two are with me?" She asked. Hagrid laughed.

"'snot what I meant! I'm just surprised not to see them, especially James. Didn't you say that he stalked you last year?" Hagrid answered with his own question, and it was Lily's turn to laugh.

"Yes, but he really didn't stalk me, and never has. I just said that because he was getting on my nerves. Well, Alice isn't here because she went to find her boyfriend, Frank Longbottom, and James is, I don't know where." Lily answered.

"I'd better get back to the firs' years." Hagrid said and Lily nodded. Hagrid walked off, and Lily found a carriage with three Ravenclaws. They were her friends, two girls and one guy.

"Hey, Kara, Linds,Tyler." They greeted each other happily.

"Guess what?" Linds asked excitedly. Lily thought for a few seconds.

"You recieved a T on one of your exams?" Lily guessed, seeming very serious and concerned.

"No!" Linds said rolling her eyes, "Tyler made Head Boy!"

"That's great! Especially since I made Head Girl." Lily congradulated him, and bragged at the same time. Tyler, being modest and all, simply nodded and thanked her. After Lily recieved more congradulations, they arrived at Hogwarts.

They quickly climbed off the carriage, with Tyler helping each of the girls, and hurried into the castle. They were greeted by Peeves, who was throwing various objects at the students. Behind Lily, James and his friends entered through the doors just in time to see Peeves throw a trophy at Lily.

"Peeves, stop this nonsense!" Remus commanded, shouting. Peeves stopped his cackling to see the angry faces of the Marauders. He had had close calls with them before, so, after dropping what he was carrying on the head of a third year, he flew away.

Lily had been smart enough to stop the trophy with a simple levitation spell, so it didn't hit anyone. Lily seperated from the Ravenclaws upon reaching the Great Hall, and found a seat next to Alice at the Gryffindor table. Alice was sitting across from Frank, and Lily was pretty sure she had interrupted some kind of flirty conversation.

After making sure Peeves was gone, James turned his attention to see if Lily was okay he looked around, but she was nowhere in sight, which meant she had already gone into the Great Hall.

"Come on guys, let's go find out who the Head Boy is." James said as an excuse to get them to hurry. It worked, so James was soon sitting next to LIly.

"Do you know who made Head Boy?" He asked her.

"Yes." She answered. She was trying to act like sitting next to James wasn't fun by speaking as little as possible. Although, she actually liked it. James made her feel safe and secure just by being near her, even though she wanted to deny it, it was true. James kept looking at her expectantly, so she told him who it was, only because his staring was starting to annoy her. Little did she know that James loved looking at her. She had this glow about her that made him feel happy by being next to her

"Tyler, Okay?" Was her answer, and it caused James to roll his eyes. Of course smart, handsome, goody-two shoes Tyler made it! NO FAIR! He gets to share a room with Lily, even a bathroom! Great, just great! Now what am I supposed to do? Lily will end  up falling for him, she's already his friend! To top it all off, I'll never get my chance to be with her, and show her how much I truly care about her! He had to divise a plan and quick!

"Tyler, not Remus made Head Boy!?" Surius' surprised voice brought James back to reality.

"That's rude!" Lily defended Tyler, "Tyler is smart and responsible. While Remus may be smart and the most responsible out of you four, he simply lacks what it takes to be Head Boy. Besides he has enough to worry about as it is, he doesn't need more work and another thing to worry about." Lily happened to know about Remus' "furry problem", as James referred to it. Lily often overheard their conversations, and saw them sneaking out of Gryffindor Tower quite a lot, so she had summed it all up. She even knew why each of them had their certain nickname; Moony for Remus who turned into a werewolf on full moons, Padfoot for Surius for turning into a monstrous dog, Wormtail for Peter who turned into a rat, and Prongs for James who turned into a stag. None of the guys knew that she knew and she intended to keep it that way. Normally she would've turned them in, but the thought of James helping Remus stopped her.  Oh, and the Marauders didn't know that she knew, so let's keep that between us, alright?

"She is right, Padfoot." Remus said to Surius, who sighed in defeat.

Before they could say anything else, Professor McGonagall interrupted them. She led the first years in, and set the sorting hat on the stool. The sorting hat sang the normal "houses" song, then the first years were sorted. After the sorting, Dumbledore gave his usual start of term speech and the feast began. Sirius and James shouted thank-you to Dumbledore, sending chuckles throughout the school, same old Marauders.

After piling food on their plates and shoveling three plate fulls down their throats, which the girls were utterly discusted about, the boys began their normal Qudditch talk. They spoke of the players, need for try-outs, and a lot more.  Man, don't boys talk about anything else, these days?, Lily thought, shaking her head.

"They will never change!" Lily said, very aggravated, to Alice. Alice nodded, and they continued to eat in silence. Once the food finally disappeared, Dumbledore dismissed them to bed. Luckily, the prefects were the ones who had to show the first years around, so Lily and Tyler met up to walk to their new dorm. On the way they held a short conversation.

"How was your summer?" Lily asked.

"Pretty good, but I like being back at the school. Doesn't it stink that this'll be our last year here?" Tyler responded with his own question.

"Ya." Lily sighed," I'm really gonna miss this place, but I'll have many memories, even though most of them contain Potter in them." They both took the rest of the walk to drink in the school. Upon reaching the new dorm, they realized they had forgotten one important detail.

"Oops." Lily said as she looked at the picture of a princess, "We forgot to come up with a password."

"Hmm...How about Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliaphobia?"  Tyler asked.  (I can even say it now!)

"Perfect!" Lily agreed, "You and I are the only two who can say it." After making sure the princess was okay with it, they entered the common room. It was as big as the Gryffindor one, only all of the house colors mixed. It only had one staircase which led to their rooms. Tyler allowed Lily to go first, and they found that the room on the right was Tyler's and the left was Lily's. In between them both was another door, which was the bathroom. After quickly exploring their new dorm, they found that they each had a door that connected to the bathroom. Then, they both crawled into bed. After a long day on the train, they sure were tired, and fell asleep very fast.


In the boys dorm in Gryffindor Tower, James Potter was urgently consulting his best friends for advice, and a plan. Remus was the one who gave the very good advice, but Surius came up with the plan, which they all believed would work. Now, all they had to do was try it.  Of course, it would take a while to work.

Author's Note: I'm sorry this one took so long to update, and that it is kinda boring. I hope that you like it though. I've got a good idea about what the next chapter will be, and I've already begun to write it, so let's hope that it gets up soon. Please review!!!!!

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Lily's Secret: The Arrival


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