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Over It by WeasleyandGranger
Chapter 1 : So over it
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  I own only the plot. I do not own the characters or the places in the story. That all belongs to J.K. Rowling, the god of all authors. Oh and the song belongs to Katherine McPhee. :]


                I thought I would always love Ron Weasley. Turns out, I didn’t. I was in love with none other than Draco Malfoy. The man I thought I would never even like. We had both graduated Hogwarts, and gone out into the world, still hating each other. Until one day, I saw him in Diagon Alley. It was years later, and he had gotten extremely attractive. We started talking, and he asked me if I was seeing anyone currently. I said that I wasn’t that Ron and I had broken up about a year ago. I saw a spark in his bright blue eyes. He asked me if I would like to have dinner with him, that Saturday night. I accepted, thinking that it may be a chance to become friends. It turned out to be something more. We had perfect chemistry, and we both felt it. He apparated me home, and we shared a kiss outside my door. Light and sweet at first, but it soon became deeper. We ended up making out while going through the door and upstairs to my bedroom. We landed on top of my bed, and soon enough, clothes were flying everywhere. I never thought I would be having sex with Draco Malfoy. But boy was it incredible. He ended up staying the whole night. I woke up the next morning, naked, with Draco’s arm around me. 

The next few weeks, we started seeing each other a lot more. Dating, I guess you could call it. We would go out to dinner and such. Eventually, he started to stay at my house for a few nights at a time. Our relationship got more intimate and intense. I was beginning to think I really was in love with him, and that he was in love with me. One night, however, we were lying on the couch watching TV, and he told me, straight out, that he wanted to break up with me. I asked him why and he said because he thought our relationship was too much sex and not enough of anything else. I thought that was completely ridiculous, seeing as he was always the one seducing me, not the other way around. I said fine, I didn’t care and he left. As soon as he left, I started to ball my eyes out. But that wasn’t me, I couldn’t be that girl.

I'm over your lies

And I'm over your games.
I'm over you asking me
When you know I'm not okay.
You call me and I...
And I pick up the phone.
And though you've been telling me, I know you're not alone.  

I was pretty upset by the whole thing for about a week or so, and then I started to get over it. There were many more fish in the sea than sex obsessed Draco. I was over him. I didn’t need him. I saw him again in Diagon Alley a few weeks later, after our break up. It was awkward, but I couldn’t let him see that I felt that. He was at least pleasant to me, but I wasn’t ready to be pleasant back to him. I told him that I hated him, and I never loved him. I told him that I was over everything about him. And I would never do anything like that to hurt him like he hurt me. Then I stomped off. He said nothing or chased after me or anything. But he did call me. He kept on calling me, asking if I was okay. I would say yeah why the fuck would I not be okay, I hated him then I hung up. 

Oh and that's why 

 Your eyes... I'm over it.
You're smile... I'm over it.
Realized... I'm over it, I'm over it, I'm over... 
 Wanting you to be wanting me.
No, that ain't no way to be.
How I feel.
Read my lips.
Because I'm so over...
(I'm sorry) 

He would call me all the time, and half of the time, I wouldn’t even pick up. I would keep bumping into him, coincidently. Most of the time I saw him, I would avoid him, and not talk to him. I suppose it didn’t help that we both worked at the Ministry of Magic office. I wished I never would see him. I hated him.

Moving on
It is my time.
You never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first a little bit
But now I'm so over
So over it.
I'm so over it... 
 Wanting you to be wanting me.
No, that ain't no way to be.
How I feel.
Read my lips.
Because I'm so over it. 

I met someone else at work, and started to date him. I could see that Draco was extremely jealous by this. I would dress sexy every day, just to make him want me again. I think he did, but I was just teasing him. He would never get me back. I was so over him.

Moving on
It is my time
You never were a friend of mine
Hurt at first a little bit
Now I'm so over
So over it.


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Over It: So over it


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