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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 9 : Slytherin v Ravenclaw
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Rachel ate breakfast that morning remembering her promise to Fred that they'd give Slytherin a good thumping from him and George. She rose from the table, after finishing, with a feeling of her insides jumping up and down from the expectation.
She got changed into her robes and checked that her hair couldn't come out of it's plait. She waited there for a while as the rest of the team got ready and had their pep talk from Rodger, who was- as usual- a little over enthusiastic about the game.

They walked into the pitch. The team captains shook hands. Roger looked as though he was resisting the temptation of breaking the Urquhart's boney hand with his own. They rose into the air and the game started. She focused on Urquhart. She knew he was the most brutal, probably got it from watching Montague, she was making sure she would be aware of where he was. Roger got the Quafle first who passed to her, who passed to Charlie who passed back to Rachel  who scored. Punching her fist in the air a sense of a good day was ahead felt amazing. The game progressed like that until the last few minuets.

Suddenly their was a yell, from the stands containing the Hufflepuff house, of "Rachel! Blugger!"
She rolled on her broom as a dazed confused feeling came over Rachel and everything went black.

Her sight came back slowly.
"What day is it?" she asked as her eyes opened slowly to find herself surrounded by the team.
"Sunday the 18th of March," said someone to her left.
"Who won?" Rachel asked as her vision came back, properly.
"We did thanks to you!" said Roger, happily. "Half of the opposition turned to see if you were alright while Cho found the snitch."
"Well done. What happened though?" asked Rachel groggilly.
"Your were hit from behind by a blugger by a Slytherin Beater."
"Ah Miss Silvertone twice in two days you're in the wars. Now loads of people want to see you, but you can only have six people so please only chose the people you want to see," said Madam Pomfery, clearing her way to the bed.

Luna, Ginny and Hermione all came in to see how she was. After they left Rachel talked to Ron.
"Hey. In here again. What happened?" asked Ron, smiling.
"Blugger from behind that’s all," ignoring the fact he was staring after Hermione leaving the wing.
"Ouch," replied Ron looking back at her.

Rachel got out of the hospital wing at 6 o'clock that evening to the Ravenclaw common room where she was greeted by a crowd of happy Ravenclaws.
"How you doing Rachel?" asked Lisa.
"Great," She replied, laughing.

The party was awesome but they had to go to bed before Professor Flitwick and the prefects told them to get back to bed.

She found a letter left on her bed pillow. She picked it up and closed the bed hangings round her bed. She tore open the seal and read it.

I'm glad to hear that you won, but please next time try not to get hit by a blugger.
She read the letter again and smiled as she went to sleep.

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Intertwined: Slytherin v Ravenclaw


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