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A Girl's Worst Enemy by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 1 : A Girl's Worst Enemy
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Disclaimer: all characters, places, themes etc belong to JKR. The creator of the Harry Potter World! Plot belongs to me. Though that is not something to be proud of!

Anyway happy reading, and please review! Cheers. Oh! Also Italics= Lily's thoughts, just so you know!

IMPORTANT! This story is set in Lily's seventh year. (I'm not sure what year that was, but it doesn't matter anyway!)

Lily stood in front of the mirror, hands poised and controlled as she carefully applied yet another layer of Wild-Berry Delight to her already well layered lips. She smacked her lips together and smiled. This new flavour is just perfect, she thought, no one else will have this flavour. I will be the envy of everyone! There was a knock at the door, shattering her very un-Lily-like thoughts. "Come in!" she called. 

Violet, her best friend, walked through the door. "Are you ready yet?" she asked. 

"Almost," replied Lily, turning back to the mirror. "I just have to apply another layer." 

"Oh!" squealed Violet, coming closer. "Is that a new one?" Lily just smiled, careful not to smudge it all over herself. 

"Can I use it?" Violet inquired. Lily looked scandalized. 

"Violet, it's new! And besides, you don't share lip-gloss! That's just gross!" she said. 

Violet looked hurt, but she nodded gracefully, admitting defeat. "What flavour is it anyway? Maybe I can get some next time we go to Hogsmeade," she stated. 

"Um..." replied Lily, "I'm not exactly sure of the flavour," she said, quickly. I can't let Violet get the same flavour as me! What will everyone think, oh the shame! Better let her think I don't know then when we go to Hogsmeade pick something different! Yeah, that'll work. "Hey, tell you what" said Lily, turning around. "Next time we go, I'll help you pick it out. I'm sure I'll remember what colour it was." 

Violet smiled, "oh, Lily! Would you? You're the best friend ever!" she said, rushing up to Lily and giving her a hug. 

"Violet, watch it!" yelled Lily. Violet pulled away instantly, "I nearly got it all over my face!" replied Lily, holding the lip-gloss away from her. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Lily!" gushed Violet, completely mortified. 

Lily just smiled. "That's all right. How about we go down to breakfast now?" Violet nodded, glad that she was forgiven. Lily grabbed her bag, and followed Violet out the door, slipping the lip-gloss into her pocket as she did so.

Lily and Violet walked down the stairs, talking and laughing when a fourth-year Hufflepuff came up to them. They stopped and stared at him, because they didn't know who he was. "Hi, Lily!" the boy squeaked, in an unusually high voice. 

"Um... Hi," replied Lily. "Do I know you?" she asked. 

"No," was the boy's reply. 



"Will you go out with me?" asked the boy. Violet burst out laughing, Lily glared at her friend. Great! Ok, Lily, just let him down gently

"What!" she yelled, "I can't believe you would ask me that! I don't even know you! You're in fourth year, I'm in seventh! What possibly possessed you to even try!" she asked. 

The boy stood petrified. "Um... Um..." he whimpered. Then he turned on his heel and ran. 

Violet chuckled, "you could have been gentle, Lily," she said. 

Lily turned to her friend, shocked. "I was being gentle," she said. Violet just raised her eyebrows, "I was! If I wanted to be mean, I would've said he smelled!" Lily replied. 

Violet just laughed. "Come on," she said, "let's go eat. I'm starving!"

They finally made it to the Great Hall. They were delayed because Lily was asked out again! Not once, not twice, but twelve times. It was a shock. 

"What the hell did you do, Lily?" asked Violet as they took their seats and started piling food onto their plates. "Did you put padding in your bra or something?" Lily looked at her friend, outraged. 

"As if! Girls who do that have low self-esteem and even lower IQ's!" she replied. Violet turned red, "what?" asked Lily. 

Violet hesitated, "it's just, I put padding in my bra," she replied, her voice barely above a whisper. 

"Oh," replied Lily. 


More silence. 

"Don't worry, Violet, I didn't mean you!" offered Lily. Violet just nodded, her face still beet-red. 

"Hey ladies!" a voice spoke from behind them. 

Lily jumped and turned around. "Hey, Sirius" she replied, grateful for once that he chose breakfast times to annoy her. Sirius sat down, squeezing himself between the girls, even though there was so room to squeeze! 

"Sirius!" yelled Violet, who had been pushed precariously close to the edge. 

"So sorry!" he replied, moving around to get comfortable. 

"Oomph!" escaped from Violet's lips, who had since fallen to the floor. 

"What was that?" Sirius asked. 

"Nothing," said Violet, softly. 

Sirius just shrugged and turned to Lily. "So, Lily!" he started conversationally, "did I tell you just how frightfully gorgeous you look today?" 

Lily pretended to think, "um... no! I can't remember, sorry!" 

Sirius smiled, "Oh! I guess I just must have thought it then." 

"That must be it!" 

Sirius laughed, "So, I guess I should tell you," he got up and stood on the table. 

"Sirius, get down! What the hell are you doing?" whispered Lily. Oh no! What's he going to do now?! Sirius cleared his throat. "Attention Hogwarts students, teachers and owls! I just wanted you all to know that Lily Evans looks absolutely gorgeous today! Wouldn't you agree?" There was a chorus of shouts and wolf-whistle's from the boy's in the room. Lily covered her face; oh I'm going to kill him! Sirius jumped down and bowed to her. 

"I'm so getting you!" she snapped. 

Sirius just smiled, "Hey, Lily, ya wanna go out with me?" he asked. 

This was so unexpected that Lily was speechless. "No!" she finally managed. 

Sirius looked stunned, as if a girl had never turned him down before! "Oh... ok" he said, defeated. Then he shuffled of looking confused. 

Lily turned to Violet, questionably. "Did that just happen?" she asked. 

Violet nodded, "what is it today? Ask-Lily-Out-Day?" she inquired with a smile. 

"Ha, ha, very funny," replied Lily. Though it made her wonder: is it something I did? I can't remember anything! 
On the way to her first class, Potions, Lily was asked out by no fewer than six more guys. She sighed as she walked into the classroom. Please; please let no other guys ask me out! I can't take it any more! She turned in her seat and started unpacking her books. Suddenly a shadow moved across her table and Lily looked up to see who was standing next to her, "oh... hi" she said. Bellatrix Black stood in front of her desk, Sirius cousin. What does she want? Lily thought. 

Bella cleared her throat, looking nervous, "hi, Lily," she replied. Lily was startled to say the least; she's actually being nice to me! Strange

"Hi, Bella, what can I do for you?" she replied, thinking it would be something to do with Potions. 

"Do you want to go out with me?" asked Bella. 

Lily jaw dropped and she looked at Bella, shocked. Violet, who had been getting ready next to her, dropped her books and stared. 

"What!" Lily yelled, "I'M NOT A LESBIAN!" The whole class turned and stared at them. Bella's ears turned pink. 

"Oh!" said Bella, "um... I have to go now," and with that, she fled the room. A couple of people laughed. 

Lily turned to Violet, her jaw still hanging open. "I think I need to go see Dumbledore," she said. 

Violet just nodded. "Hey, Lily," she whispered, curiously, "did you know Bella was a lesbian?" 

Lily shook her head, "I do now!"

As soon as the bell rang for the end of class, Lily and Violet were out the door heading for Dumbledore's office. When they got there, Lily was even more depressed then before. This time, twenty boys had asked her out, she was seriously depressed. Arriving at Dumbledore's office, Lily hesitated; she didn't know the password.
"Uh... OK. Do you know the password?" 

Violet shrugged and shook her head. Lily sighed and started naming the sweets she knew, "Fizzing wizards, Chocolate frogs, Jelly beans! Oh, come on!" she sighed. This is hopeless! Ok I'll give it one more shot! "Killer Pythons?" The door opened Whoopee! I did it! I'm a genius! Lily calmed herself, no need to get a swelled head! She then turned to Violet. "Are you coming?" she asked. 

Violet shook her head, "there's nothing wrong with me!" 

Lily sneered at her, "Bye, Violet," she said with a smile. With that she turned to the Headmasters office and made her way up the stairs. Lily was suddenly nervous. What if I'm just imaging things are weird? What if I'm going crazy? Hell! What if I'm crazy now! How can you tell anyway? Thankfully, Lily was saved from more destructive thoughts by Dumbledore's office door opening. 

"Ah! Miss Evans, I was wondering when I'd be seeing you. Come in." 


Dumbledore led her to a large oak desk and gestured for her to sit down. "What can I do for you?" he asked with a smile. 

"Uh... Professor, this is going to sound really weird," she began. 

"Miss Evans, I'm the Headmaster of a magical school," Dumbledore said with a smile. 

"Oh... Right. OK, over thirty guys have asked me out today," said Lily. Dumbledore raised an eyebrow, "doesn't that seem extreme to you?" gushed Lily. 

"Well, Miss Evans, has any of these boys shown any interest in you before today?" Dumbledore asked. 

"No!" replied Lily. 

Dumbledore pondered this for a few minutes. "If I didn't know any better," he started, "I believe this is the work of a love potion!" Lily opened her mouth to defend herself when Dumbledore held up his hand. "It's OK, Miss Evans; I don't believe it was you!"
"What? Who was it?" asked Lily. 

"Not who, but what." 

"What?" asked Lily, now seriously confused. 

Dumbledore smiled, "a thing, Miss Evans." 

Dumbledore chuckled. "Have you worn anything different today, done anything?" he asked. Lily started to shake her head, but then she remembered, could it be...? She reached into her pocket and pulled out her lip-gloss. 

"Today is the first day I wore it," she stated. 

"Ah," replied the now very excited Dumbledore. "Can you remember what the package said when you got it?" he asked. 

"Yeah. It said guaranteed to make you the most sort-after-girl! Oh... wait!" Lily looked at Dumbledore, horrified. 

Dumbledore smiled, "I believe you have learned a lesson about buying lip-gloss, haven't you Miss Evans?" Lily nodded and left the room, highly embarrassed.

Oh the way to the Gryffindor common room, ten more guys asked her out. Lily sighed, I can't wait to get rid of this, she thought. Running into the girl's bathroom, she rinsed her lips thoroughly of the offending substance, and then she promptly flushed it down the loo. Finally! I'm never buying another lip-gloss ever again... Well, from a witch anyway! Oh! That reminds me Bonnie Bell have just released a new flavour! Um.... 

A/N: Well I did warn you! Pure FLUFF! Ha ha. Anyway what did you think? Please leave a review!

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A Girl's Worst Enemy: A Girl's Worst Enemy


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