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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8: Can It Be Easier?
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Chapter 8: Can It Be Easier?

A.N.: That chapter banner is hot, and it was made by overdose x3


The day Jamie and Tyler said goodbye to their parents was a sad one. Tyler said a quick goodbye before standing back and letting Jamie say goodbye. Jamie sobbed when she hugged her mother goodbye. Of course when she was crying the whole school was coming out of breakfast. She sobbed, “Bye daddy,” before grabbing onto her father. Dumbledor lead the two adults out as Jamie put on her grey sweatshirt hood and cried into Tyler’s shoulder.

“Jamie,” Tyler soothed her, “its ok you’ll see them in a couple of months.” Jamie nodded, before pulling her face out so she could breath, and places it on his shoulder,

“Still hurts. I miss them so much.” Tyler nodded as Lily walked over with James. It looked as if James pulled her over, with Sirius, Remus, and Peter in tow.

“They leave,” Lily asked as Jamie wiped her tears. Jamie nodded.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why were they here in the first place?” James said, not trying to pry, but parents weren’t supposed to come to Hogwarts.

“How do you know,” Sirius asked Remus, wary.

“Prefect duties,” Remus shrugged. Jamie yawned and told the group,

“I’m going back to bed.”

“Oh, no,” Lily said, grabbing her arm, “You have Transfiguration. You haven’t gone once this year!”

“No,” Jamie said, “I’ve been to at least 2.” Lily shook her head. Tyler kissed Jamie’s cheek and ran off ahead with Colin.

“Nope,” Lily said hooking arms as they walked towards the class.

“Oh, god, who do I sit next to?”

“Well you’ll have to go to class and find out, won’t you,” Lily laughed.

“You haven’t been to any Transfiguration classes,” Sirius asked in awe. Jamie gave him a small smile,

“Apparently not.”

“What did you do with all that time,” Sirius said, still amazed.

 “Snogged many boys,” Jamie laughed as Sirius’s eyes went to slits, “Yummy.” She giggled as she and Lily ran ahead to the classroom.

“Sirius,” Remus said trying not to laugh, “It was a joke.”

“Whatever,” He said slamming his books onto his desk while turning to the front.

“Professor McGonagall,” Jamie said opening her arms for a hug. The professor gave her a look before saying,

“Nice of you to join us, Ms. Smith.”

“I know, I sat there thinking, well I’m bored. LET’S GO TO TRANSFIGURATION!” Jamie screamed. She muffled a laugh as McGonagall winced at her loudness. Jamie hopped on Professor McGonagall’s desk before playing with the little trinkets on it. She knew that Professor McGonagall didn’t hate her. Far from it, she had always been on of her favorites. During Christmas break last year McGonagall even popped in to see Jamie and Rory.

As the rest of the class settled in they all whispered at Jamie’s sudden appearance. Jamie ignored them the best she could, but couldn’t help feeling like she didn’t have any friends outside of Lily, Rory, and Tyler. As the rest of the class settled down, the professor addressed them,

“Don’t get comfortable, class. Because Ms. Smith has finally decided to join us, we will have new seats. Up, Up!” Jamie jumped off the teacher’s desk and went to stand next to Tyler. Lily and Colin joined them, as the class began to separate; it was obvious who wanted to sit with whom.

“Potter, here,” McGonagall said pointing to seats, she pointed to the next seat over, “Evans. Next table, Smith. No not you Jamie, Tyler. Here is Liems. Behind them is Lupin and Snape. Behind them are Carthy and Pilla. Very back table with three is Black, Smith, and Tutee.” Jamie smiled as she walked over with Colin, however when she saw Sirius it faltered. Sirius noticed it too. He gave her a small smile before becoming drenched in his thoughts. He still had feelings for Jamie Smith, he knew that, but he wouldn’t admit it. But after every glare he received after every little unanswered question he knew that she hated him. And for once he couldn’t blame her. Jamie was doodling in the corner of her paper while muttering to herself. Sirius could here her as she mumbled,

“No wonder I never come to this class.” Sirius muffled his laugh as Jamie put her head down on the desk. It obviously wasn’t very comfortable because she grabbed Colin’s arm and put her head down on that instead. Sirius felt his hands clench and unclench. His eyes narrowed as he tried to listen to McGonagall.

An hour later the class was over. Sirius collected his stuff as Colin woke up Jamie. Jamie yawned and stretched as Colin handed her all her books.

“Did I miss anything important,” Jamie grinned as she and Colin walked out of the classroom. They waited for Tyler and Lily.

“She gave us a long lecture on how not to sleep in class,” Colin joked.

“Oh, well I already knew that,” Jamie smirked, “So I didn’t need to hear it again.” Colin said goodbye as he and Tyler headed to their next class. Jamie walked alone knowing Lily was going to get Rory. She tripped, fell flat on her face, and watched her books scatter all through out the hall way.

“Shit,” Jamie swore rubbing her arm she stood up and started collecting her books. She had about half of them when she saw a hand sticking out with the rest, “Thanks Black.”

“No problem,” He said helping her up.

“Are you going to business class,” Jamie asked, and when he nodded she continued, “Will you walk with me there? I still have the weird walking to class alone phobia.” Sirius nodded and they walked down the hall in an awkward silence.

“So how was Africa,” He said trying to make conversation. Jamie smiled a little, he was trying.

“It was nice, change of scenery. How was 6th year?”

“Good,” Sirius lied. It was awful; he was depressed a lot of the time. Everyone knew it, “Did you get my letters?”

“Yeah,” Jamie whispered softly wishing not to talk about this.

“You sent them all back unopened.”

“Yeah,” Jamie said again, “Look, Black, I was bitter and angry and upset. I was a teenage girl who had just had her heart broken by her first love. I’m sorry.”

“What are they saying,” James whispered behind the two. Remus was with him just looking around as James tried to hear what they were saying. James was rolling against the wall, trying to avoid being seen while Remus walked down the center of the hall. He was reading a book.

“Do you think we could be friends,” James heard Sirius ask. He saw Jamie look away which caught Remus’s attention.

“Bla- Sirius, I don’t know. I’m still so mad at you. I mean I could try, but I am warning you, I’m not ready to forget about 5th year. It’s not going to be easy,” Jamie sighed.

“I don’t want it to be,” He said as they entered the classroom. ‘Well that is why you picked me in the first place, right?’ Jamie thought.


Jamie yawned. She had done absolutely nothing and the class still had another hour. How she hated business class. Fed up and tired, she stood up and pulled her bag with her.

“Where are you going,” Remus whispered, who since he found out about Rory had been closer to her. He had been sitting with her in business class.

“I don’t know, not here,” Jamie said raising her pink card.

“Ms. Smith!” Ms. Worchester screamed, “No! No! No! No! No! Come back!” It was too late, Jamie was gone. Ms. Worchester had never looked so angry. She ran to the fire place and threw some floo powder in. “Dumbledore! ALBUS! Get down her this instant.” There was suddenly a knock on the door where Professor Dumbledore appeared.

“How may I help you, Trish,” Albus said pleasantly. He was bouncing on his toes, looking extremely happy.

“That girl had been skipping, walking out of, or sleeping in my class. It’s unacceptable,” Ms. Worchester screamed. Albus leaned over to the Marauders and whispered,

“Who is she talking about?”

“JAMIE SMITH,” Ms. Worchester yelled, “I’m becoming impatient, Albus. I don’t care if she has a –” Professor Dumbledore quickly cut her off, afraid of what was to be said,

“Becoming impatient? It sounds as if you are already there. Calm down, Trish, teach your class I will talk to her.” He winked at the boys before leaving the classroom. He sighed angrily, and not at Jamie, but at Trish. She had almost let Rory slip. He couldn’t yell at Jamie. It wasn’t that he shouldn’t, but he didn’t find it possible. Jamie was like his daughter. She was the strongest person he had ever met. No, not physical, but emotionally, in guts. He gave a small groan, unsure of what to do, before walking back to his office.


Jamie smiled lying on her back. Rory was on her chest. It was nice when it was just them. Dumbledore had been too good to them. He had set up everything they could have ever needed. She placed Rory into her high chair. Rory began to rock it until it fell over. Although she fell into padding, and wasn’t hurt, she began to cry from the shock. Jamie picked her up and rocked her, “What did you think was going to happen, you dope?” Rory giggled at her mother. Holding Rory close to her chest she muttered,

“I love you, so much, kid. You have no idea.”

A.N.: Ah another chapter. I left it off in a happy mood, hope you like. I know you are sick of me, but REVIEW! Because I love you! Thanks so much to all those happy birthday comments! It was lovely. I would like to thank adnelakiss especially, who went out of her way to add comments to her chapter to say happy birthday to me!  Thanks so much guys, please comment! Preview:

“Well it’s my time to shine,” He yelled, they all stopped to look at him, “I have wanted to do this for a long time, but I’ve been timid, coward, a little boy if you will. Ms. Smith will you be my date to the Hogsmed trip?”

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How To Save A Life: Chapter 8: Can It Be Easier?


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