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What Do You Say? by Star
Chapter 1 : What Do You Say?
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Ginny's POV
What do you say? What do you say when your father is put in jail for a crime he didn't commit? What do you say when your mother leaves you to look over your siblings? What do you say when your brother doesn't approve of anything you do? What do you say when your best friend marries your brother? What do you say when your boyfriend gets killed? I know what to say to that. He wasn't murdered. He died trying. That's the way he would've wanted to go. To die fighting.

Ron's POV
Mum's gone. Dad's in Azkaban. I'm married. And Harry's dead. I can't believe it. My best mate. He's gone. He didn't deserve to die. What do you say? You say that he saved us all from the devilishness of Voldemort.

Hermione's POV
Harry. I can't believe Harry died. I loved him so much. He was the best friend I ever had. And he knew it. He knew I loved him like a brother. I was hard on him sometimes, but it was for the good of things. But sometimes I think, if I wouldn't have told him to fight, that he'd be sure to win, would he still be here?

Draco's POV
Potter's dead. The Dark Lord is gone forever. Father is now some supreme Death Eater trying to revive Voldemort and he expects me to follow in his footsteps. I don't want to. He's just an evil man with a black heart, burned from the power of Voldemort. I look up to Potter. I respect him for dying fighting. I just wish he knew that.

Cho's POV
Harry is gone. I wish I would've told him how I really felt. Bt he and Ginny were meant to be. Everyone thought they made an excellent couple. I can't believe I treated him like that. I just wish that he knew how sorry I was.

Hagrid's POV
'Arry. Poor 'Arry. He meant so much to all of us. But he also helped us all. He defeated Voldemort. None of us are afraid to say his name anymore. And because of Harry, we're not too proud to take advantage of what we have.

"Well, does anyone have anything to say? A few words perhaps?" Professor Dumbledore asked, looking at the crowd. They had all gathered around Harry's grave. Some were laying flowers and notes. Others, including Ginny, were sobbing silently. No one said a word.

"Well, if no one protests, I'll say something," Dumbledore said as he glanced at Ron, who was just staring at his shoes, and a lone tear escaped his eye. "What do you say, you all may ask. I know the one thing that everyone wants to say and that everyone knows is true. Harry Potter is a hero."

Everyone raised their glasses in agreement, and Ginny said, "To Harry."

"To Harry," they all agreed.

Please read, rate and reivew to tell me what you think. I almost cried while wirting this!

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What Do You Say?: What Do You Say?


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