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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 - Serious Pranks and Seasons Greetings
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Chapter 7 – Serious Pranks and Seasons Greetings

“Ok fine. I’ll go with him then!” Faith cried throwing her arms into the air in defeat.


Faith was sitting in a compartment on the Hogwarts express with Lily, Alice, Frank and the Marauders. Sirius had volunteered to go and prank the Slytherins and her friends had bullied Faith into going with him.


“So what’s the plan, oh master of pranks?” she asked punching him lightly in the arm.


“Can’t tell. Marauders code of pranking.” He smirked.


“Well how the hell am I gonna know what to do? And wipe that stupid smirk of your face!”


Sirius laughed as she hit him across the chest.


“Ha ha – ow stop it!” he cried trying to fight her off.


“Nipple cripple!”


Sirius screamed as she began to attack him.


“Ok! Ok, I’ll-tell-you-just-stop-with-the-tickling-and-the-slapping!” he cried. Faith stopped and gave him an innocent smile.


“Well here’s the plan…”




“And then, and then he grew antlers and couldn’t get through the door and he’s just singing the whole time!” Sirius watched as Faith retold the story of the prank they just pulled on the Slytherins. He watched when she laughed herself horse with the others. 


“Excellent job maestro!” James laughed clapping him on the back.


“Thank you, thank you, I’m here ‘til about six.” Sirius smiled taking a bow.


When they arrived at Kings cross in London Sirius went with James and greeted Harold and Sarah Potter.


“Oh Sirius look at you! I swear you’ve grown at least a foot since the summer!” James’ mother Sarah cried.


“Hi,” Sirius smiled giving her a hug.


“See you guys sometime soon ok?” he called out to the others and waved goodbye.




Faith stepped down from the train and looked around the station. She watched as all of her friends ran and greeted family members.


“Hey, where’s your mum?” Lily questioned walking up to Faith.


“Oh I’m apparating home, mom is working.” She shrugged.


“Oh, ok. I’ll write and we can catch up. See you,” Lily smiled and gave Faith a hug before walking over to her parents. Faith picked up her trunk, closed her eyes and stepped forward turning on the spot. When she opened her eyes she was standing at the front door of a house. It was a nice-ish house with a small porch. It looked rather shabby compared to the large mansion next door but it was a lot better than the trailer. Faith knocked twice on the door before entering.


“Mom? Liam?” Faith called, placing her trunk on the ground and taking her shoes off. “It’s Faith, I’m home.”


“Hey there firecracker,” came the voice of a young man. (A/N – for all those Buffy watchers you will know why Liam calls Faith firecracker) Faith turned her head to see standing in the doorway her older brother Liam. There were three words that would describe Liam: Tall, dark and brooding. He was about 6”4 with dark hair and dark eyes. A grin spread across Faith’s face as she ran over and jumped on her brother wrapping her arms around him in a hug.


“Let me take a look at you,” he said holding her at arms length, tilting his head to the side. “You’re shorter that I remember.”


Faith hit him playfully on the chest. She poked out her tongue and he laughed.




“So this is England,” Liam said nodding at the surroundings. They had decided to take a walk to get to know the neighbourhood.


“Looks like it, unless this all just a conspiracy an we’re in a CIA Lab.” she joked.


“Well there was that whole thing where they probed me before entering the house that did seem a little suspicious,” he smiled draping his arm over her shoulder.


“We should have spotted it right away.”


They burst out laughing.


“We probably should head home now.”




“Oh your home!” Faiths mother called as Faith and Liam entered the house. Faith smiled awkwardly as Beth came into the room.


“Liam do you want to show your sister where she is sleeping?” She smiled.


Liam picked up Faith’s trunk and said, “Come on firecracker, onwards to your CIA lodgings.”


Faith laughed and followed him up the stairs to the second floor.


“Where are we going?” she asked as they headed even further up.


“I let you have the attic room, it’s all set for teenage rebellion. Plus there is some space for your work out area.”


“How did you know about that?” she asked arching her eyebrow.


“I have my CIA sources.” He winked before opening a trap door at the top of the stairs.


“Wow, it’s awesome!” she gasped climbing through the opening.


“Yeah we moved most of your stuff up. You really like it?”


“I love it!” she smiled, giving him a hug before wrestling him to the ground. “You still think you can beat me?”


Dinner that night was uncomfortable. Faith was having fun with her big brother.


“So firecracker do you have a boyfriend?” he asked putting a sad attempt of a serious face on.


“No! And so what if I did? Are you going to threaten him?” she smiled victoriously knowing she had hit a soft spot with her brother.


“Maybe…” he shrugged going back to his food.


“I might have a boyfriend.”


She laughed as her brother dropped his fork and began to choke on his spaghetti.


“Faith, don’t tease your brother.” Beth said smiling at her before clearing the table.


“So is all of this ok?” Liam asked Faith later on in her bedroom.


“Yeah I guess it is.” she shrugged turning to look out of her window. She smiled as she saw two boys having a snowball fight in the shadows. She almost screamed when they stepped into the light.


“No way in freakin’ hell!” she gasped.


“What?” Liam asked coming over to the window.


Faith groaned for standing down in the backyard of the nice mansion she had saw earlier were the two people she wanted to see the least. Standing down there, throwing snowballs at each other from small wooden forts was none other than Sirius and James.


“Friends of yours?” Liam asked bringing Faith out of a horrified trance.


“You could say that,” she smiled to herself.

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Have A Little Faith...: Chapter 7 - Serious Pranks and Seasons Greetings


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