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Mudblood Murders by nazozink
Chapter 1 : chapter one: the parent pleaser and the late lady
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Authors’s notes: Yes people there are more then one Author on this freaky psycadelik funky story you are about to partake in reading. Yes we realized that Authors’s isn’t proper grammar and no we don’t care…. Well maybe spladle does but we don’t care what she thinks. Okay maaayyybeee we do. Here are the authors that are participating in this story; Obviously Nazozink for this is under her account, the spladle_of_doom, Freya poison(who is currently in the process of making an account) and The real diamond are also
Disclaimer: Yea we really don’t own Harry potter and the rest of the baboons in this story except original characters

Chapter One:

Pov: Kairo

Kairo. Yes, that is how you spell my name, thank you very much. My friends think it’s funny to spell my name ‘Kyro’ or ‘Francis’, as the case might be. (Yes, I mean you oh highly honored Slytherin, Prefect now, Michael) Just so you know, it isn’t.

I am a fifth year Slytherin officially today. Oh, my parents are too proud to have had a Prefect son. Well, that wasn’t me. (Older brother steals the show; you see it in every family.) I hope I don’t come off as too snotty, ‘cause I’m not. I might be a devoted Slytherin, but that’s only because my parents love that in a son. Don’t you see? You shouldn’t hate me based solely on that.

Personally, I think I belong in Ravenclaw. Why? Well, they’re intelligent, at least more that these blocks in my house, and definitely less show-offy than those Gryffindors. (I don’t really hate them, but would it kill them to have a little bit of humble pie?) I can’t say I know much about them in the first place, other than the way their Quidditch team plays, on and off the field, and the famous marauders, of course. (Met them in my second year, a couple days after their sorting. Nasty little pricks. Am I putting in too many side-notes? I’ll be sure to try and cut them down.)

Today is the end of the summer holiday. I should try to get some sleep, though that sixth year charms book is looking more and more interesting by the second. (I hunger for knowledge, is that so wrong?) I pick-eth up the book, turn-eth the page, and start reading-eth the second chapter-eth. (Shakespeare. I hate it.) I’ll shut up now.

Soon enough, I fall asleep with the book in my lap, in the now-moving train to Hogwarts.

Pov: Lucy

I’m late. For the first time in my life I’m LATE! What a good start for the new school year. I’m usually more organized and prepared. That’s how I got to skip a year over the summer. Now I’m officially in the 5th year that is if I even get to Hogwarts this year. The train is going to start moving in about thirty seconds. I barely made it on to the train. Looking down each direction I could go several times I decided with the left. I took a poll last year and more students go right; therefore fewer students will be on the left. Walking past exactly twenty-four compartments I turned into one.

There was a boy with vibrant red spiky hair asleep on the seat. I know him actually. His name is Kyro I think. Okay actually I know, I sort of like him a little, but please don’t tell. I sort of love to hate him. I know that sounds weird but go with it will ya? He acts like an idiot and hates anyone muggle born that’s why he can’t know I like him not only would he reject me but he’d mock me for it too. Now the smart thing to do is turn around and walk out of the compartment. Today was obviously an off day because I sat down in the compartment and started to read my book.

I really should listen to my conscience more. If I did I wouldn’t be stuck trapped in here while Slytherins roam the hall trying to find their beloved Kyro. They knocked on my door. I walked over and slid it a little open.

“Well if it isn’t the little Mudblood. Kairo obviously isn’t in there but how bout we give you a make over? Like maybe your nose shouldn’t be on your head.” I started to close the door when they pushed it open again and pulled me up. I hate them they’re big and scary. I hate them. Right before he hit my face Sirius Black interrupted.

“Oh come on please if your going to have your first year fight I’d be only honored if I was allowed in.” Now Sirius Black was kind. He was handsome too. I didn’t even have to pretend to hate him. The big Slytherin put me roughly down to the ground.

“ Sirius Black the little Gryfindor fourth year blood traitor, seems to be keeping to his title. Protecting little Mudbloods. I don’t know how you call yourself a Black.” He scoffed.

“Lucius Malfoy the scrawny Slytherin fifth year block head. You seem to be keeping true to your title as well. I heard you almost didn’t pass last year. I don’t know how you call your self smart.” He has a smart mouth and at this very moment I was thanking the gods for his smart mouth.

Lucius motioned to his friends and they continued looking. Sirius walked over and helped me up.

“You okay? He asked. I nodded shyly. “What’s your name any how?” I tried to talk honestly I did but not a word would come out. I hate myself for being timed, because when he didn’t get a response he surged his shoulders and walked away. He probably thinks I’m some sort of mute freak now. Man I hate my life. The one time Sirius tries to talk to me I freeze up. I closed the door in defeat and leaned my back against it. “Lucy Tyme.” I muttered the response I should have said mentally kicking myself.

I looked up and Kyro was sitting there watching me. I officially hate today. I sat down again and opened my book trying to ignore the constant stare that was beating down on me. I just hope the train ride is shorter than I remember.
A’s/n: Hey were excluding The_real_Diamond right now cause well were mean. She’ll begin writing next chapter we actually just wanted you to get to know Lucy and Kairo. Understand the situation. O and yes this is a murder mystery were just setting it up first please review cause I think if I wrote read and review it would be point less cause u already read I hope O.o

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