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Thought You Were My Fairytale by neverfallx3
Chapter 16 : Sixteen: Jacob Lovegood
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Disclaimer: JK rules all, and we love her =) What a sucky disclaimer. Here we go: I own nothing but the original characters and the plot. All hail JK Rowling!

On this perfect day,
Nothing's standing in my way
On this perfect day,
When nothing can go wrong
It's the perfect day,
Tomorrow's gonna come too soon
I could stay, forever as I am
-Perfect Day, Hoku

Chapter Sixteen

“I can’t believe this is our last year at Hogwarts . . .” Bliss commented as we stood outside the Great Hall, waiting to go in for the start-of-year feast.

“Well I can’t believe I got Head Girl!” I said excitedly.

“And I can’t believe Potter got Head Boy!” Bliss laughed.

“Well you better believe it,” said James, who was standing with us. “Although I’m having difficulty coming to terms with it as well,” he added with a laugh.

“And I always thought it’d be Moony,” said Sirius. “Personally, I think he did too.” We laughed.

“Hey, I’m happy for Prongs,” said Remus. “I have enough on my mind this year, anyway . . .”

“Oh. Furry little problem,” said James knowingly. Sirius hit him on the head comically.

“Not in public, you idiot!” he scolded him. Bliss and I looked at each other worriedly.

“What is this – some kind of troublesome rabbit?” I guessed, although the thought was quite interesting. The Marauders laughed.

“It’s a long story,” Remus said apologetically as Sirius, James and Peter howled with laughter. Bliss and I exchanged worried glances and decided to say no more. Ask no questions, get no unwanted information.

We filed into the Great Hall and took our regular seats in the centre of the Gryffindor table. There was a space where Jazz used to sit; I guess nobody wanted to sit in it. I looked at it for a moment, shut my eyes tight and sat down in her spot. We let her go that day we let the balloon go. Bliss eyed me warily but sat down nonetheless.

“Welcome back to Hogwarts!” called Dumbledore. “Now it seems to be becoming something of a habit for me to make a speech before the sorting and the feast, but although I’m sure your grumbling tummies will object, I must say a few words before the ceremonies begin. We must take a minute, first, to remember all those who have died at the hands of the Death Eaters since last Christmas.” Silence fell over the hall as everyone bowed their heads. I tried desperately to keep my mind from wandering to Jazz, and luckily soon the minute was over.

“Thank you for your co-operation,” said Dumbledore. “You have obviously all been aware of the rising of a Dark Wizard who goes by the name of Voldemort. I must stress for you all to pay attention in your Defence Against the Dark Arts classes and to stay away from the Dark Arts and Death Eaters at whatever cost. Do not stray from the Hogwarts grounds unless you have permission from a teacher or a Hogsmeade weekend is taking place. As usual, stay away from the Forbidden Forest. Mr Filch has asked me to remind you that he has a list of banned items pinned to his office door, including Fanged Frisbees among many others. Thank you all for listening, now may the sorting begin!”

A group of terrified-looking, small first years made their way down the Hall, bunched together in their fear as they caught their first glimpse of the intimidating Sorting Hat on its stool.


Professor McGonagall showed James and I around our shared common room. We had separate dormitories, and as soon as I saw mine I began planning a slumber party in my head. So what if I was seventeen? I made a note of the password to our common room – “Jellyburger”. For some reason McGonagall let James choose the password. She explained that if any boy attempted to climb the stairs to my dormitory, they would flatten and become impossible to climb, just like the regular dormitories. James decided to try it out.

By the time we were finished I was exhausted, so I went straight up to my room and hit the hay. The next thing I knew, I was waking up to sunlight shining in through the open curtains. I dressed and went straight down to breakfast, where I found James, Sirius, Peter and Remus, although it appeared Bliss was not awake yet. The first few lessons passed in a blur, although I was late for the first lesson (as usual on the first day of the year) as I was helping Bliss find her classroom. She kept talking about a ‘special surprise’ she was going to show the Marauders and I at lunchtime. When it finally came, she disappeared and we all went to sit by the lake.

“What do you think it is?” Peter asked, as we discussed Bliss’ strange behaviour.

“She sounded really excited when she was telling me earlier,” I commented, idly watching James and Sirius throwing rocks into the lake. “I wonder when she’ll be-” My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps on pebbles, and I turned around to see Bliss running along the shore, pulling a boy behind her. Sirius and James stopped and turned around, mouths hanging open, staring in bewilderment. She grinned as she came to a halt in front of us.

“Everyone, I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Jacob Lovegood,” she said confidently, blushing, and pushed him forward. He grinned sheepishly and said “Hi” embarrassedly.

“Bliss! Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend!” I gasped, smiling broadly. She shrugged.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Remus Lupin,” said Remus, getting to his feet and shaking Jacob’s hand. Sirius and James moved cautiously over and shook his hand in turn.

“Aren’t you in Hufflepuff?” asked Sirius, eyeing him carefully. He nodded. Sirius released his hand and smiled. It was funny the way they were eyeing each other up like prey. Peter timidly shook his hand and backed away. At last I smiled at him and introduced myself.

“How long have you two been together?” I asked when the formalities were over.

“About two weeks,” Bliss informed me, nudging Jacob.

“I’ve been wanting to meet the infamous Marauders ever since Bliss told me she was friends with you,” Jacob said, grinning, and sat down on a rock behind him. He pulled Bliss down into his lap and she giggled. I smiled bemusedly; it was so strange to see Bliss with a boy. Her crush on Sirius had ended sometime in fifth year at last, and she hadn’t really been too into boys since. Jacob started to talk more, and soon joined in the boys’ rock throwing game. Before we knew it lunchtime was over.


A/N: Well, it's short, but that's my style. Don't comment on it!!
On a lighter note, I love you all my readers and beloved reviewers =)

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