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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 27 : "You Gotta Get With My Friends!"
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A/N:  Missus Moony:  New chapter!  Missus Padfoot:  Huzzah!   Missus Moony:  We just wanted to take the time right now to thank all you readers, you guys are amazing!  Missus Padfoot:  Since we've posted our last chapter we've hit our 30,000 reads mark and our 500 reviews mark!  You guys just plain rock!  Missus Moony:  We're so proud!  Missus Padfoot:  Ok, so we have a disclaimer for this chapter - we know that the Marauder era was in the late 1970's and none of the music that we used in this chapter was during this time, but we don't care!  Missus Moony:  It's just plain funnier this way.  So it's just slightly AU.  There's your heads up.  Missus Padfoot:  So we hope you enjoy this chapter cause we sure loved writing it!  Missus Moony:  Oh man, I almost started crying I was laughing so hard...  


Chapter 27: “You Gotta Get With My Friends!”

‘Sonorous acroamicite ingressusio populus!’

A tiny black ball shot straight up out of the combined wand tips and soared towards the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall. Suddenly there was a gigantic explosion as hundreds of sparkly spells blasted out of the tiny ball, kind of like a firecracker. Screams filled the Great Hall from the startled students, including Lily. 

As soon as the spell had left their wands, Rebecca and Marissa straightened up and pretended that they had nothing to do with the mysterious spell that was now spreading from the focal point and descending down towards the students at a rapid pace. Marissa even began to whistle nonchalantly. Professor McGonagall had shot up from her seat in shock whilst Professor Dumbledore calmly examined the scene with a small twinkle in his eye. 

Suddenly the spells began to hit the students randomly, no matter how much people tried to dodge them. The spells acted like they were missiles and always made their target. The results were instantaneous. It was like another explosion had detonated in the Hall – those who had been hit with the spell had all jumped up on the huge tables and were now singing at the top of their lungs with the accompaniment of mysterious music that emanated from nowhere and were dancing uncontrollably. 

At first everyone in the Great Hall merely stared in shock at their fellow students that had jumped up on the tables dancing, but as soon as their shock wore off, the hall was filled with laughter and other students joining in if they recognized the songs.

It was a large cacophony of noise in the Great Hall, as it seemed each of the different House tables were singing a different genre of music. The Ravenclaw table seemed as though they were participating in a Heavy Metal concert, banging their heads up and down, screaming unintelligibly into the air as a mosh pit started to form from the other students, who, while they hadn’t gotten struck by the charm, thought they’d might as well join in.

The dancing and singing going on at the Hufflepuff table made even Marissa wish she could scourgify her eyes. Apparently the charm was making the students who were hit by the spell perform the most sensual, gyrating, freak dancing that Hogwarts had ever seen in its existence. If she ever had to see Diggory get “down and dirty” with Eleanor Boot again, it would be too soon.

The Slytherins on the other hand, seemed to be doing their own version of the Robot, along with other disco moves. The most jaw-dropping performance seemed to be coming from the end of the Slytherin table, where Snape was doing the most intricate Robot anyone had ever seen. The charm obviously seemed to force those hit with the spell to perform the dancing, so despite Snape’s swearing that could be heard all the way across the Great Hall, he continued to imitate the famous dance of the 70’s.

McGonagall, who had been unfortunate enough to be hit by the charm as well, was rapping and dancing as if she had suddenly become a gangster from New York, while Flitwick, instead, was break-dancing his little body across the Head table, narrowly avoiding Hagrid’s large mug of mead that he was currently thumping on the table while he guffawed at the scene. Through it all, Dumbledore merely chuckled and lightly clapped his hands for the ‘performers’.

The most humiliating dancing seemed to be coming from the Marauders, who were the only students actually targeted by the girls. The boys were singing what sounded to be a Spice Girls song, with all four boys dancing sensually on the table.

Rebecca snickered, she had something special planned for them.

Whispering the charm the boys had used on her, Marissa, and Lily at the beginning of the year and thinking very hard about Marissa's wardrobe, the boys suddenly found themselves the focal point of almost the entire Great Hall. Instead of their uniforms, they each found themselves wearing scandalous girls’ outfits.

Sirius was now wearing a black leather halter top, with a matching black leather mini skirt. His legs were clad in black fishnets with a pair of Black Go-go boots to top his outfit. After the shock of suddenly wearing not so many layers of clothing, Sirius decided to make the most of his experience and danced even more than the charm had suggested and lost himself to the music.

While Sirius was enjoying himself, the other three marauders were not in the slightest. Remus was apparently now emulating Ginger Spice, wearing a mini dress that was in the pattern of the United Kingdom flag, and ended up with his face matching his red high heels as he desperately wished for the floor to open up and swallow him whole to escape his embarrassment.

James, it seemed, was being forced to be the Baby Spice of the group, wearing a white mini dress with a pair of calf length Go-go boots. The kicker on James’ outfit seemed to be the two small pigtails that had suddenly appeared on his head with his ensemble.

With the new addition of clothes, it seemed as if Peter wanted to cry from the mortification from his outfit. While the others looked actually pretty decent in drag, other than James’ frightful-looking pigtails, Peter looked absolutely revolting in his skin tight zebra print spandex with black knee-high boots. He made a rather tragic Scary Spice.

Marissa nudged Rebecca and jerked her head in the direction of the wannabe Spice Girls. “Hey, aren’t we missing someone? I thought there were five Spice Girls.” Rebecca nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, were missing Sporty Spice.” Looking around the Gryffindor table, Rebecca spotted Frank Longbottom laughing at the sight of the Marauders. With a rather evil grin, Rebecca aimed her wand for the clothes-exchanging spell and afterwards, chanted the musical spell again.

‘Sonorous acroamicite ingressusio!’

As Frank jumped up to the table with a black and white sports bra with matching track bottoms, Rebecca couldn’t help but laugh aloud.

“Shit, that spell sure is a mouthful, even non-verbal!”

Lily looked aghast as she watched the scene unfold in front of her eyes. What shocked her the most was definitely Professor McGonagall’s gangster moves. With her jaw unhinged, she slowly turned her head towards her two friends, who were gasping for air from their peals of laughter. “What did you DO?!” 

Marissa calmed herself down a little in order to explain as Rebecca started to catcall towards the Marauders. “Oh, it’s all quite simple, Lily. We did some more research on the spell, and discovered that through adding it to a special potion that I brewed up, the spell can be altered to make people do whatever we want them to! This is how the different tables are singing to different genres of music and dancing differently – by adding different minute ingredients to the potion, different things will happen to the person hit with the spell! Therefore, it can affect large amounts of people without having to keep repeating the spell over and over. It took Rebecca and me a whole month to figure it out!” 

“So that’s why Rebecca had to go down to the kitchens! She had to slip the potion into everyone’s food, right?” Lily said, in awe of her friends’ brilliant but twisted genius. 

“Precisely.” Marissa nodded. She then noticed Sirius, who was thoroughly enjoying the spell. “Rebecca, I don’t think the point of this prank was to show how good Sirius looks when dressing drag.” 

Rebecca glanced at Sirius, who was now doing body rolls, and replied, “Yeah, but who knew he actually liked the Spice Girls?” 

“IF YOU WANT TO BE MY LOVER, YOU GOTTA GET WITH MY FRIENDS…” sang Sirius at the top of his lungs as the other Marauders sang backup reluctantly, all glaring intently at the girls. 

Rebecca then glanced up at the head table to see Dumbledore looking straight at her with his twinkling blue eyes. Rebecca elbowed Marissa and nodded towards Dumbledore. Both girls grinned widely and stood up, starting to dance along with the rest of Gryffindor house. Rebecca even had the audacity to throw up her hands and look at Professor Dumbledore smugly as if to say, “What now, Dumbledore! What’re you going to do about it?” 

Marissa suddenly stopped dancing and looked around the room. “We’re missing something, I just know it!” Then, with a whip of her wand, the light emitting from the jack-o-lanterns dimmed and bright, different colored spotlights started to dance around the room. With another flick, a disco ball appeared at the top of the ceiling and began to spin, spreading tiny dots of light circling about the room. 

Marissa grinned. “Much better!” she said as she began to dance again. 

The Great Hall was in an uproar. Not one student (even Lily) was sitting anymore – the whole Halloween Feast had been turned into the biggest dance party Hogwarts had ever seen. Professor McGonagall was now trying to retrieve her wand as she was “sea walking” and was failing miserably due to her arms flailing about. She glared intently at Dumbledore as she rapped and began to sneak in words every now and then to Dumbledore. “Albus... you... must... stop... this... NOW!!!” 

Professor Dumbledore merely chuckled and then nodded his head. “Yes, I think you're quite right, Minerva. That is enough entertainment tonight.” And with an intricate wave of his wand, the mysterious music dissipated, the students that had been affected by the charm stopped dancing, and the colored spotlights vanished. The students who had been dancing but not affected by the spell slowly started to stop the dancing and singing when they realized that the music had disappeared. The only person who was still dancing and singing loudly was Sirius Black, who was so into his music that he didn't notice that he had the attention of the entire Great Hall. 

“MAKE IT LAST FOREVER, FRIENDSHIP never... ends...” Sirius sheepishly trailed off out of tune as he realized that every eye in Hogwarts was on him, including the other Marauders who were staring incredulously at him. Sirius smiled widely and gave a huge bow, which, in turn, received applause from the student body. 

“Alright, that's enough!” barked McGonagall, whose normally slick hair was now messy and falling out of her tight bun, her lips in a very thin line. “Settle down, sit down, and continue on with the feast!” She whipped around to Professor Dumbledore and hissed, “Don't worry, Albus, I will find the culprits who committed this hideous crime and personally make sure that they are expelled!”

“Oh, that won't be necessary, Minerva,” replied Dumbledore, gently pulling her down to her seat. “You see, I already know who did it.” 

“You know – but, but how? Who?” McGonagall sputtered as she looked across the Hall trying to find anyone who looked suspicious. 

“Its all under control, Minerva. Besides, I'm positive that they will never try a stunt this colossal ever again.” He eyed Marissa and Rebecca, who were close enough to the teachers' table to hear the entire conversation. “No permanent damage has been done and, frankly, that was the most entertaining dinner amusement that I've ever seen! Much much better than those dancing skeletons that we had booked for last year's Halloween Feast!” 

“Wait, so you aren't going to punish the perpetrators?” McGonagall said disbelievingly.

Dumbledore calmly adjusted his glasses. “No, I'm not.” 

At hearing this, Marissa and Rebecca smirked at each other. 

“Oh, Albus, you forgot to get rid of that ridiculous spinning ball.” McGonagall sighed as she looked up at the ceiling at the disco ball. Pulling out her wand to vanish it, she stopped short when Dumbledore put his hand up. 

“Now wait a moment, Minerva. I rather like that mirror ball! I think it adds a nice touch to the Great Hall.” 

“Albus, you can't be serious,” McGonagall shook her head. “I will not allow this, Albus!”

Dumbledore looked like a child whose favorite toy had been taken away. “Alright, alright!” With another wave of his wand, the disco ball vanished. 

“Ten galleons says that Dumbledore vanished the disco ball to his office,” Rebecca mumbled to Marissa as she stifled a laugh. The girls' laughter was interrupted by the appearance of the Marauders, who were all standing across from them. James and Sirius both looked livid, and Peter was desperately trying to cover himself up (as they were all still in their drag outfits). Remus looked extremely embarrassed but didn't leave because he wanted to chastise the girls, despite the fact that he didn't want to be anywhere near James. 

Marissa and Rebecca began to clap as Lily gave a small smile as if to say, “I had nothing to do with this, please don't hate me!” 

“Bravo, boys! Bravo!” Marissa said with a huge grin on her face. 

“Yeah, that was brilliant! Think we can get an encore?” Rebecca piped in cheekily. 

“Don't even answer that, Padfoot.” James said without looking at Sirius, as Sirius had started to open his mouth and quickly closed it. 

Thrusting his finger in his sister's face James growled at the three girls. “I can't believe you guys would do something like this!! Dressing us up in girls clothes and forcing us to sing the Spice Girls was below the belt!!”

“Well, I don't know about all that. I think I look rather good as Posh Spice,” Sirius chuckled, smoothing down his leather skirt. At the appalled looks from his fellow Marauders, he regained his scowl and added, “Though revealing my love for the Spice Girls was completely underhanded!”

Marissa merely shrugged. “Couldn't help it, love; you used to mumble them in your sleep.”

The group gaped at Sirius before shaking their heads as Sirius looked at his feet in embarrassment, a light blush creeping over his face.

“Anyways, I just thought I'd mention I had nothing to do with this!” Lily interjected, wringing her hands, as she wasn't sure whether she should join in laughing at the boys with Rebecca and Marissa, or if she should console the boys instead for their embarrassment.

“Can it, Evans,” James snapped, causing both Rebecca and Marissa to glare at him. 

“Watch it, James, or you'll find yourself wearing make-up to go along with your outfit!” Rebecca growled. 

Before a fight could escalate between the twins, Remus pouted at Rebecca. “But why did you include me in the prank? I didn't do anything!” Rebecca quickly turned from Remus, putting up her hands to block the sight of Remus giving her his 'kicked puppy' face.

“Nuh uh, Remus, it's not going to work this time! You were targeted for revenge by association.”

The werewolf frowned. “But what about Frank? He didn't have anything to do with us!”

“Yeah!” A few students down from the group was Frank Longbottom, who had a friend take pity on him and let him borrow their robe for the time being.

The girls merely grinned and shrugged as the boys, and, with a glare from McGonagall to help them along, decided to sit down as to not attract as much attention to themselves.

Marissa sized up the group of boys, focusing on Remus, who happened to be the last one standing as Sirius made room for werewolf beside him. Grinning, Marissa wolf-whistled at Remus.

“Nice legs, Remus!!”

Remus desperately tried to tug the dress further down to cover his legs while he seemed to have turned even further red, which was an amazing feat considering it had seemed like Remus had turned permanently red at the beginning of the charm. Sirius chuckled and teasingly circled the blushing werewolf.

“You know, Remus, the dress really compliments your figure! You should definitely consider it as an addition to your wardrobe!”

Marissa quickly nixed that plan, though, much to Remus' relief. “Hey now, I want those outfits back! I paid good money for that!” 

Sirius pouted at the blond girl, before brightening and giving Marissa a smug grin and raising his eyebrows suggestively. “You'll have to give me something in return then.” 

Marissa furrowed her brows in confusion as to Sirius' shameless flirting, then merely grinned and pulled out her wand. “Sure, how about this going up you-know-where with an added hex to go along with it?”

Poor Sirius paled and slunk back behind Remus muttering about “evil blonds” and “their nasty pointed sticks”

The whole group laughed together at Sirius' antics. James looked around at his friends as Sirius and Remus sat down and realized how much he'd missed casually hanging out and laughing with the Marauders.

'I can't live like how I've been living the past few weeks. I've got to end this.'

While everyone's laughs subsided, James took a deep breath to calm himself and nervously glanced at Sirius. “Listen, Sirius, I just wanted to tell you that I'm really sorry about everything that's been happening and-”

“Hey,” Sirius cut in, “if anyone deserves an apology, it's Moony. So if you want to apologize to me, you'd better apologize to him first.” Sirius shrugged his right shoulder in the direction of Remus sitting next to him. 

Nodding in understanding, James turned to Remus, who was staring at him with a blank expression on his face. Scratching his neck and trying to ignore the fact that the girls were watching him, James winced as he tried to think of what he could say. “Granted, I'm not sorry for dating Daphne cause honestly, you had no prior claim, but I really am sorry, Remus.” he said in a hushed tone to try and make it harder for others to hear. “I shouldn't have flown off the handle at you, and I didn't mean all that shit I told you. Your friendship means a lot to me, and I haven't been showing that at all recently.”

Remus gave James a measured look, while everyone stared unabashedly with baited breath to see what his reaction would be, all surprised that James would do this so publicly.

“I'm sorry, James, but this isn't something that can just disappear. It's going to take a bit more for me to forgive you.” Remus said hollowly without looking at anyone. James nodded sadly, realizing he had a long way to go before Remus forgave him. Then, Remus got up from his seat and was about to leave when he turned to the girls. “Oh, and I'll get you girls back someday, you can count on that,” he mockingly shook his fist at the girls. “And no chocolate for you for a week!” he pointed at Rebecca who raised her eyebrows and unhinged her jaw in offense as Remus hobbled in his high heels out of the Great Hall. 

“Well, I tried, Padfoot,” James said grouchily as he adjusted his glasses. 

“I know, mate,” said Sirius, giving James a thump on the back. “And he'll come around, don't worry. The good news is that I forgive you, though! Friends?” 

“Of course!” James' lopsided smile crept over his face as he playfully shoved Sirius. 

There was an awkward pause until Rebecca cleared her throat and smirked at the boys.

“I didn't realize you guys all enjoyed your outfits so much that you haven't escaped back to your dorms to change. I'll keep that in mind as a gift for our birthday, James.”

The Marauders all blushed as they realized they'd been just sitting in the middle of the Great Hall in drag. James and Peter quickly got up and hobbled towards the doors in their heels, trying not to draw anymore attention to themselves as they headed towards their dormitories to find some trousers. Sirius on the other hand, dawdled a little farther behind and winked at the staring students and he walked by.

Marissa and Lily laughed and turned to Rebecca, only to notice the dark-haired girl staring after the retreating boys. Seeing her friends questioning looks, Rebecca shrugged. “Those boys have the most drama problems in the whole school! They're like little girls!” 

The three girls laughed together as they turned back towards their food, and spent the rest of the evening relaxing with each other, trying hard not to think about the boys that clouded their minds.

A/N:  Missus Moony:  Ok, so we have yet another a disclaimer- the song that Sirius was singing is called "Wannabe" from the Spice Girls if you haven't already guessed that.  Missus Padfoot:  We also are aware that Dumbledore probably would have punished Marissa and Rebecca, but we figure he's like the best person ever and why not have fun every once in a while, right?  Missus Moony:  So yeah, PLEASE let us know what you thought of this one!  Missus Padfoot:  Yeah, you guys should tell us your favorite part!  Anyways, we love you all!  Missus Moony:  I second that!

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Scream My Lungs Out: "You Gotta Get With My Friends!"


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