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The Point of No Return by real_life_sucks
Chapter 2 : Undeniable Horrors
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The Point of No Return
Chapter Two:  Undeniable Horrors
by real_life_sucks
Beta'd by stranger_than_fiction. Thanks Stephie!
Banner by brillantbeauty. Thanks millions Jean. The uncanon actors make it even better ^_^

With a gasp, Hermione landed with a thud on the forest floor. Sitting there in her tattered clothes, Hermione began to cry, her gasps echoing throughout the forest. She was in so much trouble now-not only had she shot uncountable Unforgivable Curses around her house to save her parents, but she had then grabbed her wand and escaped the ministry. They had wanted to punish her for her actions! They hadn’t even been on their way until she had done what she did. Her parents would have died in front of her, but they didn’t give a damn about that. All that mattered was she had killed people, no matter how horrid those people, those creatures were. It didn’t matter that she had ridden the world of the eldest Malfoy who they had been after for several months. All that mattered was at age 17 she had killed, what had they said, ten people? With a will she couldn’t feel, Hermione forced herself up from the ground, and taking several deep breaths, listened to the noises behind her. She didn’t want to run into anyone…or anything for that matter.

Hearing a running stream, she slowly made her way towards it. It definitely wouldn’t hurt her to wash herself up a little, and besides that, she was also a little thirsty. Picking her way delicately over tree roots and various other objects randomly spread across the forest floor, she kept her wand out in front of her as she made her way deeper into the forest. She had no idea where she was and therefore had no idea at just what she would encounter. Hearing a twig snap towards her left, she turned around, looking sharply, and silently made her way back into the cover of a low tree. Holding her wand firmly, she looked out under the canopy of branches, and covered her mouth smartly to hide a gasp from escaping her lips. The person in front of her should definitely not be out here in the forest, free of the Ministry’s grasp. The long black hair, and the once fine looks that had now grown haggard slowly revealed that she had once been a beautiful person. But over the many years of being kept locked in Azkaban, she had been robbed her of that beauty, leaving her a walking monument of what that place could do to a person. Bellatrix Lestrange.

Apparently intent on her mission, Bellatrix continued on her way, not even bothering to look in Hermione’s direction. Hermione breathed deeply, wandering how much longer her nerves were going to be able to stand being out there. Voldemort only used Bellatrix when he was intent on getting something. And she had no doubt that it was her he wanted. For now though, Bellatrix seemed to be doing something else; perhaps telling Nacrissa that her poor excuse for a husband was killed by a mere seventeen year old as he attacked her Muggle parents. What a joy that would be, to find out that your pure blood husband had died at the wand of a seventeen year old Muggle-born witch. Not only had she lost her son in the last couple of months, but she had also lost her husband now. Hermione felt sorry for the woman, for she had never really met her. For all she knew, she could be the warmest soul on earth, though she highly doubted that since she had married Lucius. But it could have always been a marriage her family had pressured her into…

Shaking her head, Hermione stood there for a little while longer before she was certain that Bellatrix wouldn’t be trekking back through. At last, she continued on her way towards the sound of the water she had heard earlier. Reaching the edge of the creek, almost big enough to be a river, Hermione smiled slightly. Easing her shoes off, she placed her tired feet in the fast current of the water, letting the cool water soothe her feet and wash away the blood from the blisters that had formed on her heels. She was glad the Ministry had allowed her to change into jeans and a shirt before holding her captive for the short amount of time. Making this journal in her black pajamas would have been most un-pleasing because of the thread-thin material; a small blessing in disguise among the night of horror. Once Hermione began to nod off, she pulled her feet out of the water, drying them with her jeans before putting her shoes back on. Leaning down, she splashed her face with the water, cleaning the cuts she had received from all of the branches that she had run into.

Standing up again, Hermione looked all around her in a debate to decide which way to go. She was definitely going to follow the creek, but which way? She wasn’t even sure if it would be north and south or east and west. She never had been very good with directional sense when she had camped with her parents, which had never been very often. Biting her lip, Hermione decided to go right since the creek was heading that way. Walking along, Hermione began to think on numerous things. Would she ever be able to get in touch with Ronald and Harry? Her parents? Ginny? Many people she held dear to her heart, but she didn’t even know if she would see them again. Then an even harder question, would Voldemort get a hold of her in the end? Would she be doomed to die in his grasps for corrupting his plans to murder her parents?

With a sob, Hermione came to a stop, and sat down beside the river to weep. She’d needed to let it out all night, and she was finally going to.

Sighing, the elder blonde haired lady slowly made her way downstairs. The house elves were telling her that her sister was there and was requesting an immediate audience with her. Considering it was Bellatrix, it was definitely not good news. She hadn’t seen her sister since Draco had disappeared, and she still hadn’t heard any news about his position. For all she knew he could have been eaten by a troll. Sighing, she smoothed her black dress, made sure there was no dirt on her shoes, and entered the entrance room where Bellatrix was.

“Bellatrix, it’s wonderful to see you.” She smiled softly at her sister, and kissed each cheek while clasping her sisters’ arms. They couldn’t look any more different. Both had been a beauty back in the day; though opposing beauties. Bellatrix was dark, with her black long hair, and her dark skin tones and dark eyes. Nacissa was a dream to the eye with her pale blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and pale skin that made her perfect for England. Beauties in their own nature.

Bellatrix forced a smile on her face, and embraced her sister. “The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.” Extending a hand out, she followed her younger sister into the sitting room, waiting until her sister was looking comfortable on the couch before she began to weave her tale of everything Voldemort had told Lucius, just to update her sister before telling her the despairing news.

“My dear, I have some terrible, terrible news.” Bellatrix made her way slowly and a bit predator-like over to where her sister was sitting, taking her hands in her own. Nacissa cocked her head slightly, her heart already knowing the words. Either Lucius or her darling Draco was dead. She preferred the first, but knowing her luck so far it would be her dear son. “Lucius died tonight on his mission. The daughter of the parents killed him. She was supposed to have already been gone, but it looked like there had been complications.” She attempted to smile sympathetically at her younger sister, but the smile came out as a smirk. She had never enjoyed the company of her brother-in-law, he was such a bastard. Always pawing for her Lord’s attention, but she wouldn’t have to worry about that now. She had the Lord’s full attention, whether that was a good thing or not.

Nacissa swallowed and teared up, as expected of her, but she was really quite happy. Her son was still alive then to all knowledge, there was a chance she would be able to hold him in her arms at least one more time. That was the important part. Dabbing silently at her tears, she smiled at her sister. “Thank you for telling me Bella.” She hugged her sister, and smiled over her shoulder at the fact that her cold husband was really dead.

Sighing, Snape picked at the grass in front of him. He really did feel bad for having to pull the boy into this entire mess. He hadn’t even told Draco that Dumbledore had told him to kill him if the situation aroused. So here they were, on the run from everyone. Voldemort, the Ministry, even the professors from Hogwarts. No one would believe he, they’d all say it was foolish; especially the ones that had never wanted Snape to be a spy for them in the first place. Voldemort merely wanted him to praise him upon his work, and probably took his absence as a good thing since he was escaping the Ministry. The Ministry probably felt his fleeing only said he was even guiltier.

Looking over his shoulder, he sighed softly as he saw Draco asleep. He really was never put up for this kind of life, or the life his father and Voldemort wanted for him. He would have done perfectly fine as a normal student of Hogwarts, without being forced with all of this stress and weight and responsibilities. Looking back towards the river, Snape’s eyebrows scrunched together as he saw a red substance float past him. It looked like quite a bit of blood, but why would there be blood in the river here in the middle of no where? It made no sense at all. Standing up, he made his way slowly to the river, and peered closer to it. Hearing a noise to his left, he turned around sharply, pulling his wand out with him in the process. 

Author's Note: Well, my review box is deffinitly not starving after less than 24 hours, which makes me very happy! I'm so glad you guys enjoy this story, I just hope I can keep it up! I sincerely hope this chapter isn't a dissapointment, and again, feel free to leave ideas! 71 reads in under 24 hours, I'd deffinitly say that is good! You guys are amazing. I will make you guys something one of these days ^_^ or at least I will try. I started writing Chapter Three today in school, so my hopes are to have it up before the night is over! Thanks to the loffly Stephie (stranger_than_fiction) for getting this beta'd fast for me! And it would be loffly if you guys would check out some of my other stories too ^_^ Especially my 'What's Forever For' story. It only has 82 reads, and its been posted over a year ago! But if you are truely a Dramione reader, I have several one shots too them too ^_^ But I'll stop rambling now and start writing for you guys! Again, R&R!

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