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Saving A World by lilmisssweet
Chapter 1 : Learning The Unlearnable
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Chapter 1

"Finally it's night, and a very welcomed night if you ask me" I muttered to myself.

I had spent an entire day cleaning and doing chores for my mother. Normally I didn't mind keeping the house tidy, but this was going overboard, no teenager should ever, and I mean EVER, have to clean an entire house while their mom runs errands.

"Errands my ass, going over to your best friends house isn't an errand!"

"Good lord, I'm talking to myself again, ugh I always do that when I'm alone. Oh well no use crying over my insanity, I'll worry about that when they put me away."

So I stolled over to my desk to grab the latest book I was reading, and went to my couch to sit, relax, and to find out what happened to Harry Potter in his fifth year at Hogwarts. It's funny now to see myself so interested in a series of books that I once made fun of people for reading. I admit up until I saw the first movie I would've never thought to watch or read anything with 'Harry Potter' printed on it. But things changed when my mom made me watch the first movie, she ended up hating it, and I was in awe of it all. After that I guess it really is history, I read the books, saw the second movie, and here I am, only a few weeks after the release of book number 5, reading Harry Potter and The Order of The Pheonix for the third time. I wonder what it would be like to live in that world, to know those people, especially Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and James Potter. It would be so cool just to have a conversation with them.

No sooner had I thought that, the lights went out.

"Great. Just Great." I said while lighting some candles.

Suddenly I wasn't in my room anymore. I was starting to get a bit panicky, I'm only 16. "almost 17" I shot back at myself. I chuckled. Leave it to my smart aleck brain to keep myself in check. Then lights came on, I definately wasn't in my room anymore, I seemed to be in some sort of tunnel like place. It was dark blue with purple mist, creepy, but surprisingly beautiful. All of a sudden a hole in the wall appeared and out stepped an orlder man, probably about 70 with greying black hair and a sullen looking face. He must've been atleast 6'3", towering over my 5'5" self, but for some odd reason I wasn't nervous, he had this weird comforting feel to him, but still my practical self took over and made me jump back as he neared me.

"Do not be scared Trista, I won't harm you."

Sure he won't, that's what all the rapists and murderers say to their victims, wait a second, did he call me Trista?

"Who are you and how on earth do you know my name?"

He laughed. He's laughing?!?! I'm standing here scared out of my witts and this dude is laughing, this cannot be a good thing.

"As for my name you may call me Keeper, and I know yours because of my, let's call it 'occupation', but about that earth comment, we're not exactly there anymore, so that doesn't really apply here."

"Not on earth anymore? What do you mean not on earth anymore?"

Please say he was kidding, I like Earth, great place, lived there my entrie life, never planned on leaving.

"Well we aren't, so to speak, we're in another realm. You see I am the keeper of the gates to all the realms. I make sure that no one escapes their realm and enters another. Except unfortunately that exact thing has happened and it must be fixed with the least amout of alterations to that timeline as possible. Which is why you are here. A man from your realm has entered another in hopes and stopping it's existence and I need you to make sure that doesn't happen."

Woah hold on a second realms? Timelines? I'm in over my head. "Ok gotcha, madman, changing stuff, need it to stop. But why me, isn't there some one more qualified? Some who say, oh I don't know, maybe ISN'T 16!!!" Ok geez I need to calm myself, breaking my vocal chords is not going to help me here, atleast I don't think it will.

"Well yes, the author J.K. Rowling would be more qualified, but I find that adults don't seem to handle jumps as well as younger people do, and since you seem to have taken a great interest in their world, and know alot of facts, I figured it would a wise chocie for me to chose you."

J.K Rowling? But she's the author of Harry Potter. "Wait, there's a realm dedicated to Harry Potter's world, and you want me to go and stop some guy from destroying it?"

"Precisely, while you are there, I will give you the power to wish what you need, therefore if you need something, wish for it and you will have it, magical powers, clothes, healing, memory changing, etc. But you must remember, you cannot change the timeline, although it might seem tempting, you can't tell anyone what happens in the future, and can't alter things that are supposed to happen."

Future? I don't know about Harry's future, I just know what happens up until his 5th year. I figured I should voice this, as to not make things more confusing than they already were. "But I don't know about Harry's future, so that won't be a problem right? I mean if I don't know, I can't tell."

"Unfortunately you will not be going to Harry's time, the man has jumped back to his James' time and is trying to change the future by changing the past."

Talk about wishes coming true, wasn't I just thinking it'd be cool to meet them? "Ok I'll help you, but what about my life and my realm, what will happen with me missing for god knows how long?"

Keeper smiled warmly at me " When you have succesfully stopped the madman, as you so nicely called him, you will return to your realm as if no time has passed. I have full confidence in you Trista."

Well atleast one of us did. "But wait, how will I know who this guy is? Will I be able to recognise him?"

The keeper's smile fell, apparently he had been thinking that exact thought.

"As of this moment I haven't a clue as to who the man is or what he looks like, only that he is in the wrong realm, but hopefully in time I will be able to decipher his true identity and help you in your mission." With that said, he opened the wall again, and I was amazed at what I saw.

"Those are the doors to the great hall at Hogwarts!" Keeper laughed.

"Yes Trista, they are, you will need to inform Albus of what is going on, yes you may tell him everything about what has just transpired, and I trust him enough to not ask you of the future, he also knows of me, so do not worry about keeping me a secret." He then put comforting hand on my shoulder and led me into the world. The rift closed behind me, and I was standing there in a world of witches and wizards, I suddenly realized I was still in my pajamas, I wished I was in my low riders and a halter top, then I looked down and I was.

"Now that that's taken care I guess I should go see Dumbledore." I assumed everyone was in the great hall having dinner, so I opened the doors and entered into what might be the hardest and most exciting adventure of my life.

*****This is my first fic, so reviews of all kind are welcome...and just to let you know, this will be a Remus/OC story in the near future! Please Review!!!!!******

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Saving A World: Learning The Unlearnable


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