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What Came Before by Mercury
Chapter 1 : What Came Before
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Disclaimer: While this is a Harry Potter fanfic, JK Rowling does not own any of the main characters in it. most of them, such as Arista are of my own creation. Dillon is a joint creation of a roleplaying site I am active at, and so therefore does not belong solely to me, although he has greatly influenced my character. Despite all this, the Disclaimer is necessary because I am using places and concepts from the magical world that JK invented. Hogwarts and anything else you recognize belongs to her.

I wrote one chapter of this, posted it, and decided I hated it. Something about it wasn't write. So, I'm trying again. Hope you like it.

The Time Before


Broken hills rose, crooked against the sunset that filled the sky. Sea gull calls hung in the air, grating against the overwhelming rush of the sea as the tide crashed against cliffs, spraying up foam. The land was lonely, frequented only by the occasional wild goat. Brush covered the hills, with winding trails that led to places important only to smaller creatures. Scraggly trees grew into existence, completing the wild scene like punctuation marks on the hills.

Among such natural foregoneness walked one figure, forgotten herself, and as alone as the hills. Even her name was a mystery, as were her origins and reasons for being were she was. Her memory was blanker than a wiped slate, no secret horrors trickled out of her. For the moment, she only was, though her brain kept depicting a time when there was more. Such conflict left her eyes haggard, despite an otherwise youthful appearance. White blond hair hung down past her shoulders, and her stare was icy. A gray dress and shawl, simple garments stolen off of a clothesline, covered her, and she went barefoot. Her back was straight, displaying her full proud height of 62, and there was something, something about her mouth that said she had lived differently than this. A thin stick of wood was held loosely in her hand, and she watched the ground as she stumbled on. And as she stumbled, her mind struggled to remember events that she would later wish to forget.

Arista Steshi, legendary in her own time, wandered lost in a place washed clean of her influence. She was entirely alone.

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What Came Before: What Came Before


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