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A Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era) by LadyDux14
Chapter 1 : Meet Your Mentor
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Chapter 1: Meet Your Mentor

 This story starts out in an American high school, to be more exact, in Senor Penguino’s first hour Spanish class.  He was about to start teaching when an announcement came over the intercom.

 “Can Felicia Mato and Stacy Zuvie please come to the front office?  Felicia Mato and Stacy Zuvie to the front office.”

 The two girls looked at each other from across the room and got up to leave at Senor Penguino’s nod.

 "What’s this about?” Felicia asked.

 “I really don’t know,” Stacy said.  “But getting called down to the office in my case is never all that good of a thing.”

 The girls walked up to the front desk and Stacy said, “Hi, um, we were just called down to the office.  What do you need from us?”

 The lady behind the desk asked, “Stacy and Felicia?  Okay, you have a visitor, who’s in that private meeting room.  You may go in now, and will be excused from class.”

 The two of them walked into the room the lady pointed at and saw a older looking woman they both recognized at once.

 Their eyes went wide as the woman started to speak with a British accent.  “I take it you both know who I am, or at least I’m guessing that from the looks on your faces.  You might want to sit down, this conversation could be a little bit shocking for you.”

 Once the girls were seated, the woman started to talk again.  “I am Professor Minerva McGonagall-”

 Felicia snapped.  “Oh, my God!  It’s you!  Can I have your autograph!  Please, please, please! AHH Why are there Harry Potter characters!?! Oh well!! Ahhh!!!”

 McGonagall smiled and quickly signed her name on a paper lying on the table.  “You are Felicia, correct?  Stacy, do you want an autograph as well?”

 Stacy shook her head.  “Oh, no thanks.  I got one for Christmas this past year.  I have a question though.  Why did you come all the way to Zolland to talk to a couple of high-schoolers who you don’t know?”

 Minerva smiled once again.  “And that, would be the reason that we’re in this meeting right now.  Very few people know this, but my series is based on a reality. I am a witch, as you already know.  Now, I was tipped off by one of my friends that there were two uneducated witches here in Zolland, a particular friend that would of came and got you herself, but she is too busy writing a certain book called "Deathly Hallows".  What I am about to say next could quite possibly be the most life changing thing you’ve ever heard.  Stacy Mato, Felicia Zuvie, you are the two witches I heard about.”

 The two girls stared blankly at the woman in front of them.

 “You’ve got to be kidding,” Stacy said.

 “I’m not,” McGonagall replied.

 Felicia looked up, confused, and said, “So wait, we’re witches?  How come we didn’t get a letter or anything?”

 “Ah.  Yes, good question.  You both are very unusual.  Your powers developed later in life than most do.  Because of that, you were not sent a letter at age 11.  I do, however, know that you are both highly educated in the unformal art of witchcraft, based on what was in my "friend's" books.  You are both very lucky.  I’m about to present you with an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Do you want to hear it?”

 Felicia and Stacy both nodded. 

 The professor continued.  “You get to go to Hogwarts.  Now I know that isn’t all together amazing or anything, but there’s a catch.  Besides the fact that you will be American exchange students, you are going to be attending Hogwarts in 1972, the same time that Lily Evans, James Potter, and their friends were at school.”

 “Are you kidding,” Felicia asked, almost in a daze.

 “No, I’m not.”

 “That’s amazing!  We’re going to be sent back in time to be exchange students?  Wow!” Stacy said, taking it all in.

 “Since you are 14, you will be in what would be your fourth year at Hogwarts.  1972 is the same year that the Lily, James, and the Marauders were fourth years.  Everything has been arranged both here at Zolland East and West High Schools, and at Hogwarts, both now and in the past.  Please don’t ask how, it’s very confusing.  Your parents have been informed, and they have packed your clothing and other personal items.  Are you ready?”

 “We’re leaving now?” Stacy asked. 

 “Well, we’re apparating to your homes to collect your suitcases and spending money.  Then we’ll apparate to Diagon Alley.  All of your school supplies are being sponsored by Hogwarts, by the way.  We’ll travel back in time and buy your supplies and then you will be checked into the Leaky Cauldron until term starts.  While there, I will personally tutor you and get you up-to-date with what you’ll need to know to complete your fourth year at Hogwarts.  Now, please follow me.”

 The two girls followed Minerva past the front desk where they double-checked that every thing was in order.  Once outside of the office, they walked into the empty auditorium and took hold of McGonagall’s arms, apparating away to their new lives.

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