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His Real Father by almost_witch
Chapter 3 : Don't love her
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“What is wrong with you?” George said, his eyebrows rose from the sight of his twin.

Fred snapped his head up, “nothing,” he replied bitterly.

George’s eyebrow’s rose even further as he dumped the large box of stock at his feet. “I’m your twin; I’m not a freaking idiot.”

“It doesn’t matter, ok?” Fred reached forward, ripping open the box to see the contents.

“Who is it?” George folded his arms across his chest, “Mum? Dad? Did you see Percy? That prat…” George stopped quizzing Fred and muttered things about Percy he would never allow his mother to here.

“No! I didn’t see Percy,” Fred stood up and scooped two handfuls large lollypops that apparently turned into a mouse the moment they hit your tongue.

Fred began to walk from the shops store room and into the shop, which was buzzing with cheerful customers. George followed Fred, waiting for answers.

“Ohh…” George said as Fred started stab the lollies into the spongy pad that held them upright. “It’s her.”

“What do you mean her?” Fred spat, stabbing the red lollypop further into the pad.

“Oh, you know, only the women you have been pretending to be married to for 10 years.” George said casually, peering over Fred’s shoulder.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Fred said, raising his shoulder to hit George’s chin.

“Yes you do,” George said in a singsong voice.

“Just bugger off, ok?”

“Now you sound like Ron,” George said pointedly.

Fred span around, his eyes flashing furiously.

“Oh,” George said, his eyes lighting up with answers. “Wrong person to mention I guess?”

“He is my son, ok? I’ve been fathering him for 10-” He stabbed the stick of the lollypop into the spongy pad, “-bloody-” he stabbed another, “-years!” and then the last one more furious than all.

George sighed and glanced around the shop. A group of girls were crowded over the section of minor love potions, named ‘crushing’, they giggled loudly and were giving another group of boys looks who were all comparing what they all wanted to buy.

“And… what happened? She’s taking him away?” George asked.

“No,” Fred said, turning to walk back into the store room.

George grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“Then what?”

Fred pulled his arm away. “Then leave it, alright?” He stalked off to go stand behind the counter.

“Come out with me and Lee tonight, we’re hitting a few Muggle pubs, it’s a well known fact that Muggle girls are pretty as well as nicer than our lot, and you know, talents like ours are just like magic.” he cocked his eyebrows and had a grin stretched over his mouth.

Fred didn’t bother looking up at his twin, “I have a family, a woman that I need to go home to! I am sure she would be glad that I’m out drinking when I should be at home, especially after last night.“

“Bad s-“

“Don’t even say it,” Fred spat, playing with the till.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t,” George said, a grin still widely stretched over his face.

Fred ignored him. “Listen, I have a family, a so-“

“You haven’t!” George cried out, loud enough for the whole shop to hear it and stare at them curiously.

Fred smacked him in the stomach. “That has got nothing to do with it.”

“Ten years! Ten! Fred, are you listening to yourself!” George said with disbelief, clutching his stomach. “I knew she was stubborn, but honestly.”

“Don’t bring Hermione into this!”

“Have you even kissed her?” George said, his eyes bludging.

“Of course I have,” Fred said weakly, embarrassed slightly.

“I don’t mean a peck on the cheek, I mean like snog.” George said forcefully.

“Does it matter?” Fred knew it mattered, of course it mattered.

“Oh Merlin!” George yelled, the whole shop staring at them with confusion. “Not even a snog! Not one tiny snog! Fred, how do you put up with this?”

Fred ignored George’s immaturity and pretended he wasn’t there.

George held back his laughter, but then he paused, with his eyes wide he started to speak. “What? Don’t tell me you are starting to fall for her!”

Fred grabbed him and threw him into the store room, the awkwardness of the whole shop staring at there conversation was enough on its own.

“I am not falling for her!” He hissed.

George sighed, whispering “denial” under his breath.

“I am not in denial! Why would I fall for her? Come on! She is Ron’s!” Fred tried to make his point clear.

But George was not backing down. “I always thought we were both good liars, obviously it was just me.”

Fred started to fume. “I would never do that to the memory of Ron.”

George grinned, “Stop telling yourself that you can’t. You can. Love does weird things,” he said over-cheerfully before twirling like a ballerina out of the store room.


Fred left home early that night, he entered his home, chucking his bag full of left over stock to the side he entered the kitchen which held Hermione and Ronald.

Ronald bounded over and threw his little arms around Fred’s waist.

Fred ruffled his hand through Ronald’s violent red hair. “How was your day?” He asked Ronald who let go of Fred and backed away.

Ronald shrugged, “it was fine, what about work?” He asked keenly, he was always into the pranks he and George could make.

“Same as always,” Fred replied, tickling under Ronald’s chin.

Hermione ignored Fred and stared at the newspaper she held stiffy in her hands. Fred knew she wasn’t reading because her eyes didn’t twitch through the page.

“Ronald, can you leave your mother and me for a minute and go play in your room?” Fred asked Ronald who nodded.

“Is this about last night, Daddy?” Ronald asked, his big eyes round and bludging. “I heard you both yelling.”

Fred sighed, hoping Ronald didn’t hear it, but he did. “Sometime we fight. You go run up to your room and dinner will be out soon, alright.”

Ronald bounded from the room; they could hear him running up the stairs as they creaked.

“Hermione-“ Fred started.

“No, Fred. You listen to me.” Hermione stood up; pushing the chair she sat in out of the way. “I love Ron, and I love Ronald because every inch of him reminds me of the man I love, the man I married. Don’t pretend you understand what I am saying because you don’t understand a thing.”

Her hair was loose and messy, her eyes red and strained as she curled her hands into small fists and pressed them against her chest.

“Ron was my brother, my own damn blood. Do you think that I don’t miss him? Do you think that when I look at Ronald I don’t see my little brother?” Fred pulled a chair and threw himself into it.

“Ronald needs to know, I know you don’t think so, but he does.” Fred tried to remain calm; he looked directly into Hermione’s brown eyes as she stared back.

She clenched her jaw and stood up; giving Fred one more look she turned and marched from the room.

Fred stood, stiff bodied and all. He watched her turn from the doorway in search for her son, Ronald.

He felt his heart give a painful shudder. How could he do this to her? He asked himself.

He couldn’t stand the thought if Hermione took Ronald and left, he didn’t want to say goodbye to Ronald, and more so, he didn’t ever want to say goodbye to Hermione.

“I don’t love her,” he whispered to himself.

Author: So we get to see George in this fic, so there you are for all those George lovers out there.

Please don't hate Hermione for being uptight. Remember she lost Ron, her love of her life, and she is very protective of her son. Remember the war changed people in different ways so thats why Fred is alot more mature.

Please share with me how much you did like it, and if there are things wrong, I would be happy to hear about it so I can make it more enjoyable.

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