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Transparent by AndrinaBlack
Chapter 1 : Transparent
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I have always wanted to be a painter. I tried some times in my youth, but I wasn’t very good. However I always know what would be worth to paint. I can see beautiful pictures in my mind. Every time I see you, my heart jumps (or it would if it could). You are so beautiful and just like one of those amazing scenes that I would like to paint. You seem somehow more than human, or maybe less. It’s how you make it out. Those shining eyes and light hair and all of your appearance make me think you are somehow transparent. You seem to be somehow between two worlds. Are you a bit like me? You make me think of both my past and my present. I hope I will see you again this evening. When you are by the window you belong to the moon and your hair is part of the moonlight. Your name is perfect for you Luna Lovegood.

Could you let down your hair be transparent for awhile
Just a little while
to see if you're human after all

I meet you sometimes and talk to you. That makes me see that you are not only beautiful at the outside, but you are beautiful through and through. You are very kind, although we don’t belong to the same house. Well, our houses usually get along well and I don’t care about which house people are from either. I can see you try to be kind to everyone, and you succeed, though they don’t succeed in the same. Most of them don’t even try.

Honesty is a hard attribute to find
When we all want to seem like
we've got it all figured out

And still you have the courage to tell them what you believe in. They laugh at you, but you stay true to yourself. So few people are honest without hurting each other. You defend those you believe in and what you believe in. You don’t try to be like others. You are yourself, truly.

Well let me be the first to say that I don't have a clue
I don't have all the answers
ain't gonna' pretend like I do

You are the one I would have wanted to know in my past and who I would like to know now. But we belong to different places, so can we truly understand each other? I am not there, nor am I beyond and you are not here nor are you beyond, but I don’t know if you are exactly there either. That’s why I feel like you are a bit like me, like us ghosts. You’re drifting a little towards the transparent and you are not always entirely present.

just trying - to find my way
trying - to find my way the best that I know how

You must find your way in your world and I must find my way in mine. I hope you can find a better way than I did and find someone to help you on the way. Even though I cannot be there entirely to your support, I want to talk to you and know more about you and about the amazing being you are. In short, I want to be your friend. I just don’t know how to approach you in the right way. You seem both frail and strong and you are young but I am very old (well that depends on if you count my living years or all of my years). We do not speak in the same way because we are centuries apart.

Well I haven't memorized all of the cute things to say
but I'm working on it
Maybe I'll master this- art form someday

But I’ll try my best and try to find the right words. Maybe I can find some help from more recent wizards. In my time we used to recite poems of famous writers and maybe I should find some newer poems.

If I quote all the lines off the top of my head
Will you believe
that I fully understand all these things I've read

But I do believe that is not the way things are done today. I do not want to be as blunt as an unsharpened axe. I hear what students say to each other, because they do not always mind us ghosts. They talk about things they like and such. Maybe I will also speak of such things and that will not even be like courting. To recite poems might count as courting, and I’m not being romantic, but I want to be a special friend to you. And being sincere and speaking about what I like might be a good option to approach a person as honest as you.

I'm just trying - to find my way
trying - to find my way
trying - to find my way the best that I know how

I will have to get to know you better soon or I will miss the opportunity. You won’t stay here your whole life, like me, but you will move on. I will regret it the rest of my life (a figure of speech) if I don’t make a move soon. I hope to have some happy moments in your company before you leave this castle.

Well I haven't got it all figured out quite yet but
even if it takes my whole life
to get to where I need to be

And if I would never manage to do it right, I could still admire you from afar and speak a couple of words to you every now and then.

And if I should fall to the bottom of the end
I'll be one step back to you,

I can see you now, just as I hoped, in the moonlight, like a painting. You lean towards the window. What do you see? Do you see more beauty out there than others do? Do you see a more interesting and more fun world than others do? I would like to know.

trying - to find my way
Oh I'm trying - to find my way
trying - to find my way

I will speak to you today. Maybe I will tell you something of what I think of you. You are not told enough about how amazing you are. I wish I will find the right words and perhaps we can both make the day for each other. Shall I tell you that I will always admire you as one of the most enchanting beings in this world?


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