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Behind The Mask by Ravenclawchik6
Chapter 2 : Revelations
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Taylor, Harry, Ron, Neville, Ginny, and Hermione ran to get to potions on time. Ginny and Harry were finally together and Ron and Hermione were still in their relationship that had developed in the summer. Neville was still whipping the drool off from seeing Luna, his stunning girlfriend. But Taylor was preoccupied with finding out the identity of her prince.

“ I don’t KNOW why I am so obsessed Harry there is just something about that guy I can’t stop thinking about! !” scolded Taylor.

Harry, Ron, and Neville rolled their eyes as the girls sighed. The girls kept babbling as Ron turned to Harry and Neville.

“ Two galleons says its Malfoy, they are both crazy for each other even if they don’t know it..”

“I’ll take that bet” said Harry

Neville gave him the “are-you-stupid” look and said

“why would you do that Harry I’m almost positive it’s him”

“well I say it’s Blaise”

Neville sighed and shook his head as they all entered the classroom.



Jade, Luna, Ginny, Hermione, and Taylor sat down on the bean bag chairs in the Room of Requirement. Jade sighed.

“ok guys I met this guy right and I REALLY like him”

Ginny looked up excitedly.

“what’s his name!?”

“ his name is Charlie Morris”

“isn’t he that cute prefect from Ravenclaw?” asked Hermione with a sly grin

“Maybe…..” Jade said blushing

Taylor smirked “ you guys would be PERFECT I hear he has Fall Out Boy connections”

Jade lit up like a Christmas tree.

“you mean he knows PATRICK STUMP?!”

“that’s what I heard” replied Taylor

“Well then screw him I’m all Patrick’s!”


The girls laughed hard till Luna spoke up.

“ how are we going to find out who your prince charming is Taylor?”

All eyes turned to Taylor as she looked agitated.

“ I don’t know but if he doesn’t reveal who he is soon I might burst!”

“ I heard Dumbledore has gotten a few complaints about this and is having a revealing party tomorrow where all the guys INFRONT of all the girls take a truth potion and will all at the same time go up to the girl they danced with and reveal their identity!”

Taylor looked nervous.

“ How about we help you get ready tomorrow” offered Hermione as the girls nodded in agreement. Tomorrow the truth would be revealed.



It was the Sunday morning of the revealing and the girls were fixing up Taylor. She was wearing her Le Miz tee shirt that fit her well and a dark jean mini skirt. Her hair was down and she wore her glasses. She looked great and was ready to go. Her friends saw her off as Jade took her down with  the boys (they are very overprotective of Taylor, Jade, and their friends girlfriends, and of course their own) They each hugged her (the guys hugged as manly as they could muster) as she walked in the door. Quietly humming “On My Own” as Draco Malfoy drank the potion. She scoffed. She hated him so much, he was arrogant and annoying. But as those thoughts ran through her head she barely realized he had stopped in front of her.  She quickly recovered.

“you………” she whispered angrily

Draco looked ashamed.

“Taylor I am so sor—“

But before he could get the words out she had slapped him across the face and ran out of the Great Hall furiously whipping away tears from her eyes.

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