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Why Do Fools Fall In Love? by CocoapuffShooter
Chapter 51 : 1978
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Please forgive me for my week-long plus absence, for, while this time I did not die, someone I love did. On February 9th, 2007, my sister killed herself, and I thought it would be appropriate to observe a time period in which I did not write, out of respect and memory for her. I am considering posting a story in honor of her, and I would appreciate if you all would maybe not flame or be angry with me for a while. 

Thank you.

Chapter 51

A deep feeling of happiness blossomed in Lily’s stomach, filling her with a warmth as she smiled and twirled around the dancing space with James. His words only brought to light what she had hoped and sort of known for a while, and she could only smile and try to restrain her blush. Now, other students were joining the dance floor and joining in. Lily vaguely saw Dumbledore sitting aside, looking a bit sad but enjoying the students nonetheless. Everyone was enjoying themselves so much, Lily found it hard to take a break from dancing to get a drink. James went over to see where Sirius had gotten to, and Becky was giggling, a bit pink-faced, with Marlissa. Going over, Lily asked,

"What’s so funny, then?"

Becky turned, "Oh! Did you ever find out about Sirius’ date?"

Corette and Louisa came over. Lily shook her head, "No, who was it?"

Laughing, Marlissa pointed at Corette. Lily stared.


Corette was laughing. "Yes. I totally ztood hem up. Now peerhaps ‘e weel not be zo inzuffrable!"

"Oh, it’s so wrong," Becky giggled. "I love it!"

"Oh, Cor!" Lily said sadly, smiling. "That was a bit cruel."

"Damn right it was!"

The girls turned, seeing Sirius, grinning nonetheless. The lights in the room had been dimmed, and Lily thought she saw Corette glance him over. Without another word, he reached, grabbed Corette, and swept her off to the dance floor, ignoring her shrieks and small hands slapping his. They disappeared into the crowd, leaving the group of girls to nearly fall over laughing.

"That was hilarious!" Lily gasped. "He- he- he doesn’t know when to stop.... does he?"

"Neever!" Louisa was rasped.

James swept by and pulled a move much like the one Sirius had, except Lily didn’t fight him. They danced for a while, sometimes switching with their friends. When the teacher announced the end of the ball, there weren’t as many people still there. Lily goaded James into shooing the Hogwarts students back to the train. It had snowed a little, and everyone was still warm from the palace. Lily did her rounds in her dress and cloak, making sure everyone was in bed, or at least their compartment, by twelve thirty. Going back to her own compartment, she saw James was still out, doing his rounds. Her room was a little chilly, but she flicked the heater on and it was warm in a matter of minutes. Lily pulled the pins out of her hair, and set them on her little vanity. Red curls came tumbling down, as the spells had long since worn off. Her heels, she’d taken off while roaming the halls, and set them neatly in her closet.

"Damn dress!" Lily grunted, trying to un-tie the laces.

She struggled with it for a bit more, before sighing and recognizing that she couldn’t quite get the laces loose enough, and needed help. Becky was probably still awake... Opening her door, she stopped, seeing James standing there, about to knock.

"Oh, hey," he smiled. "Just wanted to say goodnight."

"Uh, thanks," Lily nodded. "Goodnight."

"Going out?" he grinned.

"Well, I just needed Becky to help me with something real quick," Lily shrugged.

James said, "I’ll help. What’ya need?"

Lily paused. "Er... my, um... My dress, I can’t get it un-done by myself." She saw James hesitate and moved to go around him. "I’ll get her to do it."

James shook his head, "No, I’ll do it."

Trying not to blush, Lily nodded and turned her back to him, pulling her long curls up. James’ warm fingers fumbled with the intricate ties for a second, before he got them and loosened them for her. She felt her dress sag around her a bit, and could almost guess that some underwear or something might be visible. Lily turned quickly, dropping her hair.


James looked a little uncomfortable, but nodded gallantly. "No problem."

She rose up onto her toes and kissed him softly, smiling and waving. James nodded and turned, leaving. Lily closed her door and shook her head, cursing intricate dresses.


"Wake up, wake up! It’s New Year’s Eve!"


"Yesss!! You can’t sleep the day away!"


"Get up."

James opened one eye. Somehow, it was Lily waking him up for a change. She was jumping on his bed in her checkerboard pajama bottoms and a dance shirt, red hair flying wildly. Bounce, bounce, bounce went his bed. And her breasts. He watched that appreciatively. Then, to his disappointment, Lily crossed her legs in mid-air and came down, bouncing into a sitting position. She crawled up so that she lay to the side of him, and started poking his cheek.

"Wake up!"

"God, have you and Sirius traded brains?"

"Nooo, I’m just so bored!"

He glanced at the clock. "It’s only noon."

"Exactly! You’ve been asleep for ages, and I’m bored as hell."

James signed, rolling over onto his other side and feigning sleep. Lily leaned over him, hugging him round the middle.


Grinning, James rolled on top of her and kissed her, tickling her sides, where he knew she was most ticklish. Lily shrieked and tried to fight him off, begging him to stop while laughing. James didn’t, at least not until one of her hands found his ticklish spot- under his elbow, and he jumped off, letting out a strangled laugh.

"Ha," she said.

They sort of glared at each other for a moment, before Lily grabbed his pillow and slammed his head with it. She was off his bed and running for the door before he could think, laughing, but James was a faster runner and launched after her, grabbing her and pushing her to the hearth rug, pinning her with his elbows.

"Ha ha," he retorted.

"No fair," Lily said. "You run faster."

"If you ran with me like I asked you might be a faster runner, too," James said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Lily blew a piece of bangs from her eyes, shaking her head. "Mean."

"Naughty," he corrected, kissing her.

She pushed him off. "Not until next year."

James rolled his eyes. "As if you think I’ll wait that long."

"You will when you see me at the party."

The Hogwarts train kitchen was being turned into a huge party room, tonight, so that the students could welcome in 1978 properly. The idea had been the Marauders, and most of the Hufflepuffs were going to help with the charms and spells. Ravenclaws were in charge of food, and Slytherins were hopefully going to bring the fireworks. There wasn’t much chance of them even going to the party, however, so James had made Peter and Sirius run into Marseille and pick up a few boxes of fireworks to stash under a table somewhere. James sighed, then kissed her anyway. Lily didn’t really seem to mind, winding her foot over his and playing with his hair. Just as James started letting his hands get exploratory, again, Lily pulled away.

"You, sir, are going to be the end of all my good intentions!" she sighed.

James grinned, pulling her shirt a bit higher. "What good intentions?"

"The ones keeping me from being a very, very bad girl," Lily whispered, seeing that James wanted her to do just that. "Now. I’m going to get dressed, and you’re going to get off me and have a cold shower."

She rolled him off and stood, waltzing away, and James cursed both her and his body for letting her know he needed a cold shower.

Hours later, when he was getting ready for the party, he couldn’t help but open his door and glance across the compartment at her bedroom door. There was music blaring from behind it. Shaking his head, he closed the door again and finished getting dressed. After he was done, James left, again staring at her bedroom door, and went to meet his friends in their compartment. When he got there, he saw that it was as messy as their dorm always was, and grinned. His friends really were the same. Charles was finished, sitting on a chair that looked like a hand, watching the others, feet propped up on the thumb. Sirius was almost dressed, save for his shirt hanging open, Peter was pulling on his pants, and Remus was in the bathroom, trying to tame his hair, which was wild from Full Moon a few days before.

"So I invited Corette," Sirius said.

"She hates you," Charles said boredly.


"So she hates you," James repeated. "Like, worse than Lily hated me."

"And see how wonderfully you two turned out?" Sirius smiled, starting to button his shirt.


"Oh for God’s sake, Lily, shut up."

Lily cast a tired glance at Becky. "All I said was that this dress is too short."

"It’s not."


"Isn’t. Get over it. You’re almost what, eighteen? You need to sex it up a bit."

Lily just rolled her eyes and continued to mess about with her hair. When she was done, it lay back from her face in big curls, hanging loosely and seductively over the black dress she was wearing, which was strapless, short, and skin-tight. Becky wore something similar, only in a shade of red Lily could never wear except when blushing. After perhaps another five minutes, both girls were deemed ready to go to the party, which was supposed to have started at eight. It was eight forty-five, and they were late on purpose, as no one really wants to be there for the beginning of a party. Unless, of course, you’re Sirius.

Walking down the train compartments all dressed up was odd, but when they got near the middle compartment and heard the thumping music, it wasn’t so dumb anymore. Sliding open the door, Lily saw that the compartment had been expanded and decorated expertly, via the Hufflepuffs. The Ravenclaws had outdone themselves with the food, and presumably the Gryffindors had been in charge of the entertainment and fireworks, as there wasn’t a slytherin in sight. Lily made a mental note to go down to their compartments in a bit, to make sure they weren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be.

Joining the throng as it danced in the semidarkness, Lily looked for James. Several people saw her and waved, smiled, that sort of thing, and Lily politely responded as she moved around the now huge compartment. Becky had found Charles, and she’d seem Remus dancing with Marlissa, as apparently they had something going. The thumping music had long since started to deafen her, and Lily made her way to a table to get a drink. Hands grabbed her by the waist, and she turned, seeing James.

"Hey!" he shouted, barely heard over the music. "About time!"

Shaking her head, Lily said, "I can barely hear anything!"


"I can barely hear anything!"

"Oh me too!"

James dragged her off to the dancing mass, twisting their way into the middle. Lily enjoyed herself immensely, much more so than at the Ball where she was in a ball gown and had to be respectable for the teachers. Here, she and James were in charge, as Dumbledore had specified upon them presenting the party to him, and she didn’t really care what the other students saw her dancing like. She didn’t know what time it was when she dragged James out of the mass of students to get a drink and go check on the Slytherins, but duty called her to do it. Sipping from a cup, Lily glanced down at the drink as James downed his.

"What is this?"

"I don’t know, but it’s good," James grinned.

Shrugging, Lily threw some back, too, and thought she recognized the taste of something alcoholic. They left the compartment, walking together down towards the Slytherin’s compartment, a little hot and now laughing at stupid things. As they drew closer, Lily saw that James seemed to be a bit drunk, and knew she was soon going to be, so she made him wait back a bit where the Slytherins wouldn’t see. Knocking on their door, there was a pause before it slowly slid open. A girl stood there whose name she didn’t know, and behind her, Lily could see the Slytherins gathered in a circle, as if in a meeting, but all looking at her through narrowed eyes.

"What do you want?"

"Heads checking on you all since we can’t supervise you," Lily said with as much seriousness as she could muster.

"We’ve got our own fucking prefects to babysit us," snarled the girl.

Lily glared. "Don’t make me dock points."

Just as she went to speak, the girl was shoved aside and replaced by Severus Snape, who glared down at her disgustedly through his long nose. "I can assure you, Head Girl, that everything is being controlled here."

They stared at each other for a long time, and Lily finally nodded. "Curfew is eleven thirty. All lights out by one."

"Yes, ma’am," Snape said sarcastically.

Lily considered retorting, but just shook her head and walked away, meeting James around the corner as the compartment door smoothly slid shut. James wrapped an arm around Lily’s waist, walking crookedly as they made their way back.

"Ugh, I hate them," Lily said, taking the rest of her drink and downing it in one shot.

Hours later, still, a Hufflepuff alerted them that it was fifteen seconds to midnight. The Marauders scrambled to get the indoor fireworks ready to shoot, and Lily, now drunk, laughed as they moved about dizzily. Everyone started the countdown, and James, wand pointed at his set of fireworks, grabbed Lily and pulled her close.

"Five! Four! Threeeee!!! Two!!! ONE!!!!"

James kissed Lily passionately, flicking his wand at the fireworks just as everyone screamed Happy New Year’s. The fireworks soared around the room, exploding in an array of bright colors and designs, but Lily didn’t see them at all, because she was too busy snogging her boyfriend from one year into the next. When they pulled apart, Lily looked at James through her drunken haze, and leaned close to his ear,

"I love you, too!"

James beamed, holding her closer, and said, "Let’s get outta here!"

Taking her hand, they wove through the crowd of kissing, cheering, drunken students, doing just that. In the Head’s compartment, both their shoes kicked off, James followed Lily to her room, closing the door behind him and pulling her close to kiss her, hands roving close to her short hem. They moved steadily closer towards her bed, Lily un-doing James’ button up shirt and pulling it off him. James lifted Lily onto her mattress and climbed over her, letting his hands snake fully up her dress as he did so, skating over her underwear as his mouth moved to the soft spot on her neck he knew so well. Her breathing came short, making him grin as he pulled her dress up, her fingers fumbling with his belt. James was about to pull her dress over her head, Lily about to wrench his pants off, when-

The train rocked on it’s wheels. Something very near to them exploded, and they smelled fire and heard screams. Both of them froze, confused, staring at each other in complete loss. Lily looked over at her window, and saw not her back yard through it, charmed, but the Bauxbatons palace and lawns. Something was wrong.

She saw figures riding by on brooms, wearing black cloaks.

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