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Wait For Him by real_life_sucks
Chapter 1 : Wait For Him
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Wait For Him
By real_life_sucks
Response to a challenge issued by fallenstarr
Banner by Double Decker. Thanks oodles Becca loff!
Betaíd by my love Linds. :)

In front of me I see her trembling, her hands clutching nervously at her brown hair, ignoring the voices of everyone around her. She just doesnít want to see them right now. She just wishes I was there to comfort. But I canít, Iím beyond her reach forever. It pains me to say so. But itís true. I really did love her. And whether anyone knows it or not, I died for her. She said she couldnít decide. Iíve always seen her with him, sheís always been happier with him. So to take the pressure off of her, I decided for her. Now she doesnít have to decide. Heíll be there for her, heíll comfort her, and heíll keep that letter I wrote to him secret. He found me of course, but I planned it that way on purpose. So he would know why and eventually if she could handle it, he could tell her. I want them to be happy. I heard him talking afterwards; he said theyíd name their first son after me. Ronald Bilius. Poor kid to have the same middle name as me, I was never found of it. But it does make me happy. I wish I had a way to convey that to him.

It has all started now, everyone is deathly quiet. I can hear her sniffling quietly, but I canít help but go up front. To see what I look like. I canít believe itís actually a see through coffin. He must have paid for this, thereís no way my parents could have paid for it. I even get my own stone near Harryís. A Hero Lost in Shadows was engraved on my stone. At least Iíve been admitted to being a hero. Though the way I died does not show that much. It actually makes me seem like a coward. Iím sure He pulled some strings to convince them it wasnít to get out of a situation, but to help. Who knows? Now people are talking about me. These wonderful stories from past, how I finally helped Gryffindor win a Quidditch Match. Those were the days, when we didnít have much to worry about, and we were all still together. Of course, Harry was always finding trouble one way or another, but itís only to be expected from him I guess. Or at least it was.

She slowly walks up to the front now, and as she passes me I can imagine what she smells like. Her hair smelling like peaches, skin smelling like lavender, the mixture pleasantly wonderful. A smell that haunted me each night I went to bed, each night I knew she would be with him. The rest of the time, a smell that floated through my room. She stands up there and looks out at everyone. Sheís so strong, she hides the tears from everyone know. I clamber on top of my coffin, and face her, waiting to hear what she says.

ďHello. For those of you who donít know me, Iím Hermione Granger. I was going to marry Ronald untilÖĒ She pauses, and swallows thickly. ďSome complications aroused. But I loved him with all of my heart. Throughout Hogwarts we were always arguing. It didnít matter if it was over whose pencil was whose or if it was over something major, like what we should do to help Harry.Ē She smiled slightly as several people who knew them from then laughed. ďHe was a great guy. Sensitive, loveable, romantic and the perfect guy any girl could want. He was the type to plan picnics at night, out by the lake so we could be bathed in moonlight, the type who wouldnít say anything when you needed a shoulder to cry on. He was always there for me, no matter if it was because of another guy. Even when my parents died he was there, even though we hadnít been speaking an hour before that. He stayed up with me all night long, whispering words of comfort in my ears. Even when I did fall asleep, he was there, holding me when I slept, calming me when I woke up screaming. I really donít think he slept one night that entire time.

When I was petrified our second year, he told me one night he stole Harryís invisibility cloak and sat there beside me all night. It didnít matter that I wouldnít know it, it didnít matter that I couldnít wake, it didnít matter at all to him. Just being there beside me made him happy. I never knew how much he meant to me till now. He was my life, and I loved him. We fought, we argued, we loved each other. A love that to never end. A love to endure through all the bumps, all the stops we could endure. The night he died, I had decided something, and Iíve already told the other person who it involved, and weíve decided I should tell all of you guys.Ē My ears perk up at her comment, and I slide off the coffin walking, or floating, slowly over beside her. She senses something beside her, and looks over, her eyebrows coming together as she tries to figure it out. Shaking her head, she looks back out over the group of people in front of us, taking a big break.

ďI was recently put in a difficult situation. I couldnít decide between two great guys. Ronald Weasley and Draco Malfoy.Ē She pauses as people mutter of this, and she continues onward. ďI loved them both dearly, and I couldnít decide who I wanted to be with forever, which was the reason my marriage with Ronald was called off. He wanted me to be positive before I married. His exact words to me that night were ĎI can never marry you if it doesnít make you happy. You are my life and I could never live knowing you wished you had married someone else. So to you, I give a pause from the hustle bustle, a pause to decide.í He kissed my forehead softly, and walked out the door. At the time, I just cried and was angry at him. Eventually, I discovered it was a blessing in disguise from a true angel. Upon discovering this, I also discovered something else. We delayed our wedding exactly one month ago. Two days ago I discovered I was pregnant with his child.Ē Hermione pauses as everyone talks amongst themselves, and I feel myself folding, falling. I feel myself being sucked away. But I scramble to hold on, but the pull is enormous. I donít know what is happening. I donít like it. I want to know what she has to say.

I can see sweat on her forehead, and she hastily wipes it off, tucking her hair behind her ears. ďLast night, approximately around the time Ronald died, I had contacted Draco to tell him my decision. I was going to marry Ronald.Ē I gasp, and I canít help but wonder why Iím actually finding it hard to believe. Iím dead, I donít need to breath! Itís absurd. I canít come back to life. Maybe its my imagination playing tricks on me to tell me what it would be like. ďI went to Ronaldís house the next day, and there was Draco, and I could tell something was wrong off the bat. He seemed strained, as if he wanted to tell me something but couldnít. So I burst past him and saw Ronald.Ē She begins to cry, but she doesnít bother to wipe away the tears. Again, I still feel everything being shoved into a weird view, and itís harder to breath. But Iím dead! This isnít making any sense. Everything seems like Iím looking through a glass wall. I try to move my hand, and it hardly moves. ďFor now I will stay single, and Iím not sure I will ever marry, and Draco understands this.Ē Hermione continues. ďA love so trueÖĒ She trails off, and I see her staring at where I am, but I canít figure out where I am.

ďWhatís going on?Ē Someone yells from the group of people, but sheís no longer paying attention. Sheís slowly walking over to where I am. Itís becoming even harder to breath, and all I can move now is my eyes. She appears above me and I see her eyes becoming wider and wider. ďHermione? Is everything okay?Ē I see Draco walk up beside her and she points wordlessly to me. All I can do is move my eyes in confusion, and I see his eyes widen also. He pulls out his wand and yells something, and I can finally breathe and move. I sit up, flexing my hands, and I hear a gasp from everyone. Looking around, I realize that everyone can see me. Iím not a ghost anymore! But how can I be alive again? Itís impossible!

ďWhat-ď I mutter, looking around in confusion. I stand up and walk around a little, and look over at Draco and Hermione. She looks like sheís about to faint and he looks like he was just handed an impossible problem. I crawl over the podium that was holding my coffin and I stop in front of Hermione. Slowly I reach out and stroke her cheek gently, holding my breath without realizing it. Upon my hand contacting her cheek, she bursts out in tears, and she hugs me, her tears wetting my shoulder. I wrap my arms around her, crying myself. Iím alive. The girl I love is in my arms. Never question the inevitable, it will find a way to come about.

Authorís Note: well, I wrote this in response to a challenge. Itís my first ever Romance/Fluff. I usually do Romance/Angst, so itís different for me. And Ron/Hermione is also different for me, being such a Dramione fan, but I thought Iíd fan out. So, Iíd love to hear your opinions. R&R!

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