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A Girl Worth Fighting For by Nausicaa
Chapter 1 : A Girl Worth Fighting For
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~~~Disclaimer~~I don't own Harry Potter, cuz, well, I don't~~~ :-)

   "Harry James Potter"  Ginny yelled at her former boyfriend's retreating back, "don't you dare walk away from me again!  I have words to say, and I expect you, the all-powerful hero, to be man enough to stay and listen to them, or so help me I'll make you rue the day you were born!"

    Harry stopped and turned around, sighing in defeat.  He was again at the Burrow, mostly because he had no where else to be.  He had gone home for a week, staying true to his promise to Dumbledore, and then had returned to the place he was most willing to call home while he planned his next move against Voldemort.  He had refused to return to Grimmauld Place, Sirius' hadbeen jail, instead giving it to Remus, so he would have a place to call home, and a safe meeting place for the Order.   The Order had continued to vote against allowing Harry Potter and his friends to become members of the Order, or even to sit in on the Order's meetings.  

    Harry was against going back to Hogwarts, feeling that his time would be better spent searching out Voldemort's horcruxes.  Ron had declared himself ready to follow Harry where ever he led, but Hermione was voting with the all of Harry's elders, who were all of the opinion that Harry would be much better off returning to Hogwarts and completing his education.  "Of course I'll go with you, if you go Harry, but don't you think we should be better prepared before we take on all that?"  Hermione had said, and Harry knew she was loath to leave her books.

    So Harry had taken up residence at the Burrow, and for the first week had been relatively successful at avoiding Ginny, much to her annoyance.  She had several things she was interested in saying to the boy, and she couldn't talk to him if he was never willing to even look at her.

    They were upstairs in the hall, alone for the moment. Ron and Hermione were off doing whatever they did, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were out.  Ginny was not going to let this opportunity pass by.  She was fed up with being ignored, and Harry needed to know the price he would pay if he continued to do so.

    "Now, Mr. Potter, you just sit yourself down and listen to me"  Ginny continued in an elevated voice, her red hair framing her face, hands on her hips, looking as formidable as an offended hippogriff.  Harry sat, knowing he didin't stand a chance.   As angry as she was, she was still the most beautiful thing in his world.  A girl worth fighting for.

    "Ginny, listen" Harry began.

    "No" Ginny cut him off, "you listen to me, and listen good".

    Her tone and voice softened, and she looked him in the eyes "I love you, Harry James Potter.  With all of my heart, all of me.  You can call it a crush, you can pretend it can be ignored, you can say I'm a silly little girl.  I have loved you since I saw you on Platform 9 and 3/4.  You are my hero, you saved my life in my first year and you saved the life of my father two years ago.  I lived for four years in the hope that you would notice me as someone besides your best friend's younger sister, and you finally did, and made my world complete.  You don't get to take that away from me, and go on your merry way, leaving me behind!"

    Harry interupted angrily "my way is anything but merry!"  

    "Harry, you are being ridiculous!"  Ginny was shouting again.  "You honestly think you can keep me safe by leaving me behind?  I'm just as able as Hermione or my brother to protect my self, by my self!  I don't need your protection, Harry", here her voice dropped again, "but I do need your love.  Your acceptence of me.  I refuse to sit idly by while you run off and risk your life for all humanity."

   "Ginny, I need to know that you are safe" Harry tried to begin, only to be cut off again by Ginny.

   "Safe, where?  You know of a safe place, do you?  So Mr. Hero, where do you expect me to go and wait your triumphant return?"  Ginny retorted sarcastically.

   "At least out of the battles" said Harry, refusing to meet her gaze.

   "Death Eaters could show up here and kill us all right now.  Or just after you leave.  The next time I go and visit a friend's house they could show up and kill me!  Are you going to insist I travel under armed escort next?"

   Harry was silent.

   "There is nowhere safe.  Not until voldemort and his minions are done away with.  And I can help you with that.  I'm one of the top students in my year, I've grown up holding my own against six boys, and I refuse to sit at home, waiting while everyone else runs around getting hurt and fighting for freedom" Ginny continued.

   Harry sighed and looked up at her fierce gaze.  "Ginny"

   "Yes, Potter?" She snapped.

   "I love you.  I want you to be mine someday.  I don't think I could stand it if I lost you.  I couldn't go on, and do what would have to be done if something happened to you, especially if I was the cause of it."  Harry said earnestly.

   "You love me, but you want to be seperate from me".

   "To protect you, Ginny"

   Ginny's gaze narrowed.  "You can't push people away because you are afraid they will get hurt, Harry.  You can't do this alone.  You talk of how devastated you'd be if something would happen to me, but you never consider how I would feel if something would happen to you, that I could've perhaps prevented by being at your side.  Think of someone beside your self, Potter.  In all your selflessness, you are perhaps the most selfish of all of us."

    "Ginny, I can't be the cause of you being targeted.  Voldemort will kill you if he thinks it will make me suffer.  He will use you to trap me if he knows of my special regard for you.  Because he would know, if he was to take you, I would come, even if doing so would guarantee my death."  Harry tried again to reason with her.  Ginny was not to be reasoned with.


   "Why can't you just understand!"  Harry shouted, exasperated.

   "You can't have it both ways Potter!" she shouted back at him.

   "What do you mean, Weasley?" he shot back at her.

   "I mean" Ginny said slowly and carefully, "that either you acknoweledge our relationship, and allow me into your secret councils, allow me to help you, and to love you, or you don't".

   "Ginny" began Harry, but Ginny cut him off again.

   "And if you don't, then you have no right to dictate my activities, whereabouts, or relationships. None at all.  Which means, if I choose to run away tomorrow and attack some death eaters, you have no right to stop me.  If I choose to have no boyfriends or six boyfriends, you have no right to say anything about it.  I'm not a toy, to be put away for a time, to be retrieved or not at a later date.  Do I make myself clear, Harry?"  Ginny finished fiercely.

   Harry stood, and looked her in the eyes, green meeting green, will meeting will.  In that moment, Harry realized how futile his attempts at leaving her behind would be.  She was a woman, a woman as much as he was a man, and and a very strong-willed and determined woman at that.  And as much as he feared losing her to death, losing her in life would be far worse.  Perhaps she was right, and the best place for her was by his side.   He knew for sure he would have no peace at the Burrow, or anywhere else near her, else he agreed.

   "Well?" the fiery red head demanded.

   Harry stepped forwards, took her beautiful face in his hands, and leaned down.  His lips met hers in a kiss filled with passion and love, the power voldemort knew not.  It was a full minute before they parted. Ginny looked up into Harry's eyes as he replied.

   "I love you Ginny, and I will do anything to keep you safe.  And if that means plastering you to my side, than so be it.  I am amazed that I am the lucky man who has your affections in his keeping, and will do (nearly) anything you ask of me to keep them there."

   Ginny smiled and leaned in to kiss him again.  When they seperated again, Harry continued speaking, taking both her hands in his.  "But you must promise me, Ginny, that you will not purposely put yourself into danger, not to save me even.  You, Ginny are a girl worth fighting for. You are my everything, and so you must promise. Promise me Ginny!"

   Ginny nodded, "I promise, as long as you promise to never again try to ditch me" she said, daring him with her eyes to try and back down.

   Harry nodded.  "I promise".

   Ginny smiled, and then laughed, the most beautiful sound in the world to Harry's ears.  After a few moments, he joined her.  

   "And now, I think we have some catching up to do." Ginny stated, taking Harry by the hand, and leading him into her room.  Harry smiled and replied innocently "do we?"

   Ginny grinned as she shut the door.  Harry grinned back.  A girl worth fighting for indeed.

Boy, I had fun writing that!  So what do ya'll think?  Reviews make me feel speshul! :D

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